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Editor's note:  The following writing is by the Ascended Master known as El Morya, The Statesman, Elder of the First Ray among the seven "Rainbow Masters" communicating at this time to help us through Earth-Shan's planetary transition and rebalancing.  See Journal #7 called THE RAINBOW MASTERS for more background on this important group of teachers.  Refer to Back Page for Journal ordering information.



Greetings.  I am El Morya, one of the Ascended Masters.  I come in the One Light of Aton that is ALL.  Thank you for receiving my energy this day.  Be not distracted, else the opportunity will be los5.

Your planet is in great need for balance.  She cannot continue much longer in her current state of crisis.  She shall not be denied her balance within the Oneness of Creator's Light.

There shall be a massive cleansing cycle that she will undergo.  This cleansing shall be quite devastating to those ones (humans, animals and plants, etc.) to whom she gives life.  It is as if your planet has a fever and, before it breaks, her temperature will need to rise.  She will need to excrete the poisons (toxic, radioactive wastes, etc.) which have been placed under her skin.  She will, in the process, have to rearrange her waters and shift their healing properties to the places which need them the most.

You ones have been warned, over and over again.  There was opportunity as caretakers of the planet to reverse the damage foisted off onto the life-giving entity that you ones erroneously call Earth.  She is NOT DIRT!  She (your planet) is a living, sentient being.  You take for granted the gifts she freely gives.

The darkness of those who are destroying her and who suppress the masses has grown to epidemic proportions.  The mentality of the average person is so filled with negative (non Lighted) energy that such has made your planet so dizzy (off balance) that she even wobbles in an unnatural manner as she revolves around, trying to fulfill her purpose.

You ones need to learn to honor your planet and be thankful for the gifts she gives, not the least of which is life itself.  Ones always seem to wake up too late.  Many go around in their own self-centered world, not even thinking about how their actions (or IN-actions) will effect them tomorrow. Well, tomorrow is here!  And that which you ones have neglected in the past will be brought around full circle for you ones to confront again--this time in a most direct and impacting manner.

When the "Earth" (as you call her) shakes you into an awakened state of realization that you are so truly small and cannot do anything to stop her massive quakings, maybe then you shall appreciate that which you take for granted.


You ones must come to realize the reasons why these things shall occur.  It is because of the Universal Laws of Balance (the Laws of Cause & Effect).  You ones must realize that you are responsible for that which you helped to create.

You may say, "But I did not pollute the waters or the skies!"

Do you drive or ride in an automobile?  Do you not buy from, and thus support, the fuel companies which provide you ones with gas and electricity?  They, in turn, pollute rivers and streams.  The exhaust fumes from your cars, buses, trucks and airplanes--do not they pollute your air?  Do you wash your clothes with chemical solutions?  Where do you think the rinse water goes?

One person alone could not contaminate your planet by acting in this manner, but 5 billion (or more) people acting in this manner can and indeed have.  Those things you ones do daily--usually without thinking of future, long-term consequences--are the things which are the most dangerous to your own survival.

Am I saying, "Do not drive your automobiles!"?  NO!  Am I telling you to stop washing your clothes? NO!

I am suggesting that you change the way you think regarding your non-caring attitude toward your planet.  Some say that they care about the planet, but they are still unwilling to sacrifice their own personal comfort to REALLY do anything about your planet's current problems.

The first TRUE step in solving such a problem is educating people to the reality of the magnitude of the problem.

There are ones on your planet who are very sensitive to your planet's electromagnetic (emotional) shifts.  These are the ones who get sick or exhibit some other physiological symptoms, such as a headache, prior to earthquakes, volcanic activity, etc.  These ones innately know and respect the life form which sustains their existence.  These are the ones who can help you to understand the needs of your planet.  They have a direct link!  Some don't even realize why they have this gift and, in fact, they often view it as a burden.

As I have said, you ones have been warned time and time again.  There was an opportunity for reversing this current situation, but it is now long past.  Now you ones shall be given to learn your lessons--once again--the hard way.

If you dislike this message, I suggest you ask yourself, "Why do I dislike this message?"  Ones most often do not like to be made to feel responsible for that which befalls them.  Most wish to blame their "sufferings" on another, and will go to great lengths to try to justify their position.

I shall tell you now: if something impacts you, whether it be good or bad, then you have helped in some way to create it.  There are no victims.

When you can rise above your self-centered ME-ness and realize that YOU are responsible for everything that YOU do, then YOU will be able to begin to see a larger picture unfolding.  With this shift in viewpoint, you will begin to realize that there are GREAT opportunities available to you for growth at this time.  You will begin to stop making the same mistakes over and over again, lifetime after lifetime.

You will begin to realize that there is a reason for EVERYTHING that happens.  There are no chance happenings--PERIOD!

When you ones can begin to understand the TRUE "whys" of these seemingly tragic events, then you will be ready to truly accept your responsibility in creating a better way of doing things--else you shall be destined to repeat these tragic horrors over and over again.

As always, the choice is YOURS!

I am El Morya, come in the One Light of the I AM Presence.  Thank you.