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Tonoise Soltec

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 June 1, 2009



by Soltec    12/3/94

Toniose Soltec present, in the Light.  Though it has been some time since we sat to write, it does not mean that we have not been near.  We have been kept extremely busy with the monitoring in various departments.  More and more tinkerings are taking place on your planet—tinkerings that have the potential for extremely disastrous results.

Firstly, however, we shall take a look in the Geology De­partment.  While very little has been reported through your mainstream media, much activity has been taking place all the same.

Seismic activity is ongoing, especially all along the Ring of Fire. [See the excellent summary on the next page from the out­standing Seismo-Watch newsletter.]  The areas of most intense activity continue to be: Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines and Alaska, of course.  You hear very little of these events, for they are not considered important newsworthy items and make for rather boring news reporting, unless, of course, there is consid­erable loss of structure or life.  Only then will you hear of these activities.

For instance, there are probably very few of you who are even aware that several volcanoes have been erupting of late.  They are located in the Indonesian Islands, Philippine Islands and what is known as Kamchatka Peninsula [north of Japan off the east coast of Siberia].

Besides these that are currently in a state of activity, you now have Mount St. Helens building another cone at a most rapid rate, and Mt. Rainier continues to be a definite threat, yet this is being downplayed most dramatically by your scientists.  They continue to claim that there is no “immediate” danger; yet, there are plans to send a detonating device down into this volcano in order that they might “blow it,” rather than allow it to erupt in its own cycle.

I would suggest very strongly that these ones leave this Giant alone and allow it to develop and erupt in its own good time.  Their tampering with this volcano is very serious, dear ones, very serious, indeed.  However, these scientists believe that they should take control of Nature, but what they cannot—or rather, will not admit, is that it will backfire and cause a more serious event than they can even imagine.  They are becoming far too bold in their attempts to “dominate” their world and their pride shall only be the undoing of your world.

The other major event that is occurring is, believe it or not, far more serious to all inhabitants of your world and that would be that little “experiment” being conducted in the most northern reaches of your globe, known by the acronym HAARP.  This little experiment is causing great disturbances in your planet’s electromagnetic grid, and has the potential of great repercus­sions for all of you—from weather disturbances to seismic and volcanic events of great proportions.  It is also responsible for much of the interfere ence you ones are presently experiencing in your communications devices—for example, radio, television, computers, telephones, etc.

What they have done is to construct a device based on Nikola Tesla’s work in the field of Free Energy and they are attempting to tap into the Earth’s naturally occurring electromagnetic field in order to generate energy in amounts not possible to generate by artificial means.

Unfortunately, what they seem to refuse to understand is that in their attempts to achieve this, they are taking great risks with your planet’s future.  This experiment carries the potential of causing a shift in your natural magnetic poles.  This, in turn, would cause chaos and catastrophic changes in global weather patterns and could cause massive upheavals below the surface of your planet—through such things as earthquakes and volcanic ac­tivity.  Your planet is already in a heightened state of seismic and volcanic activity and this tinkering around with your iono­sphere could accelerate these activities even further, to a state of unbelievable disaster.

So, as you can see, we are being kept very busy, yet it was important to take the time to communicate these things to you ones.



Let us take a little time to discuss a different and truly more important subject—even though it may seem to be somewhat out of my field.  Yet, it is important that you ones are aware of some of the more interesting things occurring with you and your world.  This subject is Time.

Third dimensional (density, etc.) experience is, by far, the most difficult of all the stages of evolution which you shall need experience.   That is the reason that you ones have been through so many incarnations in this level of your development.  It is, to express it in the simplest of terms, the last of the “purely” physical levels through which you shall pass, with the Fourth Level being what we quite often refer to as the gateway or threshold to the higher, lighter and “less physical” dimensions.  This explanation is very elementary, but it will suffice as a foundation for this writing.

You are, as many are aware, approaching transition from the third dimension to the fourth and fifth dimensions.  In your third dimensional experience, you are limited by your perceptions of both space and time (which actually are but one in the same per­ception, just different aspects of the same thing).

Time only exists by your perception of motion (such as travel across distances, or space).  This is an extremely simple expla­nation of Einstein’s theory.  You have been taught that it is not possible to exceed the speed of light, because as physical matter approaches the speed of light it would become infinitely dense and thus require an infinite amount of energy to push it any faster.  But that is only a partial truth.

Many of you are beginning to have the sensation of traveling either more rapidly through time, or slower through time—many of you are certain that there are far fewer hours in one of your days than there were before.  This is only true because of your perception of what time is.  Actually, you see, time does not re­ally exist.  It is but something third-dimensional man has as­signed to assist him in trying to achieve some kind of order in this present expression.  Even motion does not truly exist.  Ac­tually, all that really exists in the physical universe is light and all else is but the experiences of the effects of light.

All time periods exist simultaneously, and as you transition farther toward the fourth- and fifth-dimensional expressions, the more you shall begin to grasp this concept.  Once this fact be­comes a “knowing” within you, then you will see that time is no more a boundary to you than is air through which you pass con­tinually.

I bring up this subject simply because many upon your world are beginning to experience what they are referring to as ghostly entities and strange etheric apparitions—and, for the most part, it is most misunderstood.

Yes, there are departed souls who are confused and continue to “hang around,” yet there are other things occurring which are not of this classification.  You are experiencing flickering of lights about you and strange cloud-like expressions for a mo­ment and then they seem to just disappear.  What is this all about and why are they occurring to so many in so many places?

The answer, dear ones, is that you are getting closer and closer to that time of transition and are, therefore, beginning to experience some of the higher frequencies and higher energies which exist all about you all the time.

The physical universe is literally teeming with life of all sorts and all expressions of densification of matter, and this universe is, as best I can explain it to you, multi-leveled.  For while you are occupying in your perception a certain time and space at an assigned frequency of expression, there may be—and most likely are—other densifications of light or frequencies existing in that same space/time continuum.

You see, if you will recall previous lessons, all physical matter is but light vibrating at a particular frequency.  There are many, many frequencies of light, some of them are to you ones visible and others are beyond your range of visibility and you call these the etheric or higher frequencies.  Yet, at their vibra­tional rate, matter is as dense to them as your matter is to you.  It is all relative.

So, as you are starting your transition, you are experiencing, from time to time, these higher frequencies and, therefore, they are, for a moment, within your visible range and you perceive them with your physical sense of sight.  These occurrences will become more and more commonplace as time goes on, so know that not all of what is being experienced by you ones are what you call ghosts.



Chelas, you are nearing graduation from one grade to an­other, so rejoice as you experience all the chaos about you, for it is a great time of experiencing upon your planet.  It is, whether you believe it or not, a wonderful opportunity that comes along very seldom.  You have chosen to participate in the graduation ceremonies, otherwise you would not be here at this time in this particular place.

Make the most of the experiences and the lessons, for you are growing in great leaps, although you quite often feel that you are taking more steps backward that forward.  I assure you that this is but another of your perceptions, for you are moving for­ward in great strides—and many are they who are out here ob­serving the classroom.

You have about you in your world so many distractions, in just trying to survive in your world, that all too often the greater and, truthfully, more important subjects seem to be continually shoved onto the back burner.  It is, therefore, part of our job to bring these things to your remembrance from time to time so that you will not forget to look at the overall and greater picture of what is.

All the daily distractions are but illusions anyway, and the heartaches and headaches need to be put into their proper per­spective.  We are fully aware that your jobs are difficult ones and it seems to you that you have lost your way from time to time, but know that all is playing out in precisely its own perfect way.

Remember: from light you came and to light you shall return, and all that lies in between is but of your own creation and per­ception.oniose Soltec  Is it real?  It is as real as you desire to experience—no more and no less.

Thank you for your attention.  Keep up the good work, for we are all getting there.  Know that as you travel down the highway of life, sometimes it is good to take the scenic route and slow down a little and see the beauty which lies around you.

Toniose to clear.