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4/23/97   SOLTEC


Good afternoon, my friend.  It is I, Toniose Soltec, come in the Radiant Light of Creator God.  Be at peace and be still.  Let us write this day that many who earnestly ask may have answers.

All is unfolding in Radiant perfection!  You shall soon see where your path is heading and the LARGER picture will be more evident.  The past is written and cannot be changed.  The present moment will dictate the future unfolding of your desires.

The play is written, though not all of the individual roles have been assigned.  Each participant in the play will add his or her uniqueness to the drama, thus there will be the spontaneity of the experience!

When one chooses not to participate, then that is their choice.  This choice shall be honored.  This "selection" process will cause delays to some extent, though very small in most cases.  When and where we can, we will effort to work with those expressing a desire to participate.  Though, just as a casting director must evaluate abilities and skills, so too must we, and our subsequent testing of those skills will determine the selectee for any particular role.  There will always be a selection and "auditioning" process for each task.

As ones PROVE their abilities and suitability for any given assignment, these ones are then put through RIGOROUS training and practice for their given role.  Many will get too involved in the physical experience, with family or career distractions, to realize that they have come into this experience in order to participate in a much broader manner than what they may even be able to perceive themselves capable of at this time.

We know the potential of each and we also can see the given probability of circumstance that will unlock the potential of each. From our vantage point, we orchestrate, with the personal Guides of each, scenarios that are quite objective in presenting opportunities to each Souled Creation so that each will be presented with optimum opportunities in which to grow.

Many have come to participate at this planetary transition time so that they can experience same and grow in awareness and abilities.  Some have returned at this time for very specific and focused reasons.  These ones are the ones who will be called upon in the event that no one else arises to the occasion.  These ones are working on their primary reason for coming into the physical and will continue to do so throughout their journey regardless of their "collateral" assignments.

In some cases they will only fill in as long as it takes for another to be brought up to speed in order to accept the challenges of any particular assignment.  This is the reason for a lot of the fatigue that you ones are feeling and the burden of "not enough time" that seems to be haunting you constantly.  Have Faith in the play's perfection.

As the play continues to unfold, you will see that there WILL be just compensation for your efforts.  Nothing goes unnoticed from the Higher-Dimensional Perspective of Creator.  Nothing!  All will circle back into balance and each will be given to understand the reasons for their frustrations.  Be aware that THE limiting reason is, almost without exception, due to your own inner viewpoints and beliefs.

If your perception is that of confusion and disbelief, then you will find great inner conflict and a sense of overwhelm.  This is because you are resisting the very opportunities that you have come down there to experience for your own personal growth.  Your foot's on the gas pedal and brake!

No one of the Lighted Hosts will force you to grow; the choice will have to be yours.  Our place is to offer you guidance and instruction in the form of suggestions made in reason.  We will never coerce you into doing anything, nor will we insist that you do anything.  We may very well offer nudges, even in a nagging sort of way, in order to get your attention from time to time, but we will NEVER force you to do anything.

Your growth is YOUR responsibility and you will do it of your own free will--or you will stagnate of your own free will.  I will offer here and now that it is my suggestion that you CONSIDER CAREFULLY your intent.

Consider all of your actions and whether or not you would consider them worthy and Godly.  When you can live in such a state that you do not have to feel regret for an action taken in anger or in a state of emotional instability, then you will begin to turn yourself around and you will see the balance coming back into your life.

Let go of the past for it is GONE!  Forgive yourselves and move forward.  What and who you were yesterday is insignificant compared to what and who you are today!  No one in the physical is without error.  You all make mistakes and you all grow from your mistakes.  Stop expecting perfection from yourself--and most certainly from others--else you will find yourself in a state of frustration that will consume and confuse you.

Start fresh this day and move forward in TRUTH and HONESTY with yourself.  When you can stop lying to yourself, you will find it much easier to be honest with those around you.  Think how it makes you feel when someone is honest with you!  You are all Godly Creations and you can, if you so desire, reflect this at any time.

We offer these messages in Love, Compassion, and Understanding.  We know, in most cases better than you, what will bring forth the inner balance and joy that you desire.  Ask honestly with the Heart and you will be given to know.

Please keep in mind that those things that you are hiding from are the things that cause you the most pain and are often the things that you will need to confront in order to find the balance that you desire.  This is to say that your emotional state may appear to be getting worse (rather than better) at first, but with persistence you will be freeing yourself from the pains and traps of your mind and the end result will be a more balanced and harmonious state.

Keep in mind that I said we would help and offer you that which you need.  I did not say that it would be easy!  It will, however, be quite valuable to you in your overall growth.  And the experience, in retrospect, will be quite fulfilling.

As you work through your fears, you will gain great knowledge and insight into the workings of the mind.  This experiential knowledge will grow at an exponential rate--slow at first but, with persistence of effort, it will garner you great knowledge.  This knowledge will help YOU to free yourself, as well as help you to help others to understand and, in turn, help themselves.

Keep inner balance as your goal and you will draw the resources and experience to you so that you can see where your fears are residing.  When you can identify the TRUE cause of your fears, they will no longer be able to control you.

The adversary is a master at exploiting one's fears.  This is how he can distract and divert those who effort to "do the right thing" from reaching their goals.

Judge not the person, but rather, the actions, for you may be calling a person into your experience and not even be aware that you need the lesson that this one can offer, even if it is a harsh lesson.  Be thankful for those ones who show you where your fears are, because how else would you know that those fears are there and controlling you and to what extent?

This is where you would be wise to monitor yourself and learn to recognize when you are in a state of REACTION!  The reaction is most often due to a fear (belief) that you hold as true that has NO REAL substance.

When you truly understand WHO you are and from WHERE you come, you will KNOW that you have NOTHING to fear!

When you doubt your own reality, you are denying Truth and you are usually in a state of fear--fear of responsibility!  We watch as you ones go through your various colorful and elaborate justification processes as you try to convince yourselves (and often others) that you are justified in your running from responsibility (TRUTH)!  These are your fear controlling you and you see this not!  Deny all you want; it changes NOT one bit of the truth of the matter.

Have faith in yourself and have faith in that which you KNOW to be true!  If you must hold onto one truth, then find one small truth to hold onto and move forward from there.  For example: Let us say that you are in a situation where you have been avoiding telling someone how you truly think and believe regarding spiritual matters because you are afraid they will not understand and will somehow think less of you.  Let us say that this person is your spouse or "significant other" and that you know that they are very fundamental in their beliefs and have stated as much.  So, you go about avoiding the subject, though it nags at you, because you cannot allow yourself to express the joy that the information and thinking brings you, and you are afraid of offending the other or being rejected for your beliefs.

As time goes by, you notice that you are making excuses about what you have been doing, such as telling a story (like, "I went to the library...") instead of telling the truth that you were reading one of the Phoenix Journals or the CONTACT newspaper.  This continues, and the guilt grows, and the subsequent tension between the two of you builds and builds.  You are feeling worse and worse every time you tell a half truth or lie in order to avoid confronting your fears.

This is where you would be wise to find a simple truth about which you have great certainty, such as: "I believe that everyone deserves to know the TRUTH, no matter how embarrassing or difficult it is for me to confront!"  If YOU hold this to be true, then act upon your truth and have faith in your judgment.

The person to whom you show this level of honesty will, in time, appreciate your honesty, even if it is several years after the fact and your honesty leads to a divorce or separation.  This may sound harsh, but if you consider the alternative--continual lying--the consequence will be even harder to deal with as the guilt consumes you.  What do you think the end result of the relationship will be after four or five years of dishonesty?

When you confront your fears, you will find discomfort as the ego tries to justify the need for the fear in the first place.  You may experience a "whirlwind" of emotional confusion as the Truth settles in and the subsequent realization of "reality" settles in for the one with whom you are being honest.  Again, hold onto YOUR truth and act accordingly.  It may be the only thing you will be able to hold onto as your world appears to be falling apart and your ego tries to avoid the pain.

Let me reiterate here that the truth that you hold onto must be something that YOU hold as true with great certainty, else this will not work, because when you first lie to yourself, then you cannot be honest with others.  Your truth will anchor you in a position that will allow you to weather through the emotional upheavals as The Truth (honesty with self) sets you free!

This is how you begin to turn around the reactionary cycling of the mind and begin to project from a position of power (Truth). Consider carefully that which you hold onto as Truth, for if what you are clinging to is NOT completely true for you and you have doubts, then you will not be projecting from a position of power, but rather from a position of inner conflict and dishonesty with yourself!

Consider these words--auditioning tips--that will allow you to overcome the stage fright that might be keeping you from fulfilling your reason and purpose for being there.  There is Great Potential within each unique Lighted Being, awaiting realization and actualization in manifested reality.  The only thing standing between where you are this day and the realization of this Potential is YOU and YOUR self-imposed limitations (beliefs)--your fears!

I am Toniose Soltec, come as a Messenger of Truth, in Light and Service to the One Light Source--ATON.  May this magnificent play include YOUR unique contribution!  SALU.


Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, April 29, 1997, Volume 16, Number 10, Pages 28-29.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.