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Be at peace.  It is I, Esu Sananda, one with Creator God.  I come in the Radiant One Light of Aton.

There is much turmoil and confusion this day.  The clash of the would-be kings and rulers of the world is heating up.  Much blood shall flow as a result of this great conflict.

For many there shall be overwhelming fear as  they  seek  to understand that which is happening around them and to them.  Be not concerned, for did  not God give unto them both eyes to see with and ears to hear with—and yet even more important: a mind to REASON with?

All shall be responsible for themselves!  Blessed are the ones who receive (hear) these messages,  for  you are the ones who have awakened to the greater truth, that of higher consciousness.(My scribe, there are great efforts to stop this communication.  Be persistent at keeping your  Light shielding  in  place.  Nothing of darkness can persist in the Radiance of Aton’s Light.  Good; let us continue, please.)

There is a great need at this time for we of the Hosts of God to have these messages spread far and wide.  As the physical Earth changes begin to heat up, there shall most likely be an interruption  of  the  distribution of  these writings.   Therefore,  you  ones  who  receive the  CONTACT  shall  have need for basic instruction, for in as much as you may think that you are prepared, let me assure you that you are NOT.

No souled being can go through this type of experience  without  feeling  great  pain  and sorrow.  The loss of life shall be great.  You ones who call upon the Light for protection shall have it.  There is far more that we can do for you ones when you DIRECTLY call upon us.  When ones refuse to believe, we must honor their choice, too.

Many a good person shall not survive the physical assaults thrust upon you ones.  Even ones in that small town of Tehachapi, who think that somehow they are protected by just being there, shall have a great shock and realization as this time of chaos heats up.

Get right with Creator.  You may be able to lie to another; you most certainly can and do lie to yourselves.  But you cannot lie to Creator, for He knows your heart and sees and knows every last thread of lie that you ones hold onto.

Let  go  of  your  past  mistakes;  forgive yourself and forgive those whom you perceive have done you wrong.  Then move on and create  a  better  life—one  based  upon  truth, honesty and integrity.

Do not tolerate another’s lies.  Call them to their attention, for a lie cannot persist in the Light of Truth.  If another is persistent in a lie, then insist that they leave from your presence.  Do not allow another to pull you from your path.

It is alright for ones to disagree with you.  Each has their own free will choice.  It is NOT alright for another to FORCE their reality onto you—or yours onto them.  Respect another’s opinions and demand that same respect toward your own opinions, for truth IS and cannot be changed.

You ones are often more worried about who is right and who is wrong.  All want to be right, for  each wants  to  be  confident  in  their perception of reality.  What is really real?

Communication  is  usually  the  bridge necessary to cross the gaps in a dispute over who is right and who is wrong.  Most often both sides are in error.

Do not allow the ego to distract you from getting your message heard.  Souled beings instinctively know truth when they hear it.  Yet ones allow their ego to step in and say, “This cannot be for I (in my great understanding) would  already  know  of  it  and  therefore  it cannot be.”  Thus they reject that which their soul so desperately seeks.

These ones who refuse to accept still need to hear the messages of Light and Truth.  They need them in order to, at a later time, know where and to whom to turn in their time of confusion.

So, do not hold back from another that which you know to be true, for YOU need that which your brother brings to the unfolding play.

Be certain in your own knowingness for your  certainty,  if  nothing  else,  shall  be remembered.  Be patient and do not expect ones to just give up their old beliefs overnight.  These ones need to experience the learning process.  They must come to know that man’s greatest enemy is himself.

You  ones  limit  self,  and  thus  limit  the Creative Potential—the God Force—within.  It only takes ONE to realize their potential  to change the whole entire play!  Stop awaiting another to do that which YOU have potential  to do yourself.  Honor the Creative Force within; allow it to flourish and show you your true potential.  QUIT HOLDING SELF BACK!

Each souled being has a special gift and a special  purpose.   Until you recognize that purpose and bring it to the world, the whole of humanity shall go lacking.  That is one reason why each is as important as another.

You all have a part to contribute to the whole.  Inasmuch as you limit yourself, you limit others who need that which you bring into this world with you.  Do not hold back that which you are compelled to say to another or do for another.  You may be the one who makes the difference  in  that person’s life, which then allows the Flame within to burn brighter than it had before.

Do not hide God’s words from another.  If you are ashamed of what and who you are, you had better ask yourself “WHY?”!  Do not fear ridicule, for the very ones who ridicule you for sharing truth shall be the ones who come to you in their time of need—for they shall not know anywhere else to turn.  Do your part by sharing these words with those who need them.

Be responsible and do not pretend to know all the answers.  If you know some answers, then tell them.  If you do not know or are uncertain of an answer, then say so.  Your honesty shall be greatly appreciated.  When you honor  others,  they shall not have need to distrust you.

The upcoming catastrophic cleansing shall become the greatest awakening of mankind ever on that planet. The end result shall be a rebirth of  Radiance and Knowing.  Peace and Balance  are what shall come out of the chaos as the Phoenix rises from the ashes of destruction.

These are  truly magnificent  times  for experiencing, for where else shall you get such lessons.  Thank  you  for  writing  and  sharing,  my friend.  I am Esu Sananda, come in the Radiance of the One Lightso that you ones might see.  Peace and Balance.   Aho