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Jesus Sananda, Lord MIchael and St. Germain

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 8.  FEAR

We have also spoken of the “deadly” sin of feeling unnatural and exces­sive fear in the previous pages under, “How to Recog­nize the Anti-Christ Within”.  We discussed that the Anti-Christ traps you in the illusion of what is FUTURE-FEAR ORIENTA­TION.

Let us define FEAR:  “1. An agitated feeling aroused by aware­ness of danger, trouble, etc.  2. An uneasy feeling that some­thing may happen contrary to one’s desires.  3. A feeling of deep awe and dread.”  And for fun, let us define what is AWE:  Reverential fear; dread mingles with veneration (respect or deference)  and now we will define DEFER­ENCE which is yielding to the will or opinions of another OR respect­ful re­gard.

”By keeping you locked in constant agitation or uneasiness about what  could happen — you are robbed of the present moment of life which is the NOW of eternity. Generally speaking, one who is fearful of future possibli­ties/probabilities occupies much “time” in WORRY about possible consequences of a decision or an action and will also often procrastinate (delay) making the fi­nal choice.  Let us define WORRY:  “1.  To be un­easy in the mind; fret.   2.  To pull or tear at something with the teeth.  3.  To cause to feel uneasy in the mind; trouble.  4. To bother or pester  5.   Worries — something that causes anxiety.”  So many of you have ex­pressed or heard the phrase, “I was worried sick!”  It is true that fear and its handmaiden “worry” can and will literally make you physically ill.  Sim­ply by imaging in your mind a picture, idea or “horrid” consequence, you actually manifest the “realness” of that which you fear upon yourself.  Whether the ACTUAL physical manifested outcome occurs ac­cording to your worst fears, or not, YOU have suffered in your moments of fear and worry as though it HAD occurred.  Do you see?  You are creating the worst even if it be only in your “mind” through the emotional RE­ACTION of fear.

Often the question is asked in earnest, “Well, if we are told, for example, that the probabilities are high that we could soon expe­rience a devastating earthquake in San Francisco and/or Los Angeles, are we not “feeding” the negative proba­bility by be­lieving it and thus insuring that it will occur?”  We will answer in two-fold manner.  First, you must recognize the facts of truth of your “present” circumstances...that the planet, Mother Earth, is a being who has been poisoned by you, her guardians.  She will need to cleanse herself, so this means massive earth changes will occur as a part of the process of bringing to the surface the poisons of nuclear detona­tions, pesticides etc. which have been festering within her.  Also, you have the “mighty” powers of Russian cosmospheres which un­naturally control the weather patterns, and which are able to detonate bombs al­ready in place along your “fault” lines.  So you have the agenda of your beloved planet who wishes only to be cleansed, and the agenda of the Dark broth­erhood work­ing through the “ELITE” few to control your planet and that means to ulti­mately destroy much of the population in or­der to manage THEIR domination more easily.  Is information about lies, de­ception, and cover-ups perpetrated against you by these ones of THE ELITE, which is coming forth through the Journals, “negative” and there­fore not worth your time to consider be­cause you fear “feeding” the per­haps undesirable (to you) out­come of perceived “negative” probabilities?  THIS MATE­RIAL IS INFORMATION GIVEN IN TRUTH, BE IT PERCEIVED “NEGATIVE” OR “POSITIVE” IN MANIFESTED REAL­ITY.  UN­FORTUNATELY MOST INFORMATION PRE­SENTED SO FAR IS A RESULT OF GOD’S PROMISE TO EXPOSE THE  “SATANS” OR “ADVERSARIES” WHO HAVE MAN­AGED BY FORCE AND AL­LOWANCE TO HOLD YOU HOSTAGE IN “ILLUSION” OF SEPA­RATION AGAINST YOUR CREATOR WITHIN YOU BY DECEP­TION OF TRUTH OF YOUR POWER OF ONENESS.  WHEN IT BE­COMES “NEGATIVE” UPON SELF IS WHEN YOU ARE NO LONGER IGNORANT OF TRUTH AND YOU STILL DO NOTHING TO CHANGE YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES BE­CAUSE YOU WOULD INSTEAD RATHER HIDE BEHIND YOUR FEAR AND SELF-PER­CEIVED HELPLESSNESS!

Is it wrong to make “plans” for your future in your now?  Not if it corre­sponds to the “positive” creative unfoldment of self-im­provement and self-expansion of your knowledge and wisdom of Truth in your NOW.  You see, YOUR DE­SIRE TO KNOW AND SERVE GOD will itself propel you ever forward in knowledge and wisdom of Truth.  AND so too, (your desire) will demand the discipline of self to remain focused on your goal.  Let us define discipline,  “1.  Training of the mental, moral and physical powers by instruction, control and exercise.  2.  The state or condition re­sulting from such training.  3. Punish­ment or corrective action for the sake of training.  4.  A branch of knowledge.”  We would further add herein that there need not ever be PUNISHMENT of self or another to achieve discipline. Simple integrity of focused attention in gaining wis­dom of Truth and recognizing and understanding consequences of thoughts and actions given in “error” are what are necessary to take cor­rective mea­sures of action for successful training IN GODLY TRUTH to take place.

This scribe has recently heard it said,  “In order to be a `winner’, (given in ref­erence to a “karate” competition) you must develop the three D’s...DESIRE...DEVOTION...AND DISCIPLINE.”  Well, we will ask you each to apply the beauti­ful simplicity of this statement to your­selves in your goal to overcome the false “illusions” of the Anti-Christ and be­come the “winners” of attaining your UNLIMITED SPIRITUAL FREE­DOM by recog­nizing and reconnecting with THE FA­THER/MOTHER CREATOR/CREATION WITHIN YOU.  Remember, we dis­cussed earlier how the “Anti-Christ” rules you by your de­sires—meaning for “things” or “attachments” of physical illusion.  If your ONLY true desire is TO KNOW AND SERVE GOD/ATON, then where does that leave the Anti-Christ?  Out the “door” of YOUR space on his behind!

Remember this too, precious ones, when you truly ASK the Fa­ther/Mother God/Aton within you FOR Truth, YOU RECEIVE TRUTH.  This does not mean you will necessarily like or enjoy what you find, but as long as you re­main devoted to the disci­pline of emotional detachment, such as from feeling paralyzing fear, you will become EMPOWERED by THE WISDOM of the GOD/GODDESS within you.  Does this mean you will never feel fear again?  Not necessarily, but you will by your desire, devotion and discipline learn to overcome your fear and take the neces­sary actions to bring about GODLY changes, whether it be within self or in “situations” or experiences put before you.Here is another aspect of understanding fear which you must also recog­nize.  You ones also can experience fear or alarm as a “warning” mecha­nism of clear or unclear present danger to you.  Fear became the mani­festation of your desire for “survival” on the physical plane.  It was cre­ated by you because of the limi­tation brought about by your “veil” of for­getfulness about your soul immortal­ity.  And it was thus encouraged by the “deceivers” or “satans” in order to ter­rorize, control and enslave you through your fear of death of the body.  Actu­ally, even those of you who now KNOW your soul is immortal will still feel fear if you or your family is threatened in some way.  You must overcome the fear by acknowledg­ing the “warning” and seeking protection, counsel and guidance with THE FATHER WITHIN, so that you will be given instructions about how to best respond to the situation, whether it be defense of self and family or some­thing other.  Many ones simply fear physical pain and suffering more than death itself.  So you must overcome the initial “fear” warning, and gain the counsel within to ACT in order to protect yourself or others.  It is only when YOU are overcome and paralyzed by your fear that you will not listen to YOUR inner guidance and thus lose your power to change the outcome of the situation. So in summation, when we say “you must conquer your fear”, we are speaking of future fear/worry orientation and that fear which paralyzes you into INACTION or feelings of HELPLESSNESS.  Remember YOU are NEVER HELPLESS WITH GOD!  You must learn to TRUST; you will ALWAYS be given whatever you need in ALL circumstances put be­fore you.  WHEN YOU SINCERELY ASK THE FATHER/MO­THER WITHIN, IT IS DONE!!