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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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1/15/95  #1   SOLTEC

Good morning, Toniose Soltec present.  I come in the Radiant Light of Holy God.  In times of change, there are many perceived uncertainties, which cause those without KNOWLEDGE to react and live in a state of fear.  Fear, in turn, creates precisely that which you are attempting to flee from, for fear is an energy which creates in exactly the same manner as does faith.  Actually, upon your planet, fear is a much more powerful energy because of the massive negative influence present.  In other words, it takes much less fear to manifest, from what you refer to as the etheric domain, to what you perceive as physical, than it does faith.

Look within yourselves--is it not easier for you to believe that something bad will happen than it is to believe that something good will happen?  Why do you suppose that this is the case?  Both ends of the spectrum are equally as powerful, yet you will find that on your world more conscious energy is expanded toward what you call the negative; therefore, you receive exactly what you fear the most.

Thought energy is quite a tricky little thing, because not only are you ones dealing with the logical thought processes, but there is that little pesky thing called the ego which has a definite and very real effect upon your thoughts.  The third-dimensional human ego is your own greatest personal adversary that you shall ever have to deal with.

The ego is an absolute necessity for physical existence, but it can also be your greatest albatross, as well.  The ego is where the "fight or flight" responses reside.  It is what tells you to get out of the middle of the road when a large cement truck is bearing down upon you.  It is also what tells you to hit back when you are hit.  It is present within you for one purpose and one purpose alone: to preserve your physical life!  That is all that it is supposed to do.

The problem is that the ego also perceives many other things as threats to the continuation of physical existence.  Let me give you a very simple scenario:

John Doe is employed by XYZ Corporation.  XYZ Corporation is in the same situation in which most businesses today find themselves--"down sizing" due to the poor state of the economy (that your government puppets say is doing just fine).

John Doe hears that there will be a 20% reduction in the work force of his department and this begins to create a state of concern within him.  Concern becomes worry; worry becomes fear.  Why?  Quite simply: the ego has determined that if John Doe is part of the 20% reduction and becomes unemployed, he will lose his ability to earn money, which could result in his losing his home, his possessions, the ability to purchase food and shelter.  If he can not purchase food and shelter, then there is a great possibility that he will cease to physically exist.  Do you see how it works?


Now, all these thoughts take place before John Doe even knows whether or not he will be part of that reduction in the work force, but the ego is already assuming that there is a great possibility for this scenario to play out.

Now, what might John Doe do based on this reasoning?  Well, to begin with, he will most likely feed these fears through more negative thoughts.  Sooner or later, however, he will most likely take some action.  Once an action has occurred, the energy has begun to manifest into the physical.  He will end up causing himself to become part of the 20% reduction, even if initially his name never appeared on the list of cuts.  Why?  Because of all the energy he put into the thoughts of fear.

Yes, I am laboring on this subject heavily because it is this very thing which is causing the greatest problem upon your world today.  You have an entire planet which is living in the fear mode and, chelas, fear comes from nowhere except your own egos, and no one can change that course except you, yourself.

Why am I laboring on this subject?  What does it have to do with Earth Changes?  Chelas, it has a great deal to do with the subject at hand!  Fear can bring about an earthquake more rapidly than you can imagine.

Oh, I see: you have no control over The Elite bombing the faults?  No?  I beg to differ with you.  If you are in fear of this taking place, do you not see that you are only strengthening The Elite's control and hold over you?  Do you see that your fears are the energy which drives them?

California has a huge population which is living in fear of everything from losing jobs, to being shot driving down the street, to being destroyed by a massive earthquake, and now to being washed down stream in a flood or buried in mud.

Chelas, this is ALL thought energy which is going to manifest in like kind sooner or later.  You are at a stage right now of massive every returning back to your planet, which has basically been accumulating mass and strength.  Unfortunately, that energy is, in the greater part, what you call negative, and it is going to manifest itself in some physical form.

This is why so much effort has been spent and so many lessons have been given regarding the ego.  You have been told to go with the flow; if it feels good, do it, etc., as nauseam.

Well, chelas, this has but fed the ego and you have allowed it to get completely out of hand.  The ego is NOT to control you; rather YOU must take control over it!  Instead, you try to control everything around you.  You would do better to go within and get control first over self--then there would be little struggle with that which is outside other things.

Perhaps NOW you will believe that we do know of that which we speak!  We are not communicating with you because we have nothing better to do, nor because we desire to create fear.  You do that well enough for selves and need little help with that one.

WE ARE HERE TO TRY TO HELP YOU ONES SAVE YOUR HIDES!  Information is knowledge, and knowledge is power--power to change things.  Information should not cause fear; information and knowledge will empower you, if you would but get outside your own little egos for a few minutes.

Many have fled from California since last year's earthquake, but take a look at where most of them have gone and what has taken place in their new residences.  They have taken with them the exact same mind sets as they had in California and are creating exactly the same environment they left.

Has the information done them any good?  As long as the thought processes are the same, the same energy is being produced and will, sooner of later, manifest itself in the same manner as it would have if they had remained in California.

What am I saying?  I am saying that it is not the place, but rather, it is the thoughts of those ones IN the place!

There is a tremendous amount of energy present all along the Pacific Coast, especially in the Los Angeles area.  That is a fact.  It is but a matter of time before the pressure will release--and when it does, it is not just the San Andreas Fault you will have to contend with, but all the little faults and fractures which criss-cross the entire Los Angeles area.

The rains of late are but adding to the problems, for they are only going to act as lubricant in the fractures, causing them to slip more easily.  But the more immediate problem is all the water and mud on the surface.  Many have lost all their possessions and homes in the storms and have been forced to leave million-dollar homes and take up residence in small, cramped quarters.

It is a difficult time for many, and we do understand the feelings of those who have lost so much.  But, you see, those possessions are only as valuable as you have allowed them to be.  And, you are getting first-hand knowledge of how quickly these things can perish.  Yet, you do go on with or without these things, do you not?  Perhaps this lesson is something to be examined and thought upon.

It is not only California which is experiencing strange weather patterns, for everywhere the seasons seem to be all mixed up.  It is mid-January and yet many places which should be in the grips of ice and snow are experiencing springtime weather.  Even Nature would seem to be confused, for trees are building, flowers are blooming and the deserts are alive already.

YOU ARE IN A TIME OF CHANGE.  CHANGES ARE ABOUT YOU EVERYWHERE AND, AS WE HAVE TOLD YOU IN THE PAST, EVERYTHING IS OUT OF ITS SEASON.  These changes are only going to become more apparent as time goes on because you are in the stages of transition.

I do not know how many more ways I can say this.  When you see floods, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, volcanic activity, strange weather occurrences and patterns, know that these things are going to INCREASE in frequency the closer you draw to the time of transition.

Change is going to be reflected in every aspect of your lives--from your jobs, to your governments, to your planet.  It is but the order of things in the time in which you are experiencing.

In order for you as individuals to make it through the transition, you are, by necessity going to have to change your thought patterns.  That is why I spent so much time in the beginning of this writing discussing fears.  It is imperative you grasp hold of these destructive thought patterns called fears, for only by taking control of your thoughts will you be able to make it through these times.

Go within and do self-examination--judge self before you.  Think hard on that which you choose, for you will live to either enjoy the fruits of the thoughts or live to regret them and, in the end, you will have only self to judge for them.

I have dumped quite a load again but, chelas, you are standing at a crucial and critical time, and the direction you take is of you own choosing.  So stop blaming everyone else for your problems and take the responsibility of realizing that you really do create what you think; good or bad--it is your own and no one else's.

Thank you for your attention.  Your work does not go unnoticed or unrewarded.  Each and every one of you who have chosen to work in the service of God of Light are the little bright points on your planet.

You may feel alone but, in fact, you never are, for we are with you night and day--in darkness and in light.  If you do not believe me, just step outside on a clear night and say hello and then watch the colored strobes on our ships for acknowledgement.  You are doing good work!

Toniose to clear.  Salu


Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, January 17, 1995, Volume 7, Number 12, Pages 40-41.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.