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Esu Immanuel Sananda

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July 1,  1991    rec #1 


Greetings, precious Druthea.  I AM Sananda, One with God.  I come in service to Holy Di­vine God of Light and to The Creation.  Druthea has petitioned for clarification regarding “pain” and “illusion” and how it relates to one who serves God upon 3rd Dimensional Earth Plane.

Druthea’s “confusion” came when she read Hatonn’s statement of Saturday last in which he said.  Peace” does not mean “absence of pain”—it means exactly what it says—”at peace with that which you are—within.”  The Masters before you have had total Peace within—and abun­dant earthly agony and pain with­out—do not confuse the two.”

What is the “confusion”, little sister?  Did you think that you would serve God here and then ALL would be painless and fearless within you?  Come now, chela.  Let me do some “reminding” about this place and the nature of your “agreement” when you serve upon “physical” illusion.



When you ones of God petition God to serve in 3rd Dimensional “physical” illusion, you KNOW in advance that part of your service involves MANY challenges to THAT service by the ad­versary upon this place.  The adversary “rules” this place through the developed illu­sions, which we call “obstacles” of FEAR and PAIN, as well as a host of other “human physi­cal” emotions.

Chelas, let us give you an example with which to ponder.  Most any well-meaning spiritual seeker can and will serve God when all receive him in Love, and there is NO criticism, NO pain, NO doubt and NO Fear thrust back at him.  But how many of you WILL endure the DISCIPLINE of physical and emotional obstacles, such as fear and pain, and continue in your service to God?  It seems, few indeed.



Do you see precious, that you who have agreed to assist this de­veloping humanity must jump in completely and function in this illusion as ANY human does, that includes experiencing the ad­versarial challenges to your INNER KNOWING.

You have a saying which applies herein,  “When in Rome you do as the Romans do”.  When on Earth Physical, you experi­ence as Earth Human at the same level which the “Mass” Con­sciousness of the WHOLE is experiencing at.  This is how you gain “understanding” of the workings and hardships of this “illusion” that hopefully you “remember” and “rise above” the obstacles set before you in true spiritual discipline. SO THAT YOU BECOME AN EX­AMPLE FOR HUMANITY to see that perhaps they TOO can over come the compression of this illusion and find the JOY within of KNOWLEDGE to sustain them in God’s service.

It is easy to be upon a higher plane and observe Earth function­ing and say,  “Father, please let me serve my little brothers on Earth.”  It is quite another thing to find yourself in earth physi­cal bombarded by the actual illusion and perceived separation from Creator source, and through the experience then begin to truly comprehend the difficult nature of your commitment to serve.


Hatonn, Germain and myself can speak of the true nature of “Reality” which is ALL KNOW­ING, LIGHT, LOVE of MIND of Creator, but it does not mean that YOU experi­ence in physi­cal form only within MIND OF GOD.  The suffering and pain of Earth is tremendous, and as a human working here, you will most certainly be impacted by it. 

The question to self and God is,  “Will you continue in your service to God IN SPITE of the adversaries evil projections and painful bombardment?”  We feel YOU WILL DO SO.  That is why we work so closely with you ones to remind you and assist you in keeping you “on track”.  The discipline of self in com­mitment is extraordinary upon this plane.  Frankly, that is the CHALLENGE you ones desired and you certainly felt at the time that you agreed to serve here that you could handle it.  We KNOW you can.  Do you?

Experience on Earth is really quite a test of MIND over MAT­TER (illusion).  I came as did you ones and endured pain and agony, fear and rejection.  If you think I and the Masters be­fore me were somehow “above” human emotion and pain, you are sadly mistaken.  I experi­enced as human, as part of MY testing and spiritual development in service to OUR Father God/Aton.  I developed such compassion for you ones because of my expe­rience upon Earth.  This is why I promised to return and bring you who choose to go HOME to Our Fa­ther’s Kingdoms. 

You see, I could not serve you NOW in my inherited capacity as SANANDA had I NOT ex­perienced physically upon the Earth plane.  I made the choice and my rewards from MY Fa­ther Aton have been incredible.  You ones have yet to remember HIS LOVE, Light and Per­fection of KNOWING.  I and my brothers serving with me hope to bring MANY of you home to His place of remembering within you.  God has prepared a place for YOUR re­turn.  And WE are come to bring THE WORD that you ones may choose GOD within you to return to.  So be it.



It is true, chelas, that pain and fear are symptoms, EFFECTS of dis-ease in one’s thinking or “believing” patterns.  They are tools of the adversary.  Pain and fear also exist as develop­ment of physical manifestation ILLUSION.  You will either fall into feeling “helpless de­spair” or you will recognize CAUSE in self, and continue your commitment of service. 

For example, many of you ones of earth, are “sharpening” your spiritual discipline within by enduring the challenges without.  It is really that simple.  Is it easy?  God NEVER said it is easy to experience here, BUT the rewards are tremendous, especially in regard to the gain­ing of KNOWLEDGE and Spiritual Perfec­tion.


You ARE giving birth to God perfection, Love, Light and Knowledge within.  This does not mean that birth is easy and pain free always.  You are creating your birth HOW YOU DE­SIRE IT TO BE.  Some of you choose pain in order that you can practice “Mind over Matter”.  The point I have been ef­forting to make is that YOU CHOOSE ALL in your experience, in­cluding adversarial challenges or obstacles to self.  I simply want you to know that in REAL­ITY OF GOD LOVE and MIND KNOWING, you are not REQUIRED to suffer continu­ously unless you choose to do so for some understanding...or punishment within.

Do you know that when you DECIDE to, you can RELEASE your pain to Our Father and it will dissolve by the strength of your intent and DESIRE?  It is so.  I suffered tremendous physi­cal pain as a test of discipline to myself before and during my crucifixion.  I did not suf­fer as long as I could have though, be­cause I surrendered MY WILL TO MY FATHER and HE re­leased me.  That is why I was comatose and “appeared” to be physically dead.  I was NOT killed at my crucifixion, as it was the WILL of MY Father that I continue in service else­where.  I was NOT a Martyr who suffered and “died” for YOUR sins.  I RELEASED MY WILL TO GOD, WHO IS WITHIN AND HE RELEASED ME FROM MY PAIN THAT I COULD CON­TINUE HIS WORK.

Perhaps now you will understand why I have recently written about Martyrdom.  It is be­cause YOU ones MADE me a Martyr so that somehow you could justify YOUR evil be­havior which is simply a product of your IGNORANCE, and NOT be responsi­ble for selves when you er­ror.  If I had DIED, perhaps I would have Martyred myself, but I certainly would not have “passed” my initiation toward “Sanandahood”, now would I have?  I would have GIVEN UP PHYSICAL LIFE on earth and there­fore, been unable to continue with my commitment of ser­vice to GOD/ATON on earth. 

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SINS (ERRORS).  I know we keep repeating this statement, but it bears repeating and repeating that you ones who call yourselves “so called” Christians who believe I died upon the cross FOR YOUR SINS, KNOW THAT YOU WILL STAND NAKED BEFORE GOD AND SELF IN RE­SPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN SINS.  I don’t care if you claim you accept JESUS CHRIST as your savior.  YOU will “save” your own soul and assets or they will not be “saved”. 

And what about your soul?  YOU will choose to GROW INTO KNOWLEDGE OF SELF-RESPONSIBILITY and abide within the LAWS OF GOD AND NATURE, or you will choose physi­cal destruction of self and thus remain in a place in keeping with your IGNO­RANCE. 

What is even more disturbing to those of us assisting Earth hu­man, is that you ones even seem bent on destroying your very beloved planet!  YOUR life-blood of survival as a species is at stake, and YOU SEEM TO CARE NOT ABOUT IT!

This is why WE of YOUR HOSTS most certainly hope that you ones will take heed of the WARNINGS about HOW NATURE WORKS, especially those given by Germain at this time within the Pleiades Connection series, and that is that Atomic Radiation is BURNING YOU UP, EXPANDING YOUR CELLS OF LIFE AND CREATING DEATH WITHIN YOU AND ALL ABOUT YOU.  You MUST stop this madness of developing Nuclear Atomic Plants, because it is coming back upon you; and you think there is suffering now?  Oh, MAY GOD HAVE MERCY UPON YOUR SPECIES IN YOUR IGNORANCE OF THAT WHICH YOU DO!  YOU WILL REAP BITTERLY THAT WHICH YOU HAVE SOWN UPON MOTHER AND MOST OF YOU KNOW IT NOT! 



Please read ALL of the PLEIADES CONNECTION SERIES, 1,2,3,4 and I expect more vol­umes as this is the information which will hopefully SHOCK enough of you into action for self-preservation, if no other motivation arouses you.  Send these books to the officials in EV­ERY city which supports a NU­CLEAR PLANT or ones who PLAN to build one.  GIVE THEM QUICK REFERENCES ABOUT HOW RADIATION TRULY WORKS AND THE DANGERS OF MINING AND SEPARATING MINERALS FROM THEIR NAT­URAL STATE WITHIN YOUR ROCKS AND EARTH.  THE MAD­NESS MUST STOP, CHELAS! 

We hope that with this knowledge now coming to you via Ger­main and Hatonn, you and your officials and statesmen will SEE THE LIGHT OF TRUTH and put an end to what WILL be the complete destruction of your Earth Species, as well as the Earth as you know it now!  You can avert further damage, only you MUST act NOW!

Now I will quote from one of Germain’s recent writings within the Pleiades Connection se­ries that you may further understand the seriousness of your circumstances upon earth:

...”Nature has a tremendously balanced rhythmic normalcy in her orderly processes of cre­ation.  It is all of it good for Man and animal alike when they observe that normalcy.  When they defy it, or violate it through ignorance of it, Nature (or GOD) does not punish them for that viola­tion.  Ignorance punishes them.  The discovery of atomic energy as a means of ob­taining greater heat than an orderly and normal way suitable to envi­ronment, is as much a breach of Nature’s orderly processes as it would be if Man violated the law of gravity by dis­covering that he could get to the bottom of the canyon in a much quicker than the normal way.  No man would do that because he knows bet­ter.  Atomic energy for industry is as great a vio­lation of Na­ture’s way as a defiance of gravity would be (realizing that even gravity is not that which is accepted).  And it is as sure a death for the violator of one as the other.

“We know that Man is not intentionally defying God’s law.  There is but one other reason why he is doing it, which is that he does not know what he is doing.  Do not, however, for one minute believe that, as time has elapsed, the Elite have not seen the possibilities and now uti­lize same for their own greedy pur­poses.  Man admittedly does not know what he is doing.  The law works just as irrevocably, and inevitably, however, against him who defies iT, as it does for the one who does not know.  For long ages he has sought for the life principle in germ or ul­timate unit of matter.  He has never found it there and never will.  Likewise, he has sought for the principle of death.  This he has now found, but does not know it.”...So be it and Thank you, Germain.

I am very sorry that we must show you these things, these con­sequences of your errors and your ignorance.  I know that you do not like much what you see and especially what you hear within The Phoenix Journals, only you must KNOW THE TRUTH OF YOUR CAUSE, even if it is through igno­rance that you caused this destruction upon yourselves.  Because you see as it was so beautifully explained by Germain, the law works irrevocably and inevitably against you if you defy it knowingly or unknowingly. 


Now you may have a better grasp at why the Highest COM­MAND of The Creation is:  “Gain ALL knowledge inasmuch as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of Cre­ation.”  Ig­norance WILL kill you, and although your soul is IMMORTAL, your REMAIN­ING in igno­rance can and will cause you much unnecessary pain and suffering.  And in this time-frame of your evolution, not only can your ignorance of Nuclear Atomic En­ergy cause you great pain and suffering, IT can also DAMAGE soul essence and as Hatonn has said,  “THAT IS A NO-NO!” 

So here is THE WORD and THE WORD will go forth as promised by God/Creator of LIGHT, LOVE and KNOWL­EDGE.  YOU will choose that which YOU will do, and the CHANGE must BEGIN WITHIN EACH ONE.  You will each stand responsible for self.  And those of you in God’s service will become most disciplined in ability to WALK through the destruction of the physical illusion all about you to assist the bringing home of YOUR brothers who choose GOD in ONE­NESS.

May God’s light shine brightly within and without you that you remember WHO YOU ARE AND FROM WHERE YOU COME IN ONENESS.

I honor and salute you of our physical crew members, who al­though not all of you remember yet your complete commitment, yet you serve responsibly within the INNER KNOWING, ever enduring and surmounting the outer darkness, discomfort and distraction of this illu­sion.  KNOW, precious ones, that GOD’S radiant light IS WITHIN YOU ALWAYS to guide and comfort you.  I love you greatly, precious ones.

Let us close this document.  I trust that I have clarified suffi­ciently to bring Peace Within about that which is.  Thank you precious Druthea, my little dove, for inquiring on behalf of self and your brethren for clarification.  I never leave thy side, chela, and Michael and Ger­main are always with thee as well.  Hold this close to your “heart”, precious.  Your “worthiness” is absolute, you just don’t “believe” from human ego perception that this be true.  Release that false “perception” to YOUR KNOWING within, precious.  You will en­dure.  KNOW THIS FOR THIS IS YOUR DESIRE...TO SERVE GOD.  I AM Sananda, ONE WITH GOD, in service to His Light of Knowl­edge, of Love and of Light, and there­fore to YOU, my brethren.  Thank you for your attention.  Salu.