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Dharma, you ones of my fore sent chelas, shall please pick up the ancient oral Truths of my beloved brother, Wamblisha--known to you as Little Crow, and format his oral presentation onto the pages of documents that it can go in printed form unto Grandfather Aton's peoples. You will be given the strength to carry the burden. We shall give yoeWhenUsed= breaks from the writing but plan that your days be filled--all of you with access to compatible computers in this group. Perhaps Efi might borrow Gene's (at Gene's dwelling) if the programs can be made compatible.


It will be for the putting to print of the fourteen tapes, MITAKOYE OYASIN. I shall probably have Dharma transcribe the SACRED HILL WITHIN. This shall be finished in 45 days from the 17th that it be ready for final press by your counting, January 31, 1990. The year you label 1990 shall be a most incredible year in your counting and the long awaited abund Locked="ft;/> come into your use. Do not make your preconceived notions as to how or from whence, for if you do you are most likely to miss the true route--be patient and allow us to work the proper sequence--I hold your petitions.

The great spirits of the ancients have come forth to touch and commune in Eleanor's behalf--if she will but open unLocked="fae shall be eased. She is to be told of their presence.


Be most cautious about your reference to Little Crow for to label him a "Medicine Man" is not to honor him for that which he actually is, in truth. He is sent into humble human format to experience the same torment as all humans experience but he is from the Cosmic Realms, as you are, to bring forth wisdom and the word of Truth. He is a man of the age-old oral tradition--a wise man of knowledge--WICASA WAKAN. He bears great pain for his brother of the an­cient lineage but all must rise beyond "Medium ShideWheneeds for ye shall be as­tounded at the mottled crew ye shall gather in the final gathering places. AHO!


Make copies of the tapes so that the original ones shallName="Coloth Dharma for I request she hear them all before the book is long underway. So be it and blessings upon you.


I shall relinquish unto Commander Hatonn who will continue with some "revelations" about "revelation" for the current JOURNAL. Walk strong within the golden light for we of the cosmos walk with you. Adonai.




What is an family: arat is His Purpose? Has there only been one avatar upon your place--Jesus Christ, as you label him? How does one recognize an avatar? When I bring it down to simplicity, I suggest you gather in your bigotry and self proclaimed sanctity.


Simply stated, an avatar is God in human form. It is what the West cent 6"/> on of God, the Messiah, the Savior, the Christ. Please, I shall not go into all the labels for they are not important--it is the concept which you must under­stand and I am speaking in English--a Western language. An avatar comes di­rectly from thri","sans-f God; He/She goes through somewhat different evolu­tionary changes from "typical" human. An avatar is of pure spirit and can in­carnate in any manner chosen.




"And the eternal Spirit, resting in a state of complete in­action and supreme bliss, awakened and separated from the eter­nal Being, for an undetermined period.

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" your daysin human form, He might teach man to identify himself with the Divinity and attain to eternal felicity;


"And to show, by His example, how man can attain moral purity and free his soul from the domination of the physical senses, so that it may achieve the perfection necessary for it to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, which is immutable and where bliss eternal reigns".


In other words, an avatar comes to show you the way hack H-0-M-E unto Him, as HE, the OM, is what little fantasy E.T. called "Home"!


Has there only been one avatar--that one called Jesus? This is the question that has caused more suffering, destruction, brutality and war "in the name of God" than any other question man has ever asked. But were these wars fought for God, and therefore, Love and Truth? Or were they fought for power, greed, the suppression of Truth, and the confusion of the One God?


Notice that in the Legendo be told sa (which by the way, was one of the pro­nounced labels of "Jesus"--"Issa"), it says that the Lord is about to "reincar­nate" in human form. This naturally presupposes that God had incarnated in human form before, does it nohear them East as in the West, Jesus is recognized as an avatar, or the Son of God--or, One of/with God, and is seen as THE WAY, the Light, and the embodiment of Truth. Ah, but it is the taking of the term "Christianity" unto a certain specified group which causes the real trouble--you who call yourselves Christians are a most selective and bigoted lot of self­ish humans.


Swami Paramananda puts it most eloquently:


"Orthodox Christianity exalts Christ to the exclusion of all other di­vine manifestations, while the Eastern soul receives Him as the Cosmic Light, blending its harmony with both past and present (avatars or other divine manifestations that have come before and after Jesus). Whichever concept we hold will have a marked influence upon our life and destiny. For the one (which says Jesus is the only Son of God) invariably works for the destruction of what is not its own, and the other for the preserva­tion and assimilation of what may not seem at first sight to be its own. The one holds to the dogmatic Christ, the creed-bound Christ of organi­zation and institution; the other looks to that Christ who is the soul of Divinity, who cannot be partitioned off any more than we can partition off the infinite sky".


Well, it seems even those of the East get a little on the zealous and bigoted side in that they also would force their opinion upon the creed-bound Christian and you end up the same--war and killing of those who believe differently from yourself.




How can one limit God, who is Mother/Father and is limitless? Can you de­termine that God can only come in one form -- a carpenter's son called Jesus, in one place--the Middle East, at one time in human history, and even on one planet? Of course not; to do that would be naive indeed. For God, who is eternal, omnipresent and all-pervasive, can and has come in different manifesta­tions in different parts of the world at different points in time.


How can you ever use an exclusive word like "only" when dealing with the Christed Lord who is all-inclusive? Even in the Christian creeds the word "catholic" is used--"catholic" meaning "universal" and "all-inclusive"--of course. I knew all of you knew that. THINK ABOUT THOSE THINGS. WHICH YOU CLUTCH AND ESPOUSE LIKE ROBOTS.


God comes in different forms or manifestations, to different parts of the world, to different societies in the way that He will be best recognized, accepted and understood. Thus, you see the Lord clothing Himself in whatever outward ap­pearance will most easily blend in with His surrounding culture, whether that be as Jmmanuel, Jesus, Isa, the Buddha, Krishna, or whomever He chooses.


As Sathya Sai Baba, a great YOGI--NOT AVATAR, living today, said, "To elevate man, to raise the level of his consciousness, God has to incarnate as Man. He must speak to them in their own style and languages;, He has to teach them the methods that they can adopt and practice".


Further, as a reminder--"Lord" means "teacher" and "wayshower".


Among many people in the West, there is a misconception about people in India worshipping several different Gods, whereas, in fact, unlike the Syrians for in­stance, the Indians are worshipping the One God in His different manifestations, including Jesus. People there recognize that God is limitless, and by dedicating their temples to His numberless aspects and attributes, they worship Him in the form that they find most comfortable.


Of course, that, too, is so humanized and narrowed that they have also missed the entire point at hand. They actually have ceased to even know that which they worship. Traditions often become the focus and no longer the object of original intent and thereby comes the deviation from Truth.


Just as each of you is someone's child, someone else's spouse, brother or sister, employer or friend, but not six different people, so the fact is that God is per­ceived as the embodiment of righteousness in one manifestation, as the over­comer of obstacles in another, and as the source of learning, strength, or wealth in still others. This means that the One God is all pervading. It does not mean each is a separate God mutually exclusive of all the others.


Further, people in India often adorn their temples with statues, images, or pic­tures of the various considered aspects of God. Often, Westerners have misun­derstood the purpose of these statues, thinking that those "foreigners" worship the stone "idol" itself. This, of course, is as absurd as them considering that you worship the stone replica of the cross or likeness of Jesus or Virgin Mary, etc. It all begins as a method of focusing ones attention to the "thought" to re­mind them of Him and the Love they bear for Him.


You must use your unlimited consciousness--you know that a photograph of someone is NOT THAT SOMEONE! Earth man decrees lies to be truth and accuses and proclaims his lies upon all who are foolish enough to listen. Unfortunately, there are as many foolish ones on either side of all questions.


It is not wrong to be reminded of God by having that which reminds you of God--it is when the "thing" becomes the focus and not the God. Reminders are left for your attention in those things such as a reflection in a burial cloth, a "miracle" and trinket cross about your neck. It is most sad for the ones called Christian above all others--for they have taken facts and distorted truths and proclaimed a doctrine of recognizing only one manifestation of God, while the "Hindus" for instance, recognize all manifestations and wondrous aspects of Father/Mother God.




The Great Teacher comes forth from age to age according to the needs of the age, and is revered by human beings belonging to the different yugas or ages with a name and in a form appropriate to the age, which is why the avatars have different faces, names, etc., BUT ALWAYS TEACH THE SAME ETERNAL TRUTHS! The different forms of God or avatars can be compared to water in its various forms. The outer form of water changes in accordance to its envi­ronment. Thus, you see water change to snow, ice, sleet, hail, fog, mist and rain as the environmental factors affecting its outer form change. But its basic components are the same--it is still water. Just so the outer forms of God change in accordance with the environmental/societal setting into which He has come. But His basic components are the same--He is still God! To deny the Divinity of other avatars than the manifested form of the "Jesus" Christ is like saying the basic component of water is not two parts of hydrogen to one part of oxygen. The basic components of all avatars are Truth and Love--they are all the embodiment of Truth and Love. They are all Logos, the Living Word of God made flesh. Further, God Incarnate will always wear a sign upon his countenance that he can be recognized in Truth.


To fully appreciate that which I am saying you must carefully examine the teachings of all "avatars" for at any time throughout your history as a planet there is truth put forth to all corners of the world to all people present--that in­cludes unto places whereby you can find no method of travel from one place unto another.


In comparing the life stories of various avatars you will see striking parallels. First and foremost, the world situation in each case would be perilous and true spirituality would have been lost. The rulers would be generally harsh and brutal, and the priest had become stuck in the mire of dogma and doctrine. In­stead of simplifying God to the people, they complicated Him, thus making it harder for people to understand and know Him, instead of easier. In other words, it is a situation of greed and power by priests and ruling governments and greedy controllers which give cause for the return of God in order that again order can be brought from the chaos of a degenerate society of human.


Whenever righteousness (dharma) declines and there is an uprise of iniquity, the Lord looses himself forth into birth into the world. For the protection of the holy men, the chastisement of the wicked and the enthroning of righteousness, balance and harmony, is He born from age to age.


All learning in the end is vain except to know God and to serve Him--to love Him is the end of knowledge and to forget Him is to forget the truth, even though one may carry a cartload of books about with him. This creation is His and He is everywhere. His love pervades all things. And you better each one come into the wisdom of this knowledge lest it become too late for the proper choices. When you act against the law of love, you chain yourself to the end­less cycling wheel of cause and effect.


This is why it is so foolish to conjure that ones coming from the Cosmic realms of the heavens at this historic time would come in hostility to enslave you as a species--you do not traverse the universe as do we if you have not learned of these lessons.


A very, very wise man upon your place said something well worth repeating: "Yes, with realization (direct personal spiritual experience--gnosis), but not with book knowledge. He alone is learned who knows Him. As letters are symbols of speech, so are various forms of manifestations of God. He is the Enjoyer of all sense-objects. He is within and without all beings. He who knows God is all and in all and consequently loses all sense of otherness, he alone escapes from the prison of I-AM-NESS. In selfhoo (egoism) is bondage; in losing the self (ego), is freedom"! This very wise man said these words at nine years of age in your counting.


Ah yes, your Master Teacher is returned--not exactly the way you thought it would be. So be it! AHO!


You had best get thy actions cleansed a bit faster for your clocks are ticking out their last cycle of this age. You all come from but One and eventually shall re­turn to that One. Your relatives are all about you in everything you see, hear, smell, touch or taste and far beyond those dimensional things into that which you cannot see, hear, smell, touch or taste--infinity. Ah yes, all are your rela­tions--the winged, finned, two legged, four legged and the sub-microscopic to the supra-macroscopic--all things are connected and we bring forth these words for all our relations, for we too are your relations--MITAKOYE OYASIN! AHO!