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FW:   9-24-17



Thank you for taking the time this evening to sit and write.  Thank you for listening and hearing my call.  Yes, it is I, Toniose Soltec, come in and with the Light of Holy God of Light, God of Creation, and with the Golden-White Christ Light.  Do not struggle with your thoughts; allow my energy to flow.  Thank you for clearing your space and for lighting the white candle.  This is a symbol for yourself, and it will if you allow, help you to focus upon the task at hand.


I am with you this day to tell you that we at Command, sit at an extremely high state of alertness.  The agitation, the ear ringing, the nervousness you and others are experiencing now is due to the stresses which are present RIGHT NOW upon you planet, for many of you are "sensitives" and are experiencing physical reactions to the stresses and changes of your planet.


Do not be distressed over these things, for you are MEANT to be in tune with your planet!  Over time, those upon your world have become desensitized to the "nature" of things, and only recently are so many becoming once again attuned to your planet's inner workings.


In a writing on 2/11/97, I called to your attention to watch Japan for clues to impending further pressure build-ups around your tectonic plate called the Pacific Plate.  At that time I said:


"Watch Japan VERY closely during the next several weeks.  Watch for POSSIBLE activity to occur in this place--beginning with many small quakes, followed by an earthquake which could well register up to 9.5 on your present scales.


"As the Pacific Plate continues to grind against all adjacent plates, watch next for POSSIBLE quake activity to begin along the coastlines of the Americas--both South and North.  There is indication at this time that, should quakes occur in Japan, there would follow, within three to five days time, some significant shaking along the coastal areas of the Americas."


Now, so far that "big one" has not yet struck Japan.  However, as that writing was going to press, there WAS quite a swarm of smaller quakes in the general area of the Japanese Islands and these, in turn, continue to cause many repercussions.


There is extreme pressure that has built on the eastern edge of your Pacific Plate, and though this place has been experiencing many small-to-moderate earth tremors in the past several weeks, the pressures are but slightly relieved in that place.  The ground there is in a brittle state, which means that rather than being in state a of flexibility, it acts more like a dry piece of timber, and the pressure present now could easily cause it to snap, which would result in a most violent earthquake.


This is not a prediction, and it is, of course, not carved in stone, however, the state of alertness under which we are operating is in part due to this state of high tension all along that eastern border of the Pacific Plate.  There are several points at which the plate is in a locked state--that is, the plate is attempting to move, and movement is not possible and, therefore, more pressure is building at these critical points.


I realize that we have been down this road many times before, and each time a large, devastating quake has been averted.  However, it is our agreement with you ones that we will inform you at any time this area is in a state as critical as at present.


The preparations should already be in place for those of you who are going to prepare.  We are not going to go over that one again, except to say to be ready for the potential for SEVERE activity is there--right now.


There are also other activities present now which we need to bring to your attention.


The volcano 43 miles southeast of Mexico City, Mount Popocatepetl, whose summit is almost 18,000 feet high, is showing signs of building a massive eruption.  Those who live near this place are living in GREAT danger.


Several small eruptions have already taken place, but these only work to make people complacent about a massive eruption.  Though warnings have gone out, there are those who say that this mountain has been erupting for eons, and thus are not concerned.


Many have already fled the area, for they have been forewarned; others have heard the warnings before, only to have them never pan out.  These ones are remaining and refusing to leave the area.  If the volcano should really blow its top, the ones will not have a chance for survival.


And, yes, there is a definite correlation between the tremendous swarm of "UFO" activity in Mexico (especially in the area of Mexico City) and the impending, explosive state of the volcano.  As usual, much information on this subject has been suppressed by your controlled news media outlets.  However, avenues such as Art Bell's late-night talk-radio program have provided much factual reporting on this lively "UFO" activity being observed around Mexico.


Is this activity increasing?  Of course, and it shall continue to do so.  That, however, is all that I shall say about that, except that these craft are NOT from your planet.


There will be many more of these types of "natural disasters" which you ones are going to experience in your time.  Do not allow selves to be so overwrought with worry, fear, or grief that you find yourselves unable to function.  You knew, before coming into this lifetime, that these were the times and challenges for which you incarnated, and it is NOW that you ones are most needed.


We must have channels through which to get the messages out, and though the free-will human element of choice always exists, we must continue to use those channels who have come to your place at this time for this purpose.  It is not always an easy task, for either you or us, for while you ones want to participate and assist in the mission at hand, there is always that human element, prone to fears and other distractions, which can and does intrude.


Though it can, at times, be a handicap for the task of messaging, it is also that human element--the "Spark of Life" or Light from Creator, so to speak, which makes it all possible.  So it is somewhat of a "Catch 22" situation for both of us.  We will adjust frequencies on both ends of the spectrum whenever necessary and whenever possible, so that the messages can flow with the highest possible "fidelity".  This is not possible with ALL third-dimensional humans, for first must come the desire to serve, and to serve selflessy and that, dear ones, is a most rare quality amongst those on your planet today!


Very few are they who have determined to work and serve without worrying about personal compensation, for you live in a world filled with greed and lusts for material possessions, and power.  It may come as a surprise to you ones, but power is more sought after than even monetary gain.


As your world grows more and more crowded and more and more impersonal, there is the desire within the third-dimensional ego to be recognized, thus the impetus to generate something through which to call attention to oneself, for these ones are fearful of being lost in the crowd, so to speak.  So, ultimately, these ones strive to achieve more and more recognition through many different sources.  For some it is career; for others it is outrageous actions, but the ultimate goal is the same--recognition.


It is all due to the fact that each of you feels as though you are losing your individuality.  And, as you continue down the accelerating path toward your planet's transition, these tendencies will continue to increase until, at last, the transition is completed.  Then, and only then, will balance begin to return to your now very much out-of-balance planet.


All of the political games of power are, in the long-term, for naught and the struggles in which your world finds itself embroiled at the current time, are but that--games, and these too shall one day come to a halt when, finally, the transitional process has been completed.


However, see that you pass not judgment upon these ones, for they are but acting out their roles in this play.  Each one has their own lessons to experience, and you know not another's agreement prior to entering into this life.


Karmic retribution is in full-swing, and that which is sown is also being reaped.  But the germination time has much shortened, and what might be called "instant karma" is occurring.  There is not much time left for your world in the third-dimensional framework, so many ones upon your planet are experiencing that karma in their current life streams.  You have but to watch what goes on around you to see that this is truth.


Be cautious, however, for not all is of the Light.  In fact, very little upon your planet now is of the Light, and that is why it is all the more important for you ones to gather about you your protection of Light, and maintain it at all times.  It does not hurt to reinforce your protection several times throughout the day, if you feel it necessary.  Better to call it in more than needed, than to not call upon it and leave selves exposed and vulnerable.


The darkness is very subtle and very enticing, and sometimes will even APPEAR, at first, to be of Light, however, it is not Light and will flee from your presence when you bring the Light about you.  The darkness cannot and will not stay where the Light is.  So, to stave off the darkness, keep yourselves in the Light at all times!


I will here, again, emphasize that your world is in a very grave state at present.  Can the process be reversed?  I do not see how, and the only way to the other side is to go through what is on the horizon.  There is no turning back now, for you have come too far.  Once you have reached the other side, you will see that the trip was all worth it.


The numbers of those who shall make it in their present physical state will be few.  It is a hard truth to hear, but you need to hear it, and not lose sight of your goal once the REAL turmoil begins.


As another useful direction in which to keep watch for clues to the upcoming turmoil as Mother Earth efforts to reclaim her balance and shake off the poisons, I again return to my earlier writing of 2/11/97.  Therein I suggested that you pay attention to the anomalies around you.  That is:


"I would like to urge all of you who have animals near you to watch them very closely.  They are telling you that the Earth is about to give a great heave.  Watch for abnormal migrations and animals showing up in odd places.  Watch your house pets, as well, for many of them are exhibiting odd symptoms of apparent illness or they may be just acting 'weird'.


"You see, these creatures are more attuned to the frequencies of the planet than are their two-legged counterparts, and they will begin to react long before earthquakes and other geophysical events take place.  Watch them also for out-of-the-ordinary behavior, such as dogs biting who normally don't bite--that sort of thing.  Those of you at the coastal edges, watch the tidal activity, for there are many, many small earthquakes occurring within the depths of your oceans and the tidal activity will reflect these occurrences."


It is NOW that you ones must make yourselves ready, for time has run out.  Prepare yourselves quickly, and then be watchful, for it is coming.  Keep you eyes upon the skies and your ears to your planet.  Be mindful and attuned to our calls, for they shall be on the increase.  Remember, this is why you have come to Earth-Shan, and you are about to come into your fullness of purpose in this mission!


Many will there be coming unto you and asking for help.  DO NOT TURN THEM AWAY, BUT LIKEWISE, DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO SHIRK THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES TOWARD SELF AND OTHERS.  IF THEY ARE TO MAKE IT THROUGH, THEN THEY MUST PICK UP AND CARRY THEIR OWN LOADS.  NONE SHALL MAKE IT ON THE BACK OF ANOTHER!  Each one will, of his own, make it or not make it, and there will be no victims in this transition--only personal choices.


Be not in fear of the changes that are upon you, for they are a very necessary part of the transition. The Earth will heave to and fro, and many wondrous things will you experience, but lose not your sight upon the final goal.  We will always be there with you, and we are but a call away.


Now, let us close this writing, and allow the information to settle within each of you.  The Light is about you; keep it there and stray not from that which you know to be The Truth.  We of the Heavenly Hosts are very near you, and we are in the service of Holy God of Light.  We thank you for your time, and for your determination to see it through the upcoming changes.


I leave you, as always, in the Light of Holy God.


Toniose Soltec to clear.  Salu.





Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, May 13, 1997, Volume 16, Number 12, Pages 29-30.


Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.