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Ceres Anthonious 'Toniose' Soltec

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Nov. 6, 2014

11/26/95  SOLTEC

Toniose Soltec, present in the Light of the Most Radiant and Holy God of Light.  Thank you for your attention and for listening.  We appreciate your willingness to give an ear to us at this time.  So very many things are occurring, on and off your planet, at this exact moment, and much hangs in the balance at this exact moment, and much hangs in the balance presently.  You are at a most precarious point in your journeys, and at times, little seems to make any sense to you ones.

However, know that though you cannot see that which is taking place, and you cannot make sense of it, we shall be present always to guide our people along, if they will keep their spaces clear and their ears tuned to our frequencies.

This task is not an easy one to accomplish right now, for your planet is being bombarded by frequencies which are knocking you ones off balance.  That is why it is imperative that you keep your spaces clear and your shields up and enhanced.  If you find it necessary to clear space a dozen or more times per day, do so.  Do not worry that you are failing in some way--only know that, because of the increased level of attack, you may need constant reinforcement in your protection.  But, on to other things.

Yesterday, November 25, 1995, your planet experienced an extremely large earthquake in an area known as the Sakhalin Islands. This is politically a part of Russia, but geographically and geologically speaking, part of the north end of the Japanese Islands. And as you ones know, that entire area is being rocked continually by moderate to large earthquakes.  The quake yesterday measured, by your machines, a magnitude of 8.5 and was approximately 10 miles deep.  This is the same area that experienced a large earthquake earlier in the year; I believe it was measured at 7.5 or so, by your scientists.  In that quake, well over 2000 lost their lives.

The more interesting bit of news about yesterday's earthquake is the lack of reporting by any of your news media services.  Ones have been searching out information regarding it, and the data is sorely missing.  Now, listen, chelas: whether it was indeed an 8.5, or actually even a 9.5, matters less than the fact that you are receiving even more heavily censored news coverage than usual.

Did you know that there were several "6.0" (official magnitude) quakes during the past three days of your counting along the Pacific Ring of Fire?  I thought not.  The geological activity of your planet is purposely being censored.  Why, you ask?  There are many reasons, but the main purpose is simply to keep you in the dark, so that you shall go about your daily business as usual, asleep at the wheel.

You are considered less than intelligent, and incapable of understanding and sorting out for selves.  You are being treated as slaves and captives, and kept in the dark about everything--except that which will aid and abet the crooks who THINK themselves in charge.

You can bet your sweet life that if they knew a killer quake was going to hit the downtown Los Angeles area, you would not know about it until after the fact.  The loss of lives, and the suffering of those who would survive, is considered less important than the supposed panic that would ensue if prior notification were given.  You are being fed pabulum and most of you are eating it up in large helpings!

Let us clear up one thing:  Those who THINK themselves in charge of your planet and your lives are sadly mistaken.  There is only ONE Who is ultimately in charge and that ONE is GOD!

The dark forces may seem to be winning at the moment, but we have a little bit of news for them--for their days are short, and their moment of accounting approaches rapidly!  Broken agreements do not make brownie points with GOD'S people, and believe us when we tell you that ALL the broken agreements and promises have been logged and noted!

Enough said on that.  Commander Hatonn may wish to elaborate.    [Pause at 2:27 A.M.]

Well, chela, you have just experienced a head-on attack personally--or shall I say, your husband has.  It is most interesting how, just after we sat down here to work, that his pains began.  That which is experienced [which Soltec's scribe, Kali, at first thought might be a heart attack] was a direct, low frequency attack, which affects the nerves.  As you saw, there were no tight or knotted muscles, just severe pain in the shoulders and back when drawing in or letting out of the breath.  The increase in the protection shield is not to be taken lightly.  DO IT!

Planet Earth is in for some rough times ahead, dear ones.  It is going to be difficult, at best, even for you ones.  That is another reason that it is so important that you keep your spaces cleared and the protection of Light about you, especially in the coming week.

Politically, economically and geologically, it is heating up to a point of boiling and the lid is about ready to blow off the pot.  All the preparations which you ones have been doing up to this point shall now begin to pay off, so to speak.

The sorting and shaking down has taken place for a purpose.  You are at the time where all must be working together as a well-oiled, well-tuned machine.  Those ones who have moved on down the road did so, because they knew they were not pulling together with the rest of the team.  We wish them well, and hold no hard feelings toward any.  Each must follow his or her own path and make that journey for selves.  Take comfort in the understanding of personal destiny and personal decisions.  Though you may wish for another to come into the fullness of Understanding of Light, know that it may not be their desire to do so, and allow them to go their way--and harbor no ill feelings toward them.

For those who stay the course, we cannot promise that is shall not be difficult, for if I did so, I would be speaking untruth.  Though your paths may be filled with potholes and boulders, know that we shall be there Lighting each step of the way.  All you need do is call upon us.

Changes are taking place at such a rapid rate, that it is nearly impossible to keep up with them, even from our perspective and vantage point.  Therefore, if you ones are feeling frustrated and confused from time to time, know that it is due to the fact that these changes are occurring in rapid-fire succession.

It is nearly impossible for us to track the geologic activity on the planet, and it is impossible at this point to tell the natural from the man-made activity.  All is becoming melded into one grand geologic event.

The French are continuing to explode nuclear devices in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, and yet your United States is suspiciously silent about the events.  Between these explosive releases of energy and the little tit-for-tat games being played out above your planet--there are enough shenanigans going on to cause the entire planet to be activated to critical levels.

Moreover, there are over half a dozen volcanoes erupting presently on your planet, as well.  They are not all in the Pacific region, though the majority of the major eruptions are there.  Mount Vesuvius has been rumbling and spewing out ash and smoke for several weeks, and the large volcano outside Mexico City has been experiencing eruptions, as well.

It is becoming more difficult for your scientists to not admit that geologic activity is on the rise so, therefore, the reports are simply being censored from the major news media.  You are deliberately being kept in the dark and misinformed!  None of this is by accident--it is by design!

As the next several days unfold, be cautious, be alert, be ready for anything, for anything is possible.  California is hanging by merely a thread, and that thread is mighty thin.  But, God works in mysterious ways, chela.

Those ones, such as Gordon Michael Scallion, are also sending out warnings for the coming days, though they are overly cautious about that which they say.  I, however, will be quite blunt and tell you that it is extremely volatile right now, and the volatility is only going to increase in the coming days.  That is why it is so IMPORTANT that you keep alert and stay clear and shielded.

I know I am sounding like a broken record but, at this point I do not care.  If I have to remind you a hundred times a day, then so be it.  I cannot emphasize it too much right now, for there is far too much at stake to take this lightly!

Let me close off for now, for we are extremely busy in the monitoring department.  Just know that we are always near to you, and all you need do is call upon us.  Many are going to perish, and it is not going to be a pleasant experience for you or for us. However, together, we shall see this all through, and we shall get there--very soon.

Thank you for your time, for your attention, and for your service.  We honor all of you who have so selflessly given of themselves in these past years.  The days ahead are the reason that you have been in such intensive training.  That training will pay off, and all the lessons you have received shall serve you well.

Go in peace; go in Light; and go with the blessings of Holy God of Light.  I am Toniose Soltec, in that Light, to clear.  Salu.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, November 28, 1995, Volume 11, Number 5, Page 31.

Transcribed into HTML format by R, Montana.