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OCTOBER 28, 1991


Greetings my precious little sister, Druthea. I AM Sananda, one with God, in service to His Holy Light and Divine Pres­ence. Many ones know me us Jesus the Christ, Immanuel, Esu, Esa and The Pale Prophet. It matters not what I am called, for I hear thine petitions directed to my being. And so, too, do I hear the curses given in MY name and that of Our Father God.

My scribe, called Druthea, is most saddened this day for what she perceives as intentional pain thrust at her and the ones she holds dear to her heart. I denounced the hypocrites of mine time of life upon Earth. These were the Pharisees and other ones of "false" religions. You ones now face the same chal­lenge and the hypocrisy exists and is allowed among even my most devoted workers.

I ask you each one to look in the mirror and confront that hyp­ocrite. "Not I!” You exclaim. Look more closely, chelas, for ALL of you have been hypocritical in your behavior at one time or another and MANY of you STILL are, this very day, spreading little rumors and gossip about one another about things that are so ridiculous and petty that I wish you could see yourselves IN ACTION upon a video screen, for most of you DENY it and when confronted continue to deny responsibility.

When you speak kindly directly to the face of another and .then form opinions behind their back which are contrary and reveal your true feelings of personal inferiority and then voice them publicly to others, YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE in your behav­ior. If you ones listen to another's opinion about this or that person and do not bother to first consult with the person in question to find the truth, then you are behaving as a gossip hypocrite.

If you are in the presence of one who openly proclaims opinions and judgements and/or complains about others of your acquain­tance, what do you DO about it? Do you ignore them? Do you agree and conspire with them? Do you confront the gossip hyp­ocrite directly to STOP the behavior in your presence'? Do you let the ones know what is said about them? Do you turn the other check? WHAT DO YOU DO? That is the lesson, pre­cious chelas. HOW MUCH LONGER WILL YOU ALLOW, ALLOW AND ALLOW THIS INTENTIONAL DERISION BETWEEN YOU ONES? Oh, are you AFRAID to confront the adversarial behavior? Join the most of humanity then. For that is why you remain as SHEEPLE and not as the LIGHT or lead­ership. For you have ALLOWED the adversary to bully you around and steal your dignity. The adversary will WALK RIGHT OVER THE TOP OF YOU AND SMASH THE LIFEBLOOD OF ALL GODLINESS FROM YOU IF YOU ALLOW IT! IF YOU ONES OF MINE HERE IN THE united States of America DO NOT STOP THIS MADNESS, YOU WILL BE DEVOURED COMPLETELY BY EVIL, AND SO TOO THE REST OF YOUR PLANET!!!

Was I gentle in my confrontations with my adversaries here? HARDLY! I was direct and to the point. I acted with the AU­THORITY GIVEN OF MY FATHER WITHIN ME AND EX·PRESSED HIS POWER AND UNBENDING JUSTICE AND GRACE AND LOVE THROUGH ME. I was denounced, dis­credited, slandered and finally CRUCIFIED by EVIL, but that did NOT stop my work on this planet; for Our Father sent me to serve and bring His presence into action for all to witness and learn from. He never promised it would be easy and I came KNOWING what 1 had to face.



IF YOU ARE AFRAID, then you are not centered by the Power of GODLINESS within you for you deny your power and so be­come helpless in the degree of denial in self. FEAR is an emo­tional HUMAN response. YOU CHOOSE TO FEAR. NO ONE MAKES YOU AFRAID. LIKE ALL EMOTIONAL RESPONSES, YOU CHOOSE HOW YOU WILL RESPOND!

This is one of your challenges, chelas; call you conquer your fear and continue in service to God? Don't expect not to feel it. See it simply as a warning flag. "Here is where I lack trust and faith and knowledge of the protection and guidance of MY Holy Creator, God working within me." Do you begin to see, precious ones of mine? YOU CHOOSE and so YOU MUST LIVE WITH THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR CHOICES! If you become paralyzed by fear to the point you allow evil to occur and you ignore it or feed it, you have therefore denied the presence and power of GOD within you to change the situation. And just look at your world, people. This corruption exists be­cause those involved turned away and ALLOWED it to continue for they were more afraid of the perceived power of the adver­sary to harm them than they were trusting and in knowledge about GOD's POWER who exists within self! You deny God and YOU ARE POWERLESS, HELPLESS PAWNS, and so it has become.

We, of His Hosts, come to remind you of THIS power. You need not BELIEVE ONE WORD. YOU MUST KNOW, KNOW, KNOW. And you will never know anything of Truth until YOU DESIRE TO KNOW TRUTH AND SERVE THE WILL OF OUR CREATOR IN CALLING THE BLUFF OF THE ADVERSARY EVERY TIME YOU RECOGNIZE IT TO REAR ITS UGLY HEAD!!! We will not force you, nor can we force you to come into KNOWLEDGE. You will choose to KNOW or you will choose to BELIEVE the lies thrust at you and ALLOW evil behavior to destroy you. WHICH WILL IT BE, CHELAS? There is no in-between! Do you have the courage to CAST out the adversary from your presence? For remember this, when God within shows you there is a problem here in front of you and you do nothing to change it yourself, you become a part of the problem. . .



This is the question of mine one, Druthea, who writes for me and other representatives directly from Our Lighted Source whom we often call ATON, meaning the ONE Light or Cause. I will explain this to all since many have questioned the intent and why this is done.

I will speak only in the case of Druthea who is, in her own mind, a fairly "new" receiver, but in fact has been guided and protected since she agreed to come to Earth in service. She is human, like all the rest of you. She is unsure of how she does this for she perceives no separation from mineself and Lord Michael, St. Germain and Aton. There is NO separation, chelas, except in the energy expression of knowledge. This scribe's confusion comes because most of what we give. SHE KNOWS already. The way it is expressed is simply somewhat different than her own "personality". She feels as if she is given information from ONE MIND and so it is. Knowledge of truth of spiritual connection is the SAME knowledge. It is simply communicated in different ways and styles. It is the same Truth. Do we all think alike? We KNOW alike. When knowl­edge is acquired and put into action and works, yes we are in agreement and enjoy the creative ways we work together to ex­press this knowledge.

Is Druthea inspired? Often, as are many of you who know you "receive" knowledge from something beyond your ego percep­tion. This scribe is instructed to use the label or pen name for the time being BY HER AT ATON'S REQUEST. She does not desire personal ego acknowledgment for this work. She does not wish to be treated as a special guru of some kind and really wants to keep her ego self separate from the teachings. She wants all of you to know that you need not have illusions of some "perfect" person here, for she does occasionally feel most inadequate, fearful, angry and saddened, as any human does who witnesses and participates within this drama upon your sick planet. She is a human being filling a role she agreed and was trained to fill. The message is what is important for you to pon­der. And we honor the messenger for her devotion and com­mitment in spite of the unkindness thrust at her. So be it.

Druthea has been sent for other important work besides this work and the shoes seem much bigger than her feel at this time. So while she grows into her responsibility here, she desires privacy and no notoriety, for even I as Immanuel said, when I lived us human upon earth, "These things I do YOU CAN DO AND GREATER." She also feels badly if ones are critical of the message so until she achieves a certain degree of balanced detachment from ego self and ego opinions of others, we agree to allow the use of her "pen" name.

The name itself means "bringer of strength, teacher and Gift of God" and is the "higher" name We of the Hosts know her by. So in reality it is her "real" name. So be it. I trust that this serves as adequate explanation, precious chelas. You will know when to come forward in identity as receiver; it is not necessary at this time so do not worry or fret about it, beloved little sister. And remember, it matters not what ones think of YOU or the MESSAGE. You have agreed to bring it as I Jesus, Immanuel did when I was in physical format. I will hold you closely within mine light, precious, for you are a part of mineself, of my very family, and I cannot and will not ever leave you alone.

To you of my brethren on Earth, please be gentle with your­selves and one another, love each other and love your "enemies" for you will find even they are a part of you "and offer you lessons which will lead you home, if you only recognize your power and knowledge which has existed WITHIN you and will never separate from you. We are all related for we all come from our ONE Divine Holy Creator, God/Aton. "That which you do to the least of mine you do to me." So be it.

I AM Sananda, which simply means One with God, my inher­ited label or earned awareness. No more and no less.All of you will join me. When it will be is your choice. I love you so greatly. When you will simply know the love of our Father within you, you could not utter one unkind word about another, you would not have the need to create such a word called "hypocrite", for the behavior would not exist. Ponder it, pre­cious ones, Ponder that which you do or DO NOT DO. God will show you that which you must do. Will you listen to the still quiet voice of God within you? Thank you, my little dove, Druthea, for your service. Do not remain long in sadness, pre­cious, for your light is much needed and your brothers are depending upon your help in service.  Be at peace within and KNOW. Salu.