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Notes About Healing Efforts


2/4/97 #1   HATONN



Now, as to Dharma's lungs--get an inhaler and mist with colloids (all mixed together) those lungs before the symptoms settle into a chronic ongoing state of mutation and disease.  Please do this A.S.A.P.  I know, the legal deadlines fail on this day so that is why I say as soon as possible.  Note that irritation to the lungs, headache, and minor flu-like symptoms are accompanying your old/new disease processing now in the Los Angeles area.  Once entered into the body, the microbes change and there is no treatment past the early stages.  So, don't let early symptoms overcome you by thinking you can save some silver colloid if you "wait".  Get rid of these invaders as quickly as you come to realize you may be hosting some alien bugs.

I believe that an inhaler of the electric variety for "moist" vaporizing is best.  This is NOT a humidifier but an "inhaler" apparatus.  Or, you can get over-the-counter "asthma" hand-held inhalers from which the contents purchased can be emptied into another container, and the inhaler portion can be utilized to "suck" colloid mist into the lungs for absorption at bronchial surface levels.  You may wish to leave a bit of the (over-the-counter) asthma "treatment solution" in the apparatus as a better "carrier" for the solution.  When inhaling, make sure that you add come drops of Gaiandriana so that the absorption and transition to well cells be readily utilized.

I have heard people suggesting hydrogen peroxide sprayed through the nasal passages to cleanse the bronchial tree--DO NOT DO THIS.  It can be harmless but you run the risk of actually burning the lungs, caustically.  Don't do it.  OxySol is GOOD to add to the colloids inhaled but please do not use "straight" hydrogen peroxide for this purpose.  Use something that cannot bring harm but, rather, only healing support.  And yes indeed, we do try out all these things on people RIGHT HERE before a drop goes to others.  We are sort of the "King's tasters".  Further, we tend to sometimes "overdose" intentionally to locate any possible unseen effects.  We find NONE with anything we offer--except increasing the need for additional replacement of lowered intestinal flora.  This is not "harmful" as such but it can cause great malaise and digestive symptoms until the bacteria belonging in the tract are replaced.  I will again see if there is some way to have available, replacement flora critters.  These are very easily grown but we have about all the incubation nursery babies we can handle.  Perhaps next month we can begin to look into broader facilities and increase our living world species. ...



Source: CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, February 11, 1997, Volume 16, Number 1, Page 18.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.