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WED., DEC. 20, 1989    8:30 A.M.    YEAR 3, DAY 126


WED.,  DEC. 20,  1989




Hatonn present in the light of radiance and Truth. This is a most important day for Sananda stands ready to commune about this JOURNAL. We shall speak briefly regarding the present before we move on into the writings.


Panama: You want all there is to know about Panama. No, I will not even waste time on the subject to any extent. We have gone over the situation in many documents. Take note of several facets and you have your answers.


This show of strength on the part of the U.S. had to be done by the year end. How do you explain the deaths of the young men to the parents who were sent in "to protect the lives of Americans"? How do you explain the deaths of the citizens of Panama who were killed in "your" protection of them? Where is Mr. Noriega? Could it be to show force to the other countries who are going to suffer the same invasion? Do I condone dictators? No. Do I know where Mr. Noriega is located? Yes. And--he still has all his contracts and documents be­tween him and the U.S. in safe-keeping. Oh yes, he was going to get a fair and speedy trial--most speedy indeed. Will there be unfavorable backlash? Of course.


All the U.S. spokesmen are declaring "victory"! Victory over what? Do you think the American soldiers mired in the mud who had to be dragged out by tow-ropes are feeling foolish, or victorious? How do you think the world is going to feel when they witness pictures of the U.S. Army in such a snafu (I believe is your term)? It truly resembles something from Blazing Saddles and other Mel Brooks comedies. So be it. The entire action appears as ridiculous as it is in fact. Do not waste your energies on the matter for you are witnessing "distraction tactics" and you will err if you become distracted.


There is one point, however, that you must not miss. Mr. Noriega had Israel's "finest" training his soldiers. Might there be some interesting insight herein? Have not the Israeli trainers been involved in other training instances lately--working for the Colombian Drug Cartel? What in the world might Israel be doing in these places?


 I make no judgment or further comment. I simplyk08td94uid94uidgf2umove94uid94uidgf2um imposj3; __utms.


And what of Mr. Castro while all this toy soldier game is going on--having tea with Mr. Noriega, perhaps?


Do you think you are finished? You will be lucky if those "leaving" power don't blow up the entire canal and oil pipeline across Panama--with nuclear warheads! It can still be done from quite a distance away from Panama! So be it.


What of Romania? Oh dear ones, it is the Time of Chaos. What more is there to say about it? These are the painful times. No "Christmas" in Bethlehem? There has been no celebration for years, so what is different? And what is the concern? That the trinkets for the tourists will not be sold again and the econ­omy will suffer loss again. These are the signs of these times! Keep your eyes toward what is really under way

--the hand is quicker than the eye if you do not pay most close attention.

  in;me="font-family:001ial,helvetica,s:normal"> Back to our subject for this JOURNAL please.


* * *

Esu Immanuel Jesus Sananda present. Do you wish more labels so that I can fit a category more suitable unto you? Quetzal-Coatl, Zoroaster, Krishna, Buddha, Standing Bear--how many do you sleeping children of Earth need to see that you are limited and limiting of ones who hold so much more knowledge and wisdom than you that you are but infants in the cradle? You do not reuation in the cosmic messengers when they stand upon n in many documal s. Take note ofirin for the headache--along with liquor, drugs and blot your minds into blankness with mantras and meditation "to be".


You want an in-depth explanation step by step, vision by vision as given to John 2,000 years ago? Why? You have the full vision before your eyes in vivid color! Stop looking to the ancient--look around you in the present. All you have is the present--THIS MOMENT!


You ask about John and Revelation, Danont-family: ari;&qhtica,sans-pan>




I am come! I care not how you thought it would be--I tell you now how it IS. I am Sananda--one with Creator and The Creation, Aton, and I am come. I have walss. Mr. Noyou many, many times and I have pleaded with you to grow and bring back bis one poi harmony into this part of Creation and you have turned me and me point, howevespan> 

There will be no fluffy clouds for a "Rapture". There shall soon be a "migration" which will take place as the lifting off your orb and into very meticulously prepared shuttle craft into Mother ships for holding in security. There will also be a mass migration at an essence level. Already, in the past years of your counting, the astral planes have been emptied and it is getting down to you and me, brothers. Well, you, Satan and Me.


toy soldie ALWAYS BE SATAN AND ME--YOU WILL BE LEFT Tro while all thU BETTERoldier gamIT RIGHT AWAY. You can look unto your night skies and do not confuse yourselves by thinking those rainbow strobe lights are twinkling "stars". They are your brothers from the cosmos at ready for evacuation and whatever else is required of them.


You ones will take these new crumbs of hope as projected by the evil ones upon your place--the hope of peace and you shall grovel at their feet for more, more, more. Just as the final "scroll" you will consume it and at first it will be sweet like honey and then the stomach will sour and be filled with the stings of the scorpions. You shall reap devastation and tribulation as you have never imag­ined.




Further, in the ending--there is but one player and you had better come into the understanding of that fact!



Just as the Old Testament ended into the New, so the New now moves on to the Newer--learn from the past--do not continue to boil in the stew trying to turn the potato into the carrot.


<; line-height:normal">  

&nb-serif;">We shall weep for you who choose the black road of darkness but that is all that we shall do--Creator gave you free-will choice which shall be honored unto the end. You shall be cleared from this Mother planet one way or another for the Soule="lettere healed. How you go is strictly up to you. So be it for it shall come to pass in this generation. It can be a most wondrous experience beyond that which you can imagine or ye can choose of the darkness and suffering--the joys of the flesh are lessening every moment of your perceived existence. You have become a miserable, sickened humanity--there is no joy remaining except in the hearts of those who understand the Truth. You are people of the lie and your lot shall worsen.


I am cutting this document short, Dharma, because of happenings upon your orb we will not play longer in the game of comparative history and visions and prophets. You had all better get integrated with these JOURNALS and the re­turned prophets who are explaining the old, as well as working closely with those energies who stand by on this side of the veil in readiness to guide your work.


See to that which Little Crow needs to manifest the oral teachings and turn your efforts to that project, you ones of my crew. Understand, little chelas, that I am so well pleased with your works and I hold you in the hollow of mine hand along with the others who have labored long in my vineyards. You shall be coming together rapidly now as the word goes forth and the call is recognized. Remember, too, the best way to defeat an enemy is to make him your friend and co-worker. Do not quarrel with those who ridicule and shout obscenities at you and your work--bring them forth into the light that we might set the records to straight.


There are no "little gray men" out in these realms to harm a living soul on your placement and you ones had better recognize those stories for the lies which they are. Your "space brothers" are your only way off that orb! SO BE IT AND SELAH FOR AS I HAVE SPOKEN THESE WORDS SO DO I PLACE THE SEAL OF CREATOR UPON THEM IN TRUTH.


Hold my hand, chela, for though the road be rough and dangerous ye shall be given the strength to bear that which is given unto you. My wings can cover the whole of you.


Take leave for respite and we shall consider our next writings. If there is time for the playing then we shall allow the enlarging of the history games. The tapestry is finished--enjoy the picture but do not unravel the pieces lest they no longer fit into their places for you are not yet given to know ALL nor will you be given to know WHEN! YOU SHALL WAIT IN PATIENCE OR IMPA­TIENCE--IT MATTERS NOT EXCEPT UNTO YOUR PEACE AS AN IN­DIVIDUAL. NAUGHT SHALL BE BROUGHT FORTH BEFORE ITS PROPER TIME. NOTHING! WE CAN SEE OF BOTH ENDS OF THE ROAD--YOU CANNOT SEE BEYOND THY NOSE! IN LOVE I MOVE ASIDE THAT YOU MIGHT PONDER THESE THINGS.