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8/16/93   SOLTEC

Good afternoon, child.  Toniose Soltec, present once again in the Light of the Holy God.  The mission moves forward this day, with so much taking place upon your globe that it is nearly impossible to cover all subjects.

We shall touch lightly upon the subject of the ongoing Earth Changes, yet there is another subject that I wish to cover with ones this day, as you move ever closer into closing moments.

The Earthquakes continue in the Pacific in and near the small island of Guam, Japan, the Aleutian Island chain off the coast of Alaska, Mexico and California.  It is but more of the same that has been ongoing for months.  Potential for more major activity continues to build, so there is no place along this fragile area that is considered to be a "safety zone".

Potential for volcanic activity also grows with each passing day, as this entire area is a hot bed and tinderbox for volcanos, for the origin of it is completely volcanic.  As all things in the Universe are cyclic, so are the geologic periods of the Earth.  This area was born from volcanic activity, and it shall continue in its growth process in the same manner from which it was originally birthed.  The Philippines are at this time in a very precarious position as they are caught in the "squeeze" of the surrounding crustal plates, making that place an area very definately prime for seismic and more volcanic occurrences.

You are also now moving into the season of hurricanes and severe tropical storms, and evidence of this can already be witnessed by the number of these weather patterns already present and building in both your Pacific Ocean and the warmer waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  With the state of your global weather patterns, my suggestion would be to prepare for the worst, for if this season should be anything like that experienced last year, the places prone for such things are in for a real pounding.  The factors are such that the possibility is greater this year than was last for extremely severe storms.

I would remind you who reside in such places not to be gripped by fear at these statements, rather that you ones consider this a forewarning and take relative action in your precautions, for these storms could come up quickly, leaving but a few hours to prepare.  It would be better that you ones have supplies already on hand and plans for evacuation, if needed, laid out.  Injury and loss of life then could be at a minimum.  It is when you ones wait until the very last moments to take action, and panic sets in, that loss of life and injury are most likely to occur.

Those of you ones who live in these places are well aware, from past experience, that water supplies, electricity and such will be either minimal or non-existent.  Lanterns, candles, bottled and treated water, and a minimum of a week's supply of canned goods should be high upon your emergency supply list.

You say, "But, Soltec, that is just common sense."  I would agree, however, it would seem from past observations that common sense is not quite so common as you might believe, and the majority of you ones do not have adequate preparations made, and will continue to put it off until it moves into a panic situation.

Enough said on this subject.  I shall now move on to the subject which is most pressing at this time, especially to you ones who serve with us as ground crew members.  Ground crew does not mean only those of you who live in or near the area of Tehachapi.  We have ground crew stationed all about your planet, though the main focus for these ones is in the Tehachapi area for reasons we have covered prior to this.  Therefore, I speak to ALL our people, regardless of location to that which follows, for it is a subject requiring your utmost attention.

How many of you have prepared a place of "safety"?  How many of you are still waiting for one reason or another?  Yes, I thought so.

Too many have talked and talked the subject to death, yet have not done one thing about TAKING ACTION.

Chelas, you are just about out of time for ability to do something that will secure you ones relative safety during the coming days.  If you are still residing in large metropolitan areas, it is time to get moving and get yourselves situated elsewhere.

You ones know the places, for you have been prompted by something from inside selves and it is time to act upon those promptings.  Your world is teetering upon the verge of not only massive Earth changes, but also upon nuclear exchanges -- and the large metropolises are going to become death camps.  So, unless you ones get up off your rear ends and do something, you too will be caught and unable to escape the destruction which is at your very door this day.

You have sat and rationalized the situation until too many of you become convinced that you are not to move on, that your livelihood needs to continue for yet a while longer.  Listen to me: THAT INFORMATION IS NOT COMING FROM THE HOSTS OF GOD, BUT RATHER, FROM THE ELITE AND IT IS TIME THAT YOU BEGIN TO FOLLOW YOUR HEART, LEST YOU BECOME MURDERCIDED ALONG WITH THE MASSES!  You have been given more than ample time to make your preparations to get out of these places, yet most have sat back upon their laurels and done nothing!  Chelas, this is not fun and games we play with you, it is a serious matter of life and death.

Yes--friends, neighbors and even your families will believe you have lost your minds, yet better that they believe you lost your minds than to lose your lives!  DEAD GROUND CREW CANNOT GET THE JOB DONE!  And, there are plenty of jobs to go around, believe me.  Once the manure begins to hit the fans, there will be many believers coming to you ones for aid.  How can you help anyone else if you are scrambling and panicking yourselves?

Too many of you ones are enticed by the "luxury" of "city living" and "old thinking".  You have reached a time when these old thinking habits must be revamped and new, innovative ways of thinking must come into your reality.  If you ones have a safe roof over your heads, away from the death-camp cities, have your crops and energy needs met, then what else needs do you have?  With all the information you have been given in past newspapers, JOURNALS and other recommended sources, you should, by this point, have adequate information for survival.  It is time to put this information into use and get on with it, for there is very, very little time left.

DO NOT PANIC, CHELAS--DO NOT PANIC.  I can not urge this strongly enough.  Panic creates a state of fear and fear is immobilizing and you need to remain mobile.

All we are attempting to do is get you ones moving now so that when the time comes you will have no need of panic, for you will all be in your proper places of safety and able to continue on with your lives and perhaps be able to be of assistance to others who are going to be in time of dire need. Also, we want our children safe, for it is the children who are the hope for your world.  They are the ones who will lead you ones on into and through to the other side.  These little children have come here at this time for this specific purpose and, as they grow and flourish, will come into this knowledge, providing that their Earthly parents have given them the chance.

Be also very careful about how you ones are judging those upon your world who are in those teenage years.  These children need you more than ever before, as they are being bombarded from all sides with every imaginable horror, and some that you, as parents and adults, could never even comprehend.

Most of these children have had to grow up with little to no parental supervision and tending and you are seeing the product of this now in the form of drug use, gangs, street violence and teenage suicide.  These children are looking at their future as non-existent and have become fearful to the point of hopelessness, for they do not see themselves as having any kind of a future upon your planet.

The very sad part is that they are absolutely correct.  As the state of affairs are upon your world at this very moment, they have no future, so to speak.  This is the reason that it is so very important that these children, and yes, they are still children, must be taken under proper parental and adult guidance so that they too may know The Truth and have hope for a tomorrow.  Without a vision, man perishes.  These children have no vision, therefore they are perishing at alarming rates.

The Socialists of your world are seeing to it that these young ones are taught by their Protocols, and it has been very effective.  They are being taught that it was their parent's and grandparent's generations that have brought the ruin and destruction forth upon the world, and that the only hope they have is through these Socialist viewpoints.  Well, Chelas, you know that these are lies, but how many of you have taken the time and energy needed to teach your children otherwise?  You have turned over the education of your children to the State and now the State controls that which they are taught, and these children are merely products of that educational system.  You have turned over the responsibility of your children to the State, and have, therefore, relinquished the rights over your children to the State.  You now have an entire generation going into adulthood that are completely unprepared to function in the world.  Yet, what have you done about it?  You merely sit back and fret and fuss and wring your hands, rather than getting up off of your posteriors and doing something about it.  How much longer are you going to sit back and allow the State to control the instruction of your youth?  How many of you take the time to know what your children are doing and who they are doing it with?  How many of you have taken the responsibility to give your children any spiritual instruction?  Do you include your children in your daily activities, or do you shove them off to a daycare center, or worse, leave them to their own means while mommy and daddy are off pursuing their careers.  When you come home from working, do you continue to work at home, or do you take the time to TALK WITH your children?  Notice I did not say TALK AT them.  There is a very great difference there.  How many of you parents take the time to listen to your children's concerns and fears?  Most of you know more about your co-workers and friends than you do about your own children.

Teenagers are joining groups of other teenagers and forming gangs because they have little or no home or family life to go to.  These gangs have become their surrogate families and they stick together through all, be it thick or be it thin.  They listen to one another; they support one another and they are there for one another when the parents are too busy with their own lives.

You have babies having babies and grandparents raising these babies simply because, as parents, these grandparents did not do their job in the first place and it is now coming back around full circle to once again face them.  These are actually the lucky ones, for, at least, most of these young mothers see a purpose in the new little life they have brought forth, and this little life may just be what kept these young girls from ending their lives. So, grandparents, you can thank that new little life for saving your child's life, and you now have a second chance at parenting--how will you handle it this time out?

Yes, in this case I intended to come across harsh, for what has been done unto the children upon your world is a crime against Creator God.  You live in a throw-away world and too many of your children have been thrown away.

These children will not be abandoned, I assure you, for if you do not pick up and take care of them, then God shall, and He shall call upon His Hosts to bring them home.  It just may be, one day, that you of Earth awaken to a world without any children and you who gave life unto those children will be held accountable.

Let us draw this to a close as there are many pressing matters which need be attended.  Think, please, upon these things which have been presented unto you, for it is of utmost urgency and importance.

Chelas, there is too little time for you ones to ignore your responsibilities any further.  Seek the Light Within and The Truth and you will see that I have not spoken untruth unto you.  Reach out to your children before it is too late.

I leave you, as always, with the Love and Light of Holy God.

Toniose to clear. Salu.



Source: CONTACT - THE PHOENIX PROJECT, August 17, 1993, Volume 2, Number 8.

THANK YOU, Rocky Montana