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TUESDAY, MARCH 6, 1990 8:15 A.M. YEAR 3 DAY 202




Hatonn to speak of serendipity in the light of Radiance and the passing of "time'". Also, I will remind you of things already discussed in the Journals such as SURVIVAL--not to bore you with repetition but rather, to assure you that this is not a "new" matter, but only a misplaced focus.


As far back as your early 80's these same ones whom I honor today, for baring truth, were hard at it to get the attention of the masses and few listened. Ron Paul, Gary North, Arthur Robinson, Antony Sutton, John King, etc- - - the list is long indeed. IT IS NOW TIME YOU LISTEN-UP, DEAR ONES, FOR THE FOX IS ALREADY IN THE HEN HOUSE.


In the early 80's you could have taken satchels full of money in cash to your local precious metals dealers and walked out with unaccountable assets. It is harder now, but still possible. Remember, I must speak to a wide range of people in the Journals so you must be patient on either end of the economic chain. Obviously, if you have no assets--you will not be able to buy coins. Please use your heads and fit information to your situation. We can give you basics and then fringes--we cannot individually contact and instruct 6 billion persons and customize a plan.


For instance, you can still buy gold and silver coins if you take care and pay at­tention to quantity lumps. There are still many reputable dealers and there is nothing to prevent your doing business with all if you have funds enough. You can get good investment value by buying precious metal jewelry at pawn shops. You can buy goods at swap meets--unfortunately, that is also a place for "fenced" goods. You can buy used or discounted durable consumer goods and tools and equipment to be used later as barter. There are still some ex­ceptional opportunities but there are plenty of other writers who can tell you these things. I have no wish to utilize another's material---we want you to wake up and use that information already available unto you.


Let us speak more in generalities and from a realistic perspective.


Since the plans of the illuminati, which is the faction of the "Power Elite" whose power is money---woops! I have already lost my scribe and therefore, 1 will have lost a great number of you good readers---so be it, we shall return to basic definitions and descriptions.


EPHESIANS 6 10-13:


My brethem, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the mica of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wicked­ness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. So be it.




The idea of riot and revolution in America is no longer unthinkable to most Americans--it is now occurring daily. Yet, there is a conspiracy to not only overthrow your form of government but to destroy most of your population and reduce the United States to a weak outpost under the dictatorial rule of an international government. HEAR ME WELL AS I LAY DOWN THE BASICS ONCE AGAIN. IF YOU ALREADY RECALL AND KNOW THESE THINGS--READ THEM AGAIN FOR WHEN I BREAK DOWN THE FACTIONS WHO WAR ONE AGAINST THE OTHER YOU WILL NEED THE INFORMATION.


The plan to accomplish world government has been secretive. At most, there are only about 5,000 people in the entire world who have any significant un­derstanding of THE PLAN. That is what we are about, as are many of your fine writers whose material shall be given at the ending of this Journal. I will utilize no bibliography as such, for I need none--but you need confirmation and further instructions--I am only to give you the precipitant to cause you to seek and find--quickly! Further, I do not endorse ALL material from any "one" author or group but there are some writers who act in total integrity and their work is valid indeed. I am now being prepared for lawsuits because, "Hatonn has NOT used some author's material." Well, perhaps the author's intent is wondrous indeed, but conclusions are incorrect and therefore renders almost useless the information preceding the conclusions. Some authors have conclusions which are totally accurate and reached them through incorrect as­sumptions---always the latter is the more acceptable.


Incredible and unbelievable efforts have been thrust forth to keep the true na­ture of the plan from leaking out to those people who would oppose or expose the plan--unto murder, torture, and destruction of a man's reputation, career and family structure.


There have, however, been numerous individuals who have uncovered various aspects of the conspiracy. Many of these individuals have put their discover­ies in print. Some of the most daring speakers and authors have defected from highest ranks of the CIA, FBI, SATANIC/WITCHCRAFT CIRCLES, KGB, CONGRESS, ETC. FOR EVERY ONE WHO IS STRAIGHTFOR­WARD, THERE ARE DOZENS STILL ON THE PAYROLL OF THESE GROUPS AND ARE OUT TO DISCOUNT, ANNIHILATE AND SMEAR THE WORD OF THE LEGITIMATE.You, the receivers, must be in the dis­cerrnng and hopefully you are paying attention to the discernment tools and clues we give unto you.


As just a touch of witchcraft history, I would say that in 1624 there landed upon the American shores a group of Puritans---at a port called Collins Bay. This place is just northeast of what you now call Boston. The ship that brought them was owned by one, Francis Collins. Mr. Collins was a "witch" of Celtic descent. He built his home at Marblehead just south of what is now Salem Bay. Francis Collins built the Salem Church. It was this church that was the source of the Salem witch trials. Suffice it to say, however, that true to form, there were witches present but you can jolly-well bet that none of the people put to death were actually the witches.


From that Collins family have decended major heads of the "Witch" cults such as the Druids with their Council of Thirteen and true and open Satanism. A very brave defector who was once Grand Druid High Priest of a thirteen state sector, headquartered in San Antonio, Texas (name withheld for his family is in great jeopardy) has tales to tell which would put SATAN'S DRUMMERS in a kindergarten classification for reading material.


In the year 1971, when this man was Grand Druid Priest, over 90% of the politicians in that thirteen state area received financial support through him personally, from the Grand Order. These politicians took orders regarding political decisions from him personally. The orders were passed down from the Rothschild Tribunal to the Grand Druid Council and then the Council passed them on to individuals and organizations under their authority.


This person was personally responsible for murder of an officer while in the military service. He was tried and convicted. However, when his prison cell mate was released, "Sir X" asked him to get word to a certain individual in the U.S. who Sir X knew to be a witch (this killing occurred in Germany and thus the incarceration was in Germany). Within days a U.S. Senator and a congressman showed up at the prison. Twenty-four hours later Sir X received all honorable discharge with all information of the shooting incident purged from his record.And just what do you think will be the ultimate penalties for the Iran-­Contra scandals? Yet a man in your country who runs for President and brings forth truth--is sent away to prison and his young staff is imprisoned for 72 and 86 years respectively--for raising campaign funds.


When Sir X arrived in the U.S. after his release, his mother sent him to New York City. After he arrived he was trained for six months by Dr. Raymond Budkland, Chairman of the Druid Council of Thirteen. Following that he traveled out to the West Coast where he was trained for another six months by Mrs. Louise Hubner, another member of the Druid Council of Thirteen. (Remember, at that time the family name was Collins).


In 1972, Sir X was shown a chart giving THE PLAN FOR WORLD TAKEOVER. Just take a deep breath and we'll dive right in for you have had your toe testing of the waters.




Remove President and Vice-president


Republican Successor Throws Election to Democrat


Democrat President Gets Following Laws Enacted:

1.         New gun law to take away guns from citizens.

2.        Removal of tax exemption from churches.

3.        Genocide Act

4.        Presidential martial law powers

5.        The Anti-Hoarding Act




Caused by Israel State battling over petrol, farmlands and chemicals.




Make every person totally dependent on the government by:


1.         Creating a pseudo-fuel shortage.


2.         Confiscating all guns.


3.         Calling for "Helter Skelter"

(All trucks, trains, and ships stop. Charles Manson leads army of some 200,000 white prisoners and motorcycle club members to create mass insanity in the streets (six months after his release) by bombing churches, raping, mur­dering and other fear tactics). "It will be when the lights of New York go out for good"--Rothschild Tribunal.


4.      Declaring Martial Law - suspend Congress. Activate National Guard to keep order. One policeman for every five people.


5.    With Anti-Hoarding Act outlaw all food and medical supplies from being stored.


6.        Issue a Security Card to govern all buying and selling.


7.        Destroy monetary system (All money, etc., becomes worthless).


8.        Issue new currency.


9.     Destroy all cropland. ''There will be nothing south of the Mason-Dixon Line over two inches high from the Atlantic to the Rocky Mountains."--The Rothschild Tribunal.



Rothschilds send all countries except America against Israel for the oil. Use of neutron bomb allows destruction of people while all buildings, natural re­sources and croplands remain intact. When war is over the world will be run from Jerusalem.




Oh precious ones, I do not jest, this plan is the "End Plan", THE PLAN 2000--AT LEAST ONE FACTION THEREOF.




Look carefully at the above chart and compare with today, almost two decades later--you see, only some of the players change--not the plan! See how it harmonizes with the rise of the world political ruler prophesied in Rev­elation.


In addition to the chart for world take-over was a letter from the Rothschilds-- on Rothschilds stationery that stated, "We have found a man who is willing to become world ruler and remain obedient to the Illuminati. (shocker coming:) His name is Jimmy Carter."




In 1972 the total population of residents was listed as approximately 500,000. Out of that half million, there were at least 100,000 people connected directly with witchcraft.


Well, beloved ones, you must recognize right now: He that is within me is greater than he that is in you and I can bind all your spells so that they won't work and everything will go wrong. All you have to do is ask! For it is through the lighted path that you will come to overthrow Satan, demons, drugs, habits, addictions, and threat of assassination. But you will find that few will listen in the onset following your changes toward the lighted pathway and then more and more and you of the light will unify and will stand as a wall of light over and through which no darkness can pass. This ability will come only through understanding of the problems as they exist without blurred vision and in truth. Pick up the banner of truth as the ones who have come before are damaged by the evil enemies. Hundreds came bravely before these recent scribes--honor them, support them and protect them. Those who act in truth, defend and protect the speakers and identities---those of evil intent shout the names and addresses from the airwaves---those ones, in these days, shall be given to reap the tares and thistles which they sow, for God is moving, broth­ers---God is moving!




The illuminati was started by the Rothschild dynasty in cooperation with Adam Weishaupt. The Rothschilds rose from obscurity in Germany to be­come the most powerful banking family in the world. The formation of the Illuminati occurred after the Rothschilds met Adam Weishaupt. Weishaupt was born the son of a Jewish Rabbi but he defected from Judaism and be­came a Franciscan monk. He studied in France where he became close friends with Robespierre who later led the French Revolution. Weishaupt also became friends with several people in the French royal court. These friends practiced the black mass, baby sacrifice and other vile rituals, as entertainment. It was through these associations that Weishaupt became ac­quainted with "Satanism" (to be distinguished from "witchcraft").


Weishaupt desired to acquire copies of the "Kabala", "The Major Key of Solomon" and "The Lesser Key of Solomon." These books told how demons could be controlled to do an individual's bidding by using occult practices and rituals. The Rothschilds had copies of these books and as a result were brought into a joint relationship with Weishaupt. The consequent result was the first union of Satanism with the Kabalistic crafts.


The Rothschilds persuaded Weishaupt to leave the Catholic Church and unite the various occult groups. This he proceeded to do. One of the covens cre­ated by Weishaupt was "The Golden Dawn" which became and still continues as the private coven of the Rothschilds.


Weishaupt and the Rothschilds proceeded to put together the creeds of the Golden Dawn. The Rothchilds gave what they considered to be important and Weishaupt was the priest who put it in final form. The result of all this was the Illuminati officially formed on May 1, 1776. To witches, May 1st is the birthday of Baltane. To them, it is the day when the Sun which is "the god of light" returns to the atmosphere from the underworld where he has been at rest. The lower witches know him as "Pan" but higher witches know him as "Lucifer". To witches the world over, May 1st is the New Year's Day of Witches. The fact that Communism celebrates its birthday on May 1st should reveal to the world that the same conspiratorial personalities who rule the western capitalistic countries through banking control also rule the communist countries the same way.


The most important truth (lie) in witchcraft is the so-called Prophecy of Truth: "When the Son of Lucifer takes his throne, then will witches have peace forever mone (morning)." The goal of witchcraft has been and re­mains to be the placing of "The Son of Lucifer" - the Satan empowered world ruler - on his throne so that witches the world over can lead the world, by whatever means, to worship Lucifer as the sole god of the world.


Towards this goal they have already built a behind the scenes network that effectively rules the basic six areas of society: (1) Religious (2) Political (3) Economic                 (4) Educational (5) Military and (6) Social. In every area only those personnel at the very top know th true nature of the purposes and activities of their organization. Those individuals at the lower and middle levels often feel they are working to accomplish some noble humanitarian goal.


The power of the Illuminati is money. In the area of money their resources are almost limitless. Their organizational structure is depicted by three pyra­mids and a sphinx.  The three pyramids show the same four groups at the top: The Rothschild Tribunal (3 members) depicted by a triangle around the eye of Lucifer. Immediately beneath is the Druid Council of 13. Under that is the Council of 33 (Free-masonry). Below them is "The 500" known infamously to outsiders as the "Bilderbergers". From that point the groups are different. In the three pyramids representing the Occult and Religious; the Political, and the various organizations, only a few of the most important groups will be shown herein. There are other groups under the control of the Illuminati but the ones herein given are very representative of the most important groups. The Sphinx shows the power flow of the Illuminati. It must be remembered that to understand the chart the driving force is MONEY!


The Illuminati changed its name several years past because of a number of writers who began to expose it. The name used within the organization more currently is "Moriah" meaning “The Conquering Wind".


Suffice it to say that people still recognize the meaning of the term "Illuminati" and cringe when anyone is on target in describing its activities---like this mo­ment!


Please allow space in this Journal to reproduce diagrams .. Therefore, allow us to take a break at this point and it will allow ease of pagination for the format­ting.


Thank you, Dharma, let us take respite, please.


Hatonn to move to stand-by, Salu.




Dharma, the diagrams will be placed immediately following this notation.  There is, however something which must be added into this record, at this point for it is timely unto the hour, and I will explain.


To all you readers who think we are but silly children out for notoriety and to "pilfer" material from other authors and beloved Sister Thedra, I have the following to offer unto you.


Please turn to Appendix No.1. This is a note received this day at 11 :09 A.M. (Oberli, strike out all pertinent information as to location, etc. but leave America West for we must set up a protection shield around those beloved ones and we desire the public be made absolutely aware.)  For you readers, Chuck, referred to in item No.1, is our printer and I Will leave his location unidentified in this document.


The manuscript referred to is CRUCIFIXION OF THE PHOENIX. For you ones who do not take seriously, the dangers and intrigue involved, please take most careful note of the following:


Appendix No.2: This is most fearful indeed and is being placed in this docu­ment in addition to placement in CRUCIFIXION OF THE PHOENIX since its printing is delayed because of the prior notice. Place it in the appropriate placement as an addendum with a special notice as to content and source. Mark it well for there must be no misunderstanding as to its source--it must not be construed as being of our input for we shall neutralize its content and remove its energy therefrom before reprinting.


The reason the Satanist's letter is so very important is that it was sent to George Green in denouncement of him and a Satanic curse placed upon his person following the fiasco with the Billy Goodman/Bill Cooper program on February 28, 1990 (last week). The letter was sent in support of William Cooper and his group who placed all the calls into the station. This source, brothers, is as evil as you will ever encounter--Satan is taking a direct stand--­yes, the "Big Boy" himself.


I wonder if Mr. Cooper wishes to accuse us of plagiarism of his documents henceforth?  Icare not what Mr. Cooper does, it is just extremely important for Mr. Cooper and Mr. Goodman to KNOW who is specifically backing their activities. We are going to print it exactly as it was received.  Iwant you to note that Satan is a Master at confusion and deception---he hasn't missed a trick and yet, neither has he failed to place clues

throughout and all over the documents, If you are unable to pick up the pale print of the Satanic sign which is almost a watermark in the stationery, suggest you look closely and you can discern it. It is actually a shadow print.


Since Mr. Cooper accuses us of word for word plagiarism of documents of his authorship of some 50 pages from a 26 page document---could these be the other 24 pages? We know not of that which he speaks.


And as regards to the Gatehouse---this one who calls himself Satan is also in protection by verbal commitment, to beings who surround the Gatehouse--­what might that mean?


Perhaps you can now see why Mr. Cooper's phone call to George Green threatening to "take out that 'channel'" was taken most seriously by us. When one is set-up as a tool for the Satanic team it is also made sure that the person becomes totally without reason and irrational. I suggest Mr. Cooper listen most carefully indeed, to his friends such as John Lear, whose research was shared liberally with Bill.


Allow me to tell you what it means; it means you are not playing over some tiddle-de-winks of foolish nonsense. It means that the Evil King himself will stop at naught to stop truth and you cannot tell for sure, where he aims it.  Isuggest you call in the God of Light, brothers, and wrap yourselves in the cloak of God and the Infinite Sacred Circle of the Cristos because you who leave yourselves open are indeed in trouble.


We have confronted some of his henchmen and he is totally aggravated. He always fights in this manner. He, further, utilizes some person who is already inunbalance and destroys all he touches. Not only is this a most valid letter as well as the message of intent, but he has openly called the hand.


Now the clues: In the mass of confusion as to full meaning of the document, it might well appear that this energy is denouncing the word within the Journals as false. Nay, nay, nay--not so. He is telling you exactly where the falseness lays---he blesses Mr. Cooper and Mr. Goodman and actually writes upon the paper for the world to see---"P.S. I curse you, George Green, and all your associates. Including the Paladians (Pleiadians, of course)."


Further, he and his flock went through the whole ritual experience and exer­cise to do exactly that. I tell you, however, to fear not for this mite upon the skin of God is naught for the evil prince has dared come to the heart place of God and his taunts and threats are naught but a chill of fear upon a troubled land. The truth being, that things have become most serious and disastrous indeed, upon your world and he claims his kingdom of dominion over your world and slashes the boundary line between himself and his troops and God and the hosts of heaven.


I have worse news for you who plotted that little fiasco on that radio program­--you are all on his "throttle" list because you staged it so badly that he lost the battle. It is important that Mr. Goodman know that numerous ones have writ­ten and called George Green to apologize for the terrible injustice of that program. Satan doesn't like it when you boys botch a well-laid plan. You had best think very carefully about it.


I further suggest that Mr. Cooper and Mr. Goodman get off the SPACE GATE document and on into the important material such as SATAN'S DRUMMERS and see if they want credit for all that material also! How about we just get my scribe and publisher off the hook and give Mr. Cooper credit for all of the literature we are putting forth? So be it! It pays greatly to ­know about that which you soap-box.


For you, beloved Sister, and dear, dear Tuieta--look carefully, indeed, at this material for the problem is not around this source and/or resource and Dharma has been badly, badly accused and used. Now the effort will go forth to destroy Sister's credibility and that of Ed DeMar, etc. If you cannot see the truth of these documents, then I have naught more to offer thee as evidence.


There is naught but love of all creatures of all species and all creeds, colors and races of human coming from this placement and we have watched the very ones closest unto these beloved workers crucify them and spread lies about them in most heinous manner of ridicule and incredible, blatant lies. Neither do these ones have anything to fear for Sananda/Aton stands squarely betwixt Satan and these workers and truthbringers. This, however, does not diminish the pain of being stricken and accused by ones they trusted and honored above others.


Please label the copies as to beginning portion and signal ending for we want this reproduced exactly, including the information whereby the author can be reached--as he says, for “additional information”.


I further request that copies of this portion and the attachments be sent to Bill Cooper, Sister Thedra, Tuieta, Billy Goodman, John Lear, etc., as well as the ones who receive regularly.  Then I wish to know if you would like an Express on the subject.


I would hope that the receivers who plan litigation look most carefully, indeed, for you have openly named names and slandered these ones upon the airwaves of a nation You have labeled them hoaxters and deliberate liars and thieves. I suggest you look most closely at libel laws for the Constitution of the United States of America is still somewhat operative and you have publicly defamed mine workers and sent the material filled with accusations and lies unto the four corners of the continent. Yes, indeed, I would think  most carefully upon these things.  Mr. Goodman has betrayed the trust of his audience who respected and revered him.


As we move further along and get into the impact on religion, education, and other societal structures, the impact will worsen. You who claim to be of light and truth and claim to wish only to share that truth--I plead with you now to look within and find thy truth for the trumpet call has sounded and most have missed of it. So be it.


The father wipes of thine eyes, Dharma, for He shall keep you in care that thine heart find peace and ye must be in the allowing of others to find their own way, chela. All will be tested unto the ending and hallowed be the blessed ones who stand strong against the storm for the lamp of truth and Light shall be held for all to see and know. Amen.


Let us leave this for this segment for your heart is too heavy to work further. Ye ones shall be given buffering against the blast--allow that knowledge into thy beings. I further give comfort unto George, Chuck, Desiree and others who bear the hurt of these slings and arrows--ye shall be in our protection at every moment. Do not throw any more of this material away for it is im­portant we counter every message of this nature. Further, it must not go forth even into the trash heap without the de-energizing of it. Cleanse everything it has touched, even unto the trash bin. Do not feel foolish in the so-doing for you ones do not yet understand beams and energy thrusts--stay in protection.


I stand aside now, that you might unwind thy stresses, chela, and we shall re­sume our work as it is suitable.


Hatonn, in behalf of the Lighted Brotherhood in service unto the Lighted Hosts, Mother/Father Creator, The Creation of Allness--and unto thee, our beloved family of the Great Spirit of the Lighted Realms, to place my bene­diction upon you and about you that you be kept in security. Salu!


Ha­tonn to clear frequency, please. Thank you.



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