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Greetings my precious little sister, Druthea.  I AM Sananda.  You may refer to me as Jesus Christ, Esu, or Immanuel.  You are the children, lost and found, of Our Father, whom we The Hosts call Aton (The One Light) and whom you may call God.  I come in the service and glory of God/Aton, THE ONE Cre­ator, the Mind-Cause of all Creation.  I AM sent to reclaim His lambs who so desire to move “closer” through KNOWING within the I AM presence of The ONE.

We of God’s Hosts are many who come to bring you The Word.  We come from many di­mensions, both “seen” and “unseen” by Earth physical human.  We come to show you the way out of the dark abyss of “illusion” of separation called “physical” and into the glory and power of UN-ITY of purpose and desire.

Unity:  1. The state or fact of being one.  2. Something that is wholly united and complete within itself.  3. A state or quality of mutual understanding and harmony.  4.  The harmo­nious agreement of parts or elements into one united whole.

Can you attain this “quality of mutual understanding and har­mony” on earth physical?  Most certainly you can and with much emphasis I say YOU MUST in order to conquer your ad­versaries who plan to murder and/or enslave you humans on Earth.



Remember this statement?  If not, I suggest you go find it and read it completely.  You must understand HOW your adver­saries have diligently worked to develop DIVISION among YOU, The People.  There are so many separate fac­tions of self-interested groups and organizations that you have now a nation of people who cannot agree on ANYTHING, and then individu­als who could CARE less as long as their own “needs” are met.



You have division between males and females, which in itself has nearly destroyed your species because of the disharmony and unbalance which disunited sexed pairs in Creation will ALWAYS cause.  Many ones of you are plainly and simply con­fused about your own sex identity and how it relates to its equal and opposite sex-mate pair. 

nix Journal, God Said:  Let There Be Light....  I strongly suggest that you carefully study it as well as the rest ofThe Pleiades Connection series.  I quote there­from:

“...All of the work of the universe is performed as a result of that desire in unbalanced matter to seek rest in a balanced con­dition. 

This is a sexed electric universe in every effect of motion, whether it be in the heart of a giant sun or in the petal of a meadow violet.  Every action of motion in the universe is a re­sult of sex desire for motion from a state of rest, or for rest from a state of motion. 

These two sex desires of electric action and reaction are the re­sult of the two desires of the Father to manifest His One Light through the extended father/mother lights which interweave His idea of Creation into the multiple forms of that idea and void them periodically for the purpose of re­peating them.

The desire for two-way motion is equal action and reaction as reflected in the dual electric de­sire to give for regiving, and to unfold for refolding.”

The point I am making is that the male-female pairs are EQUAL OPPOSITES, charge and dis­charge.  Without this division of thought by MIND of Creator, there would be no Cre­ation.  Cre­ation is EFFECT caused by the opposition of male-female mate-pairs seeking balance again which only occurs when UNITY is achieved in GOD ONENESS. 

Until men and women completely understand and respect their differences and co-creative re­sponsibilities as sex-paired equal opposites, your species will not create the balance it needs to survive physically and spiritually in harmony.



You cannot continue as you are in the roles of conqueror and conquered and succeed in achieving balanced co-creation with God.  You cannot continue to have a war between the sexes, a war between races and creeds, and a war between cultures and religions and find peace, which only UNITY with a COMMON (shared equally) purpose can bring.  You must rise above the need to dominate and conquer or surrender and be conquered for in this manner of existence, no balance will be found. When God is shut out by the harboring of feelings such as hatred, greed and intolerance, your opportunity to receive God-knowl­edge and power is quite diminished. 

God cannot regive unto man who only takes from His Creation and gives nothing back to God.  For man who is dominated by his physical senses, who remains God-unaware feels like he is in quicksand, helpless and powerless to control his destiny.  And so he is.




So as a nation and a planet with two sexes, thousands of reli­gious doctrines and dozens of races, creed and cultures, how do you create unity?

First there must be created by each participating human THE DESIRE for UNITY with UNITY representing a shared vision of EQUAL giving and regiving in all transactions and re­lationships with one another.  Only those with a well-defined shared vision can accomplish their objective. 

Next you must define your objective.  Let us say that your de­fined OBJECTIVE is:  Total freedom from tyranny (dominance and surrender existence) and global and individual inner peace, balance and harmony.

Now how do you go about creating your above objective?

First, you must locate the tools and talents you already possess.  For example,  The Republic of The United States still has The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights which were docu­ments de­signed to prevent TYRANNY within the government and guar­antee the individual the op­portunity to pursue happiness.  Your adversaries cannot conquer you completely until they do away with these documents and the freedoms guaranteed under them.

Every human in this land called America, whether they be a she, or a Christian, Buddhist, Judean or Atheist;  or whether they be a Native Indian, White, Asian, Hispanic or Black per­son will all reap the horrendous consequences of allowing the LOSS of the United States Constitu­tion and Bill of Rights.  You will become a nation of slaves ruled by tyrants and so, too, will the rest of your world become slaves.

Secondly, You must ALL become knowledgeable about your freedoms granted under the Con­stitution so that you have achieved UNITY OF MIND understanding about what you must work to reclaim exactly.

Thirdly, you must plan and agree upon a course of action, with each sharing responsibility for actions which work to achieve your shared objective of reclaiming and preserving this, your Constitution of the United States.

Fourthly, in order to truly BE SUCCESSFUL, there must be an understanding outlined in which ALL operate under High Moral Integrity which, of course, involves a basic inner un­derstanding and knowledge of THE LAWS OF GOD governing Human.  For if you seek to ruthlessly fight fire with fire in ways which defy BALANCE, you will die by fire and gain nothing but sor­row for your objective will be blown away as a feather in the wind.



In order to achieve your first objective as a Nation Created Un­der GOD, you must first DE­SIRE UNITY between ALL peo­ples.  In order to do this you can no longer see yourselves as male versus female, Christian versus Buddhist, Black versus White, Republican versus Demo­crat.  For you are ALL related and there is ONLY ONE CREATOR. 

Only men and women who remain superstitiously attached to their ignorance of God-truth and God-knowledge will continue to develop intolerance and disunity and remain as tools of the adversary.  It is your choice, my chelas. 

Can you give love to ALL your brethren as God does?  Do you think your SOUL essence is more or less important to God?  There is a saying, “God is `color’ blind.  I say, GOD CRE­ATED ALL “ILLUSIONS” OF COLOR.  Do you think that he cares one whit more or less about the color of YOUR skin?  He only cares about the REAL you (your soul-essence) which is a part of Him as He is a part of you. 

It is written in the “so-called” Holy Bible that I, Immanuel, Sananda said, “I and My Father Are One.”  I ask that you med­itate upon that statement in THE LIGHT of HOLY God’s pres­ence and you WILL be given TO KNOW the meaning as it re­lates to YOU, IF that truly be your soul desire.



The term “Israel” is used frequently and erroneously in your “so called” Holy Bible.  Why do I say this?  Because in your Bible, it refers to a specific race or “so called” race of people.  They call themselves “Jews”.  This term was created by your adver­sary in the 1700’s.  There actually exist two very different groupings under this title.  They are  Hebrew Judeans and Khazar Zionists.  Most Hebrew Judeans believe in and worship God.  Most Khazar Zionists are satanic atheists as is often demonstrated by their amoral and evil actions and behaviors.  This subject of the Khazars, Com­mander Hatonn has outlined most comprehensively in several of thePhoenix Journals, so I will not comment further, except to say this:  God would never CHOOSE an entire race or human-developed religion above another.  For EACH individual’s soul-growth is judged based upon THE WORKS he or she accomplishes—balanced or unbal­anced.

The term “israel” spelled with the “i” in lowercase is the correct term meaning “God’s cho­sen”.  It does not signify a place of tyranny and corruption taken BY FORCE from another group of people which is now called “Israel”, located in your Middle East.

The REPUBLIC of the United States of America represents the true “israel” because of the document which was created to have a government run FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEO­PLE.  NO other country on your globe was given the opportunity for divine freedom and the pursuit of happiness such as was outlined in your Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Your coun­try is a nation created UNDER GOD, with many cultures, races and religions ex­periencing and sharing these God-given opportunities to­gether. 

You were also given RESPONSIBILITY for maintaining the checks and balances of your sovereignty.  It was NEVER de­signed to be TAKEN FOR GRANTED.  Your forefathers knew the nature of their adversary who would enslave them.  They WARNED “you, the peo­ple” endlessly about the threats which were and would be made to the freedoms and in­structions for government operation and state sovereignty which they outlaid.  HAVE YOU LISTENED?  It is apparent that MOST of you have not even had an inkling of the evil tyranny perpetrated against you by your would-be enslavers.  The question remains:  WILL YOU LISTEN NOW AND TAKE THE NECESSARY ACTION IN BEHALF OF YOURSELVES AND YOUR COUNTRY? 





LOVE:  This I define as absolute, unconditional God-love, equal giving and regiving.  For hu-man (higher universal man) it is the required component of co-creation with GOD.  Love one another as God Loves you all.  This has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the “sexual” act.  When you mani­fest God-love giv­ing and regiving you WILL create balanced transactions.

KNOWLEDGE:  This I define as GOD-Knowledge and a sub­heading called, Human Circum­stance Knowledge.  GOD-Knowledge:  Desire is the key.  Desire to KNOW and SERVE God who dwells WITHIN you.  Learn to listen to His whispers and shouts.  Your success can be measured according to the level and intensity of your desire.  “The call compels the an­swer,” so KNOW your desires.  They are felt as SOUL aware­ness.  You ones may refer to it as, “My Heart says this...” or my “Intuition is telling me that...”, or “My conscience tells me this is wrong”.  TUNE IN.   SEEK TO KNOW THE WHY-CAUSE.  Then you must wait upon God to reveal it to you.  It is best not to have PRE-conceptions about where and how the an­swers will come.  KNOW THEY WILL COME AND BE READY TO RECEIVE THEM.

Human Circumstance Knowledge:  There is much information you must have in order to conduct and plan your service to God and Country.  For example, you must KNOW who your adver­saries are and what they plan and plot in order to control, en­slave and destroy you.  Be­sides this source (the Phoenix Journalsand Express), you can find truth from a FEW other brave souls whom we have mentioned in earlier works. We bring truth which you can validate if you so choose.  Each of you will need to become investigators on your own in your areas of interest to verify that which we give.  Some info will be difficult, but not impossible to verify.  Always you must mea­sure information you receive within the presence of God’s Light so that you will KNOW instantly what the appropriate next step must be, if for exam­ple there is the probability of an earthquake near your home, you must make necessary de­cisions of prepara­tions as you are guided to do so within.

RESPECT:  I will explain what I explicitly mean by this term.  To have high regard for and appreciation of worth.  And also to honor each being, creature and creation as the equal frag­ment or portion of God’s divided thinking, which has been created from the still Light of His Knowing.  To create UNITY, you individ­uals must respect and honor your differences, as long as they (your differences) do not defy the Laws of God and Creation.  Does this mean you will always agree or do things in the same way or see things from the same point of per­ception?  Certainly not...(until of course, you attain spiritual perfection and become One With God in your KNOWING).  Remember this:  Your deepest and most profound spiritual chal­lenges come from your inter-actions with your fellow brethren on physical earth incar­nations.

TOLERANCE:  As with RESPECT, you must exercise TOL­ERANCE when you encounter dif­ferences in regard to how an­other thinks, perceives, looks, responds and behaves.  That is, as long as their behavior does not defy God’s Laws or infringe upon your freedom of develop­ment of your co-creative poten­tial.  In no manner do I use this term to imply BLIND TOL­ERANCE to allow all to DO and SAY whatever they choose and call it “freedom of expres­sion” or as so often referred to “rights” which blatantly disregard the Laws of God.  Also, never must you sanction behavior which is evil when you KNOW it to be evil.  Never either must you turn your back on your adversary!  Face evil within God’s presence and evil will cower and fall away...unless you turn the other cheek and allow evil to intimidate you!  It will, if YOU allow it! 

Can you force another to NOT defy God’s laws?  No.  You can, however, encourage them to not do something and explain WHY you do not sanction their choice or behavior.  Ultimately they will DO what they will do, and unless they attempt to do something against you or your fam­ily, you cannot use force to stop them, for example, from having an abortion (which is mur­der).

CHARITY:  What I mean by charity is sharing brotherly LOVE.  Giving and sharing Good Will with your brethren.  Generosity given to the deserving by allowing God within to mea­sure/judge how and to whom He will regive.  Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Treat the sick and poor and spiritually ignorant people with dignity, generosity, pa­tience and compassion that they may feel worthy and are given an example of how to, perhaps, create the desire to move their awareness beyond their suffering and neediness.  Always be generous with The Light which YOU carry to assist another.  You see, my precious chelas, generosity often really has little to do with money or physical “things”, although sharing with oth­ers and giving food and other items when needed is most com­mendable when it is truly done for LOVE and not obligation, social recognition or expectation. 

All you need ever do is ask Our Father who dwells within you:  “What is the Highest and best response to this situation?”  or “Please show me the right and balanced response to this cir­cumstance.  Not my will, Father, let thine will be done.”  In this way can you raise your spir­itual character to the heights of some 8000 years past when in Egypt, for a time, the Egyptians lived with the Highest Moral Character of your recent civilization, and put their fellow men and women before self, with the desire to love and be loved in all their interchanges.  My beloved brother, Walter Russell, wrote of this way of life, as has Ger­main in the recent Pleiades Connections series.  We call it RYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE.  So be it.

I will close this document.  Thank you Druthea, for your ser­vice.  You have done well this day.  Be at peace, chela, for I am always with thee.  I AM SANANDA, One With God.  Walk gently with one another in Peace and Love.  Salu.