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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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April 13 2015

8/22/93  #1   SOLTEC


Good morning, Toniose Soltec present. We of the Host of Heaven come in the Holy and Radiant Light of Holy God.  Our mission is to bring unto you of Earth-Shan THE TRUTH and Knowledge in a time of great tribulation upon your world.  Truth in your present time is a precious commodity and most difficult to find, indeed.

There are those who would claim that the information we bring unto you ones is harsh and full of gloom; however, it is necessary that the chaff be recognized so it may be separated out from the wheat.  The so-called "news" that you receive upon your places from the "news media" is mostly chaff, yet it is being sold as the wheat unto you ones.  The saddest of this is that most of you ones are buying this chaff, believing that it is wheat, for you have been so brainwashed that you do not any longer know the difference.

So, while we bring unto you THE TRUTH of things, we must also re-instruct you so that this Truth will be recognized.  This is the most difficult of the jobs, for it is easy to speak The Truth, but to have it understood is not so easy.  The adversarial influence over your world is so strong and the lies so enticing that most of you choose the lie over The Truth.  Yet, The Truth is the only hope you ones have left, for without it there would be no Light upon your planet.

The time in which you now find yourselves is one of great deceit and debauchery, and it becomes more difficult with each passing day to sort out that which you are given.  Every one of your so-called newscasts are pre-programmed with a specific agenda--that being the agenda of the New World Order, which is nothing more than Satanic takeover of your world, and is complete and total control of all peoples, places and things upon Earth.  The Adversary's battle is with God, yet he uses you of Earth as the expendable pawns in his game of control and most people of your world have accepted their roles as pawns without question.

Your President is "on vacation" right now, but has vowed to tackle the Health Care program upon his return to Washington. Chelas, this Health Care package is going to be ram-rodded down your throats, and most of you are going to embrace it with loving arms.  He has made the statement that no one will be exempt from this program--NO ONE.  I ask you--is this free will?  Is this of God?

Not only will you be forced into participating, but now that your government is in control of your health care, you will find that they will also be in full and complete control of your lifestyles.  You will be told exactly what you can and cannot eat, drink or otherwise consume, and to do otherwise will find selves in great trouble with your controllers.  [Note: right now, the battle is heating up to get vitamin supplements, herbs and herbal products off the shelves of the health-food stores and out of our reach; see pages 49-57 for more on this one.]  Not only will they control that which you consume, but you can count on MANDATORY IMMUNIZATIONS, which will net you the most hideous kinds of infectious diseases.

Every child, upon birth, will be registered with your government and will be tracked by same.  These children will be given MANDATORY IMMUNIZATIONS, or the parents will be held in contempt of Federal Regulations.

People of Earth, listen up!  This is only Step 1. The next step will be to take over control of the raising of your children in government-established camps, where THEY will take over the rearing of YOUR children, because you will be found incapable of raising them yourselves.  Many will willingly give up the rearing of their offspring to the government agencies when it becomes necessary that they work up to 16 hours a day in order to make ends meet.  There will be no more family life as you now know, and your children will become wards of the state--because the parents will never be at home with them, and financially they will not be able to give them care.

With the adopton of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), which is going to pass with flying colors, and all the new and RETROACTIVE taxes coming your  way, spendable wages are going to decrease drastically while taxes are going to increase by a greater degree.  You will find yourselves at the mercy of the economy and it will become necessary for you to labor16 hours per day, just so that you are able to provide food and shelter for yourselves.

While George Bush was yet president, he made the statement, quite publicly, that the United States was going to have to lower its living standard, while at the same time, the rest of the world's living standard would need to be brought up, thus placing all on a level playing field--all in the name of a global economy and the New World Order.  Chelas, you are now in the thick of it.

Your leaders (which were originally called public SERVANTS) are leading you down the path to slavery and ultimately to destruction.  These leaders voted-in President Clinton's budget package, even though You-The-People loudly protested AGAINST passage of same.  They no longer represent your viewpoints, and no longer are representative of their constituents.  Also, the greater majority of them have never even seen the 1800-page budget document and have no idea whatsoever what is in it.  You are going to find all sorts of little surprises hidden within--surprises that are going to take you, at last, into complete and total economic destruction.

You are once again at the point of TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, Chelas.  Your nation has come full circle.

Let us now turn our attention to activities of the Earth itself.

On Friday, August 20,1993, the area of Palm Springs, California experienced an earthquake, which has been computed at 4.7 magnitude.  Your scientists are calling this yet another "aftershock of the 7.6 Landers-Big Bear earthquake which shook that Southern California desert area in late June of 1992."  The earthquake of Friday shook a large section of Southern California and included San Bernardino, Riverside and parts of Orange County.

On August 16, there were two earthquakes (3.8 and 3.2) in the area of the California-Nevada border and on August 19, there was yet another (3.5) in the same place.  This is that place we have spoken of so much in the past--and the geophysics of the Long Valley Caldera.

The region of the Mariana Islands (Guam) remains seismically active, with quakes registering anywhere from 4.6 to 6.0 magnitude. Plus, other areas, such as New Guinea, Taiwan, Fiji Islands and the Aleutian Islands areas are all constantly shaking.

As we have stated in the past, the area of the Pacific Ocean is in the process of renewal and birthing of new lands.  This activity is only to continue and will not, in the near future, subside.  The ancient lands are once again on their way to the surface after a time of cleansing at the bottom of the ocean for many millennia.

All these things, Precious Ones, are coming to pass because you are in the TIME OF TRANSITION.  All that we can offer unto you ones is the Light of The Truth--that you may have Understanding and Knowledge and be able to survive this passage. Your roles are growing larger with each passing day as the oppression of the Elite tightens its squeeze upon your necks.

Let us close this off for now.  I leave you, as ever, with our blessing and with the Light of Holy God.

Toniose to clear.


Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, August 24, 1993, Volume 2, Number 9, Pages 1 & 58.'

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.