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Sananda Esu 'Jesus' Immaneul

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Mar. 24, 2017




SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1989   7:00 A.M.   YEAR 3, DAY 088


Sananda present to resume work on the journal.  I would suggest that you de­termine if there are portions of the past three days of Commander Hatonn’s responses to G.G.’s questions to be in­serted.  It is often good for ones re­ceiving these journals to understand that we are as close as your telephone—with an un­listed number of course.  Just dial “GOD”, the operator knows our extension numbers!


We will do as much work as possible this day for you will have a babe to cud­dle most soon now but we do have to arrange for stars by night and clouds by day, etc., so you have a few hours in which we might put this journal to rest.  If so, we can allow you to simply stay in your mobile covered wagon in the town so that you can catch up a bit on your rest as well as birth the babe.


I would most like this journal to be out to the public by the Christmas holi­days if at all possible—advertisement could go with the shipment of the prior books as distributed but this year a heavy thrust is in­tended by the Satanic troops at holiday time.  That might well be mentioned in the notification of availability.  It is not mine birthday, nor Jesus’ birthday (which was in August—8th I believe you count, the symbol of infinity—I have a most thoughtful fa­ther, by the old calendars it was also 8 ‘B.C.’) but it is the accepted time of celebration and there is a demonstration planned this season in the under­ground.  All ones must tend of the little children most closely—never leave them alone for a moment and check your tenders most well if you leave them for holiday events.  I cannot stress this need enough!  If there are events, take them with you if possi­ble, or do not attend!


Let us now move on with this distasteful journal.


* * *


I left you at last portion with a discussion of one Sean Sell­ars.  I shall leave him now but shall return to him for you must know the workings within his mind at the time of his terrible crimes.  He has turned unto me and I would petition that he be left in the state of aliveness for he can do much good from his place of incar­ceration.  But he must reap his just rewards and be an ex­ample to other children who are tempted into the evil path.






Most of you reading this document will not even know who this is.  He is one of your up-front heavy-metal stars.  I believe his name is David.  By his own words, “I am a practicing Sa­tanist, but we never try to preach that religion to anybody.. . . .Satan has noth­ing to do with concerts.”  So be it!


At the concerts by this creature the children are frantically mad­dened by symbols, lights and mind blasting noise.  The song lyrics are literally laced with references to death, coffins, graves, evil, rape, murder, suicide, etc.  The results are prevalent all over your planet and in the U.S. from coast to coast.  In your country satanic activity is increasing dramati­cally.  In Maine, a dozen of your orthodox churches were com­pletely defaced with sa­tanic symbols and threats.  In Califor­nia, New Jersey, Alabama and elsewhere police have found in­verted crosses, pentagrams, mutilated animals and all sorts of satanic paraphernalia.






The most pathetic, though not necessarily the most horrendous, are those crimes urged on by so-called adult practicing Sa­tanists and music crazed-minded children.


In Douglas County, Georgia, the judge sentenced l7 year old Milissa Ernest to life in prison with these words, “I’m sorry for you, young lady, and I sen­tence you to a life in prison.  And I’m sorry for you—I can only wish you good luck.”


Seventeen year old Melissa Ernest and two other teenage members of her coven admitted drinking her 15 year old victim’s blood, then dancing around her still warm body.


From a small town in Maine:  “Yesterday’s conviction of Scott Wa­terhouse for the murder of 12 year old Gizelle Cody may fi­nally bring to an end talk of a satanic cult in the town.”


Long Island, New York:  Police arrest 17 year old Rick Casso for the ritual murder of 15 year old Gary Lauer.  Casso gouged out his victim’s eyes.  It is most horrifying to realize the level of vio­lence involved in these crimes and the total lack of re­morse at any level when first confronted.  The violence in Sa­tan’s name is ap­palling and savage, brutal enough to sicken even the most hardened of police investigators—unless they, too, are practicing “Satanists”.  Consider the next instance:


In New Jersey, officer Paul Hart saw the unthinkable—a boy just turned 14 years of age, Tommy Sullivan, murdered and muti­lated his own mother.  Tommy had written a contract with the devil before he butchered his mother with his boy scout knife.  The murder took place in the basement of the Sulli­van family home.  “Tommy died as brutally as his mother, through wounds self inflicted first to his arms and wrists.  Following that he literally slit his own throat from ear to ear with the same three and a half inch knife—from the windpipe, all the way back to the spinal column—to the point of almost taking his head off.”


A couple of years ago another youngster, in Missouri, and three of his friends who had been dabbling in Satanism and listening “to a minimum of five hours a day heavy-metal acid rock”, car­ried base­ball bats, a cat and a length of rope to an isolated spot near their home town.  By the time the night was over, the cat had been mutilated and one of the boys beaten to death by the other three, then dumped in a well.  I shall only speak of one of the boys for he has come forward and is most willing to speak publicly—along with his mother whom I give great honor for sharing.  This beauti­ful in appearance young man, Pete Roland, is in prison in Fulton, Missouri, sentenced to life without parole.  His two friends are also sentenced to “life”.  For the record you will find their la­bels to be Jim Hardy and Bud Clemmons.


Pete Roland said he and his friends started out by listening to the heavy mu­sic, and using drugs, and then killing animals—this by his own words.  In the frenzy of the fatal night the bloody ritual ended with Pete and his friends striking 19 year old Steven New­berry, some seventy blows with the bats.  Af­ter the first blow Steven asked, “Why me?” and one of the boys re­sponded, “Because it’s fun!”  Pete can’t remember how many times he personally struck Steven—”just a lot”.


This is one of the most beautiful young men you will ever en­counter—perfec­tion in physical appearance, handsome, well spo­ken and now one of mine own.


Now, important that you hold the following close to your hearts for this is truly the way the evil leader works—!  When asked about his feelings re­garding Satan the young man replied, “He lied.  He promised us power and control and now we have nothing—he lied and double-crossed us, he just leaves you empty and de­stroyed—after it was over (the killing), I was just empty.  I don’t know how I felt—I guess I really didn’t feel anything.”  and he goes on, “I didn’t think ‘right or wrong’ because it just didn’t mean anything.  I just had no appreciation for good or bad, but just from what I was into—I just needed to do ‘bad’—it was like, in my head to do it.  There is really no way to ex­plain it.  I really never felt good about myself, I had really low self-esteem and the things that I’d seen in the satanism—I thought I’d get power and popularity and I felt like I had a place of belonging in my . . . . . and it did make me feel like I belonged - -.”


When questioned about whether or not the killing made a differ­ence, he replied, “It didn’t really make a difference to me be­cause I considered thoughts of suicide myself and I felt like he was me in a way because he had the same beliefs as me and he was kind of like me.  If I didn’t care about my­self, then I really wouldn’t care about someone like me.


“The guy who got me started into this was really popular, he was the presi­dent of my senior class.  I got curious, and just like I said over and over again—power.  I just felt a sense of ma­choism or something—made me feel big like a king in a sense of how he feels over all his servants.


“But then, I don’t feel really too good now,  as far as all that’s happened. But in a way I feel better because I’m away from that stuff and I know that people do love me in a real way and I am a Christian now . . .I guess I’ll have a long time to think about it.”






And what of the grieving parent?  Who eases the pain of the griev­ing, guilt ridden parent?  May we please look at a picture of what happens- - -:


Pete’s mother, Penny Baert, “There were some things that I saw that I should have paid attention to.  I saw the album covers and they are hideous.  I just assumed that if they sell them, it’s got to be OK.  I assumed it was a passing phase—I had my things at that age.  I assumed that he had his—I assumed wrong.


“Well, I think what I mostly noticed was that Pete began to avoid us as a family.  He didn’t want to be around us.  I remem­ber mostly when I would come home and fix dinner, he would come home, go to his room, and when my husband and I were through eating and had left the kitchen, then Pete would come in and eat.  Then he would go back to his room.  He really avoided us.  There stopped being any family life and his friends didn’t come around the house any more.


“I love him so much.  I think I love him now more than ever be­fore but I am angry with him because he knew right from wrong.  I asked Pete one day—long after the trial, because I just couldn’t talk about it for a long time, ‘How could you kill a friend?’ And he told me that he had no regard for his own life, therefore he had no regard for Steven’s life and Steven was in­volved with this, also.  He knew Steven had no regard for life, even his own life, so it seemed it didn’t make any difference to anyone at the time.  Yes, I still love him and I always will be here for him and I have to ac­cept that this is his life, this is just the way it is and I have no choice- - -!


“I should have paid attention because I saw the record covers and I saw sa­tanic symbols on this book work and I even spoke to him about it.  He said it didn’t mean anything and I wouldn’t have even known what to look for any­way.  I assumed all that was a passing phase—I assumed wrong.  Please, you other parents, don’t ignore it.  It doesn’t ‘pass’, it is something I will never get over—never.”


And again, Pete: “The music was like when we killed animals, it was like it just went around and around in your brain.  I can see the thoughts just like they are real.  Yes, it just went completely through your mind.  I can see the hurting someone you know, tortur­ing people and just all saying Hail Satan and whip­ping of tied-up ones around you.  After you listen to this hours and hours a day every day, for years or even months, it can get to you.


“Steve got chosen as the victim just because he was a human and was there—just because we could deceive him easy.  When he was hit the first time I looked down and it just kind of sounded like ‘pop’ and I knew what it was so I looked up and Steve’s eyes were real big, you know, and he just said, you know, ‘Why me?’  He just looked like he was really sad and someone said, ‘Because its fun, Steve, and we’re all just like vultures, you know.’  We just went crazy.  I don’t know how many times we hit him—a lot.


“I look at my hands and I think these can’t be the same hands that killed him and I mean, I know that they are, but it doesn’t seem like it, you know.  I would never want to kill anybody ever again.  Right after we did what we did I just. . . . well, I felt real empty inside.  I felt I could never love again, you know, like a zombie.  The devil really double-crossed me; he just leads you on to destruction and here I am in jail without even parole . . . .”






And now let us go back briefly to Sean Sellars, condemned to die by lethal injection because of the murder of his mother, his step-fa­ther and a conve­nience store clerk.  Let us hear what this young­ster says after hearing denials that Satanism or music has anything to do with brutal activities.


“Oh, I’ve heard all that before.  The satanists say that it is not the teaching that is wrong, that it is the person that is wrong but, I can’t use satanism as a cover for my own violence because it all boils down to being one’s own re­sponsibility as to what you do.  But they tell lies—lies all the time.  You see, satanists believe good is evil and evil is good and of course that is the basis of the whole satanic thing.  They, the satanists, believe evil is good—and that is what I believed.


“They will claim the Satanic bible is not taken literally but we all take it liter­ally.  Millions of people are taking it liter­ally all around the world.  The facts are that teenagers are drawn into the cults and a lot are being used for the cult sac­rifices and there’s been so much denial, but it is true.  What is worse is that there is so much pain and gore and blood and stuff but really, no one shows you how to get out once you’re hooked inside.  Ones try­ing to get out sometimes call me or their parents call — and, well, one in Texas called about her daughter but said she didn’t want her daughter out just ‘to be­come a Je­sus freak or anything like that’.  Well, I just couldn’t help her because there isn’t any other way out—you have to turn to a Christ of some kind because that is all that can get you out.  And the destruction just goes right through families, for instance that Texas girl destroyed three other lives because she went to live with her Aunt and Uncle and the mother ended up insane in an institution.


“I sure do believe in the devil but I don’t worship the devil any more.  I am a Christian—I stand up boldly and proudly and say I am a believer in the Christ way.  There is just no other way out of satanism except through the Christ path because Sa­tanists curse ev­erything that is Christian in truth.


“The big problem about this whole issue is that the lies from the orthodox Christian churches causes the kids to be turned off.  They go to church and preach one thing and then go right back to doing all the stuff they just de­nounced.  It’s really hard, man, really hard to understand.


“The problem is that the crimes are so heinous that people don’t want to be­lieve that any adult would do these things to a child and I don’t know specifi­cally about the Church of Satan and Mr. LaVey or The Temple of Set and Mr. Aquino, but these awful things and sacrifices really do take place.


“I went out and killed that clerk just because I had broken all the laws but the one of murder—I just chose the first one that was handy, really.


“The night I killed my parents, I did my thing with the rituals and boy, I really got worked up over them butting into my busi­ness and I listened to the music and got really worked up . . . . I just de­cided to do it.


“I didn’t remember for a long time about it—the killing, I mean.  And now I have nightmares every night and I nearly go out of mind in remembering.  I see myself standing there by their bed and blood is pouring out of my mother’s face and spurting all down the wall and puddles on the bed—and I’m laughing—I’m hysterical and laugh­ing and laughing and laughing . . . . 


“I don’t know about dying here.  I guess whatever they decide is what will happen.  But I think you should look at what I was be­fore I got hooked and what I am doing now—the good that I am doing now—because I can reach a lot of people with my own story—well, I could just do a lot of good - - -.”


So be it, so be it.  Pray for your children and open your eyes—for some it might not be too late.  Selah.


Let us close this portion and have a rest break, Dharma.  I choose random geographic locations in these inputs for you must come to know that it is ev­erywhere—everywhere!


I move to stand-by.