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Greetings precious Druthea.  I AM Jesus, Esu, Immanuel, now called Sananda.  I come in service to Our Holy Divine Creator, Aton.

Thank you precious, for sharing your thoughts and feelings with your brethren who work within this small circle to bring forth THE WORD.  No, it is not easy to open self and bare all inside for others to see.  Many other ones here within your circle also have extreme diffi­culty with this type of expression sharing.  Perhaps your sharing will allow it to be “easier” for the thought­ful silent one5 to come forth and share as well.

These interactions which you are participants within ARE your lessons.  Do you see, chelas?  The lessons never end... until, of course, we return to Oneness with God and no longer ex­press as individual fragments in “perceived” separation.

Thank you for recognizing We of The Hosts of God in your thoughts, precious, for in this recognition and honor which you give us, you also must be honored for “taking your medicine” so graciously.

Simply behold the growth and knowledge you have garnered now which NOTHING can take from you.  You’ve climbed one more mountain in your road to self-discovery which leads you on to God-knowing.  YOU cannot DO all and BE all for every­one!  And isn’t it a relief to finally acknowledge that you ones NEED each other to accomplish our goal to get out THE WORD of Truth to humankind on earth Shan?

Do you recognize that WE of God’s Hosts NEED you as well?  That if you ones “fall” it is our “failure” as well?  This does not mean that YOUR job cannot be replaced, simply that time is running out for your brethren and each of you is so precious.  WE too, cannot bear to lose ANY of you ones who are among God’s finest servants and projections for His task.  And yet you each have free-will and we cannot interfere with your choices made.

Hold it close to you, chelas.  The value of your service is so immense that you must AL­WAYS see the WHOLENESS of the picture to complete this job in honor.  Please do not lose sight of our shared GOAL and COMMITMENT TO GOD, Our Father.  It is most easy, in your humanness, to forget why you are here, and how valuable is your contribution, however small it may seem to you.  The adversary enjoys NOTHING MORE than to cause you ones to bicker and resent one another.  Remember that the next time you begin to har­bor anger or resentment for some real or perceived attack or miscommunication by another in your circle.

Some of you are just WAITING to be victimized, often com­pletely misperceiving the intent of another or others.  Please do not HOLD these hurt feelings.  And at the same time give each other the benefit of the doubt and calmly ask them to explain what they mean by what­ever it is they said or did to offend you.

Effective communication does take tremendous work in your il­lusion simply because you can speak one thing and mean some­thing entirely different.  Whereas God’s “universal lan­guage of light” does not leave room for misinterpretation or miscommu­nication.  It comes directly from soul consciousness level, or as you may know it “the heart”.

But on this dimension, one of YOUR lessons as human is KNOWING what is in your “heart” place and then being able to communicate it accurately and effectively.  That is one reason why illuminates of your past have said, “KNOW THYSELF”.  For it is easy to “lie” to self and it truly takes the desire and courage to really be honest with self in order to come into KNOWLEDGE and understanding.

I must relieve Druthea to rest.  Be at peace, precious.  The lessons and testing seem to be worse for you, but remember God never gives more burden than any can handle and He will carry you if need be.  Each one of you feels inadequate at times.  This too is a lesson.  I love you greatly, precious chelas.

Druthea, thank you for your service, for though you know it not, you truly are a “Gift of God”.  So be it.  I AM Sananda, One with God.  Walk in the love and peace of friendship and God will show you the way.  Salu.