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9/30/91 #1   HATONN



There is only one truth

It is in the silence which must be the time of "hearing".  Hatonn present and this may be shared but it is a specific lesson for Dharma who cannot find respite to "meditate" and "listen".  The message varies not one iota from that which is given to ALL!

The bombardment upon your senses is for specific reason--to distract you from your purpose and mission--sidetracking you into channels of worldly and physical attention and hopefully, compromise.  You ask in total intent of service that you be protected from this "thing" which is consuming the senses of "man" and from your heart intent in petition do I respond periodically and assist you to sort of directions.  As each "personal" fragment needing attention from the location and gathering which automatically comes as ones seek and find their own directions, the pressures mount until the goal is lost in the chaff pile of "other's wheat gleanings.

No matter how "good" the intent of "suggestions" into the operations and perceived "better ways", comes the hidden (especially from the one projecting the "better way") confusion and distraction.  Ones do have very valid input regarding very earthly matters: Ed Y. has exceptional insight and structuring capability--but, it will not work for the masses for he has intellectual capacity beyond their ability to comprehend that which is most simple unto himself.  I too, as an example, am sick unto vomit having to continue to consider the lineage of the so-called, self-styled, self-named "Jews" who are from the Khazars and before that, the evil tribes of the adversary.  But we will have to reveal the truth of the lineage lest no man actually see and learn the origin of the deceit for it is too far back in perceived creation of Earth to understand otherwise.

The next, Dharma, is an attempt to set local individual personalities into preferred slots and authority--clinging to self-perceived directions. Little Crow will project unto you that "there are many truths"--NO--there IS ONE TRUTH and myriads of ways of expressing it.  It is when ONE "MAN" TAKES THAT WHICH HE "THINKS" IS TRUTH AND THRUSTS IT UPON ANOTHER AS "THE ONLY WAY" is the downfall.  Still, it is the responsibility of the one who accepts the limitation which is at disadvantage for he has just given his power unto another physical being's hands.  To accomplish that which must be accomplished if you are to change a massive mountain slide into worthy note, is to work within that which IS and show a better way in ALL things--not in selected facets which affect self alone.  Consider that which YOU do against that which you express (for whatever purpose) before you clean thine brother's doorstep of snow--perhaps the brother desired the cleansing quality of the snow upon his doorway--if nothing more, perhaps, than to block entry of intruders upon his time and presence.

What Little Crow, further, is telling you is that you cannot save, fix, or drag another into anything and you shouldn't even presume to "try".  The word fits (try) for you will not do of anything other than stir controversy and exchange more dogma in your "trying". To effect change, you "lead" in the purity of "truth" of each individual's sovereign "right" to self-belief and only in that way will brother follow the "better way".  Perhaps for that particular targeted individual, your way may not be HIS BEST WAY.  Man will follow the lie and/or the "tradition" until he sees that it is incorrect--or continue to follow for he sees that it IS CORRECT.  Man seeks one with Godness and yet, he must select the truth from the lies in order to learn his own path even though it may take additional eons of pain and experience to isolate that which is Godly from that which is not.

Heaven and Hell

You ones seem to have need of limits and delineations of expression so that you can say, "Do this and you go to Hell" and "Do this and you go to Heaven".  Both are the same, can you not see this?  So, wherein lies the difference?  In action and in presence or absence of God.  Hell is simply a place in absence of God and is thus classified as the void or absence of KNOWING or absence of Light--darkness.  It is neither "right" nor "wrong"--IT IS.  So what is the point?  The point is that Man is created with himself as fragment and reflection of the God "Idea" manifest.  Man with soul essence established from the Source of Creation will always seek oneness with that Lighted Mother/Father.  All "men" do not even seek that "God of Light" for they have ceased to function as a reflection of God of Creation and become solely a reflection of the sensual physical manufacturing processes of that which is against God.  We describe that one as bearing "evil" for the definition of "evil" is the act of distracting a being from his soul attainment of oneness with God of Creation.  In your clever slang: "...It is a lousy job but someone has to do it."  You think it represents other than a "lousy" job--that it looks like the evil get all the goodies?  Do they?  Then why are they not at peace, and in confusion and torment?  Because the fragmentation of Creator God is to cause all ones to desire the returning unto God in like form.  A cat, for instance, will never be a dog.  The cat may end up in great similarity to a dog through training and practice but never the two shall be the same.  The cat will find no peace in being the dog--the cat will only find peace in the perfection of cathood.  That is neither evil nor good--IT IS.

Oneness of Perfection

Why then, do you not receive as does Little Crow--simply speaking for self in great puffs of wisdom and somehow separate personal human self from that speaker?  Because, and I believe even Little Crow will now recognize the DIFFERENCE in your receiving and his, you do not receive as does he.  You are a translator of that which we give unto you in our own manner and you merely project it while efforting to have Godly attitudes and Truth in your living expression.  It is without YOUR OPINION and it is from the printed word that the attempt is now being made to leave it without Earth OPINION.  Each has a differing mission and yours is not to BE THE teacher--only relay the teachings, for you have accepted an additional step of fragmentation in order to serve a different purpose in the overall whole.

Are there other speakers and do you have to discern the personal intent of each?  No, it is none of your business to judge another even if they be the greatest liar since Lucifer.  Judge that which is given at EACH GIVING FORTH.  Is truth the foundation or is it lie and does it vary?  You have NO RIGHT to judge another--only that which is presented, and you are EACH given into knowing whether it be in truth or variations thereof.  You have based your entire existence as a nation and a "Christian" people on religions which are presented in direct projection from the evil Elite.  Your very "word of God" is the biggest lie of all; it is but an extension of Protocols built to give sequence clues to the readers and allow the adversary to manipulate you into following his pathway without question or reason.  Blindly follow a trumped-up lie so that you end up believing on a conjured "Man" (Jesus, for instance), rather than reasoning and turning unto Creator--spiritual God.  I repeat: "Jesus was a name given by the Christ's arch enemy, Saul of Tarsus (dubbed Paul) who set about methodically building a "religion" to suit the needs of the adversary and calling it goodness.

This is THE prime characteristic of the adversary.  I rather honor the miserable beast for he does his job so effectively and completely with you as the destroyed while he practices his deceit and games for the marchers unto their own limitations and misery in perception.

The adversary chose a nice time in evolution and growth of the planet and species to "begin Creation" and "begin history"; then he simply outlaid the happenings of other experiences, knowing all the while you would march to his drum.  YOU MUST REMEMBER: 'TIS THE SOULS OF EXPERIENCING HUMAN WHICH IS THE PRIZE.  YOU CANNOT GO SOMEWHERE ELSE TO FIND HELL AND YOU CAN'T GO ANYWHERE ELSE TO FIND HEAVEN, FOR IT IS ALL THE SAME, ONLY HEAVEN IS THE PRESENCE OF GOD AND HELL IS THE ABSENCE THEREOF.  EACH TO HIS OWN PERFECTION.

So why Space Command?  Because you have lost your way--you who would come home to God in Truth and find rest and peace. You have purpose of expression and you must, therefore, experience.  We are only here to remind you that you are experiencing and you have been deliberately caused to FORGET how the play goes--in other words, to REMEMBER.  When enough "REMEMBER" then the play will change--it MUST.  This is what Little Crow tries to express unto you, chela--only our "thrust" is in differing methods.  It becomes obvious that with some billions of expressing fragments, the WORD must go forth in abundance. but the printed word is always changed to suit the adversary and the need of the moment regardless of the intent of the writer. And yet, what man does with the writings will be his own conclusion regarding them, however, if they go forth, few will be touched. Will it matter?  Yes and no.  Yes, we will have served our mission and some will hear and act, and shorten their journey in darkness.  Others will avoid and change, and corrupt the very word you bring, for as with the Holy Bible, it is obvious that which has happened.  Man has simply projected his own way and calls it God's to further his own physical human desires.  It will be no different with ANY printed word--only the truth borne within the silence of the soul will prevail as the ultimate TRUTH--but both are necessary at this time of migration and evolution of a species and the change of a Mother Planet who has birthed you as a species.

You, "Little Brothers", as the blessed "Elders" will remind you--have killed your Mother and the Earth will end for you have killed her.  But you cannot kill anything--only bind into prison and destruction and torture, and she will fling you off as the vermin you have become upon her wondrous perfection.  Does it matter?  Yes and no.  She will heal of self and cast you out--no, it matters not to her for she KNOWS THE TRUTH OF IT.  It matters to you for you prolong your journey back within the Oneness of perfection and thus the lonely journey seeking oneness and peace within perfection.  But even that must be individual in the choosing.  You have, as "Little Brothers", stolen the very balance of her earth construction and removed her wondrous treasures which allowed her full balance or rain and warmth--minerals and life.  You have acted in foolish and stupid ways and destroyed, which is ALL that physical expression can do for it must function with that which IS physical, so its tools are you of the sensing vibration.  Remember that pain and pleasure in this sensing world is a "perception", i.e., the physical places of the greatest pleasure also can bring the worst pain in different circumstances.

You ones continually desire to, for instance, suck me into your physical realm of do and don't.  No, I am a Commander with a mission; I will NOT play your games of physical foolishness.  I will walk with you and hopefully, share wisdom; the greatest of that wisdom is to make you realize that it is YOU who chooses and I do nothing save cause you to face your journey and REMEMBER that which you ARE!

How much do I interfere?  NOT ONE IOTA!  We only act where "invited" within and then we will protect unto infinity, but he who thinks he will "ride along" on the ticket of another will be sorely brought up on his own responsibility or lack thereof.

... I repeat: the battle is for the "soul" of Man.  I have also told you that "life" was created from elemental matter--actually, specifically I mentioned Tel Aviv in about your year 1952--with viruses.  I also told you that we are now here because you have also learned how to "create" death.  Since you cannot "kill" soul as you recognize it and we have no such thing as death, then you must realize that my use of the term "death" and yours is most different and in total opposition to your thought of same.  YOU CAN NOW CREATE DEATH ON YOUR PLANET, OF SOUL.  IT IS NOT PERMITTED TO PREVAIL AND IT IS THE ULTIMATE BATTLE OF THE HIGHEST "CAUSE".

Let us refer to this adversary, to make it easy for description, as Satan and Creator as God.  God projects (creates) the entity of Himself called "YOU" and you are immortal--to experience and return within that oneness.  The point is to destroy as many of those fragments as possible in order to make the evil physical experience THE only experience which is the domain of Satan, with, hopefully, the absence of God to annoy him in his games and pleasures.  He cannot, however, have immortality and, therefore, must continue to replicate and "manufacture" from that which IS physical and, meanwhile, hold hostage the living fragments of God to hopefully come up with a way of expressing immortality at some point of evolvement.

With the use of Prana Waves used in the right manner, not only is the body killed but the soul essence is so disrupted as to preclude its ability to reconstruct from its own DNA, if you will.  However, when you ask: "...why doesn't Evil just go ahead and wipe out those of us who remain with intact souls and he wins?  Because God is ultimate in Creation and Satan can't--he can only control that which is attached to the physical alone.  He can slay the soul fragments but he crosses the "thou shall not" barrier set forth by God Creator and the repercussions are most uncomfortable for him, for God can "uncreate" the whole mess in a split second.  God leaves the experience for you to finish and, hopefully, we win through Truth and Wisdom; whatever the journey may be, ALL WILL EXPERIENCE IT AND THERE WILL BE NO ESCAPE FROM THE EXPERIENCE!

Have you lost your way?

What has happened?  You have lost your direction and forgotten the truth of the workings and you now find yourselves in total chaos--read the sequence of clues and events from the book of the Adversary--called your Holy Bible!  It is NOT a book of directions from God--it is the first roadmap of the adversary to get all of you on the same road to his "Hell".  You bit it off hook, line, and sinker and now he tells you not to hear reason nor Truth and you march along with your eyes, ears, and intelligence shrouded in bindings.


You have forgotten your way on your planet and have turned to those who give false testimony and witness.  You wish to be saved by "another" other than yourselves.  You have actually ceased to have respect or love for self or any other being.  It is NOT possible to have another save you nor you to save another.  You will cease looking for "salvation" outside of self for it is NOT out there somewhere--only a few hints of directions can be offered.  Ones will bring you information--but that is all it is--information, unless you take it within and determine its Truth and your role within that Truth in your own individual soul.  Do not allow yourselves to be destroyed needlessly.  Do not lose the great beauty that is yourself.  You must turn within and know your own truth.  We of the Lighted Brotherhood wait upon you to awaken and remember.  We would desire that ALL would choose the Light of Life and move with us into the higher realms of "REALITY".  That, however, is not our right nor mission to choose for you.  We come to give assistance in any manner possible but it is only you who must choose the path.  If there is going to be any "saving" done--you will do it for self.  No one is going to come and "take you up" and you had best be making your own preparations for that transition.  That means you had best be getting the facts quite straight or you will be waving goodbye to the last shipload out of the pit.  You must make your preparations on ALL levels of your existence that you might be ready when the trumpet sounds. For it will be loud indeed and will be your call of Life, and the sound will be unmistakable to those who are attuned to the beat of that particular drum.


Earth is under heavy and intentional attack at this very moment of experience--which actually--is all there is (this moment).  You are allowing yourselves to become tools, without mind awareness, of the LIE.  You can stop this but you must come to understanding.  Otherwise you are doomed to experience the darkness of that which will befall you in this experience.  It is your own will that leads you and you can, if you KNOW this, choose freedom instead.  You have the ability to bring about Freedom if you so choose--even in this third dimension of expression for it is your will; you may choose the path for that is Creator's greatest gift unto you in this expression.  This means, however, that you must make the choice for freedom and then take responsibility for ensuring that Freedom.  None can do this for you, either--only YOU can make the difference.

We can tell you the facts, give you information and "how-to" on space clearing, elevation of consciousness and how and what is meant by merging of multi-dimensional energies and expression, but it is up to YOU to first choose the path.  It is your intent within self which is heard and recognized by Creator--not the usual "Bushlips" out of the opening in your lower faces.

Just as Truth is now abounding from "THE HEART OF MOTHER EARTH: so shall truth come from within the Heart of your livingness.  What will you do, Little Brothers?  Will you simply continue to kill of selves or will you hear the call?

These are the points of our intended teachings--not the foolishness which is in activity around and about you--however, you must see that which IS to perceive with wisdom, that which needs be in the charging.  We have assumed that as the task at hand, albeit it being a bore and a terribly discomforting one at best.  If you, however, do not know that which is "wrong" and "destructive", you cannot have a way of returning to balance for you know not that which has caused such unbalance.

If you perceive you upset me or mine by your disagreements with that which we give forth--so be it.  What you think is none of my business, although I note that great bunches of you try to make it my business.  You may believe anything which you choose and if you do not like of my projections--do not read the material.  I do suggest, however, that you may be in error of discernment as to reading material.  My point is to "prove" nothing!  Here is that which is given and God does not coerce, force, nor judge--you make the choices and THEN, YOU SHALL LIVE AND REAP THE CONSEQUENCES OF THOSE CHOICES!  WILL YOUR REAPING BE IN GLORY AND WONDROUS EXPERIENCE OR MORE OF THE SAME RESTLESS SEARCHING?  I HAVE NO RIGHT NOR ANY INTENT OF FORCING YOU INTO MY KNOWINGNESS OTHER THAN TO PRESENT THAT WHICH IS GIVEN FROM THE SOURCE OF YOUR CREATION--NO MORE AND NO LESS.  THERE WILL BE MANY SPEAKERS AT THIS TIME--SOME FALSE AND SOME IN TRUTH OF GOD--YOU WILL DECIDE AND YET, YOU WILL FIND THE BRINGERS OF TRUTH FROM GOD'S REALMS WILL NEVER FORCE NOR DENY ONE THING UNTO YOU--I SUGGEST YOU PONDER IT.

Dharma, I have taken quite a while this day but you must be given into balance also and pressures deny you the allowance of meditation, sharing, even speaking as in "personal" opinion to "reason" for self with others.  That is a necessary step in fulfillment of one's own balance--do not allow such as Oberli to pull you away--HE ALSO NEEDS MORE WITHIN TIME AND LESS TENDING OF YOUR TIME-INTENT, FOR HE KNOWS NOT YOUR NEEDS NOR INTENT NOR CONTRACT. REMEMBER?  Balance comes in support without creating even greater pressures upon another already under great stress.

From the pressure of the moment, we have written a most worthy message but it was not that which was planned for the masses to receive this day--we move as the need is presented and you will not feel distressed in concern that you have taken time from those very ones you come to serve.  Ah, blessings unto those precious ones who continue to support this chela--the loving cards and carefully chosen items which convey love and messages--YOU are the skeptical system of God in presentation of this mighty blessing we are co-creating--for upon you rests the foundation of the being we are creating--freedom and truth manifests!  CAN YOU COME TO SEE IT?  PLEASE ALLOW OUR CO-CREATION TO BIRTH IN BEAUTY AND NOT BE MORE MUTATION OF THE LIE--IT IS UP TO YOU FOR IT IS THROUGH YOUR HANDS THAT IT MUST BE PERFECTED.  SALU.

Please allow us a bit of rest time.  Children, be at peace and come within balance--but do not sit on your backsides complaining--get up and give life--life.  So be it.  Hatonn to step aside at ready.



Source:  THE PHOENIX EXPRESS, October 1991, Volume 16, Number 12, Pages 1-4.