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Violinio Germain

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Obviously the first step to communication with God is to some­how “forget” your body and stop thinking about anything.  In other words, move into zero stillness.  You need to turn off your senses and become a vacuum insofar as your senses are con­cerned.  Next, you desire mentally to reach the Light.  If you could express this desire in words—stop and let that ex­pression have a meaning, but without words.  Let it become a realization.

“Easy for you, Germain,” I hear all of you saying and yes, we may have a go at it and proba­bly will need to produce a tape to use in conjunction with early practice sessions—we will con­sider that as we move along here.  The second step is to STOP WORKING AT THIS!  At this point it should be even more ob­vious that I want you to be able to read—not cut out on me.

You will, especially at first, find it hard to stop thinking.  The harder you try to stop thinking, the more actively you will think!  Therefore, just relax and “allow” the thoughts to drift on through—DO NOT HANG ONTO THEM—WE ARE EFFORT­ING TO CLEAR THE MIND, NOT SOLVE PROBLEMS OR FOCUS ON PROBLEMS.

Get comfortable and let go—relaxing as much as possible—make this your time.  Allow your mind to give “orders” as to that which you desire, i.e., I want to relax, then become alert enough to read with clarity and understanding.  Take a nice deep breath and hold it (to a count of about six) and slowly ex­hale while repeating to yourself—”I am still”.  Do this about three times and then just rest a moment while instructing your inner mind to remain relaxed, remain receptive and that with each easy breath you take you are becoming more and more re­ceptive and relaxed.

As you move along you will probably want the simple tape we made with Dharma for it allows you to have assistance in clear­ing of self, dark energies, and then allows you to write or read while remaining quite relaxed.  A lot of you already have it.  At the worst, you will go to sleep and get some rest if nothing more.  The main thing is that this is NOT the time to solve your fi­nancial problems, the kid’s problems, the world’s problems or tend your cares.  You need to use these early sessions as if all the world were already in perfection and you have nothing to do but relax and play this game.

First you will feel nothing more than a bit of inner relaxation along with the body relaxation.  Desire to contact the thought of God and remember—HE is on top of everything and therefore is perpetual universal joy—you must desire to reach that same fre­quency of pattern and you can­not do it while you dwell on the new tax affixed to “munchies” in California.  Release the pounding anger over toxic wastes for a minute and put aside atomic bombs and starving chil­dren.  You cannot change those things until you can approach them from Creator point of view and that can only be done by viewing from that standpoint.  You will note that during this pe­riod of relaxation that you find some peace and stillness then the state of inner joyousness will grad­ually become an immediate response and the more you practice in segments the more perma­nent characteristic of your nature will this inner peace become.  What you are efforting to attain is the acceptance of the negative impacts without bringing on reac­tions of fear, anger, discour­agement, inferiority, envy or jeal­ousy.  Just see things for that which they are in objec­tive man­ner—for you must function with reason and controlled intent—not in reactions based on fear, etc.  God is total passion and energy—He is NOT in fear, anger, depression, etc.

Even if for only this brief respite, your ailments and afflictions will move away from you for they cease to be the “focus” of your attention.  If things ARE and you cannot change of them—you must release them for that which they are and deal as if ev­erything and everyone in the world had identical afflictions—this makes you one of the crowd rather than alone in percep­tion—for actually, if a brother is afflicted you may not realize it—but you too have the affliction.  As you begin to focus on God within—the physical inconveniences or perceived unfairness be­comes un­focused and you will find that a crippling circumstance is only a bit of a handicap, i.e., if you can­not walk—then God always has need of hands and brains!  God accepts NO EXCUSES!  AS YOU MOVE MORE DEEPLY IN BALANCE WITH GOD AND THE MENTAL ASPECT OF WHAT IS REALLY IM­PORTANT—THE OTHER THINGS OF FLESH DESIRES DO BECOME LESSENED IN IMPACT.  YOU WILL ACTU­ALLY FIND, IF YOU GIVE IT ACTUALIZATION, THAT IT IS ONLY THE MIND CONNEC­TION TO SOURCE WHICH HAS MEANING AND THE THINGS OF THE BODY TAKE A LONG BACK-SEAT.  YOU MUST ACCEPT SELF AS IS—EXACTLY AS IS, WITHOUT “IFS” FOR YOU ARE WHAT IS!

The point herein, however, is get into that state of relaxation which allows this peace.  The utter relaxation from all mental and physical strains which comes from simply stopping the madness in your mind and stopping your active focused thinking and replacing it with desire for just one thing—inner joyousness—which will immediately begin the cure of any bodily ail­ment of mental distress.  After you get pretty good at this procedure you can begin to add some problem solving into the storyline.  At onset just hold in your mind that you desire to “talk with God about things”.  In other words, give form to your desire—for that is real prayer.  Furthermore, if you ask in behalf of another, placing self at the end of the request, except as how you can better serve—you will note instant response and disattachment from ego self-cen­tered “me”.

Just reading these words will not do it—you are going to need to practice but it most certainly DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU GIVE ALL YOUR TIME TO IT.  We will get to some very substantial physical conscious methods of dealing with prob­lems—through confronting them.  You hold the problem and therefore, you hold the answer, all you need do is locate it and in objectively looking and listing all aspects of the thing you stop the “worrying” at it and get on with solutions.  To worry is to prevent solution.


Meditation is the desire of man to know God in him and to manifest his God-awareness by extending his knowing—through his thinking—to the production of material bodies cre­ated byhim in the image of his inspired conceiving.

Let us put it more simply by saying that MEDITATION IS A DESIRE TO BE ALONE WITH GOD TO TALK WITH HIM.  MEDITATION IS REALLY A CONFERENCE BETWEEN YOUR SOUL AND THE UNIVERSAL SOUL.  To be One with God means to desire His knowledge and power.  God’s Mind is your Mind; hence you have all knowledge and power that God has to the extent of your awareness of God in you and the mea­sure of your compre­hension of your unity with Him.  If God’s knowledge is asleep in you, it must be awakened in order that you may be aware of it.  When you are aware of it, you can use it in the measure of your ability to compre­hend it.  The entirety of Universal Law works with you at your com­mand.

Some of the things I say here in the beginning may not make much sense and seem even trite.  Please abide with me long enough to give it fair trial.  You are actually afraid that you are going to get all relaxed and give away your perceived short­comings—GOD ALREADY KNOWS THEM SO PERHAPS IT IS TIME YOU FACE THEM!  The facts are, however, that what you fear will not happen if you release the fear—it is the fear of a given thing which draws it di­rectly unto you.  The point herein is to communicate with God—not wash dirty laun­dry.

To the extent of your awareness and understanding, and to that extent only, you may use uni­versal power to think your knowing into material forms.  Your KNOWING is your Mind-Self.  Your Mind-Self is you, the eternal Being.  Your Self is not your body, nor is your knowing in your brain, but your knowing controls your body and your brain as their absolute master.  Do not confuse your Mind and brain as being the same.  Your Mind thinks through your brain and with it, as a lever works upon its fulcrum—remember the JOURNAL describing this working mechanism.  Your brain is but the instrument for fulfilling the commands extended to it by Con­sciousness, which Mind is.  Your brain records memories, experiences and information electri­cally, just as phonographs likewise do, but it is the will of your Mind which orders your body to obey through electric messages from your brain, just as it likewise orders your auto­mobile to obey.  The nerves of your body are the “wires” of the electric machine which your body is.  The brain is but a nerve recorder and distributor.

The measure of your cosmic knowing is the measure of your God-awareness.  It is the measure of your ability to dwell in the Light of all-knowing and to command the thought universe of Cre­ation with God.  You are then a co-Creator with God.

Thinking what you KNOW into imagined forms is expressing your eternal Self in the invisi­ble universe of Mind.

Giving formed bodies to imagined thought-forms, by following up your thoughts with ac­tions, is ex­pressing your eternal Self in the visible universe of matter .

That, beloved ones, is all that God does, for He controls His electric body as its absolute master.  He keeps all of its interac­tions and interchangings in absolute balance, for God is eternally cre­ating His body in the image of His desiring.

You can do likewise, if you desire to, by working knowingly with God.  You can be master of your body n the measure of your awareness of God’s power in you.  You must remain in bal­ance instead of continually unbalancing your thoughts and body actions in diverse ways from morn until night and from night until morn.  Tensions and strains, fears and worryings, and vari­ous emotions destroy your body by the accumulation of toxins.  You will continually pay the price of your wrong actions until you ultimately learn that whatever you know, you think—and what you think, you become.


This brings us to a point where much confusion exists regarding Mind and matter.  We must make this relationship so clear that the confusion will dissolve in your understanding.

Mind is spiritual and constitutes the INVISIBLE universe of CAUSE.


Matter is physical and constitutes the VISIBLE universe of EFFECT.






God expresses His desire dynamically by thinking and imagining.


God is the Universal Soul.  God’s thinking and imagin­ing create a body to manifest His Soul.  THAT BODY IS THE LIGHT-WAVE UNIVERSE AS A WHOLE.



It is God’s one Idea divided by His thinking and imagining into countless millions of units of ideas, each having a differently formed body but all manifesting the ONE by being extensions of each other. 

There is naught else in all of this vast universe but moving bod­ies extending from the stillness of the cosmic Light of Soul which centers thinking—Mind of God and man.  All formed bodies are made in the image of God and man, and extended from mind-imaginings to manifest God and man.

How simple it really is when you think of it that way—Cre­ator and Creation being just mind-imagined forms dynami­cally extended into light-spectrum-formed bodies fashioned in the im­ages of their imaginers.  How much more simple it is to think of all the universe as one mind, one Soul and one Body, seemingly divided into many Minds, many Souls and many bodies.

You must really learn to think of God and God’s body that way before you can fully under­stand the ONENESS of all things.  When you do learn to think of it that way, you will then know that there are not two separate or separable things in the uni­verse.  Likewise, you will fully under­stand that you are the center of the universe, for all things in it extend from you and all things are extensions of each other and of the ONE.  There­fore, all things center all things, and each is the center of the entire universe.

How glorious and wonderful is the realization that Mind of man and Mind of God can know their oneness in meditation in order that the creations of man can have the balanced rhythms, the symmetry and the stability of God’s creations!  All that God does is to think thought-forms of ideas and give them formed bodies from His Body and Soul of His Soul.  God thinks man and the body of man appears in the image of God’s imagining.  In the same manner, the bod­ies of roses and oaks of the forest, ants and lizards, elephants and horses, planets, suns and oceans with all their living hosts of swimming things, and countless other formed bodies ap­pear as sepa­rate ideas all extended from the One, and all from each other.  Some of God’s fa­vorite and spe­cial thoughts are of flight and freedom and perfection of the winged creatures who ride the elec­trical waves of the pulsing atmosphere.  Those winged creatures are your very connections with the stars for it is the principle of flight which ultimately gives you free­dom.

Now guess what!  This is also ALL THAT MAN DOES!  He also thinks thought-forms of ideas and gives them formed bodies from Universal Body, and Soul from the Universal Soul.  The en­gineer conceives the image of a bridge and the formed body of the bridge appears in the image of the engineer’s imaging.  Then by taking bits and pieces of that which exists, he BUILDS by fitting the appropriate pieces together and, if needs be, he places a mechanical lever system within the mass which will raise and lower the bridge.  You call it manufactur­ing!

A writer places abundance of organized alphabet letters on a pa­per and then compiles the paper and “creates” a story—an ex­pression of idea.

Likewise, the musician thinks music in the silence of his imag­ining and, behold, the formed body of the music appears in sound as notes are reflected from his scratchings—but the sound must extend from the original silence of the idea.  And so, too, are you—and all men—thinking imaged forms of multiple things and giving them formed bodies in the image of your imagin­ings.


Whatever the greatest genius in the world can do, you can also do.  You have the same inheri­tance that he has.  The only rea­son you have not given evidence of it is because you have not yet been aware of it.  In other words, you have not yet discov­ered your Self.  That divine spark of ge­nius which is aflame in him is dim in you.  You can illumine yourself by inspira­tion and deep meditation—or you can go forth and create something else which appeals to you more.  The greatest miracle that can hap­pen to you is that wonderful discovery of your Self, the divine power which lies within your Self, and the awakening of unlim­ited knowledge which you un­knowingly now have.  And you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything to dis­cover that won­drous Self.  Its been there all the time—YOU HAVE SIMPLY BEEN RUN­NING AWAY TO HIDE FROM IT WHILE TOUTING THAT YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR IT!  MOST OF YOU ARE TERRIFIED AT THE POSSIBILITY OF FIND­ING SELF.  There is great secu­rity in the forever “searching” and insuring that you DO NOT “find”.  It be­comes an ongoing EXCUSE for irresponsibility.

One of the reasons you have not yet made that marvelous dis­covery of your own genius is be­cause meditation is still new to the Western races.  Worse, as it is discovered it is tainted by the foolishness of those who desire control and wealth from that which you seek.  But in spite of all that the adversary does, there is coming a more constant beat of that “Inner Voice of the Spirit” which is forever calling within the Souls of all men.  When you are too busy with ma­terial things to have time to lis­ten to that Voice, you become chained to emotions of your body and to the demands of material things.  You are enslaved by them.  The moment you begin to listen to your Inner Voice, that moment you become freed from slavery to the body.  The high heavens of God’s omnipotent and omniscient universe then be­come your dwelling place.

Meditation began when thinking began at the Dawn of Con­sciousness in the human race.  Man was in communion with God and thought nothing of it—it was a present part of his being­ness.  Until the “Dawn of Consciousness” men were ruled by their senses and their instincts.  As soon as hu­mans began to “think” and “know”, they began to suspect a superior Being.  Worship then began; sun worship, idol worship and, finally, the Inner Voice of thinking-man led him to the spiritual idea of many gods—then to ONE God.

Through the centuries of meditation or communion between the physical senses of men and their spiritual inspiration, the genius of some unfolded beyond others.  This gradual unfolding has been taking place during several ages of man until now a new stage of the human race is un­folding which is the dawn of the “Cosmic” Age.  The great masses of mankind are not yet ready for cosmic knowing but many thousands are ready for this new knowledge of the invisi­ble uni­verse of thinking-Mind.  It may be that there are even a few millions who are ready to become the seed of the new race of cosmic man.  What a lovely and intelli­gent time it will be.

The test for ascertaining the average number of those who are ready for this higher step up­ward in the unfolding of the man-idea is not a religious one.  It is a cultural one.  Let us ex­ample a city of some 8,000,000 people—a city like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc.  Of that number of people there are about 25,000 people who seek the higher inspirational rhyth­mic creations of the world’s great geniuses who interpret the heart­beat of Nature for the Souls of men.  These will shun noisy crowds if possible, shudder at hard-rock noise and find distress in the musicless loud pounding upon the ears and Soul and seek aloneness in the forests or ocean’s shores if they can find soli­tude, where they can hear nature’s silent whisperings and rhythmic sounds within their very Souls.  To the rest of the 8,000,000, the silent whisperings of Nature have no meaning whatsoever other than boredom.  If these be found at ocean’s shores, it will be where board­walks and blatant noises vibrate the senses of their bodies pleas­antly for the excitement of their senses only.  These still live sensed existences with body-aware­ness controlling their lives and as boredom increases so does the violence which is uti­lized to hype the senses.  The Dawn of Con­sciousness has not yet illumined them with the Light which still awaits their Soul’s awakening.


Those illumined ones who are now ready to open the doors of their Souls far wider for the Light to illumine them further will uplift the whole human race to higher standards.  Out of that whole, there will always come an average few until the Cosmic Age will be strong with growing numbers of the more and more illumined—and believe me, I speak NOT OF NEW AGE!  THESE ARE THE ONES, THESE ILLUMINED, WHO FOR­EVER UNFOLD THE SPIRI­TUAL NATURE OF THE HU­MAN RACE.  They will not present as pious, dictatorial nor controllers.  They will present as that which you call “normal” or “regular” “good” peo­ple—for they are all of these things.


Creation is an IDEA of God.  Love is the one whole Idea.  That one whole Idea constitutes what God knows.  God thinks the one Idea into countless parts of countless forms.  Thus God’s think­ing takes God’s knowing apart into seemingly separate ideas, each of which is given its sep­arate form.  That is exactly what you do.  You may have all of God’s knowing if you become fully illumined, but in each communion with God you get a little more each time your Soul touches the Universal Soul.  You then take it apart and think it into objective form.  That is what consti­tutes God’s Creation—or yours. 

You ALWAYS get that which you ask for if you ask for it with your Soul instead of your senses.  If you ask in words alone, you will not receive what you ask for, because you have not asked God for it—you have but asked your senses for it.  When, however, you have actu­ally written your desire into your heart­beat, as some have automatically done all their lives, from mo­ment to moment, you unfailingly acquire the knowledge you ask for.  It comes to you in a timeless flash in the rhythmic language of Light which God uses to talk to His children.

Having thus acquired that part of the one whole Idea which you have asked for in your heart, you then think it into the form of a concept by imagining it into a form.  The conceptual form may be misty or nebulous at first.  Do not act upon it while it is still nebulous.  Decentrate to the zero of the Light, over and over again—then concentrate.  Each time you concentrate, you more clearly see the image of it in your inspired imaginings.  While it is still in embryo, do not give it birth into the objective universe of form and motion.  Dwell on it until it becomes clear to your outer vision.  If it is an invention, meditate upon it until you clearly see it.  Do not waste time ex­perimenting at this stage.  See the embryo of it completed mentally before you spend pre­cious time on it physically; otherwise it will be immature just as a child’s body is immature if born in embryo.

If it is a sale, assemble all of the elements of the sale together until you can vision its consumma­tion clearly before approach­ing your client.  If it is a motive for a symphony, hear it in the silence of your Soul before you give it a body.  No matter what your desire is, take it to God for a spiri­tual form before you give it a physical one.  Create it INVISIBLY before you create it VISI­BLY.  Get into the fixed habit of seeking that zero of still­ness in the Light before starting to think or act.  When you fi­nally act to give your concept a physical form, keep your Soul attuned to the Universal Soul.  Hold fast to that inner realiza­tion and joyousness which comes from working knowingly with God.  Your creation will be finished in much less time and you will know no fa­tigue.  Let this paragraph become a part of you by meditating upon it endlessly.  Talk to God constantly in His wordless rhythmic language of Light.  The moment you find yourself working alone with your own ego, stop working, for the emotions of your sensed body are making you aware of it and your work will not be enduring without the Light of your Soul in it.  Physical emotions immedi­ately smother spiritual in­spirations.


You can know an idea timelessly, all of it, but to think it into objective form is to take it apart for extension into the three-di­mensional universe of time and space.  To thus think it, you di­vide and multiply it into many conditioned material forms and set them in motion to become a part of this physical universe of multi-conditioned moving forms.  This creative process re­quires a tech­nique—but knowledge and inspiration require NO TECHNIQUE.

Always remember that God is creating His universe by giving body forms to Mind-imagined forms.  Likewise, you are creat­ing your universe by giving objective body forms to your imagined forms.  YOU MUST, HOWEVER, CONCEIVE THE IDEA FOR THOSE FORMS BEFORE YOU BEGIN TO BUILD THEM INTO YOUR IMAGININGS. Then you must imagine them fully before giving birth to them objectively.  When your imagined idea is suffi­ciently clear, then start creating it whether you know its technique or not.  Learn the technique of it in the DOING OF IT.  A technique is something that your body acquires, and anyone can acquire any technique; but knowledge and inspiration you do not acquire.  You already have that.  All you need do is to awaken it.  And to awaken it, all you need is DESIRE to awaken it.  The moment you have the de­sire and let God know of it, you will then begin to know that glorious language of the Light which you, yourself, are.  Inspiration will then come to you, and in that inspiration your desire is being ful­filled with the knowing which that inspiration is.  The language of Light is wordless, but in it is the essence of Intelligence.  You, yourself, can put Intelligence into words, for words are but a technique.

Likewise, whatever form you wish to give it, you, yourself, can translate the essence of that di­vine language of Light into form through any medium by acquiring the technique of that medium.  That is something which your body does by acting solely with your will.  Through your will, you command your body to ex­press your desire.  Your body is but an automatic machine which must be manipulated by your will.  It must be trained by your will to fulfill every technique of ex­pression, and it may take years to so train your body to automatically obey your will.

That is why it takes years of practice for a body to become a perfect musical instrument, or an instru­ment which paints, writes or sculpts with tools which are but extensions of the body.





Your conception of an idea has the same relations to that idea as the seed of an oak has to the full grown oak.  Your imagining is recorded in your very Soul, and from the stillness of your Soul the idea extends into form, just as the form of the oak extends from the stillness of its formless seed.


The inner joyousness of conceiving an idea and imagining its form and purpose is as uplifting as the “created” extensions of it are, and it is purposeful even if it but uplifts you alone.  To be pur­poseful for the world, however, you must give your inspired imaginings of formed body which re­sponds to the senses of man.  It is through this action-reaction of giving your creation a material body that you make it a masterpiece.  Extending your Soul into it by moment-to-moment com­munion with God is the way you give love to your creation.  If you do not extend love from your Soul to your creation, you do not give it life.  Not having life or love given to it, it cannot regive life or love to in­spire others.  It is already dead and soon will be buried in the trash basket of dead things.

A masterpiece of any product whatsoever is that to which the life and love of the Creator’s Soul have been extended to it through your Soul for re-extension to other men by re-inspiring them with your immortality.

Above all, remember, moment by moment, that your body is an extension of YOU.  If you give it love, it will regive love.  If you make of it a surly, grievous unbalanced thing, it will extend to others what you extend to it.  Stop right here and give some deep thought to this idea.  Then come back to it often and give more and more thought to it until you become meticulously care­ful as to what thoughts you are going to allow to pass through your body, lest you make your body ill and drive others away from you by your repellent thoughts and repel­lent body.


There is an indescribable glory all along the road which leads from your active thinking to the stillness of deep meditation.  If you cannot actually go to the forest or sea, the better to com­mune with God, go there in your imagination.  If some prob­lem demands your thoughts, let the imagined tones of the sea drown them out.  If you imagine the sea and hear the rhythms of its waves pounding upon the shores as echoes of the heartbeat of the universe resounding within you, or if you hear the breezes whispering in the pines with your inner ears, the glory of the ec­stasy will soon drown out dross thoughts of Earth.

Meditation transports you from the world of sensing the motion of things materially to imagining them cosmically.  It transports you from the world of blatant sounds which sear the senses to the world of rhythmic silences which is without body—to the world of the soul and the seed of things unborn which await their birth through you.  The world of your imagin­ings is your escape from emotions, with its tensions and nervous strains, to the ecstasy of your Soul’s high heavens.  It is the cosmic way of restoring balance.

Earth music is melodic and chains you to Earth.  The “music” of the “spheres” which you hear with inner ears is deeply tonal, not melodic.  The rhythms and tones of Nature’s music which sing its oc­taves in the language of Light have always within them the pulsing rhythms of the universal heartbeat, al­ways the one-two one-two pulsing of the Father-Mother heart­beat of borning-re­borning forms of things which manifest the Father-Mother pulsing rhythms of the Soul’s high heavens.  Al­ways in your deep meditation, the music of the silences from which sounds of Earth spring is like unto the aftermath of the great symphonies by cosmic masters which have refolded from sounds of Earth that your ears have heard into your very Soul which still hears them in the pulsebeat of your imagining.  In the beginning it is most advantageous to take unfamiliar but beau­teous harmonics to accompany audially your meditation for it drowns out the undertones which keep the mind from its imag­ining.  Plus, if there is a pulsing heart­beat you will find your imaginings coming within the same wondrous rhythms.

Never will you hear the one-two-three of waltz rhythm in the Soul’s high heavens, for that syn­copation brings you quickly back to Earth and to awareness of your body EMOTIONS and its SENSES.  That one-two-three rhythm makes you want to physically dance, and that is good for it gives physical happi­ness.  But, it distracts greatly from original creative thought.  To those whose desires are so deeply rooted to the senses of Earth that their deep appeal is the deeper syncopation of jazz, the si­lences of the high heavens are but a deep void and as though they did not exist.  Jazz music, you see, splits the rhythms of nature into such unbalanced rhythms that he who listens severs his Soul from the Universal Soul.  That is something to be ap­preciated or un­appreciated by the physical and does not meld with the thought-producing Soul creation.  It be­comes a total distraction into the physical which is exactly that which you are efforting to avoid.

I certainly am NOT suggesting to you that you should not listen to the music which excites body emotions, for they are good when properly divided between the rhythms of Earth and the rhythms of heaven, such as the one-two-three of rhythmic waltz.  You need to live gloriously on Earth as well as in the high heav­ens, but to live the rhythms of Earth alone is to be but clay of Earth, chained to Earth as slave of Earth, never soaring into the high heavens of the Light of immortal­ity.  Mortality is a prison cell from which you can escape only upon the wings of your immortality.  Herein we are discussing contact with that won­drous immortal Self so do not confuse the two subjects.

Salu.                                                                                                     I AM