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MARCH 17, 1992



Greetings, precious Druthea. I AM Sananda. I come in service to Holy God/Aton of Light and thus to you my brethren on earth Shan.

We will continue our discussion of knowing and understanding the intricacies between Judgement, Discernment and now Per­ception. It is in this way that will enable you to then carefully choose your words, recognize the basis of your feelings and thoughts, and therefore become more attuned to Self-motivation and grow into Self-knowledge. By knowing self are you then forming the foundation of knowledge with which to grow in SPIRIT of ONENESS with Creator/God and thus earn your wings as an honorable Co-creator.

We will speak more on Judgement and Discernment. First I will speak on what is the meaning of Perception. To perceive means to become aware of something through the physical senses; see, hear, feel, taste, or smell. If you have read Germain's PLEIA­DIAN CONNECTION JOURNALS, then you now know that the physical senses alone CAN be most misleading, for these senses are only capable of monitoring EFFECTS of the illusion of MOTION. Now when you are able to use your physical senses IN CONJUNCTION with Discernment/INSIGHT gained from the LIGHT of Higher Knowledge, achieved through experiences of life-streams, communion with God within and balanced intent of service, you have established a COMPLETE basis or Truth and Wisdom in which to ACT upon.

Only through achieving Higher INSIGHT will you be able to ever draw a conclusion of understanding (wisdom) about THE CAUSE of any given circumstance, behavior, disease and that includes this CONSPIRACY of evil upon your planet which you now find yourselves racing.  Otherwise, if you have not teamed to access Higher Knowledge, ANY conclusions you may draw will be only ego-opinion based upon perhaps only part of or even NONE of the actual information needed to take the neces­sary valid/effective action. In other words you are jumping and you have no feel upon which to land or the ground upon which you jump is quicksand.

Insight of God helps you form the foundation and basis of Truth and Wisdom upon which you can build your structure of Bal­ance in which to serve God in your Highest potential.

With this firm, impenetrable foundation established and in place, then you can investigate the materials with which to build your spiritual perfection. First comes your foundation based upon the Laws of God and Creation. From there comes the choices of which materials will empower your foundation in balance and harmony or which are less than perfection. Often you will choose materials and then remove them and start again for they do not hold up under the TESTING which all materials (information/knowledge) will inevitably endure. And always will your intent be tested as to WHY your choices work or do not work.

No other can build either your foundation, or choose your mate­rials or decide your intent for you. There are others who can show you the errors in your foundation and materials and even why your intent has sabotaged you. They cannot make the changes, nor make you understand why you need to change. These things you must decide alone with God. There are ones who will pull you out of your depths of despair and hopelessness and give you the information about how to sustain yourself in balance. They cannot, however, MAKE you sustain yourself or MAKE you understand why you have errored.  You must choose to remain above water and in the lifeboat.  You must choose to learn from your errors through understanding WHY you caused yourself to fall into the depths of despair. You must choose to learn how to sustain yourself in balance and you must then make the effort of intent to accomplish your goal. And when you accomplish your goal and understand the responsibility which accompanies your wisdom and power, then you will he called upon to assist others (relations of self) who still remain underwater and await the hand of love, hope and mercy. And so the cycle of growth into Oneness continues.



Since receiving insight into the inner nature and real character of a thing or circumstance allows for a more balanced percep­tive (point of view), wisdom CAN be allowed fruition within you.

Now let us define WISDOM:  Knowledge, learning, practical Judgment; insight and common sense. These are the terms used in your dictionary to define this word. You can now see how knowledge, insight, judgment and wisdom are used quite inter­-changeably in your language.

I trust you are comprehending the differences in use of terms when I speak of terminology. I am efforting to show the differ­ence between information/ opinions/theories gathered from the PHYSICAL SENSES based upon the EFFECTS of the ILLUSION of MOTION and Discernment/insight/know-ledge received by successfully accessing Higher Resources; God within (which is CAUSE).

When we (The Hosts) speak of WISDOM, we speak of KNOWINGLY attuning yourself to Our Creator within you (communion), and thus inherently knowing and living your life in balance with ALL. Your choices and decisions become much fewer to choose among for you will have and be the wisdom to KNOW always what is the balanced choice.  Therefore the ap­plication of inner knowledge/insight/discernment is WISDOM.

What about "free will"? My chela, Dru, asks. The use of this term becomes "obsolete" for your thoughts, choices and actions are attuned to the ONE will of God.  This achievement, of course, allows one to experience a manifested awareness of near-perfection. And no, I will not dwell upon these "higher" levels longer, for it does not serve you precious ones to do so.

Like Dru, many of you become frustrated in your efforts to fig­ure out the universe, before you have figured out HOW TO re­claim and maintain balance upon earth Shan. I will say it is the better part of WISDOM to be patient in the unfolding of your lessons in their proper sequence. So be it.

Now as a part of your inner "home work", I suggest that you ones begin (if you have not yet begun) to monitor your thoughts, your feelings and responses and your behavior in EVERY cir­cumstance and interrelationship. In the beginning you will be most aware of the UNCOMFORTABLE or UNBALANCED re­sponses. Here are some questions to ask yourself that you may determine the CAUSE of your feeling.

1.How do I feel? --Identify the emotion. For example: Angry, hurt, frustrated, resentful, frightened, sad, bored, impatient, nervous, superior, inferior, inadequate, lonely, guilty, rejection?

2.WHY do I feel this way? For example, if you determine you are feeling angry, hurt and rejected within a given interaction or communication, ask God within: Is the offense intentional? If so, find out why one would desire to intentionally offend. HOW do you find out? Ask the Father Within to help you see the cause (insight). Perhaps you will be shown, perhaps you will have to ask the perceived offender in order to ultimately bring understanding and thus balance to the circumstance.

3.Why do I choose to allow another's OPINION of me to hurt me? DO I believe their opinion is TRUE? What is the basis of that BELIEF?

4.Next how do I desire to respond? Examine your habit of re­sponse, especially when you determine the emotional base you respond from. Do you wish REVENGE or some other method of "getting even"? Do you become defensive and attack your perceived opponent? Only your physical EGO would desire such tit for tat games. In order to achieve balance then you will need to establish your goal. Ideally your goal would be to heal the discord in self, and if accepted by them, in the other person as well.  Can you do this by behaving in the same manner as the offender?  Getting "even"? (if that ever is plausible). Now that you have made the choice to heal the discord, the next question is:

5.Father within, please show me how I must CHOOSE to re­spond in this circumstance in order to achieve healing of this discord? Then you must listen and often wait upon the Lord. How will you recognize the correct guidance from God within? You will no longer feel emotional offense. Often you will be filled with compassion for your brother for you will not longer see separation between you. When you respond as guided by Father within, you will feel the discord dissolve in yourself and you will be deeply moved and humbled by your experience of achieving Godly-balance and forgiveness. There will be no re­grets. You are complete and fulfilled.

In addition please remember this: Although your perceived op­ponent may lose his antagonism towards you as you reach com­mon understanding, his lessons may not be complete in regards to his own responses. This is not your business or responsibil­ity, although you have offered an example of balanced behavior which his soul has registered, even if his ego-consciousness has not. Ultimately he will need also learn to question his motives as have you in order to find HIS balance within self.

Now chelas, don't think you have achieved perfection just yet! You will get MANY more chances to "practice" at choosing balanced responses! This is called TESTING. After a time you will have achieved the wisdom to recognize and welcome your TESTS for they allow you to sharpen your spiritual integrity, which ultimately moves your soul toward perfection in ONE­NESS with God.  Without these challenges to your soul there would be no reason for the JOURNEY of life you have. What challenge would there be to walk the same path, see the same scenery, without benefit of hills to climb and streams to swim, which make the journey interesting, even if not always "fun and enjoyable" in your perception of those terms?

You each have been given the gift of life here. It is about time ALL of you LIVE and BE ALIVE. What is the most fulfilling way to FEEL ALIVE?  GIVING to one another, Giving Truth, The Word, your time, your encouragement, your care, your friendship and yes, even your "abundance" in benefit to the whole. This is how you express absolute God LOVE. God's love is LIGHT which you are. Give this light of self as God de­signed you to serve. LOVE YE ONE ANOTHER! This is the golden thread of every Master's teachings. Wisdom is yours when you no longer question how to give love. You inherently live your life giving equally in all transactions and circumstances as Our Creator intends for you.

Let us close this document that Druthea may rest. I trust that each of you are broadening your understanding and self-aware­ness. Thank you, Druthea, for your service. Be patient my precious, for the lessons must come in sequence of comprehen­sion for many, many ones. If you effort to jump the starting gun, you may cause all to return to start again. Learn to trust the process and the necessary sequence of lessons, for in the pacing and self-discipline will ALL, who so choose, be welcome to share in the winning with GOD. Thank you, my precious chelas for, "hearing" these lessons. Be at peace with self and the struggle will not seem so.  I AM Sananda, in service to Holy Light of God. Salu.