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Ceres Anthonious Soltec

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April 26, 2016

Good evening, Soltec present, in the Light of Holy God.  This day you who live in the Northern Hemisphere of your globe celebrate the beginning of spring, the season which represents to you the renewal of life.  So let us then, this day, keep in our hearts that Energy of Creation which is the true renewal of all life, in all realms.  That Force of Creative Energy comes only from the Divine Source, that which you have called God.  As you open your windows and doors and watch as the trees and flowers burst forth with another season of life, take the time to contemplate that which is the First Cause.  It is good to bring all things into their proper order of perspective.  Marvel at the beginnings of life for, in so doing, you shall find God.

It would seem necessary, at this time, to again address a subject that has been gone again several times in many of our previous communications but somehow the point of which has not been understood by many of you who are regular readers.  Perhaps, from our place of expression we do not always convey the proper emphasis and, because we are so concerned with giving you the pure facts and figures of things, we have neglected to bring the point of our teaching full circle and bring a broader scope of understanding unto you ones.  Also, due to the fact that you are in a very physical level of existence, it becomes all the more important to continue to remind you ones of your true nature--that [of] being spirit entities.  For it is in the spirit entity of all where The Truth shall be found.

Many are concerned about where to go and what to do when all the Earth Changes take place.  And, although this is a very valid concern, it is more important that each one begin to follow his-her own heart.  You see, it is not our place to tell each one where the best place to be shall be, for each individual has an individual need.  Those needs can only be determined by the one who is posing the question, not by anyone else.  It is important that you understand that just because a place is mentioned or not mentioned by myself or others of the Host, does not confirm nor negate the place for you.  The only way you are going to know that which is the correct thing for self is to go within and find that answer from God.  We bring unto your world the truthful information that is lacking from your place of existence.  Your world is a very large place, and it would be quite impractical to map out the entire globe for you.  The information we bring is, at best, general in nature for the benefit of all those who exist upon your placement, and in the dissemination of this information, you are to make your own decisions.

N.Z. from Seattle, Washington has written a very lovely communication and is most concerned regarding relocation of family in anticipation of the Earth Changes that are forthcoming.  You have done a lot of homework, precious one, yet I would suggest that you go within and find that which is in your heart.  Understand, please, that just because I neglected to mention any certain area does not mean that this area is going to either be good or bad in relative terms.  Places which rest upon granite pillars are very solid, yet I would tell you also that just because the land is attached to such does not automatically make it a place of safety.  Many places such as this are going to experience severe seismic activity, even though the place is mostly solid.  As other areas around this granite structure give way, you could be shaken quite severely as well.  You should know that there are many other factors which must be taken into consideration, one of which is climate. If you should find yourself in a state of survival, severe winter conditions should be added into the formula.  This is but one example, precious.

You see, for each there will be a different need and each of you, if you were to go within and truly seek God on the matter, would receive the answers for which you search.  You may not like that which you are shown or told and, therefore, many of you will ignore it and continue to ask, hoping that the answer will be more to your liking the next time.  God does not work in this manner, Chelas.  God will give you the truth to the questions you pose, not paint you a rosy picture and promise that which cannot be delivered.  You have been programmed by your world not to recognize the truth and to reject same.  Also, in your conscious mind you may not have full understanding of why you would be led to a certain place and, in fact, it may seem like the most illogical place you could be.  Yet, you have, in your level of expression, a very limited perspective of all that is, and that which will be, and the reasons for it, so you may be perplexed as to the why of it.

Yes, Tehachapi does rest upon one of those granite pillars, yet it is not the place for everyone to be for there are other factors which make it suitable for some and most unsuitable for others.  This area will be "pushed upward" but, in that pushing, there are going to be many strong earthquakes and much tidal activity from the action so, even though it rests upon one of these granite pillars, it is in for a very rough ride, indeed.  Most structures will not survive the energy that will be released during that action. There are other reasons why Tehachapi is not the place for all to be, but we shall not go into that at this time.

Other places may be very low lying areas that will receive severe flooding; other places will literally crack open in seismic activity. Other places will be relatively safe.  There are no magic formulas for the figuring of these things, Chelas, for these things are still very unpredictable at best.  You simply must go within and ask of God and then truly listen for the answer.

We realize that you are growing weary of the waiting, and many of you would rather that the whole thing just come to its undoing. It is most understandable, yet the lessons must be learned and the only way that you ones are going to learn these lessons is in the experiencing.  It may seem to you that you have had about all that you can handle, but I assure you this is not the case.  Each of you has strengths that you have not yet tapped into and you will surprise even selves when you find the need to draw upon those strengths which lie deep within.  This too is part of those lessons.  You will, as you grow, get to the place wherein you trust, in greater measure, the unseen than the seen.  In other words, Chelas, you are learning FAITH.  You must trust that the ground is solid where you step, though you cannot see the ground beneath your feet.  And, as you begin to understand the teachings brought to you by Germain--the teachings about that which is illusion and that which is reality--you will grow in greater and greater understanding until such time as the understanding becomes the knowing.

Understanding comes through the physical mind.  Knowing comes through the whole being--body, mind and spirit.  When understanding breaks through and permeates all the levels of your expression, then you come into knowing.  At this point there will be no one, be they of Heaven or of Earth, who will change your knowing--that, dear ones, is true BELIEF.  The method by which you learn best in this expression is by experience; therefore, you must experience many things, both pleasant and unpleasant by your standards, before you can make judgments and have data upon which to base your understanding.  As you continue to progress closer to the end of this cycle of time, the lessons are coming at you ones faster and faster because you are in the final semester of your schooling and the reviews and final examinations are in full swing.  That is why you do not have the opportunity to finish one thing before another seems to hit you.  Have we not repeatedly told you that you are in the most important time of your history?  It is important because this is the time of your graduation.

We are as concerned about your physical survival as you are; however, we are more concerned about your spiritual survival.  For the body is replaceable--the spirit is not.  The emphasis should be upon your spiritual condition for, if you get this in line, then the physical condition will necessarily follow suit.  The outward manifestation of body is but the physical expression of your spirit, and all that you experience is but manifestation of the inner spirit.  In other words, you each have created your own "reality" in this existence in order to learn that which you were lacking in your knowledge.  All others on your planet with you are doing the same.  It is no accident for God does nothing by accident.  All things must come to a final climax, then will come the cleansing and then, and only then, will your world take its step upward.  Those who choose to see it through and follow God will take their rightful place on the newly created world.  Those who choose not God, will not.  It is an individual choice--one made only by you.

To those who wonder whether they are on the right track or not, I can only tell you this:  You must follow your own hearts.  The right track for you can only be determined by you and no one else.  You are the director of your own destiny and the choices must be your own.  Many of you are being guided but you have not come to the conscious realization of such as of yet.  Stop considering only the physical existence, the physical aspects of life.  Take into consideration the whole of your existence, of which the physical body is but one-third.  Many of you are beginning to see signs in everything from the pattern of dust on your coffee table to the dead battery in the car and are being pulled off your track.  Focus and re-center yourselves and bring all things back into their proper order of priority and perspective.  Take time to meditate upon your concerns and decisions and allow all factors to be taken into consideration.  You will come to the right decision for yourself.

Leave the worry outside, for worry is but wasted energy, sent out to scatter to the four winds.  Many of you are also going in circles so fast that you are going nowhere.  Slow down and examine where you might be and where you wish to go.  Most spend an enormous amount of time "spinning your wheels", doing things which are of total unnecessity or of complete waste.  You must learn to bring yourselves back to center because, as you move forward, it will become increasingly more difficult to sort out all that will be occurring about you.  It is now the time of sorting, and part of that task will be for each to sort out all that is in their lives and select those things which truly are priorities for, if you do not do this, you will find your energies more and more scattered until you are completely off track and running hither and yon, and lost as lambs.

On the physical Earth Changes level, you have many occurrences taking place all about you though, at this time, many are yet in the realm of the unseen from your point of experience.  Many are experiencing strange sounds inside the head, the sensation of vibrations just below the level of audible sound, bouts of nausea and the like.  Relax, for you are not physically ill; you are simply in a state of sensitivity to those subtle changes in frequencies that precede major planetary changes, as well as the shenanigans your elite are pulling.  The underground machinery is working night and day at a feverish level as they try to complete their secret hiding places prior to the beginning of the changes which, by the way, they believe to be just around the corner.

Many are also reporting that they are extremely irritable and quick to lose tempers.  This is the mental and emotional reaction to the fluctuating frequencies as well.  I tell you that you are in a time of tribulation and each is being affected in one way or another. The flares of irritability are the cause of all the outbreaks of violence that you hear about on a daily basis--children killing their parents, parents committing unspeakable crimes against their offspring, brother killing brother, one race killing another--and on and on and on.

Still, others are reporting the inability to focus on any one subject for any length of time.  Just another reaction to all the changes that are occurring about you and, sadly, there is nowhere on your planet that you are able to escape these kinds of attacks.

As the frequencies change, and as the consciousness of the people is affected, so too is the planet for, as you will remember, all things are connected to all other things, and you and your planet are connected.  Therefore, your reactions are affecting the planet and the planet's reactions are affecting you.  You are in the loop, like it or not, and the speed is rapidly increasing.  As the speed increases, the consciousness of the people is affected even more, and the planet is affected more, and so it goes.

The tectonic plates are moving and grinding against one another, and pulling apart from others, and the molten core of your planet is changing its balance and position.  You who reside on the surface are on the move and pulling apart and grinding against one another, and your balance is changing.  Magma pressures are building within volcanoes, ready to explode, and tempers are building in people, ready to explode.  Do you see how it all ties in together?

You see, dear ones, the changes are underway--you are experiencing them already, although you have not been able to recognize the changes because they have, up to this time, been on the level of the unseen.  However, they will not remain on this level for very long because the energy is building and pushing outward and is on the brink of manifesting into the physical realm. Once this occurs, then you will see the massive seismic and volcanic activity which all are associating with the Earth Changes.  It is most difficult to see the changes as being underway at this time, but "tune in" to the subtleties that are taking place--the frequency changes, the low, almost inaudible sounds, the irritability and the like and soon you will see that these are but the forerunners to the physical manifestation of the changes that you are anticipating.  It is very near to that break-through point at this time, and more and more people are beginning to feel and react to the effects, though they may not understand what is occurring.

The strange weather patterns that you have been having are also a prelude to even more massive weather changes to come. There will be more storms and more rain in the dry places, and no rain in the wet places.  It will be cold when it should be warm and warm when it should be cold.  It is all upside down and still the momentum continues to build which will lead to even greater changes in the future.

The road is paved leading to the climax of the Earth Changes and you are well past the point of no return, so just hold on tight and ride out the storm.  Keep your perspective and stay on track with your priorities.  Remember that which is important and that which is just so much fluff.  Keep your mind and heart with Creator and know that at the end of the dark tunnel is the Light of a brand new day.  Together, we shall make it to that place.

Let us draw this one to a close and get it on its way.

Soltec to clear.  Salu.


Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, March 23, 1993, Volume 22, Number 9, Pages 26-28.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.