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10/12/92  #1   SOLTEC

Soltec, in service to Holy God and the Host, present.  So, the 12th has come and gone and no alien invasion.  Though you are relieved, many are, none-the-less, disappointed as the day brought nothing.

Nothing?  How about the 5.9 earthquake in Cairo, Egypt, which was felt as far away as Jerusalem?  It came on the heels of a 4.2 on Sunday, October 11 in your San Bernardino County.  Oh, I see, this has nothing to do with little lizard aliens.  Perhaps not, but it has everything to do with the continuing games your controller are playing.  Do you not see--you are the mouse and the Elite controllers are the cat?  You are being tormented and chased until the cat wears you out, then the fun being finished, they move in for the final kill.  To these Elite this is a great game with very definite and hefty rewards.  They are trained well, truly enjoy the play and are very bad losers.

This scribe today got a chuckle as she watched the evening news.  They spoke of the space probe sent out in space to search for intelligent life.  They mentioned it would travel 100,000 light years in its search.  Kali thought how much time and money they might have saved by simply subscribing to the LIBERATOR!  I had to remind her that most of them already do read it religiously (though they carry it in a plain brown wrapper).

You need to keep some sense of humor in these times to balance out the other heaviness which you ones are experiencing as the state of your Earthly affairs appears to deteriorate daily.  There is also a longing on our part that we could meet together and laugh and have fun, rather than be forced to meet and discuss the plans to destroy you.  But, precious ones, we do not have that luxury at this time.  You are in very serious times.

Your ground is shaking, your water is poisoned, your money is stolen, your property taken away, and all the while the political games go on and your politicians tell lie upon lie to You-The-People.  The saddest of this is that so many of you believe them!  It matters not whether you vote for Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum or Tweedle Doo for all stand for the same thing, only the wrapper looks different.  So, regardless of which of these three ends up in your Washington come January, I suggest you ones had best keep survival supplies up to par!  For when the emergency happens, there will not be time nor resources to prepare.

You ask for information and more information, yet what are you doing with it?  Are you preparing your households?  Or, are you waiting for the weekly edition of a paper to read more exciting and scandalous news?  All the information we give will do you not one bit of good unless you act!  You weep and wring your hands and cry, "What are we going to do?  How can we survive?"  Yet, week after week after week you are instructed and informed.  Most have not even a week's worth of supplies on hand.  When the time of need comes, these ones will blame God and Space Command for not telling them that this was the day!

Do you have first-aid supplies?  Could you save a life in a crisis?  Could you re-set a fractured or broken bone?  Could you stop arterial bleeding?  Could you know what wild plants or roots to use for medicinal purposes?  Do you know how to locate and prepare them for use?  Chelas, not every household will have access to a doctor or a nurse and you will not be able to run to your local drug store for aspirin and bandaids.  Every supply closet should include, at the very least, the basics of bandages, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and topical anti-bacterial cremes.  We would also suggest a manual on emergency first-aid, in addition to books on natural methods of healing.  You will have to rely on what is readily available.  There is so much information available on your place on these vital subjects that the Host is not going to do this homework for you.  There are some things you must take the initiative for and do for selves.

Though your valley will survive the "BIG ONE", you will be seriously shaken, and there will be damage.  There is also a great possibility of tidal waves striking your little island, and there will be injured people.  How will you deal with them?  How will you deal with those who become ill later on?  Just getting through the initial shock will be bad enough, but you must be prepared for that which will follow.  Education and self-sufficiency is your only hope.

Now Soltec will be accused of trying to scare you.  Oh?  Would you rather I paint you pretty pictures and tell you fairy tales like your Elite government does, or would you rather Soltec tell you the truth and try to help you save your backsides?  Dear ones, you are very close to the time when you will be scurrying for all those back issues of the LIBERATOR and the JOURNALS.  But, once the doo-doo has hit the fan, you will not have the time to cram for finals!  The time to act is now, while you still have a chance to supply yourselves sufficiently.  I can not emphasize this enough.

The aftermath of a disaster, such as being planned for you, is often more deadly and devastating than the disaster itself.  Ground water becomes infected with such lovely little things as typhoid and cholera; food supplies become contaminated and the injuries to be dealt with are beyond what you ones can imagine.  You will have to practice battlefield medicine--that is, treat the most seriously injured first, get them patched up enough to survive until more intensive treatment can be administered.  It is not a pretty thought and will be even less pretty when it happens.  You MUST be prepared for these types of casualties, for would you want to watch a loved one die because you could not administer even the simplest of treatments?

As you watch the political games played out on your televisions, keep in mind that they are but games intended to keep you ones distracted while the real dirty tricks continue against you.  None of them can solve the medical care crisis or the economic problems for they are the Godless slavemasters bound to enslave you.  Learn to see these distractions for what they are.  Become smarter than your enemy.  Look beyond the deceptive facade which has been created.  Seek God, for you will not find His hand in any of it.  Align yourselves with the Creator, open your heart to the light of God and the Christ.  Follow this, Chelas, and we will succeed in this mission.

We shall draw this writing to a close, leaving you, as ever, with the Love and blessing of God and the Hosts.  With perseverance and the knowledge and Light of God we shall get there.

Soltec to clear.  Salu.

Source: THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, October 20, 1992, Volume 21, Number 1

THANK YOU, Rocky Montana

March 22, 2011