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DECEMBER 4,  1991




Greetings precious Druthea.  I AM Sananda, Esu, Immanuel.  I AM the one many know as “Jesus Christ”.  I come in service to Holy God of Light and to you my brethren upon Earth Shan.  Sananda is my inherited, earned label given of Our Father, God.  It simply means “One With God”.

My scribe is in process of tremendous change and has been for some years now.  This I share be­cause many of you will relate to the feelings which are or have been produced by these “changes”, or what I prefer to call “challenges” to facilitate spiritual growth.  None of you will es­cape these “growing” pains which I will speak of.

When this one, Druthea, first became involved with the works of Hatonn and Dharma, con­tained within The Phoenix Journals, she was quite skeptical.  It took many months of self-searching and testing for her to find comfort with the fact that, yes in­deedy, she was in con­tact with beings not of this planet, called Earth.

When it finally sunk in that what Commander Hatonn and the other Hosts said is, in fact true and that this civilization is in se­rious trouble, absolute terror set in for her.  Then came the de­nial.  “Oh no, DOOM AND GLOOM NEGATIVE HATONN”, and “NO BEING OF THE LIGHT WOULD SPEAK THIS WAY” was constantly put in her mind deliberately by ones whom she thought very near and dear to her.  She began to doubt her sanity.  She wanted her life the way it was BEFORE she knew the Truth...and there was NO turning back as hard as she tried.

Does this sound like any of you out there reading this?  I thought so.  It doesn’t end yet, my chelas.  She then went through a very long period of deep confusion and became very angry.  She cried frequently.  She spent much time alone in self-pity.  She was harsh to her loved ones.  She was even embarrassed at her own behavior at times, but she frankly felt most helpless.  She asked for everyone’s opinion and interpretation of the transmis­sions pre­sented by Commander Hatonn and even myself, Sananda.  All the while God waited pa­tiently for her to listen, mostly she was too terror-stricken and confused to quiet herself enough to do so.

Many ones, including myself, worked with her and kept a con­stant outpouring of loving light upon her.  Many of you ones in the early circle did the same.  This child is loved very greatly by many ones and I think she recognizes now the great degree of love given her to assist her during these “difficult” testing times she has gone through.  But remember this, chelas, our outpour­ing is only useful to the degree that the receiver allows it!  Oth­erwise it simply re­turns to sender.

So what did she finally do to recognize and change the fact that she allowed the adversary (satan) to rule her life for a time?  WHEN SHE BECAME SO EXHAUSTED AND DE­PRESSED AND HOPELESS, SHE TURNED HER FACE TO GOD AND SAID, “Father, please HELP ME!”  The call from the heart­place compels the answer and she was at that mo­ment ready to listen for her instructions and act upon them.  From that moment on she has commanded shielding of love, protection and guid­ance that she may serve God honorably in His reflection.  Does she falter and have her “bad” moments?  Certainly.  The differ­ence is now she knows she has a choice in the matter (as she always did and did not know) and so she then can make the nec­essary “attitude” adjustments.

I will share with you that this child finds it most difficult to “sit still” to listen.  She has much what you call “nervous” energy.  Which has little to do with nerves as such.  Anyway, for those of you who wonder what and how to listen to God, read on.  This one “walks” every day for “exercise”.  This is the “time” early on that we, of the Hosts, found it easiest to reach her be­cause she actu­ally puts herself in a self-hypnotic trance while walking.  She also cleared her space, commanded protection and asked for guidance to sustain in God’s service.  It is really that simple, chelas!  It begins with Desire, Devotion and Self-Disci­pline.  You must DO your part as Co-creator for God already has DONE His.

I will share with you that NO ONE was more surprised at Druthea becoming a “receiver” than was she!  You must realize, precious chelas, that receiving from the Lighted Source and Com­mand is something ALL have ability to do and many do it unwittingly.  God is WITHIN you and so the still quiet voice of His love and guidance must be accessed within you.  It is not mystical, it is only a mystery until YOU KNOW how to do it.  Eventually, and hopefully sooner than later, you will all learn to commune with God within you constantly, regardless of the task you may be performing.

Druthea says she thinks there is one down side to knowing you are responsible for all you do and create and how you respond to situations.  That is that when you “goof” or make an “error” against God’s LOVE principle, YOU KNOW IT and there is no hiding and saying you did not know!

True, precious, you cannot hide behind ignorance when you do know, but I would not say it to be a “down side” for would you not rather KNOW your errors immediately that you bear the consequences quickly?  In this way you are less apt to repeat the error.  It is only when in igno­rance ones defy the law of balance and love and then wonder why they are having “bad” luck or are so very unhappy.  Remember even in ignorance of your errors will you still reap the conse­quences.  So would you not rather stand responsible and KNOW the error be so and KNOW YOU must change your behavior or thinking accordingly?  I trust you see the wisdom in know­ing!




So what became of Druthea after she accomplished communion with God and We of His Hosts?  Bliss and Contentment?  Not hardly, not even at all.  Once the novelty wore off, she be­gan to realize and to remember that SHE herself had a purpose, a commitment to serve God here on Earth.  We simply reminded her of this commitment.  Yes, she was no longer “afraid” to die.  She did begin to have a sense of inner peace, although she, I must admit, was not too thrilled to find out about the nature of her responsibilities in service o God.  And that is the key word, RESPONSIBILITY.  It was like one minute she was just respon­sible for herself and NOW the whole world was included.  That is just about how she felt.

It seems to be and it certainly is a MASSIVE job to awaken a sleepy humankind, uncover the lies of the adversary, boot him out, and clean up the mess and then hopefully graduate beyond these physical dimensions.  We continually remind her as well as all of you that you each CHOSE to be here and you will CHOOSE to serve GOD OF LIGHT or continue in the service of the adversary to God.

ALL ones of you reading this material have made a commitment to serve in some capacity.  We are ringing the alarm clock.  If some of you are angry, that is good for at least we know you’re alive and cooking and perhaps we can help you out of the boil­ing pot before you are too cooked to escape!

I suggest that you NOT be angry at God or the truthbringers for waking you up, for you will only find yourself in misery and powerlessness.  You must be willing to DO your part to change the evil circumstances and bring forth TRUTH and to do it you must sincerely DE­SIRE TO KNOW WHAT IT IS YOU MUST KNOW AND DO TO SUSTAIN IN GOD’S SERVICE.  It is not necessarily easy.  It most probably will involve hard work, physically and emotionally.  It may not be convenient.  But so what!  Do you not enjoy a good worthy chal­lenge?  A strong spiritual BOND?  Inner fulfillment of a commitment accom­plished to the best of your ability?  Do you realize for most of you this is a rare and precious time opportu­nity to serve?  The changing of a cycle of a planet.  You proclaimed to God YOU would serve.  Will you honor your commit­ment?



So now that the fear is gone, how do you feel?  Druthea found herself being tested in ways which produced forth her “insecurities”, for example in her case, money.  She does not like this being discussed, and many of you are in the same rut as she.  The funny thing is, Druthea has always had more than she needs and yet you would think the child is close to poverty by the way she magnifies “expenses” in her own mind.  She has an over developed sense of frugality on one hand and then can be quite frivolous on the other.  Many of you share her problem in similar ways.

So what is the root of this insecurity?  FEAR rears its ugly head again.  It’s sort of silly when she looks at it.  For she no longer fears death, yet she is terrified of losing her “shopping” budget!  This fear/insecurity about money is, in her case, related to deep attachment to physical world il­lusion as she has been comfort­able within it.  Chelas, the people of this world, save a few, are in the process of losing all of their dollars/wealth.  As Hatonn says, “The world is being foreclosed upon!”  So she, as well as all of you, will need to make some ad­justments in perceptions of com­fort and “needs”.  So be it.

Comfort in the days ahead, my friends, will be a warm bed, home, food and clothing.  And you will be HAPPY to have them.  There is no longer room in your minds for excess physi­cal frivolity.  If that frightens you, I am sorry for you.  For your 30 pairs of designer shoes, and your valuable gold jewelry and gems, and your expensive houses, cars and countless other “luxuries” will not serve your basic survival needs in the times ahead.  Nor will ANYTHING of the physical leave with you when you depart this plane in the so-called “death” experi­ence.  You will need release attachment to these things “you think” make you happy, for if you are honest with your­self, you will find that they DO NOT.

Does this mean throw out your furs and abandon your home?  Of course not, precious ones!  God IS Abundance, only His abundance is NOT LIMITED TO PHYSICAL abundance!  En­joy your “things” which bring you comfort.  Although if you have an expensive home with a big mortgage in the city, I would suggest you reconsider that decision.  Perhaps it would be wise for you to sell your home (if you can find a buyer) and move to the country, store some food and water and prepare for leaner times ahead.  If that sounds negative and doom and gloom per­haps it is your perception which is in error!  Perhaps you simply do not understand HOW SERIOUS YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES REALLY ARE!!



This Druthea asks.  No.  And it does not become OVER until your return to the ONE Cre­ator God is completed!  Remember I, Sananda, am also being tested for this grand finale confronta­tion with our adversary here on Earth Shan.  So don’t feel alone, chelas.

Now at the current time, Druthea is dealing with the challenge of feeling restless and “let’s get on with it, I’m bored with the adversaries games.”  This feeling occurs when you finally begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It is not a freight train.  It is God returning.  And now that she feels it is happening within her, she’s becoming impatient for completion of the job.  And she asks why doesn’t everyone just wake up and get on with it?  Well, it doesn’t work that way, chela.  Just as you have struggled and continue to struggle in your own way with awak­ening and serving, ALL will need to go through their testing and process of awakening.  This is part of your growing experience upon this beloved orb.  My suggestion?  Be as patient with those you are reaching as God and His Hosts have been patient with you!  (Big Gulp from Druthea).

Perhaps some of you can relate to her feeling if I describe it as like a horse you are riding.  Of­ten when the horse you are riding is leaving the stable, it trods along.  When you turn back to­wards “home”, the horse can barely contain itself and wishes to run all the way home!  Druthea knows she’s on the road “home” and wants to run and miss all the scenery.  Not only will she miss the scenery, she undoubtedly will become careless and trip in a gopher hole, and make her jour­ney much slower and some­what painful too!  Ponder it carefully, precious ones!  There are NO shortcuts to God.  ENJOY the journey.  Welcome the “challenges” and testing which YOU and God designs for you to bring you home in honor.



Impatience comes with not wanting to go through the “process” of an experience or “repeating” something which seems so obvi­ous to you.  For the first reason, I say, trust the process of GOD working within you.  Your impatience will subside when that is truly ac­complished.  For the sec­ond, that of repetition of a cir­cumstance, such as how the adversary lies and fools you, or when you are explaining the same to others, I say that you have reached the top of one level of awareness and are anxious for inspiration to move into the next.  You may recognize reaching this level by feeling “stuck” and also a feeling of “boredom” and/or “restlessness” may occur.  Again, Desire, Devotion, Discipline.  Trust the process of God working within you.  Be patient for the unfolding WILL occur in the right time for you.  And lastly, GOD ALWAYS DOES HIS PART!  KNOW AND DO YOURS!

I will close this segment.  Thank you, Druthea, for your service and for allowing this sharing of your personal experience.  There are many who will benefit from this sharing and you are truly blessed for having it to share!  I Thank you, my precious brethren, for taking the time to read this.  May it inspire you in your growth process.  Walk gently with one another and Bless our Mother Earth Shan for allowing herself to be your stage of learning. 

Thank you, Father, for allowing mine sharing through this scribe.  Please hold her gently in your loving light of guidance and protection that she find the peace within which only exists in your KNOWING MIND.  So be it and Selah.  I AM Sananda.  I come in service to Our One HOLY Creator God/Aton.  Salu.