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Patrick H. Bellringer

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by Patrick H. Bellringer

1. O God/Aton, we see your stars above us,

We also see, your starships flashing bright.

Our friends are here, from far away Pleiades,

And they have come, to help us make things right.



We sing this song, of joy O God, for you,

You bring us hope, you bring us sight.

We sing this song, for all our cosmic friends,

You bring us help, you bring us Light.


2. We walk the path, of Truth of kind Sananda

Our way is hard, our burden is not light.

The road seems long, the darkness ever pressing

Now you have come, to help us restore Light.


3. The heavens show, the Truth to all the nations,

The starships flash, their colors in the night.

The Lie goes on, with evil mind deception,

But Truth wins out, when darkness meets the Light.


4. We give our thanks, to God and the Creation,

We give our thanks, to all our Cosmic friends.

We wait in hope, to see our friend, Sananda,

And board the ships, when third dimension ends.


(Tune: How Great Thou Art)