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Toniose Soltec

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June 7, 2016

8/24/96   SOLTEC

Good morning, my friend.  It is I, Toniose Soltec, come in the One Light of Creator God.

Call upon my energy and I shall respond.  Many times we are there for you, awaiting the opportunity to assist, yet the call does not come and our hands, in effect, become tied.  Always call upon the Lighted Brotherhood for assistance!

The etheric unfoldment at this time is ominous in magnitude and impact.  Your planet is on the eve of massive and sudden change.  Ones are feeling uneasy and irritable.  They do not realize, for the most part, that what they sense is this shift in the higher-dimensional reality called the Fourth Dimension or Etheric Plane of experiencing.

As these changes trickle down into that play you call your third-dimensional experience, great realizations of the sequences of events (timing clues) shall be apparent--even to those who usually miss such clues.

Be aware of the fact that you all experience multidimensionally.  That is to say, for clarification, that those of you who have a soul (and, if you are drawn to this work, then you most certainly DO have a soul) experience simultaneously on several dimensional levels.  Though YOU may be consciously aware of those transcendent experiences, be aware that many others are not so attuned, perceiving just the third-dimensional consciousness as their only domain for focus and expression.

Many of you shift several times throughout the day into these higher dimensions.  This may be when you are washing the dishes, driving down a boring stretch of road, painting a picture, listening to or playing music, dozing off to sleep, or even during discussions with others--especially when the discussion is of great importance or a challenge to the higher self.

Realize that it is because of these higher (non-physical) dimensional expressions that your THOUGHTS are so impacting upon self and others.  As your mind shifts into these higher dimensions, you express more in the form of thought energy without the restrictions or limitations of time or the need for a physical body.

This mental expression, however, can and DOES impact greatly the unfolding play of the third-dimensional compressed experience.  Your thoughts (and thus the resulting thought projections) determine your future down there on that orb.

Action cannot be taken without first a thought.  Even the mindless masses who are, in effect, running around on "autopilot" have, at some time in their past, decided, with a thought, to not think for themselves anymore and just follow the crowds.

Monitor your thoughts quite closely, for you shall begin to notice that, as your planet moves closer into the Photon Belt (Monasic Ring), more and more of you shall begin to feel and experience the effects of the frequency upshifts.  These frequency upshifts shall allow you ones, who can keep up with the shifting, to more easily communicate with your Guides--along with others of our Brotherhood of Light.

You shall also realize that your "intuition" shall be greatly enhanced.  This is why you MUST monitor those thoughts which just SEEM to "pop" into your head out of nowhere.

There is reason for everything that happens in your experience down there.  Even the thoughts you think are for reason.

If you worry because you may have "unpure" thoughts, let me ask you this: What is it that you dwell upon the most?  If you dwell upon revenge or self pity, you shall most certainly create those conditions that will allow you to feel the need for revenge or self pity.  That is to say, you shall create the conditions where you make yourself the victim--and thus the need for revenge or self pity.

Do you see the importance of your thoughts?  Dwell not upon that which lowers your vibratory frequency.  Forgive self and others for your and their ignorance.  Dwell upon happiness and joy; amplify those thoughts and you shall, in turn, create the experiences which will allow you to feel these higher-frequency emotional expressions.


The adversarial forces are losing, for they cannot keep up with these upward frequency shifts.  The best that the adversary can hope for is to bring as many of God's Lightworkers (you ones who diligently read these messages) down with him.

There shall be constant testing and you ones must realize this fact.  If you are plagued with doubts, then please go within and call upon the One Light that centers your being.  And, again, monitor your thoughts most closely, for the answer shall present itself.

If you still insist that you cannot hear or think clearly, then pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION over the next several days for clues.  Most often you stumble across a book, or someone will call, or a conversation concerning similar problems is brought to your attention in some manner.

Your personal Guides shall help find a way to bring you your confirmations.  You must first ask for assistance and, for sanity's sake, KEEP YOUR LIGHT SHIELDING UP AT ALL TIMES!

Let me clarify Light Shielding: Light Shielding is basically an affirmation of the One Light, God-Source within.  Example: "I call upon the One Light Source who created me.  I ask for constant protection with The Light.  I DEMAND (with feeling!) THAT NO DARK ENERGY BE ALLOWED WITHIN MY LIGHT ENERGY FIELD."  And again: say it and mean it WITH FEELING!

The emotional energy is what kicks them out; if you just say these words with no feeling then there is no intent of the heart--and thus the affirmation is rendered nearly ineffective.  Always ask with the heart.

This Light Shielding, or as some correctly recognize it, as clearing one's space of the dark energies, is of utmost importance when it comes to clarifying one's thoughts, especially when one is plagued with doubts.

Please keep in mind that, even with all the catastrophes of physical change about to descend upon planet Earth, YOU can maintain a stability throughout these cycles.  This Lighted mental stability is that which shall draw others to you for instruction and allow our messages to finally be heard and understood.

The ones who are listening now, and have prepared for what is coming, are the ones who have opted for the ounce of prevention.  Those who have denied these warnings are in for a great shock as their pound of cure is administered to them by their own hand--by their higher, knowing self.

This writing may be shorter than you ones may like, and it may not be so directed to the subject of Earth changes as you might typically expect from me, but again, there are reasons for everything. Perhaps this message is intended to wean you ones off the need for others to receive FOR you--so you begin receiving for self.  That is, go within and make responsible decisions based upon your own inner knowing and guidance.

You do not have to wait for another to tell you what it is you should do or not do.  Follow your nudges and look for the confirming clues.  Live your own life in responsibility and in a manner where you do not have to make excuses to anyone, ever, and you shall do just fine.

Thank you for reading and hearing this message.  May the Lighted Truth of The One Light fill your heart with understanding.

I am your Lighted Brother, come in service to the One Light Source who created you and I both.

Toniose Soltec to clear.  Salu.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, August 27, 1996, Pages 21-22.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.