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In this time of casting off, I rejoice that I shall make myself into newness for I represent the Creation of Earth, for I become one with my creations and ye have forgotten.  Unto this end do I create.  I have brought up races of men that they might become Gods and that they might become wise creators also, and that they might become one with myself.  This is growth.  I am the Creator and I have created wisely, though I often weep at thine poor choices and I have sent man into all the worlds wherein there is life, and, oh precious ones, there are many!  All who have gone forth from me have returned unto me richer and more glorious for their experiences.

There is naught place wherein is the form of man wherein is not the parts of Me.  I have divided myself into parts, and I have endowed each part with the part of myself, that which is eternal, infinite, and that part of Me changes not but remains ever unchanged by anything which is or shall ever be.

In my own timing shall I bring them all in again, to become again one with Me and they shall all be made whole.  From the body of Myself have I created all things, both of the land and of the sea, and of the air; and therein are the things, both of land and sea, and the words become manifest. The things which I commanded appear and they take form, and then I breathe into them, life.  They are the animated parts of Me and they cannot be less than the Gods because I have created each after a likeness which I have conceived within my own being.  It is the positive that I am and creation is the negative.

That part that which ye "see" is the part of Me which is subject to change and which shall return to the elements from which it came.  Not a person shall change the Law, nor shall he bring unto Me one part of himself which is of the earth; for I bring back unto Me that which is eternal and that which is of the earth, I shake off.  It gives Me great joy to bring back that which I send out for it is this for which I have made provision.

Positive/negative, night/day, ah yes, there are two poles of force called "life", as in darkness and light, soul/spirit and body, LIFE AND DEATH. Many are the labels placed upon the positive and negative, yet there is only ONE AND THAT ONE IS ALL INCLUSIVE, FOR IT IS OF MYSELF AND FROM MYSELF THAT I HAVE CREATED ALL THINGS, AND FROM ONE SUBSTANCE HAVE ALL THINGS COME INTO BEING.