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Secret Presidential Order Allows The CIA To Spy On You

5/10/92 #1   HATONN

I cannot stop writing about the CIA and other intelligence networks for they ARE the schemers, activators and enforcers of the downfall of the planet.  They are the "army" which places into action and accomplishes the horrendous ends of the Conspirators' take-over of your Globe.  The "mother" organization was begun as the British Intelligence and has become ever more evil since birthing of all the children of the beast.

I ended this JOURNAL on the subject of Executive Order 12333, stated what it was and is and now shall give you a writing by Victor Marchetti, whom I respect greatly, having served for years now in efforts to awaken you citizens to your plight at the hands of the SECRET forces.



Published Oct. 6, 1986

The CIA is back in the domestic spying business--and, once again, with the blessing of the White House.  The agency has been authorized to resume "intrusive" methods, such as surreptitious entry, bugging, wiretapping and reading the mail of American citizens.

The agency also has been permitted to conduct covert action operations, i.e., secret activities planned and executed so that the role of the U.S. government is not apparent or acknowledged publicly.  Furthermore, the power of the attorney general to restrict such controversial methods and activities has been sharply reduced.

The ominous development is the result of a top-secret directive, Executive Order 12333, that was approved by President Ronald Reagan in December, 1981.  According to sources who have seen the order, it expands the CIA's mission in the United States "to roughly the equivalent of that in foreign countries".

One of the more disturbing aspects of the order is that it allows the CIA to infiltrate domestic organizations.  Moreover, this now can be done simply when the CIA deems it "necessary".  In the past, such infiltration proposals had to be reviewed by the attorney general and judged "essential".

Thus, any lobbying group or historical society or, for that matter, any outspoken newspaper or new political party targeted for penetration, manipulation or destruction.  Ironically, one of the agency's clandestine units involved in the expansion of spying on Americans is the Domestic Operations Division--where E. Howard Hunt, William F. Buckley, Jr's mentor in the CIA, used to do his "dirty work".


The origins of EO 12333 are of particular interest now that its provisions are coming into full bloom.

The idea for expanding the CIA's domestic operations first surfaced less than two months after the Reagan Administration took office.  It was the brainchild of Edwin Meese lll, then the president's chief of staff, who justified the agency's return to spying on Americans by citing the twin threat of terrorism and increased espionage activity by foreign governments.  [H: You must understand, however, that for years the borders of your nation have been open wide to foreign "spy" activity.  In fact, the Israel spy network was in full operation prior to the pleading guilty to charges of Jay Pollard in 1986.  It became evident that the allowances could no longer be hidden, so about mid-1986 the Establishment media began hinting at an entrenched Israeli spy network in the U.S.--aided and abetted by America.  It has long been a fact that there are more Soviets KGB operatives in the CIA than Americans. You, this day, are starting to put into place two massive atomic powered launchers which you "assume" you "purchased" from the Soviets as "advanced technology".  No, you are working with deliberate and international integration WITH THE SOVIETS and therefore, the Soviets (by whatever name they now label themselves) have another fully operational facility right in your U.S.A., specifically New Mexico.  THE ENEMY HAS MOVED RIGHT INTO YOUR BED AND YOU WELCOME HIM AS THE PROSTITUTE YOU HAVE BECOME AS A NATION.  YOU EVEN PAY THIS BASTARD EVIL BEING FOR YOUR WHORE SERVICES.  So be it--for the Piper WILL BE PAID AS THAT WHICH GOES FORTH--RETURNS UNTO YOU.]

The CIA, with Meese's encouragement, immediately began drafting the new order.  The agency's general counsel, Daniel B. Silver, headed the working group that was to come up with ideas on how the CIA could get back into the domestic spying business.

He worked closely with Director William J. Casey and Casey's longtime political ally, Max Hugel, whom Casey had put in charge of the agency's clandestine services.  But neither the CIA nor the White House bothered to inform the congressional intelligence oversight committees of what they were doing.  [H: By the way, readers, if you are under the delusion that William died from a brain tumor just before he could testify in the Iran/Contra mess, rest at ease.  His sudden "brain tumor" covered a multitude of sins--one of which is that Casey continues to live quite nicely with new identity and lots of CIA/TAXPAYER financed comfort.  I hope at this point of reading--you have ceased believing ANYTHING they tell you!]


Information on the proposed order soon leaked to the news media--apparently from the FBI, which felt it was being "indirectly embarrassed and unfairly criticized".  Sen. Barry Goldwater, then chairman of the Senate committee, immediately demanded to see a copy of the draft order.

A few days later, Sen. Daniel P. Monynihan (D-NY) referred to some of the CIA's proposals as being "off the wall".  [H: I believe "out of the sewer" would better qualify the proposals.]

At this point, the CIA's deputy director, Adm. Bobby Inman, was thrown into the breach.  His assignment was to assuage the rapidly growing concern of Congress and the public over the spy agency's return to domestic operations.  Inman was chosen for the delicate public relations task because he was highly respected by both the Congress and the news media.  Also, as a longtime intelligence specialist, he was known to be dubious of the value of clandestine activities.

Inman's first job was to say that he did not "favor the sweeping changes" advocated by the new executive order.  Then he called an unprecedented on-the-record press conference to inform the news media on his views.

The executive order was signed by Reagan in December, 1981 and remains in force.


Since the issuing of EO 12333, because of the flap it caused at the time, all efforts have been thrust forth to prevent public knowledge of government policies and activities.  New rules have allowed the bureaucracy to classify more and more information, declassify less and even reclassify documents that have already been publicly released and, of course, censor all documents released.

Some of its more brazen attempts to prevent Americans from learning about government operations--such as the National Security Decision Directive 84, which would have required all government officials to agree never in their lifetimes to write or speak publicly about their government experience--were, thankfully, so vehemently protested by officials and Congress alike that the administration had to suspend them.  [H: The facts are, however, that the agreements for suspension were in "name only" and actions continued through enforcement as if they were law.]




Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, May 19, 1992, Volume 19, Number 5, Pages 5-6.

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