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THURSDAY, JANUARY 18, 1990   8:00 A.M.   YEAR 3, DAY 155

Hatonn present to commune with ones who have asked response.  Thank you.  I would hope that you might share this document with several as we shall ef­fort at responses which will be “generic”.


First of all, to PY and MB—Aton receives and understands; the time of plenty is nearing.  It may require relocation of some ones but do not ponder and worry over it at present.  I see that we have come into the cycle of unfolding an outline which will allow more input.  It will also explain why it is not yet time to stir, rumble and boil in your present circumstance.  We are still “reaching out and touching someones”.  Let’s refer to it as the first three hun­dred forty seventh “call of the Phoenix”.  We chuckle over this for you will rec­ognize of the mark on your fore­head—God never did say it would be on the outside!  The realization hits you somewhere be­tween the eyes as the ears and eyes come into focus in response to the nudge.  You ones are the “grounding” of the energies.  That, too, unlike what ones are doing in the running about hugging trees and “grounding” everything——you are actually acting as the grounding “point” at which positive becomes negative and returns for its re­verse cycle back to source.


Think in terms of Aton (God, Central Sun, Source—whatever) as the big trans­former “mother station” in the sky.  You ones are the lit­tle sub-stations scat­tered around.  Picture billions of “fiber op­tices” scattering in every direction and being grounded somewhere by some thing.  You make up the living cir­cuits of life and some of you have substations all over the place—routed through larger substations (Hatonn, Sananda—Silver Ray, Wakan Tanka - - -) but al­ways back to home office!  Some have moved so far from the cir­cuitry as to have practically no return to the focus but a sever­ance of the circuit is NEVER DONE BY ATON.


I am parablizing for a reason, for I think it will make it easier to see what comes next.  You see, you have at some point in experi­ence come to this mass of density as one of the “fallen” ones to gain of your lessons.  As you grow you become the teachers and re­turn for purposes far beyond your consciousness—at this time it is to see to it that the “Phoenix” can be re­birthed in glory.  You are in the time of the Crucifixion of the Phoenix.  The dying—the death throes of a world out of control and in the Kali Yuga (time of total chaos).


We are taking many of the works already presented by man upon your place and simply re­turning the truth to your attention.  We find that a book written even a while ago, is not picked up again to be reread, no matter how won­drous—man wants to be told anew and per­haps in a different manner.  If all of you would go back and read all of Antony Sutton’s books on just the Skull and Bones, and Gary North’s works, and Ron Paul’s and, and, and——but man does not so we must prod and prod and make Dharma work.  Our efforts are to pull it into a set of re­minders so that you can stretch out and come into complete confirma­tion of truth—then we can move like your proverbial “gang-busters”.


This is also the reason, however, at this time we must speak in riddles and de­cline answering questions which are not suitable for our “enemies” to hear or see for we are constantly moni­tored.


Yes, of course, Messrs. Tesla, Russell, etc., are thoroughly in­formed about all current signifi­cant apparatus and ongoing proce­dures upon your orb.  That is the reason that only a se­lected one or two are receiving such pointed informa­tion and visitation—that you might come into recognition of your own impor­tant contribution which is always hidden from your total under­standing in or­der that you remain available for your major thrust.  Mr. Tesla does send one other response to a directed question: “Yes, the earth is basi­cally the ground­ing of all energy and the most satisfactory way to send wireless energy is through the medium of the earth itself.  It is unfortunate that so much of the mineral and liquid life stream of the earth is being relo­cated but you will find before all is finished in this particular curtain call that you will have new medium with which to work.


“There is one thing which needs some attention, please.  We will be building a small appara­tus which will attach to the base of the power production wind machines to work off the wasted vi­brations of the machines themselves.  There is also one who will come into at­tention who car­ries around mental documentation given him by “Silver Ray” some two years ago which shall be of benefit in con­cept for energy production.  If ones come into comfort and wish to participate, we shall introduce the players.  We cannot suddenly introduce the solutions for they would never be allowed—there will come the moment of perfection for bringing them forth in secu­rity.  It is sad indeed, that it must be this way but it does make for a most interesting experience and challenge—always you ones must remember that this is an experience and enjoy that which you are, or are not, given for the fun is truly in the playing.  I shall shortly direct a full discussion on “ground” association but I must wait in line today.  Thank you, Dharma,  Tesla to out.”


Oberli, make a tape of Silver Ray’s message and perhaps add to it, Ashtar’s direct message to Dharma and allow it to be forwarded to GG, GWM and JB.  It is time they are privy to the original con­tacts.  It has truly required this length of time to bring Dharma’s training to this re­ceptive point and I thank you ones for honoring this scribe for we, too, are so well pleased and we have moved more rapidly than any of us could have hoped for, as she has blos­somed like a lotus and has served, sometimes in 24 hour shifts at the pen or keyboard, only to be followed by taped audio presence.  This means, of course, that all who are around her must duplicate the hours in distribution.  It has been a long, hard run but the re­joicing is truly in the results which ARE HAPPENING—EVEN ABROAD IT IS AWAKENING THE SLEEPING DOVES.  BLESSED ARE YOU PRECIOUS BROTHERS AND EVEN MORE GRATI­TUDE IS GIVEN UNTO YOU ONES WHO HAVE STRUGGLED THROUGH THE YEARS TO BE READY FOR THE BREAKTHROUGH.


PY & MB—do not be concerned about the responses in the area of Se­dona.  Let me explain, please.  When you have a vortex which is so highly active and ones of truth begin to gather—all effort is poured into the area from the Sa­tanic elements—mostly just “experiencing”, “being” and searching little peo­ple.  All of you had to come into recognition.  As the atten­tion and where­withal falls away and the “fad” passes, the genuine lighted workers come up through the confusion and jangle of energies and emerge like the butterfly.  The others drop away, or, in recognizing the truth of the situation, settle in to prevent your efforts from bearing fruit.  That is exactly what has happened to ones at “the Gate­house”—the brother­hood has surrounded the place as a co­coon and the little light within cannot reach of the multitudes which is her very birthright.


We have hit “THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT” as being the most deadly move­ment to hit your world, just as with the orthodox theologies.  The “movement” is as controlled and cor­rupted as can possibly be to ac­complish exactly that which it has—a falling away into mysti­cism, magic and inaction.  In efforts to be “non-judging” man has fool­ishly taken up total lack of discern­ment.  You “seekers” are the bait and end up the prey of the beast afoot.  There are hundreds of places filled to overflow with searching ones who have fallen to the entrap­ment of the darkness of these hot-beds of Satan.  That is one reason the location of this area is by and largely un­known, and it must remain that way.  Ones have intended to be in this lo­cation but were re­quired to go elsewhere to pull those energies away from this resource.  Beloved little Sister is the predominant one—she and the henchmen had picked out facilities in this place and we re­quired them relocate in this interim time—the training of this scribe would have been all but impossible with the presence of the ones who clung to Sister.  Oh yes, you can fool the Satan beast—for he, too, must work through the human and he trains his humans in the ways of greed and evil—that is why the “drug war” war—Evil has risen against evil vying for goods and breaking the pecking order in greed and despotism.   WE MUST BE PREPARED TO PICK UP THE PIECES AND HEAL THE AFFLICTED WHEN THE SMOKE CLEARS AND THE SERPENT EATS OF ITSELF—WE MUST BE PREPARED WITH A MODEL WORKING SOCIETY—ALBEIT IT SMALL—AND THE PREPARATION FOR NUR­TURING THE TINY QUETZAL AS IT COMES FROM THE BIRTHING ASHES.  OH YES, WE CAN MOST SURELY DO IT.  WHEN THE CLAN IS ALERT AND READY, THE BUILDING CAN BEGIN AND YOU WILL HAVE THAT WHICH YOU NEED AND YOU WILL MOVE LIKE THE WILD­FIRES.


I wish this message sent to GWM, please.  But we shall answer his correspon­dence sepa­rately because of its highly confidential mate­rial.  But we do desire that he know we have it and we are  coun­selling to see how best to respond.


At this present time there is NO WAY to protect any earth equipment from the dark forces and with the most recent satellites in place, it simply is not worth the effort.  As we move along here it will be most feasible indeed.  First, we must establish credibility, then we must put forth the vision of Sipapu Odyssey after which it will be obvious that even the Christos has partici­pated.  Then we can openly control our own circuits and the Grey Beasts will find they cannot have it all “their way”.  The U.S. is not at all lost if you but pull to­gether within this decade.  This is why the focus must remain predominantly in this sector.  There are oth­ers at work about the world and the books should go forth as widespread as pos­sible but you can now count on trouble for the last thing the “Cartel” will tolerate is anything that repre­sents free­dom.  The mas­sive maneuvers in the Communist Bloc are political and it will re­main to be seen whether or not the people shall prevail.  The things “given” will be mea­sured indeed to funnel the people into doing exactly that which the Cartel de­sires.  It will appear to be freedom, it will be a gift of chains in the forms of loans and debit cards, etc., which will lock them right into the beast which has its tentacles all over your local heavens.  What ap­pears to be freedom is the worst bondage man has ever considered.  THIS IS THE CRUCI­FIXION OF THE PHOENIX!


The next Journal shall be called by that name.  It will relate the prophecies to the moment.  It will repeat and repeat THE PLAN and, to keep it handbook size, will stop prior to inte­grating it totally within THE CHURCHES and the CRUCIFIXION OF GOD.  Well, God does not intend to be crucified again—surprise for the little dark broth­ers!  HE DOES NOT INTEND TO BE AGAIN CRUCIFIED!  HOLD IT IN YOUR HEART!  That means that you ones will have to read it presented in two or three different ways—all basically saying identical mes­sages, until you REALLY HEAR IT!  Most ones have a “snooze alarm” on their alarm clocks and it requires pushing it several times.  We need to speak a bit more of Skull and Bones, The Plan 2000, the Trilater­als and the Council of Foreign Relations and I repeat the request that all coming into attention of the Journals, make sure the publisher gets informa­tion of any and all publications backing up these Journals.  Our intent is to pro­tect ALL of you primarily, and long-term.  Any books or articles sent to the publisher should be forwarded on to the scribe’s location for she lives in total blindness and those confirma­tions “make her day!”  It is hard in­deed to not know, for instance, that Rhonda is JB’s wife and Dorothy is his aunt.  She must have confirmation of her material for she already goes through the peri­ods of being confident that all of this comes from Girard’s description of “an insane mind”.  She lives with her ears plugged and electronic noise saturating her brain con­stantly.  We play music to her until she comes to work aboard craft at sleep—to allow for quiet enough to go into sleep.  Herein I shall tell you something—to this little group of re­ceivers.  Some of you already know—most do not.

This area is important indeed.  This is known as Tejas Shape’—the four cor­ners, if you will, of Mu.  The dwelling of the scribe is on the North-eastern edge of a crystal of some two and a half miles in diameter—midnight blue and filled with a starburst, throughout, of gold.  It is the navigation-communication center of this sector.  The activity from that crystal is enough to blow ones off the hill at times and few people live immediately on it—our intention is to keep it that way.  So, there are many things of priority which must be tended with the flow­ing of funds.  The major portions of these one’s work is totally un­known to the rest of you and perhaps Oberli or Ilsie can enclose just our list of necessary projects for this area. 


Proposals have been put forth for the upstarts and now we await the conclu­sion of financing plans and the bottom out of your economy—the timing must be perfection for we must uti­lize the gifts wisely indeed—and YOU must attain them in a most earthly manner for pro­tection—we cannot simply manifest millions of dollars, it is sim­ply not feasible nor permit­ted.  YOU ONES MUST ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND THE COSMIC LAWS OF NON-INTERFER­ENCE IN A FREE-WILL SOCIETY.


GG, I would believe that TD would enjoy a copy of this message, please.  He actually needs to be introduced to GWM at any rate—it is time to make that connection.


You are all going to find that among you will be found all the tal­ents and knowledge to put into operation everything under question.  Earth man bears all the pieces and you will sim­ply begin to recog­nize them.  There will also be “defectors” from the Cartel who will bring you things which exist already—as truth begins to burst through.


By the way, you ones look at these Journals and already you have a perceived barrier to distri­bution—space men and discarnate be­ings—what ever hap­pened to “pen” names?  It seems to me that Mark Twain did alright.  If truth is truth—overlook the source and fo­cus on the truth of it.  Who should care from whence truth arises?  But, man must get used to us as well so that when we do show up, he is prepared—beloved ones, you are getting there for we plan to do our own “show” in Sipapu—no offense to Wally Gentleman’s special ef­fects—we’ll give him bet­ter photo equipment in exchange.  You ones have some exciting rewards right on the horizon—keep your calendars a bit loose.


P.S., GWM:  GG doesn’t have your document THE MAGIC OF LIVING FOR­EVER—but I would appreciate him having your works as well as ex­tra copies for this scribe.  We “borrowed” from a local friend.  Thank you, beloved brother.  These are the ways in which we ask you to “hear” us—that you might know for whom the bell tolls, so to speak.  Be for­giving of us if we seem to take liberties with your personal property for God never takes without re­turning ten-fold at least!  So be it.


GG, please forward this on to CH in Colorado.  This book from Phoenix En­terprises is most excellent indeed—there are few acci­dents as the names pop up now, but allow us to get an­other Journal or two out prior to the printing of that document lest we have claims shouted all about.  What is making every­one cross and ready to do battle is that we can write 12 books in as many weeks, cover it all along with background documents and not bat an eye­lash at it whereas it takes one like FH 5 to 7 yrs. to do not even as much.  It is a most un-humble human reaction and that is why we will sell more books through our recommenda­tions to acquire the material than any can believe.  WE WILL NOT, HOWEVER, REC­OMMEND ANY BOOK WHICH HAS DRAWN WRONG AND DETRIMENTAL CONCLUSIONS—I CARE NOT HOW ACCU­RATE THE RESEARCH.  WHEN THE AUTHORS OF PAPERS COME TO THE PROPER CONCLUSIONS OF TRUTH THEN WE SHALL SUPPORT THEM IN UN­DREAMED OF MEASURE.  EVEN THE ONES WHO RECEIVE FROM THE ARC­TURANS—NOT EITHER TO EXCLUDE THE “ALIEN” MISINFORMERS.  SO BE IT.

Dharma, hold the material from GWM for more detailed response; I simply wish to acknowl­edge the receiving of it.  We shall keep it most safely secured.  I believe we have re­sponded to the other out­standing inquiries.  Therefore, let us have a break before we re­turn to the Jour­nal—I know, you have already forgotten that we actually have already written two or three segments—you will have to go back and review.  It is equally important, chela, that these per­sonal responses go forth—in fact, it is more important to the immediate per­sonnel involved.  I shall move to stand-by, and allow you to have a break.  We shall remove the growth on your left hand tendon, Dharma, as I see it is giving you concern and discomfort.  The lumps to the side of your wrists are simply muscle enlargement from the typing.  Yes, we also look forward to having a couple or so “instrumental” Dharmas but not nearly as much as does SHE!  We would grow most lonely for one another, however, and my little fam­ily here would be so sorelymissed to us.  We could, however, per­haps have more time for the personal visits.  It shall all come in its proper sequence—please do not cease your concern and projec­tions of ideas for that is exactly what will change of the circum­stances.  So be it and I salute you for we revel in our family.




Hatonn to clear frequency, please.  AHO­