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Paradoxical Dilemma: Constitution vs. Secrecy


4/7/92 #1   HATONN


A curious paradox, and it is one created by that very document. The Constitution guarantees individual liberties, the right of the minority to dissent, and privacy. But it also gives the President of the United States broad powers in the conduct of foreign policy--and, implicitly, intelligence operations--thus creating a dilemma for American democracy. The problem centers on the questions of secrecy: the conduct of foreign policy and intelligence operations is largely secret, and secrecy is anathema to democracy. The Constitution specifically states that ALL will be done publicly and openly. The evil intent speaks for itself for God is totally OPEN and evil always hides behind secret intent and ritual. You be the "judge".

What you Americans have allowed is the moving of your enemy against the Constitution, within your very being, nurtured it and in every way demanded and now the "Piper" must be paid for he will not simply go away nor will he give up his toys.


You are going to have to make choices of direction and get up and DO SOMETHING. I do not, for instance, accept "I can't" for never will God give you that which "CAN'T BE DONE." So, DO IT--get off your "buts"; you know, those "but if I do, what might..." and "but they might do..." and "but if...". It rests with YOU--not your neighbor or your buddy or your government--YOU!


Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, April 21, 1992, Volume 19, Number 1, Page 14.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.