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June 16, 2016



SUN., APR. 9, 1989    1:45 P.M.    YEAR 2, DAY 236



Dharma, thank you for receiving my presence.  I AM HILARION OF THE FIFTH RAY, THE RAY OF HEALING, THE RAY OF THE EMER­AULDE.  I come as the “Head Master”, if ye will, of the green flame of the fifth ray.  I greet thee in love.


My purpose is twofold at this meeting. I wish to bring per­sonal touching to my most beloved “John” who is in fact, a direct and directed, fragment of my­self.  That one whose greatest glory was in the beingness of Paul—Saul of Tar­sus.  John experienced along side myself, at that time in that place, having been cho­sen for the task long before my actual emergence from the womb into body.  Some of us take the “two-by-four” across the head, John, to find our truth but once confronted, no man shall endure against us.  So Be It.  As the merging time has come, we shall all be meeting of ourselves.  WE have all experienced in many times;  many places—but, there is always the “one” that im­prints all our existence above all others.  I ascended as Saint Hilarion and therefore bear the label of same.  It is my work with my Master Teacher, Esu (the Christed Perfect Cir­cle without begin­ning or end) that touched my soul into the forever of in­finity.


We always ponder what and why we come a way again. What could our pur­pose be?  Is it karmic debt—nay, in this in­stance, the debts are paid—the joy of reversing that which we precipi­tated is the glory of the commitment.  It is a question of po­larization.  When men are polarized to the anti-Christ position, if they be truly of God and of the Christos who is All and IN all—though they deny of it and Him, by his Holy Spirit will he re-polarize them out of the “deadness” of their worlds and mere words unto the Alpha and Omega of the living Word.  Still, the tears pour forth from mine eyes as I recall the experi­ences of my time spent in the expression of the one Saul.  So Be It, for even lo, lifetimes may pass—thy stamp will always be to be cast aside and trans­muted into the glory of Creator/Creation.  Only do we hold to the memory for the experience of truth and lessons never to be forgotten that we do not repeat of the er­rors.


We must, however, know that all has its purpose.  It is ax­iomatic; the pres­ence of the Holy Spirit in the power of conver­sion side by side with persecu­tions is the greatest proof of our oneness with the Christos—”The servant is not greater than his lord:  If they have persecuted me, they will also perse­cute you.”  Now, comes our greatest contribu­tion; to build the King­dom on a foundation of ROCK that no man can tear it asunder.


Ours is of another mighty task; to heal of the wounds and the crippling cir­cumstance wrought upon this Holy Place.  It is the Glory to work hand in hand with our beloved Masters and our most revered Sacred Angelic Ener­gies in communion and har­mony with the very Christos himself, herself, it­self!



Terms (words) get in our way so let me define a few for thee.  Guru means God-man, the dispeller of darkness—the incarnation of the Word (Avatar) who is Teacher, Initiator par excellence.  There is no higher office held on the ini­tiatic scale by one in physical embodiment (though the de­grees of at­tainment by the of­ficeholder may vary according to the quality of his heart and his endurance on the path).  The Eastern term for the office held by Paul is “chela”—or, servant of the God-man, devotee of the Light of Christ in the One Sent, the Living Master who wears the mantle of “Guru” or Teacher.


Now, let us consider the word “Christianity”.  Not so, my chelas—incorrect.  It is CHRIST-I-AM-ity: the way of the Sons of God using the power of the sacred name I AM to af­firm their God Identity on earth as it is in Heaven.  Thus it is written in the Akasha.  Thus too, it behooved Christ, then and now, to teach his own the mysteries concerning their incarnation of the Word.


Do thee see?  By being the vessel of the Christos, offering the totality of my being unto my Lord (Guru, Teacher), I be­came that Christ, that Lord, and that Guru.  Even so, “I and my Guru are ONE,” and the answer returns over the figure-eight flow of the ONENESS—”I AND MY `CHELA’ ARE ONE.”  THERE­FORE—”WE” ARE ONE IN INFINITY.


This means that I, and my chelas, embody the Christ-flame, the Christ-stan­dard, and the Christ-consciousness of the fifth as­pect of the Light-emanation of God and that we are qualified to trans­fer this attainment to our students, line upon line, cycle by cy­cle!




Remember, however, the words of the Master Esu Jesus of the Sacred Circle:  “Until ye have prepared thyself, ’tis I who have chosen thee.  When thy lessons are learned ’tis ye who have chosen me and I will be in acceptance of thy call.”  Ye will heal, ye will cast out of spirits of evilness; but ye will first learn of thy lessons—for ’tis not for thee without the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Ye must have the cooperation, if ye will, of the spirit ye wish to cast out.  Be careful lest ye bring the house down upon they ears.  Ye must be­come one within the power of the Holy Spirit or the “evil spirit” may spit in thy face—or even “remove” of thy face.  ’Tis the Lighted Spirit of truth from which the darkness moves away.  If ye are careless, ye are a tool of the evil it­self and it will strike thee down.  Thy world is filled to overflow with false prophets and self-pro­claimed evil exorcists.  Do not be foolish in thy Ego needs to be wondrous in the works of the Lord lest ye fall on thy tousch in a heap, bat­tered and bruised and too late, wise.




Healing must come also, from Truth in the Holy Name.  It also must come from that God-self within the one stricken.  It must come through the “mind”.  It can “only” come through the mind so better ye ones who would heal, learn to contact and work with the portion of mind that literally “controls”; that which is beyond the consciousness.  There are lessons on thy plane which can be given by very learned Masters of the art.  These are not removed from thee, but within thy group.  So be it.  We will be speaking more on these mat­ters for healing will be integral to our success.  What have we done if we cre­ate a place to be in­habited by crippled ener­gies.  It has naught to do with “bodies”.  A “body” can be handicapped—a “crippled” body is very sad in­deed.  Illness and crippled states are sentences passed out by the “Judge” within self.  Ye cannot help of it in thy consciousness for ye are being the “perfect pris­oner”, serv­ing thy sentence in good behavior.  To be free, thee must set of thyself free.  Refuse longer, the sentence—pronounce thy­self having “served” the “warden” long enough and remove the binding shackles.  I can tell of the “how”, ye must unlock the door and come forth.


Ye are my precious ones, thee and others such as thee, who will carry this glorious banner beyond the gates and set up the city of light.  We of the Realms of Glory will walk ev­ery step of the way with thee—we will carry thee if thee stumbles and pick thee up if ye fall.  So be it for the “story” is written; the “play” fin­ished—we have but to fill the roles—the al­ternative to this re­sponsibility is devastation upon this mag­nificent garden.  Let us bear of our responsibilities in magnif­icence that we may stand tall at the mirror of our God and pro­nounce our job well done and our performance pleasing.


Thank you, Dharma, for thy willingness.  Thy body is weary and thy mind confused;  go to thy place of quiet and spend a respite with Aton.  The Omega is worth the Alpha.  So be it and I place my seal upon these, my words.  In the service of my most beloved, I am thy humble servant.





Hatonn here, Dharma.  Ye have done well this day.  Go now and allow the energies to settle into perspective.  We can intro­duce the sixth and seventh another time.  It will re­quire a long ses­sion for Germain, I warn, for he will be thy constant com­panion in this journey through.