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El Morya

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Good Morning and thank you for sitting to write this day!  I am El Morya, Master of the First Ray.  I come in the Radiant One Light of Creator God so that His Promise to your world will be fulfilled.

As you each go forth in your experiences of day-to-day living, you are bombarded with many mind-influencing suggestions.  You are constantly receiving data from all directions.  This information is continually being updated and processed within you so that you might have that which you are seeking.  You each are seeking that which will provide you with comfort--basically with "soul peace" and "soul joy".  This will be different for each of you, for no two beings are created exactly the same in composition of attributes, nor were you created for the exact same purpose.

As you go through your life's experience, you are faced with choices and decisions as to what you will do from one moment to the next.  Many of you have decided to just sit back and see what will happen next.  This is a PASSIVE role, yet you will still make progress along the lines of growth.  However, this progress will be somewhat slowed.

By contrast, when you take an ACTIVE role in the creating cycle, you will find that your life will be much more interesting and--surprise!--you will find that elusive, "hidden" joy you are so desperately seeking in your day-to-day living.  This joy lies WITHIN YOU, awaiting your recognition and utilization of this Divine Connection in the conscious state.  Those of you who are busy DOING those things that will bring forth positive change around you, are the ones who are indeed on the forefront of creating the Larger Change that will transform your world into Radiance.

This is where I, El Morya, fit in!  I represent the First Ray of Creation and I work closely with my Brother Germain, Master of the Seventh Ray of Creation.  Through the Seventh Ray comes the transformation (transmutation) out of the old and into the NEW!  In every ending is a new beginning, for God and Creation are Infinite and forever evolving.

Each of you have the opportunity to assist in this transformation process in that you can help create the new beginning by consciously focusing your mind on those things that fulfill your Higher Purpose for being there.  You can know what these things are, for they will inspire you with emotional passion, excitement, and an inner sense of fulfillment.

Again, this will not be the same for any two individuals.  YOU must find those things which fulfill YOU!  Follow your Heart, for it will tell you where to look if you but pay attention.  In doing so, you will be actively setting forth into motion the forces of your Soul (Soul: that which is in direct connection to Creator Source), forces which will draw to you the circumstances that will help you to recognize your own personal purpose and thus the emotional satisfaction that you are wanting.

You must do your own part.  We of the Higher Energy Realms observe that most of you sit and wait for another to be daring enough to put their neck on the line, which you sit back in your comfortable idea of reality where you can feel safe, while stating with your mouth the things another should or should not do.  All the while you are restless, seeking more, and wanting to do those things that your fears will not allow you to do.  Remember those are YOUR fears and you must overcome them or you will continue to want more while wallowing in dissatisfaction that can lend to bitterness.

Those who have their necks out on the line will usually ask you your opinion if they think they need it.  If they are not asking, it is probably because they are too busy creating their own circumstances that will lead them to the answers and joy that they are seeking, with or without those of you who play "armchair quarterback".

When you are ready to help contribute to the transformation process, you will first recognize that you have FEARS that have been and STILL ARE keeping you from participating in the excitement of the whole evolutionary process.  When you overcome these fears, you will stop hiding behind assumed identities, for you will have recognized that your fears of embarrassment are indeed unfounded and that you can go against the "NORM" and be different.

What is normal?  Normal is a Mob-Rules mentality that states that you have to follow the crowd in order to be perceived as one who fits in.  You are each unique and different; you do not have to "fit in".  You are driven by your fears of not being liked, or of being laughed at, or of being the "odd-ball", or whatever.  You are going against the very inner drives of your Soul when you try to be that which you are not.

When you can learn to express yourself without the worry of what another will think of you, then you will have taken a major step in finding the inner joy you desire.  Those who do not seem to have time for your perception of how YOU think they should "act" are probably of a mindset to not be concerned about what it is that YOU think.  This is not to say that these ones perceive of themselves as being better; it is that these ones are too busy to be distracted by YOUR perception of "proper" etiquette.

If you allow another to offend you, then YOU need to "grow up" and realize that YOU are the one creating your own frustrations. When you can focus your attention not upon the SELF-CENTERED perception of negative experience, but rather, upon seeking the experiences that will help you to feel fulfilled within, you will find that you will naturally attract the recognition of your intrinsic value or importance that you desire.  Your ACTIONS will show the world who you really are--not your words about same of your mental perception of self.

Realize, please, that when you are feeding the inner joy of creating your life's experiences, you will find yourselves in a state wherein you do not worry about what others think about you.  You will allow them to their own ideas and will not be concerned with their personal perception of how they "would have done it different".  If they want to step out and do it differently, then by all means let them lead by EXAMPLE and NOT by WORDS!

If you are, for instance, not happy with a publisher because they will not publish your materials, then instead of complaining about the publisher, open your own publishing agency and publish your works yourself.  If you are waiting upon another to accommodate you, then you will be deserving of your own inner frustrations, for you have created them and allowed them to consume you.

Monitor your emotional state and allow it to show you where to find joy.  If you are insistent upon dwelling on the negativity of the past (whether it be ten minutes ago or ten years ago) then you will continue to find yourself those who will feed the fire of your frustrations if you insist on dwelling upon those negative emotions.

When you can release of those things that cause you to feel hurt, then you will have freed yourself from the past and you will be able to focus more clearly upon that which you DO want--inner sense of satisfaction and JOY!

The only point in time wherein you can create is in the present.  When you allow the past to consume you, you are giving up the only opportunities you have for bringing forth the change that will allow you to find and fulfill your purpose for being there.

You ask, "How do I release the past?"  You do this by focusing your thoughts upon the here-and-NOW, upon creating that which will bring forth the JOY that your heart desires--and NOT upon that which you don't want.

Say to selves: "I will TODAY experience something in which I will find joy!"  Then EXPECT the joyous experience, for it IS coming! Look for those things that give you pleasure.  This process takes active participation on your part in the form of thought and true emotional desire.  When you are fulfilling your purpose, you will find that you will not have time to focus on the past for you will be too busy and too enthused to do so!

Focus clearly upon the joy and fulfillment, not upon the lack of joy or fulfillment.  If you focus upon the LACK of a something, you will create MORE of what you are LACKING!

Quit worrying about what you do not have and focus upon that which you desire, and you WILL create it!  If you find yourself surrounded with negative people, it is because you draw them to you with your own thoughts that are negative.

Do not give thought to that which you do NOT like or that which causes within you the negative emotions such as anger, fear, and frustration.  When you begin manifesting joy in your daily experience, you will attract to you those who will add unto your joy, and you will find the exciting experiences that you desire.  You will also find that you are fulfilling your life's purpose!

Allow others to have their own, self-created emotional state.  If they are of the intent to force their view upon you, then pay them NO attention and they will eventually go their own way.  When you play into the game of "who is right and who is wrong", you are setting yourselves up for a game that is fueled with the negative emotions that spawn wars of massive destruction.  You are, in effect, being distracted away from your true purpose, for the emotional state will be that of joy and you will experience a genuine sense of accomplishment.

Everyone's purpose in the physical is one that involves DOING and CREATING--not sitting idle and talking big talk.  In ACTIVELY fulfilling your purpose, you will experience a greater joy than you have ever known prior.

Monitor your emotional state and learn to recognize your thoughts that CAUSE your emotional reactions.  Dwell upon those things that cause you to feel uplifted and fulfilled.  Use your emotional sensing as the tool for which it is intended.  Your emotions can serve to guide you for they come from your Higher KNOWING Self.

It is the physical ego that will mentally cause you to fixate upon those negative feelings in an attempt to reinforce the danger or pain of a situation.  When it does this, you will draw to yourselves more negative reinforcement and thus you create a dwindling spiral of negative emotion.

Likewise, the converse is also true.  When you are feeling uplifted and happy, your enthusiasm will often spread and you will draw to yourself more and more of the positive emotions.  You will soar upward and outward; you will know no limitations.

I am El Morya, Master of the First Ray.  As the old slips away into chaos and confusion, the new shall come forth in Radiance to quell the confusion by providing Direction and Truth to those who persist in their desire to understand and grow.  In Light of the ONE WHO IS ALL, blessings and peace to each of you.  SALU!


Source::   CONTACT - THE PHOENIX PROJECT, February 25, 1997, Volume 16, Number 2, Pages 28-29.