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6/22/93  #1   HATONN


Now, the next subject is complex and too lengthy to go into sufficiently to cause understanding but we can comment on it briefly. Who is Lucifer?  Is this a "real" entity?

Lucifer was a "perfect" creation of God--he was known as the Morning Star of Perfection.  However he was a rather independent being and became the "tester", or the one who would bring the human aspect into full play in the lesson grades.

There was a confrontation between Creator and Lucifer as Lucifer wished to have dominion over ALL dimensions and all Creation. BUT, he COULD NOT because when moving into lower dimensions of expression there is not ability to "create" as defined by God Creator of Creation.  Lucifer was destined to be a "head honcho" in the kingdoms of physical expression wherein the beings were given total free-will choosing and "capability of 'reason' ".


This brother became the epitome of physical expression and humanism.  He is that which is worshipped by all who have no concept or expression in goodness toward the dimensions of infinite LIGHT.  He became the representative of the "dark" side of man's aspect and expression.  ALL THINGS FOR THE PHYSICAL AT ALL COSTS TO ANY AND ALL OTHER CREATIONS.  I believe you can see that he has accomplished just about all he set off to do and be.  However, the battle supreme is--and always has been--the grab for the SOULS of Man.  The game must be played by the rules of freedom of choices.  He entices by all things fleshly and God waits to see if Man will have WISDOM enough to choose infinite LIFE instead of a limited expression of no more than an average of less than a century of experience with "things".

Through the cycling of civilizations Man either awakens to the Truth of God or goes deeper into the pits of ignorance and self-human physical prison.  When technology is progressed to the point of utter destruction of that which is Created for your expression--God steps in, sends we the messengers (alarm clocks) to cause you to see WHAT YOU ARE DOING and then remember what you ARE in fact.  This [Lucifer] is a very "real" being and without that negative aspect of expression, there would be nothing against which to relate for your lessons.  Once moved into action in constant WISDOM within the LIGHTED KNOWING, the experiences become ones of wondrous creation without need of the adversarial lessons.  I would suggest that "Lucifer" is still total perfection--AT THAT WHICH IS HIS ACTIONS.  Remember, evil cannot "create"--it can only "use" that which is already in Creation.  Man can alter his circumstances, cause havoc and chaos and even tamper and reconstruct in the mechanical physical--even to human form reconstructions--BUT HE CANNOT BREATHE WITHIN THOSE ENTITIES THE "BREATH OF LIFE".  Only through God Creator's power of Creation can the SOUL be breathed into the construction and Man given Consciousness.

Just as a computer can do wondrous "things" and take information and produce incredible responses--IT REQUIRES THAT SOMEONE OF "INTELLIGENCE" DO THE PROGRAMS--I.E., "GARBAGE IN--GARBAGE OUT".  Man in Creation is given the ability to take in garbage, revamp the program and produce beauty and goodness in far higher output than ANY computer.  The mind works as a computer--even to the binary codes of communication--but only GOD can produce that which is TRULY alive (LIFE INFINITE).  The Lucifers of the world always tear down while the Godly always build up.  It is a representation of the extremes of the examination taking place on the way to your graduation.  Lucifer will beguile you, deceive you and trick you; lie to you and offer "things" which are rarely produced.  He will suck you within the whirlwind until you are trapped by the physical expression--then usually dump you when your value to him in his physical thrust for soul power is finished.  LUCIFER IS THE ENERGY FORM WITHOUT SOUL TO TRAVEL IN THE HIGHER REFINEMENT OF THE HIGH FREQUENCY ELECTRIC WAVE UNIVERSE.  HE FUNCTIONS ON VERY, VERY LOW FREQUENCIES IN PULSED (PISTON TYPE--GETTING NOWHERE) ACTION AND HE DESTROYS BY USING THE LOW-ENERGY FREQUENCY TOOLS.  Lucifer is simply the opposite of the etheric energy-form of Christ.  Is he "knowing"?  NO--he is shrewd and clever, filled with knowledge of how to manipulate the physical expression.  He shall never again rise into the Heavenly-of-LIGHT dimension, for he is destined to be the expression of the Kingdom of physical.  By the way, Man can outdo Lucifer in evil doings.  Some of the things that MAN performs are even unacceptable to Lucifer and those ones are destined for the blackest void of Hell--the total absence of LIGHT.

I don't' like to take on these types of subjects because there is no way to explain them properly for there are too many human expressions to adequately qualify "meaning" of labels and words.  You see, this entity is the same as "devil" but "devil" is such a tacky word that it is better to deceive the ignorant by calling same Lucifer, the Prince of Light and the Morning Star.  Then, in the places of the Orient, i.e., "Japan"--one of the terms for "devil" is  "Mormon".  The Latter Day Saints Church (Mormon in the rest of the world) DO NOT USE THE TERM "MORMON" IN THOSE AREAS OF THE GLOBE.

Man further conjures up his "devils" to allow himself to escape responsibility for his own actions.  He, further, efforts to pull all other men into his scenario so that he does not HAVE to regain responsibility.

Look at it now:  A man murders and is let go because he claims bad treatment as a child.  Your world has become "reverse" of goodness and therefore to make your goodly journey, you will have to bring EVERYTHING WITHIN--WITHOUT!

You must become the "cause" and stop being the "effect".  When you cause evil--you shall reflect and receive evil.  When you cause goodness--you shall reap goodness and reflect that goodness.  It is a Universal LAW of Truth and, actually, of physics. With the "actions" go the vibration and frequency of that which is acted out in your electric flow of electric wave "action" in your limited spherical compression.  YOU can go beyond that ever-curving station and move out beyond into the absolute certainty of non-curvature with God Creator.  Lucifer and his tribes of ignorant beings are solely limited to the curved illusion worlds of physical expression--limited to that atmospheric compression which binds to the central core of physical expression.

There are wonders in the universe beyond your wildest imaginings.  But that, too, is for the "remembering" for, until you "remember", you cannot break free of the shackles of the "wheel" of never-ending cycles represented by physical manifestation.  I believe you can witness that the cycle is still in its downward spiral into the "black hole" of ever increasing evil and repression, wars and lies.

The rebound can only happen when the pivot is reached and the upward spiral comes to be.  This is WHY we must give you lessons on how things REALLY are so that you can break free as that cycle changes.  Then, you must be prepared to bring Lighted "rightness" into the functioning societal circumstance in which you will find yourself.  You are destined to move into a higher dimensional frequency of human expression in a sequence of RADIANCE.  May you make it through graduation successfully!!



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, June 29, 1993, Volume 2, Number 1, Pages 24-25.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.