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TUE., DEC. 26, 1989    2:30 P.M.    YEAR 3, DAY 132


TUE.,  DEC. 26,  1989


Hatonn present. Thank you.


Keep your sense of humor, chela, for the kind of advertising being given us by the Guards is without price. Ones do not carefully look at how foolish their rantings actually are. I shall comment on a couple of most elemental things within the "book list".


1. I do not understand the big to-do about no "discount" on the PHOENIX JOURNALS--since the JOURNALS seem to have the best price on the entire sheet and nothing that I see prevents the Girards from giving a discount--I be­lieve their book discount is somewhere at least near 40%. I fail to see the ne­cessity of the statement in the first place.


2. Could it be that some ones are fighting a bit too hard over credibility of "foreign aliens" to and from where to where?


3. My contact (scribe) is not a "he" and there has never been a meeting on your continent in consciousness, in the desert or anywhere else.


4. And most important: Let us not injure the one you refer to as Marian Keech. How dare you bring her name into the public when she has already been so damaged by public attention and ridicule. I will not even commit unto you as to whether or not you have the proper entity in mind. I will positively assure you that this scribe has never even heard that name--anywhere or at any time--so if you say it is mentioned in any of the JOURNALS, I denounce you as a liar. It is most ungracious and unkind to bring labels into the public where the entity can be targeted for untold damage.


I will say that the one to whom we referred was being blasted by one of your "space U.F.O. writers" and threatened with a lawsuit. Further, there are at least two in her entourage of comers and goers who are active members of the CIA. One of them, in October, came into her town and met with other mem­bers of her group and not only had, but shared, illegal drugs currently called Ecstasy and previously recognized as something called "Adam". This is a most powerful drug indeed and this person proceeded to give a large jolt of the sub­stance to this little frail 90 yr/old. I most sincerely suggest that you ones get some facts for we of the Command are just about to run over with weariness at your foolish nonsense. I have no hesitancy whatsoever to either confront per­sonally or in document if ones of you feel you can toy with God's protected ones. In authentic circles I have no problem with recognition nor of pushing forth outdated material--someone had best check their own doorsteps lest they find something to stick their foot into. Mostly it is the foot into the mouth which shall give you ones ultimately the most discomfort.


I am not come forth to run grammar contests--you ones are in the final days of the closing of a major, major cycle on your planet--and you had better get your space cadets in order. You had also better check out the intent of your contacts most carefully, especially before making public denouncements for that custard pie is going to end up all over some most self-righteous and unsuspecting "authority" experts in the so-called "field". IT IS MOST OBVIOUS THAT WHOEVER WROTE THE DISSERTATION FOR THE PHOENIX JOUR­NALS IN THE GIRARD CATALOG HAS NOT READ THE MATERIAL. THE TIME FOR SLOPPY PRONOUNCEMENTS IS PAST, MY FRIENDS. IT IS YOUR CHOICE TO HAVE OPINIONS AND TO BELIEVE WHAT­EVER YE WILL--TO DELIBERATELY LEAD YOUR BRETHREN ASTRAY IS QUITE ANOTHER MATTER. FURTHER



THERE IS ONE MOST INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT STATEMENT OF PARTIAL MEASURE, INCLUDED IN THE "CRITIQUE" OF THE PHOENIX JOURNALS: "...THEY REPRESENT AN EDUCATION WHICH NO UNIVERSITY IN THE WORLD OR IN THE UNIVERSE CAN SUP­PLY". Now let us see if Mr. Girard is ready to publish my rebuttal, for if he is, then I shall be most happy to cover the subject much more effectively than in this document. The embarrassment in knowledge regarding "occult/New Age/UFO" does not come from this scribe--for you are correct--this person is absolutely NONE OF THESE THINGS--ABSOLUTELY NONE! You who pronounce this type of hollow advice shall reap that which you sow and this time you have sowed quite a mouthful. Now, don't go forth and tell the world you got it from Arcturas (probably both misspelled and grammatically incorrect) or you might really be giving away your ignorance. So be it.


Now, I wish to acknowledge the recognition of G.W.M. It is with great honor and respect that I address him. Portions of his work are slated for inclusion in further work with Drs. Tesla and Russell. GG, please see to it that a copy of the letter to W.G. from Dr. Tesla regarding photographing thought gets sent to this dedicated man. There are great and wondrous experiences in wait for you gifted people. I salute you for your service.


Dharma, allow this portion to go now for I wish these things done this day--we will forward along the remainder of the subject matter at a later time. Thank you, Hatonn to stand-by.


* * *

To continue please. Leave this prior writing in the document. We are not writing literary works. This is for information and I want ones to know that from us you get creditable and confirmable information--immediately. Some­times I cannot respond for the material might be much too critical and giving timing is always OUT--YOU HAVE ENOUGH SELF-PROCLAIMED GURUS AND FORTUNE-TELLERS ON YOUR PLACE. NONE KNOW THE TIME TO EXACTNESS--NOT EVEN THE MASTER RETURNING, HIMSELF. AS A MATTER OF FACT, HE IS ALREADY UPON YOUR PLACE--AND ALL BUT THE MOST TINY SEGMENT MISSED IT ALTOGETHER. NEI­THER AM I IN A POPULARITY CONTEST--I CARE NOT A WHIT WHETHER OR NOT ANY OF YOU EVEN LIKE ME--I WALK WITH GOD--WHERE WALKS THEE?


"OUR" critic seems to believe that our presentations are "incredible insanity"--let me share a great, dark, and dreary secret--your entire world is totally insane and only the most deliberately uninformed and ignorant would tell you other­wise--you have been lulled into slumber by exactly that sort of material. Man asks for truth and then denies it--I wonder if it might be in order to sell more of his own numerous publications slated for his business ventures? If you ones think it is "fun" to print this type of material or to be daring enough to publish it--woe be unto your blindness. I give great concern regarding "the tremendous surge of new material for our customers as we begin to do some large-scale publishing". They go further: "It is not we who have achieved this, it is you. We are only reacting to your growing numbers and your insatiable demand for UFO-related material". I can only tell you that the authors of these quotes know nothing of the entities involved nor of the material value. Ours is to get information unto the masses--we are not into publishing simply to satiate a de­mand. Most ones find our material quite unnerving and, at the least, thought provoking as they find confirmation (on your placement) for ALL!




Let us speak now of Central America as we move back into our subject.


General John Singlaub believes that it will require every American in military uniform--PLUS AN IMMEDIATE DRAFT--to defend America's 2000-mile southern border against Soviet surrogates now stationed in the Western Hemi­sphere.


The time is fast approaching when the U.S. will be attacked from the south, ac­cording to Marxist Tomas Borge. As Nicaragua's interior minister, Borge has made repeated threats of invasion and genocide against the United States. He said: "We have Nicaragua, soon we will have El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and Mexico. One day, tomorrow or five years or 15 years from now, we're going to take 5 to 10 million Mexicans and they're go­ing to have one thing on their minds--cross the border, go into Dallas, go into El Paso, go into Houston, go into New Mexico, go into San Diego, and each one has embedded in his mind the idea of killing 10 Americans".


Sandinista defector Alvaro Aviles tells us that Borge has been practicing for his planned murder rampage in the U.S.A. by supervising the assassination of po­litical opponents of the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua.




Western European defenses are organized under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). NATO is little more than an expensive joke because it was created under auspices of the United Nations Charter. Did it seem unlikely that the Russians would be touring the NATO bases and headquarters just two weeks ago? Under Article 51 of the U.N. Charter, NATO is required to immediately report its military actions to the U.N. Security Council and to the Department for Political and Security Council Affairs, which handles all U.N. military matters for the Security Council. This department, as noted earlier, is always headed by a Communist from the Soviet Bloc.


The grotesque results of reporting to Soviet agents at the United Nations the military strategy to be employed against a Communist enemy were manifested by the macabre outcome of the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Under the terms of the United Nations Charter and the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO), American military personnel were required to submit military strat­egy reports to the Soviet-infested United Nations during both of these disastrous conflicts.


Retired Marine Corp General, Lewis W. Walt, a commanding officer in Korea, describes the Korean debacle: "It bothered me deeply that I was required to submit twenty-four hours in advance a detailed plan of attack for approval by U.N. Command Headquarters. It bothered me because it soon became apparent that each time we attacked, the enemy was waiting for us. We could not achieve surprise. We could not retain anything we won. The Chinese fought under no U.N. restrictions".


Bound by the straitjacket of United Nations membership, America holds the du­bious distinction of being the only nation in history to file military strategy re­ports with its enemies.


Even if NATO could make a defensive move against the Soviets without first asking the U.N.-Soviet permission, the sad fact remains that NATO is INCA­PABLE of winning a conventional war against the Warsaw Pact which main­tains a 14-to-1 static advantage in combat divisions. Recent Soviet "concessions" are undoubtedly intended to encourage FURTHER reductions in U.S. and NATO defenses.


Even with 300,000 American troops stationed in Europe, NATO could not sus­tain more than a FEW DAYS of combat against a Warsaw Pact blitzkrieg with­out U.S. reinforcements, But U.S. conventional military preparedness is a myth. In 1983, a study prepared for a congressional committee concluded that, "the U.S. Army cannot be sustained in combat for any extended period of time".


Several top military officials admitted publicly in 1984 that if a conventional war lasts longer than TWO WEEKS, the U.S. will be out of ammunition, sup­plies and spare parts. In 1985, the Joint Chiefs of Staff announced critical shortfalls in personnel, spare parts, munitions, training funds, chemical defense and intelligence-support capabilities.


America could not get a single plane off the ground without imported strategic minerals. America's strategic mineral stockpile is finite and your supply will be irrevocably cut off once the Cartel completes its Sovietization of South Africa, an exclusive source of numerous strategic minerals.


America's heavy industry, necessary for sustained combat, is entering a state of total collapse. (America manufactures mostly fast foods.) Meantime, no one knows who would supply America with steel, fasteners, etc. Oh, you want to know about all your steel mills? Well, you closed them because they could no longer pay wages and now you import it. It would take months to move back into any kind of operation at all. The enemy well knows that--it is just you citi­zens who have forgotten to listen and keep up. Ask the people in the steel-mill cities


If American troops in Europe are sucked into a quagmire of nerve gas, blister gas and biological warfare agents--against which they have neither adequate training nor protection, the United States will be left WIDE OPEN TO AT­TACK FROM SOVIET SURROGATES IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE.





American military strategy revolves around a retaliation scheme known as MUTUAL ASSURED DESTRUCTION (MAD). The scheme was developed by Robert S. McNamara, architect of America's defeat in Vietnam.


MAD was also the brainchild of Henry A. Kissinger (alias Heinz Stern). (You should look it up.) Long before the Cartel catapulted Kissinger into the sensi­tive and powerful position of U.S. Secretary of State, he was known by U.S. Intelligence to have served the Soviet KGB during World War II as a double agent in Europe. Come on now, chelas, don't get MAD at me; I didn't do it.

MAD proposes that AFTER the Soviets have nuked the United States with 20,000 ICBM warheads, several thousand SLBMs, hundreds of sea- and air-launched cruise missiles, plus several hundred thousand tons of hideous chemi­cal and biological weapons, the surviving population WILL GET MAD! Of course with no shelter system it is elusive as to where you will get MAD from!


Then, ta da, they will call upon America's mighty-mouse fleet of decrepit bombers and its aging Titan and Minuteman missiles to dodge an invincible Soviet anti-ballistic missile system and deliver retaliation against evacuated So­viet cities, or against Soviet ICBMs which are often moved. MAD has a fatal flaw, however: AFTER A SOVIET FIRST-STRIKE AMERICA'S DEFEN­SIVE WEAPONS WILL NO LONGER EXIST ALONG WITH NO MILI­TARY MEN OR CITIZENS TO SPEAK OF.


According to U.S. defense experts: A Soviet FIRST-STRIKE will destroy 95% of America's extremely vulnerable ICBM's, leaving the Soviets with more war­heads in reserve than the U.S. started with.


A Soviet FIRST-STRIKE will destroy at least 75% of America's nuclear bombers.


A Soviet FIRST-STRIKE will destroy 50% of America's 39 nuclear sub­marines. Remaining subs, cut off from communications and trailed by Soviet attack subs, will be destroyed quickly. Without submarine support, the U.S. Fleet will be dust in the wind against a formidable Soviet naval force.


You don't even have shelters to house your own Army on their bases--all of which are in set target points.




Soviet warlords reportedly add FIVE new nuclear warheads to their arsenal EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR. Well, yes they can, because you taxpayers in America foot the bill and supply the grain and food which saves them lots and bunches of money for toys like hydrogen bombs and scalar beam systems. U.S. defense experts (experts define an expert as a Has Been Drip under pressure) admit that this arsenal is being stockpiled, not for defense, but for OFFENSE. Soviet defector Victor Suvorov assures the West that the Soviets base all of their military strategy on plans for FIRST-STRIKE.


Dr. Edward Teller, renowned physicist who developed the lovable hydrogen bomb, warns that, because America's nuclear forces will be impotent in the event of a Soviet surprise attack, "their deterrent effect has become doubtful"-- to say the very least.


Richard Pipes explains why America's ENTIRE NUCLEAR ARSENAL IS INCAPABLE OF DEFEATING THE SOVIETS MILITARILY: "Specialists esti­mate that there are in the Soviet Union between 10,000 and 20,000 objectives of political and military significance. If that assessment is correct, then the United States needs that many accurate warheads left after absorbing a first Soviet strike; this capability alone will provide a deterrent credible to Moscow. While the present survivable force could indubitably inflict grueling punishment on the U.S.S.R.'s civilian population, it could not destroy its political or military or­ganization and the nuclear forces at their disposal". Well, it is already a moot point for the Soviets can protect their populace underground in shelters which are well supplied by you and with your grain in their silos. So be it. If you believe this is a fantasy of an insane scribe--I pity you.




America spends THREE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS on "defense" each year-- just money in the budget alone. That money goes for bureaucratic waste at your Pentagon; contracts to corrupt U.S. corporations which consistently produce weapons systems that do not work; expensive weapons monstrosities like the Abrams M-1 tank that requires seven kinds of oils and a complete cara­van of fuel trucks, technicians and spare-parts vehicles; maintenance of foreign military bases slated for ultimate surrender to the Soviets (as in Vietnam) and deployment of troops to regional squabbles engendered by Soviet-backed terrorists (Lebanon, Persian Gulf, etc.).




While U.S. taxpayers finance three-fifths of NATO's military budget, the Sovi­ets are sucking in BILLIONS in loans, credits and joint venture capital from the governments and corporations of England, France, Italy and West Germany. American dollars are therefore "protecting" Western Europe against an "enemy" armed and financed by all of you, including Western Europe.


Billions of U.S. dollars disappear through the CIA, which supplies weapons to Arab terrorists, and to the Red Chinese and to a global network of drug dealers.


All of this waste and corruption is undoubtedly designed to end America's na­tionhood "as historically defined". Students of The Plan must conclude that the Cartel has created the Soviet war machine specifically for GLOBAL CON­QUEST while U.S. weapons have been created and destroyed to GENERATE PROFITS FOR AMERICA'S GIANT MEGA-CORPORATIONS.


America's weapons were created to give the illusion that your nation has a de­fense system. America's weapons were intended only to buy time. The Cartel needed that time to build the Soviet war machine and to sucker the West into a world government backed by a Soviet-dominated police force.


While America's unilateral disarmament continues unabated, new weapons sys­tems will be proposed and built merely as a diversionary tactic. As in the past, some of these expensive new systems will be destroyed at the flick of a pen as new U.S.-Soviet treaties are ratified. Other systems will be ultimately relin­quished to the global police authorities.


Enough for this segment. We will effort to finish the body of this JOURNAL within another three days or so. Please have it ready to go to press by the 15th. I do not like to push but you can see how important it is. We must cover the daring researchers of this information under our umbrella for they are truly in most grave danger. You ones must begin to stand together in unified strength and always cover and protect your brother. "WE" want no credit for "YOUR" information--but "YOU" DO NEED OUR PROTECTION FOR THE TIME IS AT HAND FOR THESE THINGS TO COME FORTH. MAJOR DISCOUNT­ING WILL BE COMING FORTH REGARDING GALACTIC FLEETS--AS "THEY" STOP DENYING OUR PRESENCE AND BEGIN A REAL CAM­PAIGN TO "BLAME" US FOR ALL YOUR WOES. BE PREPARED FOR IT AND DON'T LET IT BOGGLE YOU--IT IS BEING PREPARED AL­READY THROUGH YOUR FEAR AND BODY-SNATCH TALES. THE PUBLIC IS BEING PREPARED FOR OUR PRESENCE IN A MANNER DE­SIRED BY YOUR GOVERNMENT SO THAT YOU ARE HOSTILE. IT IS ULTIMATELY UP TO EACH OF YOU AS TO THAT WHICH YOU WILL DO. I URGE YOU TO QUESTION, QUESTION AND QUESTION--TRUTH HAS ACCEPTANCE WITHIN FOR YOU KNOW THAT WHICH IS TRUTH INNATELY. SALU.