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You are having an increase of carbon dioxide from so many reasons I have not room to outlay in this portion.  However, you are not having increased global warming and records of your own scientists over the past decade prove it.  You ARE having intensified heating in the summers in many, many locations and more frigid winters.  The extremes are compounded by atmospheric and manual manipulation of atmosphere.  You will see less and less seasonal changes and more sliding from, say, winter to summer and summer to winter, etc.  The "typical" seasons as you would describe them, are all but absent.

With the extreme temperature changes, deforestation, melting of your polar ice caps, etc., there will be catastrophic changes in conditions with increasing wind velocities, and irregular rainfalls with extreme droughts and flooding.  It will be for protection from the elements, as much as for survival of wars, that your shelter and reserve food storage shall be most useful.  You are moving into a time of incredible extremes which man is not evolved sufficiently to withstand.  You must have protections, as must your domestic animals and food plants if you are to survive the cycle of change.  Do you not see?  With care and preparations you can produce in a different and more abundant manner and move through the cycle most comfortably—but it requires "COMMUNITY" action—community of brotherhood and holding on to your resources and carefully utilizing them.  We can show you the way—you must do of it! There are already ones upon your place who know how; they have simply not been allowed growth for with growth and independence comes freedom and the conspirators cannot allow of it.  They must thrust upon you rules and regulations which break your back before you can be successful in order to maintain control of you.

For instance, the most suitable and stable building substance in the world is compressed earth and yet the planning commissions all over California refuse to fully permit the use thereof for it is both cheap as the dirt at the building site and durable into infinity—totally biodegradable as the earth itself and thus and so.  I believe you get the picture.  Utilized in domes it both withstands the elements in perfection, regulates the temperature as in a cave and can be radiantly heated for temperature control and cooking facilities through simple solar methods.  IT HURTS TOO MANY BUSINESS KINGS.  IT IS TOO IMPACTFUL TO THE MARKET RICH WHO WOULD STRANGLE YOU WITH DEBT AND KEEP YOU HOMELESS, TO MAINTAIN THEIR CONTROL AND GREED.

Do you not see that underground facilities suitable for emergency shelters could also be set up to house the homeless and that, in exchange for tending of the facilities and other public facilities?  Oh blessed ones, I plead with you to SEE!

So be it, Dharma, for our intent is not to overload.  I only petition that ones will reach up unto the hands we have extended unto you that we might join with you through this trial of a planet and civilization of man in trouble.  If you try to walk the path without God of truth and continue in the way of the misdirectors (even of your churches), you shall not make of it in wholeness. We petition you to allow the words so that you can then base of thine decisions on the merits of the presentation, logic, and pure reason.  Beware of those ones who refuse to read and hear and petition you to do likewise--they are unwitting tools for your enslavement and destruction--without exception.  Only truth can set you free and you must see and hear of it for there is no other way.  Further, it is all by free-will acceptance or denial for none shall force or coerce--it is simply "here it is, take that which ye will".  Salu.

Let us close this portion in love and grace, for ultimately there is no other.



Source:  Phoenix Journal 14 - R.R.P P.* *RAPE, RAVAGE, PILLAGE AND PLUNDER OF THE PHOENIX, VOL. I , Chapter 8, Pages 75-76.