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APRIL 28, 2017

PJ 11



MON., DEC. 18, 1989    1:15 P.M.    YEAR 3, DAY 124




Evil projects himself in a more obvious format in this instance. When sum­moned, the second horseman charges from the scroll and reins in before the throne as John sees him. He sits astride a red mount--the color of blood. The rider is given power to take peace from earth and to make men slay each other.


Remember, God is not the cause of war. God had a far greater plan for His creation--and at first that plan was a reality but as evil came into the picture so came war and conflict--man was given free-will choice and was upon Earth to learn his lessons and come forth into Truth within manifested experience.


Since "soul", "spirit" is the only "reality" of man, in truth, then it must be through the "spirit" that man learns and grows--all things physical are but pass­ing fancy illusions to distract you from your path and keep you mired in the as­sumption of "self".


Man as manifested in the beginning chose not to obey God or the Laws of Creation, and his resulting "fallen" or lowered nature turned to making war and conflict, not peace. Man also refused to hear the warnings of the ages just as most will fail to hear these Truths.


How many of you realize that Harry Truman was warned severely before Mount St. Helens erupted--by the Indian Teachers--so all of mankind through history has refused to listen to the warnings of God. Sometimes these warnings come forth long before the fact as in this case and yet, some are even more pointed. When the ancients speak--man better listen for they are hearing the truth from the "Mother's mouth".


Just as with Dharma or Little Crow, or the other receivers and scribes--as these words flow forth the pain of the visions are all but devastating to the senses. John, too, stood stunned as the hoofbeats of that blood red horse still rang in his mind. He was caused to hear the clanking of sword against sword, explosions of unlimited view, the thuds of heavy iron spears piercing flesh and crunching bone, the sound of screaming and babes crying and the moans and groans of the wounded and the gasps of the dying--as far as the mind can conceive--into infin­ity which also overwhelms the senses.


Those same hoofbeats are in your lands this day--no ancient dream vision by an old man in a Patmos prison--in your dooryards throughout your world. Some have built shelters that they might survive to build another day--you in the U.S. have done nothing to protect your very lives of which almost all would survive if sheltered within a mere 10 feet of terra.


Listen--do you not hear the sounds? Those same hoofbeats are bearing down on you as you sit with this document in hand. Above those noisy hoofbeats arise other sounds--the metallic thud of machine guns, the whistle of flame-throwers and mortar rounds, the crackle of burning schools with the screams of the chil­dren, the rubble of homes and churches, the shrill shriek of missiles zeroing in with their nuclear warheads, the explosion of 150 megaton bombs or multitudes of smaller ones over your cities--the terrible cries of the Mother Earth herself as she gives up her creations unto the evil rider of death.


War, anarchy, brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor--the break­down of sane human relationships has characterized human history and is in full bloom within your communities which no longer have "community", within your very touch. Even your Jesus forecast that worst of woes and wars as "unequaled from the beginning of the world until now--and never to be equaled again. If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive".


It is totally naive and insane for you to ignore the fact that the ominous rider who brings war is, even now, riding recklessly in your direction. Your earth in perception has shrunk into but a global village; you are all neighbors. The foreboding sound of these hoofbeats of the red horse pulses like an erratic heartbeat at the center of your beleaguered planet. You have stockpiles of over 60,000 hydrogen bombs which give the human race the power to destroy the entire earth seventeen or more times over through nuclear flames reaching 130 million degrees--in one blinding flash--and yes, with a shelter system you could survive even that, dear friends.


From China, Deng Xiaoping on the inevitability of world war: "War will burst sooner or later. And whoever believes the contrary makes a tragic mistake".


And from Andrei Sakharov, the dissident Soviet scientist we honor today: "I know that pacifist sentiments are very strong...I deeply sympathize with peo­ple's yearning for peace...This is an extremely important factor, BUT, I repeat, itself alone does not exclude the possibility of a totally tragic outcome".


The one you called the Pale Prophet, The Prophet, The Christ, The Jesus Jm­manuel Sananda--said unto you, "These things will come to pass--they must come to pass so be not alarmed". Further, "In the ending days it will be so aw­ful that unless those days had not been cut short, no one would survive".


Man has the potential and probable intention to annihilate the species and oblit­erate the human race. Well, God will intervene prior to the total obliteration of the civilization and the Mother Earth will be given into her cleansing.


How many will fall by the sword? A third of your people. And a third of your people will perish of the plagues--so be it and selah. I propose to you ones who hold this JOURNAL--get all the prior documents for we have spoken on each of the mighty circumstances and shall speak more as we walk with you through this veil of tribulation.


I will remind you of a bit of rather catchy "wording"--God promised that the world would not again be destroyed--so be it--he did not promise that the majority of humans of this civilization would not be destroyed--ponder it most carefully.


From the mouths of your own "experts": "Acknowledged experts in interna­tional and military affairs agree that unless present trends are reversed, chances are 4 in 5 that a nuclear war will destroy civilization in the next decade (that was your '85-'95)". And every day your government says you need no shel­ters--Oh, ye lambs of blindness just moving headlong unto the slaughter. "Madness has gripped the human race and unless peace comes into the world of man none shall be in the surviving of it". AHO!


Now before you go asking why God would allow such a thing--or yPSESSID=ssshy;ther, and simply blame God, I vc9uf3kn57iout some important points. Man alone is created in the image of God (who is soul energy--not human shape) and man occupied a very special place in God's creation. The |utmcmd=(n person has dig­nity before God, and this is a fundamental fact that stresses his uniqueness and underlines his value within society--no one can do anything of spiritual nature for another--each individual makes his choices. It must herein be stressed THAT MAN, NOT GOD, IS GUILTY OF THE EVIL IN THE WORLD. IT IS MAN WHO BEARS THE RESPONSIBILITY BECAUSE MAN WAS GIVEN THE ABILITY TO MAKE FREE MORAL CHOICES AND HE CHOSE DELIBERATELY TO DISOBEY GOD.


Even your Dr. Einstein; "No, there will never be peace--as long as there will be man there will be war, one more horrendous than the one before".


Best you go look again within the pages of your Holy Books; peace is referred to in three main ways.


First, there is spiritual peace. This is peace between man and God. Second, there is psychological peace, or peace within self and, third, there is relational peace--or, peace among men. Man shall never achieve this final peace until such time as the new kingdom is established and a new order built forth in Truth--furthermore The Mother/Father Creator Aton shall intervene to bring about this restful peace for your planet Fo cause of ose who remain to experi­ence r His create.


Well, Hatonn, what do we do--you are of doom and gloom so why not just "stop trying"?


I suggest that your responsibility in the world is quite clear no matter wer plan fonditions might be or how late the hour might seem. You must not join with those who stand by and wring their hands, saying all is hopeless. In spite of the chaos threatening your world there can be hope for your generation and for gen­erations to come. With "grace" you can grapple with many of the problems and actually solve them. You have a moral obligation to envision and provide moral and spiritual leadership for your generations--THE PUNCH LINE, CHELAS, IS THAT A LARGE, LARGE NUMBER OF YOU WHO MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES SHALL MOVE INTO A TIME OF TREMENDOUS RADIANCE AND THERE MUST BE LEADERS TO SHOW THE WAY TO THE BROTHER WHO DOES NOT YET SEE.


Things appear to be changing in the world--no, you are just choosing up new sides you in the U.S. have been allies with Russia for many years--just you citizens didn't know. You can disarm the whole of the U.S. and Russia and it only makes China's job easier--so be it for he who has eyes to see let him open them and see; he who has ears to hear let him open them and hear--the handwriting is spread across the walls of the nations--not just a cement fragile wahe other rBerlin. You had better get moving ds flow forvival shelter system lest you wait too long, for the horsemen are riding at full gallop.


In response to a letter regarding shelters to a local government person from one who wrote as requested in SURVIVAL--HE HAD "NO INTEare all buPRESSING FOR SUCH A THING FOR THAT IS THE PROBLEM OF FED­ERAL GOVERNMENT AND FURTHERMORE, I HAVE MORE IMPOR­TANT THINGS TO DO THAN SPEND MY TIME ON SUCH A THING". THIS IS ONE OF ARIZONA'S FINE POLITICIANS AND I WOULD BE MOST HAPPY TO SUPPLY THE NAME THEREOF UPON REQUEST! This is a bit of loose quotation--the statement was more emphatic than stated above.


Giving credit where due, however, another of your Arizona "higher" govern­ment representatives at state level had not read our book but had access to the book Fighting Chance-Ten Feet To Survival and suggested you deluge your government officials with copies of these books and demand action which he would be delighted to spearhead and further, sent the letter from the individual on to Washington representatives. YOU CAN IF YOU BUT WILL!


Dharma, let us take respite before we move on to the Black Horse and rider--still the old evil guru himself. That would be the opening of the third seal. That one bears massive hunger and starvation. A loaf of bread for $20 I believe was the going priceer ones ovt, you will not long find the loaf of the Mott any price. You can yet prepare if you but will--so be it and Selah.