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THURSDAY, JANUARY 25, 1990   7:00 A.M.   YEAR 3, DAY 162


We get a lot of letters and we are most grateful.  I shall respond to those di­rected to my atten­tion.  In some instances, Dharma, we shall display the cor­respondence in full and in others, we shall take the pertinent points.  I am Ha­tonn to write this morning.  As is usual, we have both letters sent in love and those sent in hate with “self-appointed” “love” procla­mations.



Please quote exactly:


“Sunday  January 21st 1990


Hey Mr. High Hat Hatonn


Since you have such a hot computer give us the names and addresses of the Beings plotting to take our Freedom away


Spare us vague half-ass information, spare us your insults, your rap about jeopardizing your “little chela”.  If the truth is the truth there is no holding back.  Get right to the point or put your space ship in reverse and floor it.


We do not see how Bashar Ramtha Lazaraus and Mafu need to fall in line with you.  Everyone has their ap­pointed Di­vine Mission and Purpose.  Any illu­sion of sep­aration on your part simply shows you have much to learn


In Universal Mind Spirit all duality is irrelevant.  Soul Free­dom thru Re­alization of God As the One Inde­structible Ever­lasting Animating Principle of All Life Is Was and Always Will Be


                  the Only Issue


No one - nothing can or has the power to take this Freedom away and be­sides people give up their Freedom it is not taken away.  It matters not the circum­stances this truth is Immutable


the Flame of Love Burns thru Everything.  Energies and at­titudes en­countered in what are NOW called the Phoenix Doc­uments are a Far Cry From the Disposition of the Flame of Love


signed ‘The Not So Puny Galactic All Stars’”


Our beloved “Victory”, “Beyond”, “Galactic All Stars”, Gary Bussy desires names and ad­dresses, therefore, we shall start with Galac­tic All Stars, Sundial Motel, 1034 N. Main, Cot­tonwood, Ari­zona 86326.


I accept your lessons, son, and since I have not made my points clear and since I have no “forward” or “reverse” in my craft I can­not “put it in reverse and floor it”.  A circle has no front or rear and we do not accelerate by “flooring it”.


If our work is displeasing to you it would seem quite suitable that you not par­take of it.  If on the other hand, you wish to critique, I suggest you more care­fully understand and absorb the infor­mation therein.  I further suggest that you memorize every word in SATAN’S DRUM­MERS!


I know that you do not speak for all ones you have proclaimed as Galactic All Stars for sev­eral which you have taken the liberty of naming within your group have disclaimed associa­tion with you.


It is also most unfortunate that you HIDE behind the wondrous af­firmations and teachings of Beloved St. Germain for you bring dis­credit on the precious ones who use the teachings in truth.


The Flame of Love burns through everything—thusly does the Flame of Evil!  So be it.  I am most grateful for the loving assistance you have shown us in the past and I honor your opin­ions.  I have no intent whatsoever to bring discom­fort, misunderstanding nor aloof­ness to our relation­ship for I find no relation­ship.  Peace be with you, son, for your heart is in great pain—no one is forced “to fall in line with me”, be the energy incarnate or discarnate.  ’Tis your choice which path you take for I INTEND TO CONTINUE TO FALL IN LINE WITH GOD AND THE CREATION IN LOVE AND BALANCE AND HOPEFULLY, TO FULFILL MY MISSION THROUGH A HOR­RENDOUS TRANSFORMATION OF A PLANET FILLED WITH MAN­IFESTED HUMANS ASKING GOD FOR ASSIS­TANCE.  YE ARE EACH FREE TO CAST THE PROJECTIONS ASIDE—THAT, DEAR ONE, IS BE­TWEEN YOU AND GOD AND IS NO BUSINESS OF HATONN.  Thank you.


* * * * * * * * * *


I greatly appreciate the following questions and since they have come from many, I shall only quote a portion of one petition docu­ment which is most comprehensive.  The writer of the cor­respondence is “embarrassed”.  There is most surely no cause for embarrassment on any sub­ject which is unclear.  I cannot always make of it clear but I am most surely ready to respond in a manner which is honest to the best of my ability.  As a Commander represent­ing fourth di­mension, I perhaps relate better to your needs but being of higher frequency and etheric mat­ter I cannot totally relate to your pro­jections.


You ones have not had all the lessons on The Creation and manifes­tation, il­lusion, “fine”-ma­terial and “coarse”-material existence and it is most difficult to answer one question with­out cre­ating myriads more.  So let us present the questions and then I shall at­tempt to re­spond with in­formation already given unto you—for af­ter all, you can only relate to that which you know—the un­known requires you seek and find.  We do not, however, expect that you will have read, reread and absorbed all the journals for some do not yet even have of the journals.


We become quite good at discerning those questions which are asked in hon­est intent and those which only are to break down the knowl­edge and are of total ego intent.



Is there a difference between “making love” with one you love and “having sex”

for the sake of sex and no love?  I mean, that are we supposed to stop having any sexual activities with our mates because it is not pro­creational and therefore against the laws of Creation?  (I know that sex for the sake of IT is NOT good.)


We all want to do whatever is right for our highest good and develop­ment.  But, I guess we feel that we have this physical body which gets a physical re­lease from this act.  It has been something we have enjoyed with our mates . . . but now we are all confused.  Does it keep us from reaching our higher vibra­tion or what?


Our next question along those same lines is . . .  Is masturba­tion against the laws of Creation?  Or is it just another sexual act for physical release of the body which is unnecessary?  Is sex for nonprocreation evil?  Is masturba­tion evil? Or is it some­thing to do with in­tent?


Our last question is . . . What does it mean if you have sexual release in your sleep or dream state?  Is that bad?

* * *




Let me remind you of the definition of “evil”:  Evil is always in opposition to life.  It is that which opposes the life force.  It has, in short, to do with “killing” (murder)—namely, unneces­sary killing, killing that is not required for biologi­cal survival.  Now, don’t get confused by the “abstract” definitions intellectu­ally thrown at you which render the explanation irrelevant.  MURDER IS NOT ABSTRACT.


Evil is also that which kills spirit.  You must understand that it is possible to kill, or attempt to kill, one of these attributes without actually destroying the body.  Thus you may “break” a per­son without harming as much as a hair on the physical body.


Evil, then, is that force, residing either inside or outside of hu­man beings, that seeks to kill life or liveliness.  Goodness is its opposite.  Goodness is that which promotes life and liveli­ness.


At this point in the period of transition and fulfilling of that which has been predicted it is a time of the reign of evil.  Man is centered in lust, greed, self-indulgence, war and all manner of worldly “physical” consciousness.  You might well perceive that you have no choice in the mat­ter—you have all of the choices in the matter and manner in which you direct your conscious­ness.


Your capacity to choose changes constantly with your practice of life.  The longer you con­tinue to make the wrong decisions, the more your heart hard­ens; the more often you make the right deci­sion, the more your heart softens, or, comes alive.


Each step in life which increases your self-confidence, your in­tegrity, your courage, your con­viction, also increases your capac­ity to choose the desirable alternative, until eventually it be­comes more difficult for you to choose the undesirable rather than the desirable action.  On the other side, each act of surrender and cowardice weakens you, opens the path for more acts of sur­render, and eventually freedom is lost.  Between the extreme when you can no longer do a wrong act and the extreme when you have lost your freedom  to right action, there are innu­merable degrees of freedom of choice.  In the prac­tice of life the degree of freedom to choose is different at any given moment.  If the degree of freedom to choose the good is great, it needs less effort to choose the good.  If it is small, it takes a great effort, help from others and fa­vorable circumstances indeed.


Let us consider dream state release.  Check out the consciousness.  Is that re­lease accompa­nied by lewd and lustful visions or is it simply “release”?  The fact always comes back to in­tent for if the consciousness is always focused on lust and greed it will carry over into the sleep-state.  If, however, it is release and is trig­gered by physical overload and is an “unconscious” act of the phys­ical—how can it be evil? — or necessarily “good”, for that mat­ter.


Masturbation falls into the same category.  Each individual must look within to intent.  Man has been told, and therefore he as­sumes, that a physical re­lease in a sexual context is some­how nec­essary—so be it——ALWAYS IT IS INTENT.


Yes, of course, there is great and magnificent difference between “making love” with one you love and “having sex” for the sake of sex and no love. 


Only the individual involved has full knowledge of “why” he per­forms an act of any sort.  Sexual intercourse unto climax is appar­ently a most pleasurable “release” and satisfying thing—or is it?  The facts are, it is quite debilitating for a period of time—usu­ally rendering the parties without “control” and very vul­nerable unto the other party for a period of time.  Would you wish evacua­tion duties to call in the midst of such activities or immediately thereafter?  I often think the evacuation of the planet must re­volve around the bedtime habits of the populace as well as not in­terfering with dinner hours.


Sometimes a good way to measure your actions against what you indi­vidually “perceive” is to KNOW THE FOLLOWING:  Even in aloneness—there are two of you involved—you and God or you and Evil energy.  Since there is actu­ally, in the summation, only ONE, you only an­swer to the ONE.  However, if you are in the midst of ANY activity—check to see if you would be com­fortable performing that action in the presence of the Christ or Satan?  That assump­tion usually will give you good guidelines to measure your intent.  And in all things “responsibility”—KNOW YOUR INTENT AND HONOR YOUR RESPONSIBILI­TIES. 


There are always the ones who will set themselves up to hand down rules and enforce them.  None “other” has such right—in your bed or otherwise.  As ul­timately YOU  will stand naked be­fore God and judge your handling of re­sponsibilities, it is naught of anyone else’s business.  It all depends upon where you wish to end up.  If you make your decisions in clarity before God then you shall end up with God—if the actions are perpetrated in evil, ye shall end up with Sa­tan and his troops and there are zillions of levels of di­mensions in be­tween the two extremes.  Ultimately to become ONE WITH GOD AND THE CREATION—GO HOME IF YOU WILL, TO SOURCE—YOUR CHOICES SHALL BECOME PREDOMI­NANTLY GODLY.


If you remove these things from the forefront of your conscious­ness, they shall find their proper order in your life.  Man is what man thinks and if these points are kept uppermost in the minds of man—they shall continue to be an uppermost problem.


I would suppose that a mutual love relationship between a man and his mate are most spiri­tual indeed and can very possibly assist in reaching your higher vibration—this would be the excep­tion rather than the rule simply because it is the “love” element and not the “physical” which raises the vibration fre­quency and the “honesty” within the relationship would fall on the side of “love” simply ex­pressed in that “physical” manner.




The highest command of the law of The Creation is: Achieve the wis­dom of knowledge inas­much as this will enable you to wisely follow the laws of The Creation.


The highest command of the law of God is: You shall honor God as the ruler of the human races and follow his laws for HE is the “King of Wisdom”, i.e.:


l.  You shall have no other Gods than the God Creator before you and abide with the Laws of the Creation which encompasses all.


2.  You shall not make for yourselves idols and false images to worship as gods for therein you give power into the hands of evil.


3.  You shall love the Lord God with all your heart, soul and be­ing—(you must love thine­self as God—and God as self).


4.  You shall not use the name of God irreverently, nor use of it to swear to a false­hood.


5.  Remember God’s “Day” and keep it Holy.


6.  Honor your parents.


7.  You shall not murder your fellow man.


8.  You must not commit adultery.


9.  You must not steal (materially or emotionally).


10. You must not covet or envy that which belongs to your neigh­bor.


So be it!


In order to clarify “life-stream”, I will speak as a native Pleia­dian in that some of the higher points and secrets of creation are inaccessible at these levels of progression.  As you move for­ward in acquisition of knowledge you will come into recognition of your intended level of com­prehension.  I may not interfere with that progression.


Altogether, there are five main points, which for us are also still uncertain.  These lead to se­crets of creation.  It is not my in­tent, however, to withhold in­formation and share with you the un­derstanding at our level of evolvement.


The native Indian will break it down far more beautifully than can I but I shall be brief and fur­ther, I ask that John S. pay particu­lar attention for it shall an­swer many of his questions re­garding Emmanuel.


 Life, from beginning to goal, is divided, it is said, by seven main steps or peri­ods.  These are again divided into seven sub-pe­riods that make up the whole.  The sub-periods may be com­pared to levels in school, except that they are not calculated in years, but in lifetimes.  In each period thus, a quite certain de­velopment ex­ists and a very certain goal.  Thus runs each of all seven sub-pe­riods, which can last hundreds and thousands of years, and then one main pe­riod is accom­plished.


Spirit life is sexless, because sex is specifically characteristic of organic life to assure propaga­tion of the species.  Spiritual life, through organic form, ob­serves the laws of rebirth (or cy­cles) to as­sure development in both directions.  Thus each form of life must pass through seven des­tined main periods, in­cluding their seven sub-levels.  For fixed position or­ganic creatures, the peri­odic sequence of the seasons is decisive, while for spirit-condi­tioned creatures such as hu­man beings, the periods are irregular and often rated differently indi­vidually.  They are not fixed in a des­tined rhythm like plants, for instance.  A re-birth of a spirit-conditioned human being can take place after the death of his phys­ical body, in sec­onds, decades, thousands of years or millenni­ums.  When a spirit-conditioned life is inter­rupted, then it is disadvan­taged.  This is because it cannot accomplish its sub-period goal and must repeat as necessary to achieve the goal of the period.


This might well mean that a life must be experienced another time.  Accord­ingly, the next life may be of shorter duration because it may only be making good the “missed” lessons to finish the goal of the given period.


I suppose you might even consider this in your perception—a pun­ishment of some type but it is actually simply the growth process.  For instance, Hell in truth is nothing else than a self-in­flicted punishment to be suffered; in other words the making good of a self caused fault.


Your religious speakers often use Hell and punishment as a terrible hammer to hold above your heads.  If you make mistakes in life then you can make good the errors by recognizing the fault, or whatever you might label this, commit it no more, and absorb it as knowl­edge, from which then has to result wisdom.








1.  Primary development of intellect and spirit.

2.  Primary thinking of intellect and spirit.

3.  Primary thinking of reason.

4.  Primary exercise of intellect and spirit force.

5.  Primary reasonable actions.

6.  Primary will-thinking and will-activity.

7.  Reason-conditioned guiding of the life.


            Creatures of these levels are considered insane,

            idiots, etc., by already thinking reasoning beings.

            But in truth their spirit and intellect is not yet

            spiritually developed.  (They are new spirits who have

            to first form themselves by learning and experiencing.)




1.  Primary development of reason.

2.  Effective realization of reason and its use.

3.  Primary acknowledgement and cognition of higher influences.

4.  Belief in higher influences without having the knowledge.

5.  Belief in higher forces, superstition, fear of evil, veneration of God.  (The germi­nation time

for religions, doctrinal beliefs, et cetera.)


*The next is the position of the average Earth human.*


6.  Primary cognition of the true reality.  Research, knowledgeable de­velopment.  First spiritual cog-nitions and their exercise.  Spiritual healing, and telepathy.

7.  Primary development of knowledge and wisdom.


III. INTELLECT LIFE: (Present educated Earth beings, exceptional scien­tists and a few bor­derland and spiritual scientists.)  Herein the term “scientist” is general indeed.


1.  Advanced development of the intellect.  High technology.  Second utilization of spiri­tual forces.  Primary creation of living forms.

2.  Realization and exercise of knowledge, truth, and wisdom.  Slow breakdown of ac­cepted beliefs.

3.  First utilization of knowledge and wisdom.

4.  Acknowledgement and utilization of nature’s laws.  Generation of super-tech­nologies.  Second creation of living forms.

5.  Natural exercise of wisdom and knowledge in the cognition of spiri­tual forces.  Fur­ther breakdown of accepted beliefs.

6.  Life in knowing, about wisdom, truth and logic.

7.  Primary cognition of the reality as absolutely real.




1.  Clear knowledge about reality as absolutely real.

2.  Cognition of spiritual knowledge and spiritual wisdom.

3.  Utilization of spirit knowledge and spiritual wisdom.

4.  Cognition of the reality of the CREATION and it’s laws.

5.  Living according to the CREATION Law.  Purification of Spirit and intellect.  Cogni­tion of the obliga-tion and force of Spirit.  Break­down of blind acceptances in belief.

6.  Guided and controlled utilization of spiritual forces.

7.  Creation of first living creatures.  This shows the potential for man to create living or­ganisms within his sciences and technologies when a certain level of sophistica­tion is reached.  You will note that you are already able to do some of these things.




1)   Creating and controlling of living forms.

2)   Construction of mechanical/organic living things.

3)   Spiritual development of forces for control of material and organic forms of life.

4)   Will-conditioned mastery of life in all its forms and sorts.

5)         Position of recognitions.  Reminiscences of earlier life­times, etc.

6)         Kings of Wisdom.  (Accepts “wisdom” before their higher power “knowledge”.)

7)         Cognition of Spiritual Peace, of universal love and cre­ational harmony.






1.  Acknowledgement and realization of Spiritual Peace, universal love and cre­ational harmony.

2.  Living according to pure Spiritual knowledge.

3.  Spiritual creating and creations.

4.  Dis-embodying of Spirit from organic matter.

5.  First pure Spiritual existence.

6.  Final Spiritual existence.

7.  Passing-over into the CREATION consciousness.




1.  Twilight sleeping during seven periods of rest.

2.  Awakening and beginning of creating in the Creation as CRE­ATION, during seven peri


3.  Creating of living forms.

4.  Creating of new Spirit in improvement of the CREATION.

5.  Creating of great Spirit in the CREATION.

6.  Evolvement of Creating and becoming One with CREATION.

7.  Last reach of highest improvement during the seventh period—BECOMING CRE­ATOR/CREATION.


The “twilight sleep” of the CREATION lasts some seven peri­ods/great-times.  In this twilight state of the CREATION all life and the whole universe ceases to exist—while Creator rests, so to speak.  Just after its awakening it begins to create all things anew.  During the twilight sleep, neither time nor space actu­ally “exist”.  There is only the “nothing”, as all lies “sleeping” in­side the infinite bosom of the CREATION and null-time.  While no creating exists there is no force, no time, and no space.  There is only duration in a nameless state of IS-NESS.


It is a senseless waste of your “time” and energy to ponder too hard upon the “nameless noth­ing”—this is a secret you nor I am meant to understand at this passing of sequence.  Lit­tle Crow will probably extend the perceptions as pre­sented in his journal for it shall be writ­ten by the Cre­ator Energy and I do not presume upon that format.


Now that I have undoubtedly completely confused you, I shall ask for a respite.  I will return af­ter a rest to respond as best I can to the most insightful questions and confusions of John Swan­son.  Surely I am not the one who should respond to such questions of higher spiritual truths but I shall do my best at translation into understandable form.  This is the major prob­lem which has flowed over from beginning—what perceptions can you fully comprehend from concepts quite new in your experience.  I shall attempt it and if I bog down, I shall call upon a higher resource.  It would ap­pear that Germain and his beloved “organizers” have me some­what at disadvantage.  I honor John for he never allows a contradiction in percep­tion to pass unnoted and I bless him for that.  The perpetua­tion of more misunderstanding is that which has brought destruc­tion.  So be it—perhaps I should search for the “universal” Ency­clopedia Britannica.




I shall quote the portion of John’s letter to which this response pertains:


“ . . . In the book called AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME JM­MANUEL I found, to my great surprise, the assertion that Beloved Jesus was supposed to have left the tomb (after being nurtured physically) thru a secret entrance on the 3rd day after crucifixion and later went to India with His Mother, Mary, and Ju­das Iscarioth, married, had a family & lived beyond 100 years of age and was buried.  This is quite contrary to what we have received from Beloved Jesus & Saint Germain for we have been told in the “I AM” ac­tivity that Jesus was as­sisted by the Great Divine Director in the tomb where the physical body was re­turned to the Universal by the Sacred Fire (Violet Flame) and Beloved Jesus stepped forth in His Higher Men­tal Body.  He said to Beloved Mary, “Touch me not for I Am not yet as­cended to my Father.”


He moved amongst His Disciples for 40 days & then as­cended at noon hour on the Hill of Bethany before 500 people.  The account given by Judas Is­carioth is quite contradictory to this.


The “I Am” activity is wholly valid in the instruc­tion given.  The account given

by Judas Iscarioth is very, very, verydifficult for me to accept.


* * *


Please hold an open mind long enough to hear me out before pre-judgment of the state­ments I shall make herein.


Firstly, you “assume” the instructions of the “I Am” Activity to be valid.  This statement does not mean I disagree with that percep­tion but you must realize, John, that errors are made as years go by according to the ability of ones re­ceiving information to under­stand.


Secondly, you must hold in your heart the level of progression on the scale of seven which I just gave unto you.  Judas Iscarioth was writing his teachings and HIS perceptions at the time of the expe­rience.


I ask you to recall that which I have asked of you before, under­stand that the higher beings of Celestial realms must give that which can be accepted and perceived in the growth level of the re­ceivers.


Would the “I Am” Activity or any other belief system have been able to even establish itself if Germain came forth and said—”all over, friends, life as you perceive it is just an illusion—a thought­form of God and good-day”?


I am most relieved that the question put forth is one which is eas­ily answered for it only “appears” to be contradictory.  There are some truths which are going to point up total lack of similarity in the Bibles.  It will mesh a bit better with the Godfrey King pro­jections, per­haps.


The Christed Teacher, Immanuel (the one you call Jesus) was the Son of Man—God Among You.  It is foolish indeed to believe that he was nailed to a cross and died, for this Christed One had experienced in his lifestream unto perfection in his higher Celestial state and was but expe­riencing in your den­sity to bring the peoples back into the truth of God and The Creation.


In his human form he was betrayed, accused, condemned and cruci­fied.  On the cross he gave up his essence unto God but the umbili­cal cord was not yet severed from the physical mani­fested flesh body.


There is great confusion as to how the myth continued from that point and there are as many versions as there are ones to tell of it, including Germain.


The young Master was brought down from the standard—a more hor­rendous and painful ex­perience than the hanging and standing of the cross for there is no “easy” manner in which to remove a body from a cross.  The God body (fine-material) remained in observation of the cir­cumstance; the physical form was removed to a tomb.


Three or so, of your days in counting, are required to perfect the higher sepa­ration much less the perfection of moving the physical density in a higher state of being to continue to house the etheric being.  Of course it could have been done instantly but that would not have given man the experience and percep­tion which he would need to carry from that point to this.


His body was healed, refined, transformed and in fact, recreated.  It would be necessary to be both visible and “touchable”.


I, Hatonn, do not have authority to state without error as to whether or not he walked among his

disciples for 40 days or 39 or 41 or whether or not it was from the Hill of Bethany but I have no reason to believe otherwise for it would be most reasonable for his transporta­tion from his perceived physical beingness into his total light body for he ascended into the light and became one with the light—well, I am sorry but under those circumstances Gabriel would have been right there with a beauteous craft to receive the ascended God-ness.


Just as at the I AM reenactment you have Him move up into a tree—well, you can be pretty sure he did not move up into a tree on the Hill of Bethany.  It was the gift of the knowledge of LIFE FOREVER and the truth that MAN CAN ASCEND IF HIS PERFECTION IS GREAT ENOUGH FOR “THAT WHICH I DO, SO YOU CAN ALSO DO AND GREATER”.


Now, what really bothers one is that all “perceived” the Christed One was both bodily dead and gone.  It was most surely not time for mankind to experience his sudden reappearance—he would simply have been laid upon and a more heinous method of his destruction would have been conjured.  He was there­fore removed from the scene and later the others were joined unto him for they had no percep­tion of his placement elsewhere—although his Mother was in­formed of these things.


Judas wrote what he could perceive and that which he witnessed—he could do not more.  The scrolls were simply written in a time of poor technology and mass ignorance.  It was a time of “darkness” which brought the young teacher onto Earth in the first place.  Be­fore the great cy­cles, God always sends a Teacher, Messiah, Guide—whatever you wish to label Him/Her.


At the time of the Master in Galilee and the areas there-about, it was a time of superstition and wickedness.  Women were stoned to death for prostitution by the very men who bedded her.


Bless the ones who have nurtured you and have measured most care­fully the size spoon from which you could began to be awakened and fed.  First the babe must roll-over, then wobble about like the lizard, then creep most te­diously, then crawl, then toddle while clutching objects and fall,  then toddle without support and fi­nally not fall, then toddle a dis­tance, and then fi­nally walk—and if lessons go very well he learns to run slowly and then faster and faster—but he does not go from the wee cradle to the running track.


You, as man, are still but awakening and you have been fed false­ness from onset.  You who are a bit advanced may even accept the concept that all is il­lusion but I see none who can fully compre­hend the meaning of it.


When the Christed Esu (Jesus) ascended into and within the LIGHT He could rightfully say it was “finished” for He had fulfilled his mission—He had not finished His work.  He spent an in­terim of time in the God presence and was then sent again to finish of his remaining work upon the orb.  His contri­bution is yet to be brought forth into the Light of Reality for it has been kept safely against the day of reckoning.


You ones must truly grow above and beyond the limiting of God or ye shall not be in the un­derstanding.  To experience properly God must experience ALL.  This wondrous man was able to transcend the uni­verse and made preparation for against this very cycle of evolu­tion.  There was much to be done in preparation in a physical form upon your place.


Wonders upon wonders are hidden within the kingdom of spirit.  The visible universe with which the human being occupies himself con­sciously, is only a small pin spot within the mar­velous, un­limited, spiritual existence of Creation.  What is visible or perceptive to the physi­cal eyes and comprehension of a hu­man being represents only a dot in infinity.  Do not get lost staring at the tree and miss of the wondrous forest.


You must look beyond the narrow restrictions, past the tree, beyond the for­est, beyond the heavens for all the universe man sees and is told of, is only a simple one of many such, which must be counted in myriads, because there do exist universes inside of universes, universes op­posite universes, universes above universes, universes below universes, and universes out­side of uni­verses, in this first cause, mighty, all-powerful intelligence existing with The Cre­ation.  And with this immense spirit, with these original forces of exis­tence, of Creation, the spiritual intelli­gence of the human be­ing is connected, because a fraction of this spiritual in­telligence of The Creation lives in every human being as spirit, and ensouls him.


It was such that the Christed Son of Man felt compelled to further experience in the physical manifestation to allow determination of how best to pull mankind back unto The Creation.  At this time you still have no way to mea­sure the total value of the physical human existence.


I truly believe if you study the passages carefully and prayer­fully, you will see very little differ­ence in presentation—espe­cially as presented by Germain.  It is a bit more difficult coming out of the typical orthodox religions as referred to as “Christian”.


At the end of his full mission, the Master cast off the old of his body for he had now per­fected his image into the etheric—again, I have no way to allow you to see for I have no ex­ample to project unto you.  At the end of his jour­ney he needed to leave the physi­cal evi­dence—which shall be recovered in perfection for man could still not recognize the useless­ness of it in higher projection.  Whether it was the same body of flesh, or another, it matters not a whit.  You must now look onward into the segments of higher cre­ation and creating.  If you do not cast off of the old you will miss the cue for the new.


I feel as if perhaps I have muddled it quite enough.  There is so much left to bring forth and out of its time it makes little sense.  WE must hold tightly to the hand of the slowest among the awakened that we not lose them in the con­fusion and we are just about to move into subjects far too hard to accept and chew before the teeth are in place.  Forgive me if this is not ade­quate but we shall be enlarging upon it all greatly.


You ones must move on outside the narrow limits of a Christ, even, and into the exceptional perception of an entire CREATION.  It is a wondrous time indeed, to be experiencing in the glorious format of human man.  You walk in the challenge of challenges and I am hon­ored to walk it with you and serve at this time of great transi­tion.


Dharma, let us close this now for the messages have been long and I wish not to clutter it more—I shall go with these truths that there might be greater un­derstanding.


In the Love which IS ALL, I move to stand-by.


Salu—the blessings of God surround you.  I AM HATONN.­