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Sanat Kumara

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I am Sanat Kumara who comes, Dharma, and I see that you recog­nize of me.  So be it for in the ending we are all but the one.



Long ago, and I stood witness, a great light appeared in the East.  This was the sign unto man of Earth that life eternal would be Truth.  No soul, no mat­ter how degraded, shall be de­nied admittance to the great school of life.  This is the time when truly the lion shall lay down with the lamb.

On the Earth there is great confusion in man’s minds that cause the turmoil and even the seas to boil in hatred; but HE came to prove that the troubled waters can be calmed and stilled, the fury of the winds can be hushed by the raising of HIS hand in loving benediction.  The Father placed the Earth and all celes­tial bodies in the heavens.  They are created out of spiralling primor­dial matter for man.  Man was to be the god of physical form: man, the high­est expression of Deity known in the entire Omniverse.  Ah, but man misun­derstood and misunderstands yet unto this day.  O, man, realize that you are the highest form of Deity anywhere in the entirety of the Omniverse.  This does not mean that you are the only “man” within the Omniverse.  But there is nothing beyond you—in this you are grand.  Ah, but also in this you are the lowest.

You are lowest because you have knowing and other life forms do not.  Therefore, you must be both their brother and their ser­vant.


There is life and intelligence in all forms, as ancient man knew and re­spected.  Man alone is not the only “thinking” being.  It is “reason” that sets man aside from his other relations.  Every el­ement, every mineral—all forms—have inherent intelligence, and man is sent to be their keeper and their elder brother.  Have you given care to thy role of caretaker?  Have you pro­tected and guarded?  You are the elder brother of these forms, innumerable forms throughout the Omniverse.  It is up to you to raise them to ever higher evo­lution as they, along with man progress up the worlds to infinite grandeur, to Infinite Light.  Have you set the pattern to growth or destruction?



The great beauty of the ages now approaches wherein all doubts and fears shall be rolled away as a great scroll.  There shall be a great thundering.  The heavens will be torn asunder.  Then man will view himself and will look into his mirror of ‘knowing’—no longer will there be confusion.  If man will but accept of his scepter of God’s gift he will no longer be hin­dered by the dark­ness of ignorance and superstition.  Know this, and in knowing it there must of necessity be sadness; and yet there must be gladness for the beauty that it shall bring forth.

But you must know of that which impends and is forthcoming.  Yes, there can be atomic detonations and cosmic ray bombard­ments—so be it for if you will but do as you are instructed, you can come into safety—these are the “effects”.  But what is the “cause”?  The cause of the destruction that shall come upon the Earth is from man’s own thought patterns.


Since the time when the Sons of God came in unto the daughters of men and animal-man appeared upon the Earth he has been striv­ing from beasthood back to angelhood.  But faulty thinking shall now break forth as the elements refuse to be regarded as they have been so regarded for millennia upon the Earth.  They are part of the Infinite One, and because they are part of the Infi­nite One they will not respond to man’s negative thinking any longer.  They will rebel, causing great tidal waves and great winds.  It is already so!  Millions shall perish for they will not see nor hear of the Truth nor of the warnings.  They shall be placed anew on other places appropriate to their level of pro­gression in the spirit growth.  Because of the remnant that must remain, the Earth will be purified and raised to a new di­mension and vibra­tion frequency.

Very soon the winds shall scream, sooner than you can realize—it is already upon you, for I have witnessed it in the plane above that of physical expres­sion upon the Earth, and that means that if it descends one more plane, it shall find your reality.  The fields and the great cities shall be desolate with­out inhab­itant.   Can you even imagine a world whose great cities are without inhab­itants?  It is sad for man is forewarned and turns his ear to the noise of that which he has created in confusion and for hiding from Truth—running away from God instead of into His great security.

O, man of Earth, if you but knew the love that descends to you from spheres innumerable, from minds inviolate!  If you would but listen you would know.  There can be nothing but beauty.  From all the catastrophe that shall come only the vision of a beautiful ‘perception’ shall remain, for man steps forth in a pu­rified light of his own creation.  But man must see and lis­ten.

The forces of the Black Dragon can deafen the ears of man to the music of the spheres, to the wondrous melodies of the angelic hosts, but yet they have not found power to still the celestial movements for, no matter how powerful their armies, the Moon will still remain to meet the dawn of a new day.  They have not yet learned how to still the melodic song of a brook nor can they, in their attainments, reach the heights that the eagle can reach in his soaring upwards, as a great prayer that rises from the Earth towards the Infinite One, for the eagle is master of the Earth above all of them.


Remember, beloved, the beauty of Earth is in the creation that you stand upon, from which you derive your nourishment.  It is like the bosom of our Father/Mother, where you rest your head to regain strength.  It is your Mother and yet it is also your Fa­ther.  The Earth is a beautiful world, vastly more beautiful than some of your neighbors.  I have always loved Earth be­yond all other creations, for I see within it a melody that has not yet es­caped into the ethers.  I see it crying as one bound and shackled.  She shall not, however, be deprived her celestial song much longer.

No, the Black Dragon, with all its negative force, has not been able to take away from the beauty of the creation.  That force has not been able to deny the brook or the world the twilight song.  Yea, if they could do so they would do so.

It is truly recorded in the greatest archives of Akasha that God did truly pro­vide and man divided.  That is the seeming motto of Earth.  Man must come back from his multitudinous sins to the One God, for it is not in complexity that we find the Father—it is in total simplicity that we find Him.


As you serve, remember each and every one of your fellow-men is a portion of deity.  Think of each one that you meet not as this man or woman or child but that each one that comes before you is the Father in essence!  If you would think on Earth of each one as a part of the Father, with due respect in that degree, then the Earth’s problems would dissolve instantly.  Ah, but this ye do not do!

The hungry multitudes of Earth are crying for a Savior who can once again give them the loaves and fishes who, from a small paltry substance, can feed and satisfy their hunger.  They are crying now for the waters of life, for the manna of wisdom.  And I say that it is written—it is an edict from the Highest One—that this shall be done, for He has commanded: These are my children; they must be led back to my bosom and they must be fed my substance.  And yet, they know not for which they cry out.

We, yes I, too, who holds the Earth in our hands were given her to develop, to cherish, and to bring to fruition.  We now see that the harvest shall be am­ple and the storehouse of the Father will be full for the migration to new grandeur of being, if we but do of our work with fitting action in His name and service.

I would give you a divine commandment for the time immedi­ately ahead for you ones:  Feed the sheep of God!  Give where it is required.  Give not of your past glories but give them that which the soul needs.  Tell them that there shall be catastro­phe!  Prepare them that they shall prepare for that which will come; show to them the way.  But tell them out of this shall come the greater light.  Tell them that, yes, catastrophe comes upon the Earth; for the night comes when no man can do of his work, and the night is now here upon you blessed ones—disaster and de­spair for you have forgotten your way.  The flood gates and the winds shall wash and blow away all of the old.  It was the spawn of darkness; for it can be endured by all men if they can  know be­yond is rainbow’s end and take the precautions as are handed forth in in­struction for thy use.  Beyond the journey is oneness again with our Infinite Creator Father.


If you but knew the worlds without number, the infinite man­sions, the stars of great majesty and the beauty that appear like beautiful gems in the velvet of the Omniverse—millions of thy brethren souls cry out in a peal of peace towards the Earth as she passes through her time of travail.  You have forgot­ten of such love and such affection for you have forgotten of your pathway.

Therefore, it is your duty to bring this message forth; this mes­sage which is two-fold: a warning to prepare for that which shall come in the waves and the winds; and it is a message sec­ondarily that there are those who care, who are acting as the emissaries of the Infinite One.  Tell man that he is loved, that he shall be guided as he asks to be guided: “Ask, and ye shall re­ceive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

They shall be caught up, and be where the eagles gather.  They shall not be found wanting.  Tell them that their Father has heard their petitions.  The Father is ever gracious and ever lov­ing unto His children—but His children must turn unto Him.


I am he who is only as great as the smallest particle of sand on the Earth and is only as low as the highest mountain top.  I have known countless existences upon this beloved planet.  To know now the sweet essence of the breeze and the cedars of Lebanon, the aspen of America; to feel the gentle waters caress­ing the many shores of the world; to know the harmony as the beautiful plant life of the planet responds to the minds of man.

On Earth the great kingdoms that would serve man: the mineral, the veg­etable, the animal life—all are in a state of chaos; be­cause that which was created to be its master is not a worthy master at all.  The mineral life, veg­etable life and all animal life finds that its god, its master, is a drunken  mas­ter who reels to and fro in his folly.  That is why they now rebel against him.  But on other worlds they respond and they caress their master, and the result is a vibrant life-giving essence that is beyond comprehension and you have no words to fit such a description.

Has not man often wished to return to the security and warmth of the Mother?  I say it is equally true of man for the Father.  Man of Earth knows where he must go but he cannot always find his way.  Therefore, the coming times directly ahead of you all point that way unto Him; for that shall be your fulfillment of spirit.

I have now spoken to you from out of the smallest of the cre­ation on Earth and out of the largest: the small and the large being one in Him.  Peace to you from all Creation, and my peace also unto you.


I have asked to speak with you because for me it is the time of the great un­veiling and, in a smaller sense, of your great grad­uation to another plane of consciousness.




It was a time very long ago that I was called to the Earth to per­form a certain mission to the children of men.  Now the time has come for me to return to other duties as another of your sisters enters her great initiation.  But I shall always be at thy service for it is a time of greatness.


Even this very day upon the Holy Sea of Galilee the armies clash.  It is yet in the beginning of the ending and the ending of the beginning, as it was proph­esied of old, for today the long strife that has taken place in the ‘unholy’ Holy Land has reached an apex—a culmination point—the armies of Egypt and Syria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, the Arab worlds and Israel—all are in foment and agony.  This is where the spark will be struck which shall ignite the approach of Him whom ye await; and do ye not wait upon Him with exceeding pa­tience and pleasure?  This is the lesson that you all must learn, not once but over and over, in worlds of magnificent splendor as well as in worlds that are veiled and are dark in culture and development.  How many times have we learned this lesson?  And yet we all continue to learn, for, take away curiosity and take away the thrill of living and seeking and man could not exist.  Man shall never reach the end of that road.  Ye shall always seek.  If it is not coun­tries or lands and peoples, then it shall be worlds, or suns, or systems, or galaxies, or super-galaxies; and beyond that you shall know pleasure in the realms of light themselves, each one adding its own vibration and its own light—its own dimension and its own spirit evolution.


One of the greatest of all laws is that in order to receive you must first give, for, like the giant water-basin, it can receive the heavenly rains until it chokes and swells and runs over, but it must run over, giving of its abundance to the dry parched ground beneath it.  If it does not, then it bursts and can con­tain no more.  But if it does give of its abundance then, when the great rains come again from heaven, it will be replenished all the more and again can give as the hungry earth drinks in every drop and waits for the great water vessel to give again of its abundance.

It was decreed long ago that I should come to Earth to assist our Elder Brother who rules this System, and to assist all our beloved brothers and sis­ters upon the Earth Planet.  But I must also be in the tending of my other re­sponsibilities unto that which has been placed in my ward.

Therefore, I gave what I had in abundance to my Earth children.  Now that I have done that—and I say it without any egotism—and fulfilled this task, now shall I receive of the latter rains that will come forth.  So ever is it a process in our develop­ment through many millennia.  We give forth and we receive; but every time that we receive we receive more.  The water vessel is not a sta­tionary, permanent thing.  It becomes ever larger, ever more shapely, ever more perfect in the eyes of the Father.  From a crude clay vessel it becomes a vessel like unto a gem of finely cut crystal.  Your entire solar system is now coming into the great initiation, for it is true that you are now heading di­rectly for the Super-sun which governs your Galaxy, around which countless island universes perpetually move and have exis­tence.  Your System is head­ing for the center of this activity, and this increased rate of vibration fre­quency will profoundly affect ev­erything within your system; whether it be mental, physical, or spiritual it will not escape changes in the new en­ergy that is forthcoming.

You are now on the border of this great transition and heading ever closer to its fulfillment.


That is why Christ returns to the Earth: because always the great Master of a solar system incarnates and gives aid to the planet which is lowest in progres­sion in that system, and also because He is the spirit of the Earth, which posi­tion He achieved in His incarnation as man, but the Christ is for the System.


Let us look at an example:  There are two men.  Both have com­mitted the same error exactly in all its details.  Each one has done the same thing.  But can you condemn each man equally?  No, you cannot condemn either man.  But look further into the cause of things.  On the Earth man only looks to ef­fect and never to cause.  Once he looks into the heart of things he will find that it is the heart of the Father Himself; then from there all the rays of cre­ation proceed out from Him.  He will never find it by looking at the rays alone.  He cannot trace it from effect to cause.  It must be from cause to ef­fect.  So let us look not at the effect which is what each man has done but let us rather look at the cause of what each man has done.

Let us take one man.  We find that he has done a certain thing through igno­rance of the law.  The other man had knowledge of the law.  It is said in your world that ignorance of the law is no excuse, but in the Father’s realm igno­rance of the law most surely is an excuse.  But once we have learned the law, if we falter and make error, then we are indeed in a different cate­gory than those who through ignorance perform the same thing!  You see, the error is not in stepping into the hole in the ground; the error is in stepping into it twice, once we know it is not the thing to do.



I gave this example to show you the condition in which you find your world at present.  The Earth has had many civilizations and, when one has gone to the bottomless pit, man rises in this cultural development and again builds a glo­rious civilization with great scientific and technical advance.  But again the civ­ilization drops into the bottomless pit; can ye not learn?  On your sister, Venus, for instance, there has never been a de­struction of a civilization though she has made a grand transi­tion.  On the planet you call Mars in your sector, it has oc­curred twice—but Earth, dear ones, it has occurred hundreds of times.  Man of Earth cannot seem to control and discipline the great knowledge once it is attained.

Man must learn to apply knowledge once he has attained it.  You are not in the process of developing your physical forms.  If you develop them and at­tain, yet do not apply what you have learned, you will soon lose what you have attained.  In fact, you would perhaps be in worse condition than you were before you began.

Man on Earth must learn to apply knowledge in constructive chan­nels.  Therefore, once we have asked and have received, the law is that we must apply what we have received, and then we must give of that which we have received.

I have received much during my mentoring on Earth and Earth shall always be close unto my heart, especially as we enter this great period of initiation.  The skies of Earth will become fan­tastic.  Through many prophecies that have come to you from all about your lands from the great prophets you think you might have insight into that which will be coming unto you—and yet, dear ones, you have no ability to comprehend.

Dharma, you are most weary, chela.  Let us close this portion for this day.  Thank you for your contribution for we recognize of the difficulty of your pathway.  Truth and gifts you send forth shall be returned in abundant mea­sure.  Peace be unto you who serve at this critical time of change; peace is our mantle unto you.