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4-20-17-PJ 11







SUN., DEC. 17, 1989    6:30 A.M.    YEAR 1, DAY 123


SUN., DEC. 17 1989


Newsnotes for attentiw:LsdExcep present.


Please note the volcano, Redoubt, 115 miles southwest of Anchorage, Alaska which erupted on Thursday last. Also note the 7.3 earthquake of your Philippine Islands on Friday, last--they are in the same circle rim. This is most important indeed.



Note that today there are the ten "top" Russian scientists touring your California SDI laser system lab (deliberately left unnamed by your media)--tomorrow, Monday, they move to inspect New Mexico facilities.



Pay attention to the middle-of-the-night high level group sent by Mr. Bush to China--this is one of the most important instances in your century.



Note that Israel expects 500,000 Russian Jews to flood into Israel for they can­not all immigrate to the U.S. It is planned by the high powers to reap chaos in that little nation and further, it is expected that the American people, especially the Jews, will send money for upgrading and building housing and industry.


Most important: Artifacts have now been refurbished or created according to the Old Testament laws and the stone for the new temple cornerstone has been dedi­cated and blessed. I trust you will further alse" Priothe most important and sa­cred items are the BLOOD containers--they have no footings so that a priest shall have to step right along on his bare feet, summer or winter, to insure blessings before the blood clots--brothers, you are in serious, serious troubles!



Note--in follow-up to my urgent message regarding cashing out of Pension Plans--if you cannot cash out, see if your company allows borrowing against the plan and do so. Get as much cash value out as you can. If it is a large amount get T-Bills, if a small amount get U.S. Savings Bonds (yes, that same kind Daddy bought during WW II) or get a few precious coins--not commemorative--you want "gold" not memories of how it might have been. When gold hits its high you can sell and hold until it drops in value and re-purchase. So be it.



If you make sales now which cause great outlay of tax money--get incorporated in a second corporation which loses money next year and reclaim your tax pay­ments later. Just use caution AND Nevada. I shall not explain all this here lest we all misunderstand and get into jail instead of out of trouble.



* * *



I am Sananda to speak of remembering when the Motherland of Mu sank beneath the waves of the mighty ocean which overflowed her. This, before the passing of that place you ones call Atlantis. We shall speak first of that which was known as "Pan". "Pan" has meaning which is "it is finished", thereforf"; mso-finished from its beginning.



In the aeons which passed she was given unto much glory--she was indeed birthed into greatness. She was next given to be recognized by the label of Mur and finally as that which you must remember as Mu and this place was to be known as a Motherland. Ah, but man is blind and filled with self-indulgence and greed and 'twas not until after the passing of the Motherland was she known as Mother. So shall it come to pass in these days that man shall be foolish until the ending. "Mother" means "from the beginning" and therein is the word "Mazma", or "Mu" or "Mama" which is "the beginning", the feminine cause of beingness.



Because so many of you came fortlign="centt Motherland and have later served in other times of passing Motherlands, we shall speak first of this Mu.



There were many ones who had escaped from the devastation and moved unto the portions of the land mass which was given unto them as "safe". Those who listened brought forth with them the sacred histories and oral teachings so that there would again be a time of remembering. Many of these ones came into the land which is now the mountain area of that which you call the South American Continent.



They gave a pledge unto the Mother, for they had been true unto their Source. They built safe-keeping places for the records and vowed to the Father/Mother that they would teach the precepts. Ones had been taught in the laws which youame circleme to understand if your eyes and ears be opened.



These ones were given power over the elements and over the gravitation of the earth. Ah, but they were not given freedom of separation from all attractions of the heavens.



Soon they gave no credit unto them which were their supporters and they gave credit only unto themselves for what they considered their wondrous achieve­ments. Then it came to be in some 30,000 or so of your counting years, that it was given unto them to forget and thus was also lost these memories and place­ments of the wondrous truths of your lineage.




It was given unto them to be men of rather medium to smallness of stature and to be much as the Asiatics in the coloring of the skin. They began to lose their way and they prayed to idols. They gave but little heed unto the warnings which were given unto them from the higher realms of Light and they sank into lethargy and laziness.



Then, as is the fortune of him who forgets his covenant with the Father/Mother, on a great feast day it became dark and the sun gave off no light. On that day it gathered a part of the firmaments into the whole of the area, and it shook the earth from without that their handiwork was tossed and broken. It split asunder the idols, and it turned and twisted their great and beauteous wall and portals into ruins and rubble.



This was but the beginning. For in that place of valley would be raised as the mountains around it. For it shall shift within the interior and it shall crack and it shall blaze forth as a great volcano. That place which is the valley shall reach into the heavens and shall be prepared for a new portion



So shall it be with other placements to the north and unto the west wherein the places which are yet in the appearance of deserts and valleys shall be filled with the waters and yet the places of the Motherlands which remain unscathed unto this day in your age, shall be thrust upward and most places shall be given unto being island placements. In these places the waters shall come forth from within in sweetness and sh3t5dtjgb45 the place, and it shall be hot and pure. But these waters shall be healing in their touch and many there will be who will need of the healing for the tribulation shall have been great indeed.



Ones of the ancients shall walk again among the men who are remained and come again into the teachings of the Father/Mother and pull the peoples back into the path of Truth.



It is come now th15; __utmcs within this place are few and it is the time that man know of the truth of his roots that he can prune of his branches which have grown in wildness without discipline--away from the teachings of the Fa­ther/Mother Creator/Creation.






Just as now, there was then a placement prepared for those who would "hear" and "act". Within the time of disaster when the motherland sank, many were prepared to go into other places of safety--these places were prepared for them. They left the motherland and traveled via the seaway passage in the location which became landmass--Panama. It was then a waterway from north to south and some hundreds by two miles across the waters--yet there was no need for commercial purpose for they needed not those methods of travel and commerce.



quot; Russwas given unto those ones who had heard and prepared themselves, to leave before disaster, which came in three different portions. First the northern por­tion which was in the area of the Philippines, as you know these islands, shook and sank in one night, leaving terror and chaos in its wake.



Man again sank into his lethargy and forgetfulness. And it came upon them in a twinkling of an eye for they had no time to flee. They sank with the second shock, which lasted but one day.



Ahdia)--tomol man claimed his own self-gratification and those who remained failed to return unto the truth of the ancient teachings. And then the third part was given into much sorrow and suffering and they went about as ones blinded in a daze. Ah, still ones were deep in their dreams and laziness and had for­gotten their Source.



The few who had taken leave of the land to the south, which was the third part, fled into the area known to you as South America and Central America and some on into the areas of what would become the continent of the North Ameri­cas which was the new portion, which had been held in trust for them.



There they began a new part, which was to prepare that land for a new race, and a new people. They were humble peoples who lived in had do so. Gbal­ance with the Mother/Father. They brought wisdom with which they had been endowed of the Father, and their brother benefactors, and they held the portions which were recorded upon stones and papyrus, and upon their hearts they en­graved that which no man should steal or use for the gain of self. For it was given unto them to be the keepers of the secrets, which has been held in trust for this day, and you shall partake of this knowledge which has been held so sa­cred by the very few.



It has come forth again that one came forth in purity to lead the peoples. He had been given t few precihich should deliver them up, which would bring them into the new place, even as some shall be delivered out of the lands which are destined to go into the briny deep of the two oceans on either side, and so be it some shall be asleep and for that there shall be much weeping



In the early days upon the new places the teachers and leaders were given much power as they were custodians of an energy which you of the world of men have not as yet discovered; they knew the secrets of the elements and the earth and law governing them; they, as you shall hear, knew that the atom is the con­trolling balance of earth, and yet they did not use it as the present scientists are endeavoring to do. They kept this knowledge as the heritage of the new dd this plahall now be revealed unto them who are worthy to receive of that knowledge.



Again the peoples became idolatrous and they were given unto much carnal, of which is to say they even became so degraded as to partake of blood and flesh and gave great and horrible sacrifices of both their brother man and God's creatures to atone for their putridness.



Again there came forth the dawning of a day when a force which had built upon itself within the earth did give forth. And it was as no man had seen. It turned and twisted their stones, as clay models. It set awry their gateways and their idols were set asundhe ending.thrones were turned upside down, their altars were overthrown and chaos reigned for two cycles of the sun. The sun gave forth no light and there was only a glow of night and the moon was as red as that of blood.



Those ones which did not perish fled in terror and panic. It was from these, the remnants who fled, who had heard and heeded that which was said unto them from out of the ether--the cosmos.



Dharma, it is that man in each of his lessons forgets that which he learns and much is forgotten. For that which is hidden in the secret places and in the oral teachings is that the Earth did shift and the entire of the crust was changed so nd ears bet remained as before. The Motherlands which were beneath the seas were lifted up in the cleansing and that which was above was sank beneath the new seas--and man moves onward and forgets his Truth. Through the eons which ensue each cleansing the teachers come forth and man listens for a while and then returns to his sleep while evil forces reign upon the lands and in the hearts of human.



Each time and in each portion comes forth a Master Teacher or Prophet to show the way--some will heed the lessons--most will not. Truth comes and the ones of evil select that which they feed unto the foolish followers. Then the earth man chooses sides and clutches unto himself his "idea" of that teacher and de­sply unto thery being who came forth.



You ones wish to tinker with the idea of the great teachers--some were "Christs", some but teachers of goodness and truth--each was tormented and slain--you have walked the path and felt the sword and the poison and the fire of man's evil intent. It is not for us to judge these things--ours is to tell of the Truth and show the way home for those who wish to travel with us--FOR THE SHIFT IS AGAIN AT HAND AND NO PLACE UPON THIS ORB SHALL REMAIN UNCHANGED--NONE! So be it for it shall come in the time of this generation for all the signs you were given through the ages have come into twisted thwithin the tapestry and we shall now speak on these things.



You, chela, shall not experience the lessons of the Red Eagle before putting these words to paper for it is not to be claimed you simply wrote from that which the one Little Crow espouses unto you. Yours must come from us of the outer dimensions for his shall be of the earth and the teachings preserved therein and the oral lessons carried from generation to generation which had again been forgotten and exploited in heinous greed and self-aggrandizement by the red brothers, as well as the other tribes of man.


We shall speak of revelations and prophecy and shall always be at reminding you of the truth--FIRST MUST COME THE ASHES--THEN THE PHOENIX, QUETZAL-COATL, THUNDERBIRD, CAN  



* * *



Dharma, Hatonn returned to give my portion--this, too, must be prior to the coming forth of Red Eagle's speaking. While he speaks the oral teachings onto your voice recorder I shall insist we cover the prophecies and revelations that you can see for yourselves the truth of our beingness. The time is at hand, chela, for these things.






For you ones who bear uth of his of explaining and projecting the revelations and presenting the prophecies--we honor you. Since the prophecies presented by the accepted Christ unto John in Revelation are your basic point of interest, we shall look at them in depth. Do not be lulled into drowsiness, however, for the same prophecies have come to all cultures in all placements in identical meaning even if words and expressions differ.



The prophecies concerning wars and rumors of wars as well as those regarding the dominance of the world by the white race in the End Times are reiterated in even more detail by John in the last book of that which you ones call the Bible--Revelation.



John was in prison in a place called Patmos, having been incarcerated there for preaching God's words and teachings. The Christos came to him in a vision and revealed to him what would happen in the End repared fohis man-made system of things. The Christos came to several in differing ways to bring the vision that in these end times the Truth could be integrated and man would need open his eyes unto Truth. He would still be given the freedom to deny, but none-the-less he would be given Truth from both above and below--the outer and the inner. The "knowing" will not change of it. The "knowing" of Truth will give unto each his ability to choose his direction and offer Trp>  ing the Divine Order of the Universe and The Creation and allow him to again come into balance with Father/Mother Source--nothing more and nothing less. No magic shall reverse the course for you waited and slept too long to allow the reversal of the ultimate translation. What you do now is determine your direc­tion and alter the impact and pull yourselves back into Truth.



The Christos, Jmmanuel, dictated seven letters to John to send to His various churches. The letters contain words of comfort and love as well as warnings against abandoning the True Path. The letters can be understood on at least two levels--from macro to micro: 1. the seven stages of the spiritual development of the church body and its history, and/or 2. the personal spiritual evolution of seekers of God. Jmmanuel tells God's seekers to have patience, perseverance, and not to be deceived by false prophets; to be faithful in service and loveent of theord, and not to be tempted by the cravings of the senses such as lust, greed and anger, and, finally, to wake up spiritually so as to not die in spiritual dark­ness.



The last two of the letters were aimed at two opposite types of people. The first one is directed to those who have kept His Word and been faithful to Him. The Lord promised to keep the door to His Kingdom open for them, saying that no one would come fort shut it. He also promised to keep them from experiencing the coming tribulation and/or to give them the strength to endure it to the end so that they may become pillars of His True Church (body) of Love.



The second is aimed at those who have become totally apathetic toward God, being neither for or against His Laws and the Laws of The Creation, and thus they are "to be spewed out" by God for they fail to see that they are, in reality, "blind, wretched, pitiable, poor and naked". He admonishes them to return to doing good works in His Name so that they may be clothed in white linen, rep­resenting their good deeds, and to open their eyes to see God, to hear His knocking in their heart's door and to open that door and let Him enter in. In other words, the Lord is saying that in these times one must not be apathetic towards Father/Mother God and His Laws, lest one miss his/her opportunity to enter through the doorway--which is the dohem; they,nion with the Lord. This does not mean to run and dress yourself in white linen for that would be a lie--it is an example of inner purity and intent. The lesson is the same this day as in eons past.



I am not going to quote the whole of REVELATION for any man can read of it in whatever language is your own. If you do not believe upon the one Jmmanuel--then read that which rth. And i by Buddah or the old testament prophets for the intent and message is the same. Always Truth is the same.

The error conies in not seeing and knowing the things which happen that fulfill the prophecies.



There were the scrolls spoken of in the vision--with the many seals to be opened. The first four seals were described as the "Four Horsemen of Apocalypse". Basically they represent the international conflicts that are to, and have already started to, embroil the earth. As with the American Indians, the East Indians and Jmmanuel's prophecies, the trigger that starts the fateful ride of these four horsemen--who, on a macro level represent the bloodshed, death, destruction and economic chaos that wars bring--is the rise to power of the white race and their dominance over the Earth as a whole, subjugating native peoples worldwide, and exploiting the countries under their control. On a mi­cro level, the four horsemen represent the world empires and/or pat which iovements that would dominate the globe in the End Times. One explanation of these four horsemen is put forth upon your place somewhat as follows--well, it is quite sufficient as far as it goes and can represent a fair background as to clues, etc. for timing of events.


It is put forth that the first rider on a white horse might represent the Western Euwill not. ers that grew out of the old Roman Empire who "went out con­quering and to conquer" and then colonized most of the world: Great Britain, France, and Spain being the principal colonizers.



The second rider on a red horse might well represent worldwide Communism or anti-Godness in its true sense, which has indeed taken peace from the Earth, bringing anarchy, war and killing. Red is associated with Communism and the theory is valid in great extent but too much is placed upon the "play on words", etc. For example, the Russian Communists are not only responsible for the slaughter of their own people


(30 million under Mr. Stalin, alone), but also for the massacres and suppression of Hungary in 1956, Czechoslovakia in 1968, and Poland and Afghanistan in 1980, not to mention the rest of the Eastern Eu­ropean countries that lie behind their Iron Curtain, as well as other countries 'round the world. The other Communist giant--Red China--not only massacred almost 50 million of their own pen the time Mao, but waged genocide against the Tibetan people and disrupted peace in the region by attacking India in the late 50s, occupying its territory to this day. Thus, this seal would seem to have been opened on their account.



Well, what about the millions upon millions of people slain by your oement by t "so-called Christians" in the Inquisition? Nay, brothers, do not believe you can cast off the blame upon any group. There are as many "TRUE 'CHRIST' CONSCIOUS PEOPLE" who proclaim to be Communists as there are in the "Free World". Do not mislead yourselves into the lie.



What about that third horseman--economic chaos? I think we have pointed that subject out pretty well before. You are in the time of Chaos and it will increase to total collapse.



And what of that fourth horse and rider--death! Needs very little example, I would surmise. AIDS alone shall take a third to a half of the world population.



Dharma, before we speak more on these subjects, let us have respite for our days shall be long until we have written of these things and you will require in­terim rest periods.



I am Hatonn to move to stand-by that I might clear of the frequency.



HATONN TO OUT, PLEASE. thJ-011-Cry_Of_The_Phoenix.pdf