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Calculated Steps Away From A Constitutional Republic


12/4/95 #1   HATONN



Even I am astounded that, as the questions and petitions for more integrated understanding of the volumes of work that, yes, even we put out there in front of you, needs integration and itemization as to points and, yes, authority.

In our need we receive and here indeed, comes a single document offered as "Intellectual Shareware".  Our eyes turn to the "urgent and important" "stack" of documents and our senses turn to that which can be offered elsewhere and let "Australia and the Mossad" wait another day or two.  One is directly related to needs of the MOMENT in the U.S. while the other confronts the WORLD problem as has been established through contracts with Satan.  You who recognize the involvement of CIA and other groups can relate to my meaning.  Further, anyone who watched Mr. Constani (Haiti problems) knows that the CIA and the White House of the U.S. were working on opposing sides of the same game in Haiti for the past three years.  He and his story were offered last evening by 60 MINUTES.  You now have long enough time cycles to SEE the occurrences of sending your boys away while the inner nation is destroyed and they attend garbage details in foreign places.  You SHOULD also be KNOWING that the news is filled to overflow with controlled lies to manipulate YOU.  And yet YOU allow it to continue until the disease finally kills the nation and all the people.

We were also informed by Ronn Jackson yesterday that the new Declaration of Independence has been made ready.  It will be by the same seven or eight people who have presented you with the papers filed in the matter over the past week or so.

At this time I am also informed that CONTACT doesn't have space or funds to print it "as is" in the paper.  So, having not yet even examined or conjectured on the writing, I don't wish to make adjudication.  I am sure that, if possible, the document will be faxed for maximum distribution by Ronn Jackson's group.  So, if within a few days you have not received the document copy, please contact Mr. Jackson's New Republic.  I have no input of further comment for I am not informed nor solicited for any such input.  Thank you.

And so--back to the document I do have and the one I find intriguing by its simplicity in presentation and thus, concept.  We will offer segments as we have space and they are received.  At present we have no names, nor a place--but a LOT of excellent and exceptional text.





Author's note: These novel ideas have the potential to change the future in the favor of individual freedom and constitutional REPUBLIC.  Since I have no vehicle to distribute these ideas, I have decided to share them with individuals and groups that may have some means to utilize them and understand what is at stake.  This SHAREWARE has no strings attached; if you can use these ideas, please do!

After the Constitutional Convention, Benjamin Franklin was asked, "What form of government do we have, sir?"

He replied, "A REPUBLIC, if you can keep it!"

Thus began the American experiment in individual freedom through government of, by and for the people!  [H: Well, not quite for it only was FOR the White people of European origin. The Blacks and Native Americans were not considered to be "people", at the time.]  This was the culmination of the movement that sprang from the Magna Carta  [1215 A.D.]  (a document that resulted when the human spirit overcame the suppression of the Dark Ages.)

Over 200 years have passed since the Constitution was written and things have changed.  We have made many mistakes; hopefully we can learn from those mistakes.  Some say that the future requires central control; however, the idea of central control not only eliminates the ideal of individual freedom; it also eliminates any remnants of the idea of checks and balances which were designed into our Constitution in order to protect us from unscrupulous leaders.  We have drifted far from the Constitution already, even without the people (citizens) knowing the facts.  Much of this has happened as the result of fraud by our leaders.  It did not happen without a large dose of apathy on the part of the people (citizens). The experiment has come to be tested!  Possibly, if people come to understand what has happened, they may yet awaken in time to restore our ideals.


Our leaders often proclaim that our government is a democracy.  If it is a democracy then something has happened to change it from a republic.  The fact that our leaders call our government a democracy is evidence that they are in the know about what happened.  You should be asking yourselves, "How did we lose our republic and its system of checks and balances?"  [H: I would suggest that your leaders led you directly in the red and black ink of the checks and balances of the BANKS!]  Let's start our analysis by reviewing the foundation.

Our Constitution set up three branches of government.

The President to administer as Chief Executive.

The Congress to LEGISLATE!

The House to represent the people.

The Senate to represent the states.

The Supreme Court was designed to judge whether or not legislation complied with the Constitution.

So, what happened which pulled away from this ideal plan into the morass of chaos now being experienced?

Our government has seen many changes and although we hold the idea of our constitutional liberty, there has been a transformation within our actual system which has taken us far from the original ideals.  When the facts are seen in perspective, it becomes clear that a parallel government has been created and it functions as a parasite upon our legitimate constitutional government.  The following highlights illustrate how this was achieved.

The JUDICIARY was intended to judge the law, not create the law!  However, as a result of the Supreme Court decision (Maybury v. Madison in 1803), the courts took on LEGISLATIVE function.  This resulted in a system of case law setting precedents for future court decisions. [H: In other words, you moved from a court system of hearings on the basis of facts of a case, to simply a judicial system based on prior rulings by good and bad judicial participants.  Facts of a case became bogged in allowance of information to surface, a code of silence among the judicial operatives, AND new laws came from old and intentional ERRORS of rulings.]  In effect, the courts actually change the laws with their rulings.  This was the first serious breach of our constitutional system of checks and balances.

1913 was a year when several serious breaches occurred.  As a result of the XVII Amendment (direct election of senators by the people) the states were stripped of their voice in our federal government.  Prior to that time the state legislators chose federal senators and could recall them.  This Amendment removed another form of check and balance and weakened states' power by changing the role of our federal senators.  [H: This is an extremely important point so please read it again.]

In 1913 the income tax was added to the Constitution.  Much can be said but I will save it for later.

Also, in 1913, Congress made a contract with a private corporation, THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK, to supervise and control our currency.  Actually congress had NO AUTHORITY to delegate this power assigned to it by Article 1, Section 8 of our Constitution.  Not only did this act involve our government in a contract with a private corporation, the collateral damage was that the profit does not go to our Treasury but to secret private stockholders of the (central bank) FED who arrogantly exempted themselves FROM the income tax.

In 1921, in the wake of WW-I, after the League of Nations failed to be ratified by our Senate, the CFR was established.  The Council on Foreign Relations has been the organization that has orchestrated this agenda to create a world government.  It has coordinated an end run around the Constitution, with little resistance from the American people.  It has created a parallel government using trickery.  It has promoted globalism above national interest with the aid of TV propaganda.  It uses money from our taxes and from interest on our currency in order to finance its anti-American agenda and no one challenges them.


In 1933, two significant effects resulted from the Great Depression:

1. FDR declared a state of "national emergency" using the newly enacted "Emergency Powers Act" which essentially put the U.S.A. in a form of martial law and activated the presidential power to legislate by "EXECUTIVE ORDERS".  [H: STOP, go back and memorize the above for this is what Bosnia is about TODAY!]  Prior to 1933 the President was the chief executive, however, since then the U.S.A. has been under a constant state of "national emergency" which has allowed each president to LEGISLATE, claiming the power to issue Executive Orders using Emergency (War) Powers.  Recently our presidents have proclaimed that they do not need congressional approval for their actions (like sending U.S. troops to fight for the United Nations).  Is this because they are fully aware that the Constitution has already been suspended?  Someone should ask our President to explain this publicly.

It should follow that the Executive Orders would only be valid during the national emergency.  Some might be surprised to find out that every president since F.D.R. has RENEWED THE STATE OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY which has kept all presidential legislation in effect.  IT WOULD APPEAR THAT IF THE NATIONAL EMERGENCY WAS CANCELED THEN ALL OF THESE EXECUTIVE ORDERS WOULD BECOME NULL AND VOID.  THE EXECUTIVE EMERGENCY POWERS ARE ANOTHER METHOD WHICH HAS BEEN UTILIZED TO HELP SET UP THE PARALLEL GOVERNMENT.  Since there is no true national emergency, this practice is FRAUDULENT.  See public document #94412.

2. The second thing that resulted from the Great Depression was that in a series of Executive orders, F.D.R. declared that our nation was BANKRUPT and in default on its contractual obligation to the FED.  Since our debt to the Federal Reserve Bank could not be paid, we were obligated to restructure our debt.  F.D.R. was able to use INTERNATIONAL LAW to restructure the national debt because our government was unable to honor the terms of its obligation to an agency outside of the government (the Federal Reserve Bank).  In effect, this action took the country out from under the constitutional protections and PUT THE U.S. CITIZENS UNDER INTERNATIONAL LAW.  This could not become public knowledge without a public uprising, therefore, international law was recodified and called Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.) as a disguise.  The imposition of this law is unconstitutional, however, through a series of tricks we obligate ourselves to these laws and relinquish our constitutional rights.  Various licenses are forms of contracts which allegedly entangle us in this system.  As a result of this line of play, the parallel government was securely in place.



Many people claim that so much has changed in the past 220 years that our Constitution is outdated.  After all, there were no automobiles or television and no computers when the Constitution was written.  IN REALITY NOTHING HAS CHANGED.  The Constitution was designed to protect the citizens from a powerful, greedy elite that would usurp control of the government.  Guess what?  THESE PEOPLE ARE EVER PRESENT!

It is true that special rules may be necessary that weren't anticipated by our founding fathers, however, the Constitution provides for this; it can be amended.  The problem we see is that our leaders chose to circumvent the Constitution and sneak changes past the people without going through the proper channels.  This covert methodology leads to distrust of our leaders.

When we hear our leaders saying, "let bygones be bygones", you might consider that they are party to the crimes.  The people who set up the parallel government do not want us to discover the details, however, it has been said that if you don't learn from your mistakes then you are bound to repeat them.  We must strive to know the truth for "the truth will set us free".  If we are to restore our ideal of individual liberty then we must seek the exact truth.  If the above scenario is correct then individuals are responsible for fraudulently setting up a government outside of the Constitution.  These people should be responsible for the debt that this parallel government has incurred!

[H: You can build up through a separate placement and return to the original LAWS but WILL THE ONES IN POWER DO SO?  I note that POWER CORRUPTS TOTALLY.  NOTHING SHORT OF TRUTH UNDER GOD'S LAWS OFFERS FREEDOM--ALL ELSE IS A SHAM TRICK AGAINST YOU-THE-PEOPLE!  Moreover, when people are USED through trickery and game playing, promises never met, loans never repaid, etc., you have the foundation of lies, and truth can never evolve from those lies until discovered, uncovered and exposed.  When contracts are MET we can speak of possibilities which can become workable probabilities--IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH AND UPON A FOUNDATION OF TRUTH--NOT GAMES.]

Another aberration of 1913 was the XVI amendment.



The concept that bigger is better has been promoted for a long time.  Bigger is definitely more efficient and in the past there may have been advantages to accomplishing more with less.  In the past it allowed us to raise our standard of living.  At present it is a "job killer" and a source to centralize money into the hands of a few merchants.  When Wal-Mart or K-Mart come into a town they put many smaller "mom and pop" family enterprises out of business.  This bigger-is-better mentality is now creating a two-class society by centralizing power and eliminating people's livelihoods.  This trend could be creatively reversed by a simple change in our tax laws.

Personal income tax is a key part of the Communist (Khazarian Zionist) Manifesto (2nd plank).  It was never ratified and is therefore also fraudulent.  It robs us of the fruits of our labor while it has fostered a system to record and track our every motion.  It must be abandoned.

A transition step that I have been speculating about is to first eliminate personal income tax and replace it with a more progressive income tax on corporations and foundations.  This would be supplemented by tariffs until deficits and debt were reduced by spending cuts and until our industrial base is rebuilt.  This idea is novel and at first might sound peculiar, but it may be the only way to reverse the artificially promoted centralization of power created by government regulations.  Very large corporations are created by the state and often have been assisted by federal, state and local tax policies; therefore, in a sense they should be considered to be public-service concerns.  To tax a state-created entity would be constitutional whereas to tax individuals is not, unless they are resident aliens.

[H: Sorry, but here you lose me.  If you honor the criminal activities ALONG WITH making good the very unlawful conditions created by WRONG LAW, you cannot ever recover.  You must face "collapse" if necessary, readers, for otherwise you HAVE NO CURRENCY OR ANYTHING ELSE WITH WHICH TO BEGIN TO REBUILD.  YOU STILL ONLY HAVE THE FED AND IT'S GARBAGE PAPER.  PERHAPS YOU NEED A FEW NON-RESIDENT ALIENS WHO CAN SEE THE WHOLE PICTURE FROM "OUT-THERE" SOMEWHERE, UNCLUTTERED BY BAND-AID THERAPY.]

This type of tax structure would foster small businesses and lead toward an increase in competition.  It would result in greater employment with fairer distribution of money.  By redirecting the idea of progressive tax from individuals to corporations, small corporations would pay hefty taxes.  This would result in generalized downsizing and more oversight of large state-created entities (corporations and foundations) by the public.  This would be the opposite from the current situation whereby the agencies created by the people are monitoring their creations (citizens), often to the point of extortion.  The people should have the tools to monitor the agencies they create and this innovative change in the tax strategy would give them the tool they need.  In addition, it would shift economic advantage back to the individual citizens causing more locally controlled jobs to be created.  A mentality of small is beautiful would develop and people would eat at family-run restaurants and buy from family-run stores again.  THE U.S. ECONOMY WOULD THRIVE!


No, this sounds beautiful in closing concept but is not what would happen.  Until you dissolve the PROBLEM you cannot build except as through what already is WRONG.  WHO is going to monitor all this?  You still have present the very things upon which the downfall of freedom arrived in the first place.  Until a system is built on a worthy foundation of total truth and integrity--a makeshift will only grow into the same unwieldy chaos as the first.

What this would do is simply shift the burden of the "little man" onto the shoulders of the corporate "little man", for the "big boys" will jump-ship and go back into their holes until the "break" in your system comes around--AGAIN.

PEOPLE have to be informed, for until you get your brain-dead population to wake up (usually by the ringing of bombs in their ears) you CAN CHANGE VERY LITTLE!  Believe me, the bombs are certainly on their way!  Writing dozens or hundreds or thousands of NEW constitutions will NOT WIN THE DAY.  In fact, you will find the Elite helping to write them with you, patting you on the butt and shouting good sounding things in your ears, while stabbing you in the back.  Remember that a tight hug leaves the hands behind the other's back!  Sometimes the "government" leaves you alone because you are doing more to serve their cause than they could possibly do on their own.  BEWARE the wolf in those cute little curly white suits.

May the Grace of God be rested upon you through these days of confrontation between truth and THE LIE.




Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, December 5, 1995, Volume 11, Number 6, Pages 25-27.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.