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Transmission From Soltec

Through Alora Sky

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ec and it is with great honour that I come forth this day. I wish to alert you to the movements of the Ashtar Command and its Ships of Light. We are aware that you perceive our ships as a physical aspect but please know that they in fact are a vibration and thus actually have no form - any form they may take is only for your benefit. Our ships are a vibration that hold the intent and purpose of our missions at any given time. This vibration (ship) provides a meeting point for beings who come together to focus upon a particular mission and once achieved, they move on to other tasks and the vibration is dissipated.


Now, the reason that I speak of this is to let you know that a massive ship of Light (Mothership) will be manifest about your planet in the coming months of your new century. As a ship, as I have just explained, it is a pattern of vibration. You may perceive it as an actual physical entity of Light if you wish - we can project this holographically onto the retina of your eye. You need but provide the intent, desire and time for this to be so.


This Mothership (massive vibration) will be put in place about your globe as an anchoring point or counterweight, so to speak, against the tipping of energies on your planet as the earth changes accelerate incredibly.

Such an outpouring or release of negativity by Mother Earth through Earth changes (she must release the negativity that humankind has heaped upon her), will greatly alter the Lightgrid and magnetic polarity about your globe and thus our Mothership will be likened to an emergency energy-source for the planet. I do not say this to alarm you for all is well and in safe hands.


However, as with anything we do, it must be done in co-operation with the awakened Lightworkers of your Earth, so I do indeed extend an invitation for you to work closely with myself and the Mothership which I shall "co-captain" with dearest Ashtar and Monka......

I Am Soltec

Light fills the darkness with it's luminance.

Have a blessed and love filled day,

Alora Sky