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6/18/93 #1   HATONN





"I am the Light," sayeth the Lord.  "Our Father is LIGHT," said the Great Teacher.  "In HIS 'lighted image' come we His Creations as He has molded us from HIS thoughts into that which is physical."  "These things that I do, so too can you, and MORE."  "Iam COME AS A LAMP UNTO MY PEOPLE!"  So be it, for in Truth there can be no copyright except in attempt to hold that Truth from all to whom the gift of knowledge be given.  Further, there are no "secrets" in or about "LIGHT"--only the lack of KNOWING.

So "how" can I, without assault against my scribe, get this great Truth to you?  By sharing that which has been given to one, half a world distant, in the southern part of Africa.

So you ask, "Why would you 'settle' a dispute over God's gifted material by such a thing in the litigations pending?"  Why indeed? I also marvel at the audacity of such a thing--but a Federal Court Judge told all witnesses present that if "Hatonn" or any other of the so-called authors dared to print that which is forbidden--Doris Ekker will go to prison.  Since there is never given opportunity to speak in any form whatsoever, what choices do we have in your system of "justice"?



The CONTACT AND The Phoenix Institute for Research & Education have investigated heavily into researching and ferreting out the EXACT liabilities of utilizing any works of one, Walter Russell, who did indeed present the most understandable concept of this Truth--in conjunction with the work of Nikola Tesla.  Ones here, as with you readers, cannot understand the thrust for silencing our work nor can any understanding be brought to the actions as to "competition" accusations.  There is not even similarity in any measure with this place and-or operations and ANYTHING done by said Russell Foundation.

The Russell Foundation, in fact, is not even longer called by Dr. Russell's name and more emphasis is given to his second wife, Lao, than to Walter.  This, in itself, is indeed most strange if it be Dr. Russell's truths which are intended to be gifted unto the people--even at price.  Our greatest desire is to give honor to this great man of history and to any place that would offer his work to mankind.  However, I shall not allow my secretary to go to Federal Prison because of my own need to bring Truth to you-the-people.

Therefore, we shall set the work in point totally aside and approach the SUBJECT from different resource.  When I made this statement in the CONTACT prior to this, the interpretations were that we would go forth and print the SAME works (banned) only in different business stream.  SCIENTIFIC TRUTH is universal and this needs settlement in Truth and not in funds--however, George Green saw fit to make his own settlement with the opposing parties--at the full expense and focus of the Ekkers and now, does in fact, represent the very organization in point.

So, in the threat of ongoing imprisonment--we shall approach the subject through the work of foreign receivers who DO OFFER, PLEAD FOR PRESS, AND SHARE EVERYTHING THEY HAVE.  I say "they" because more than one shared in the receiving, and more than one being offered the information.

All diagrams and pictorials in any of these writings will be from that resource, as the illustrations were the most obvious error in utilizing the Dr. Russell-honoring documents since these were the major source of irritation, it seems, and somehow "proved" our intent to damage another "business entity".  Mr. Green reinforced that intent by turning-coat, and as the publisher, offered the WRONG information in order to save his bank account and retain the hundreds of thousands of dollars in gold he had taken unlawfully.  He is now efforting to require that his newly formed alliance will cause the Judge to require that "we" or CONTACT be required by order to cease mentioning his name.  How can this be?  There are cases running counter to Mr. Green by the Institute, the CONTACT and other parties related to the work here--that have NOTHING to do with Hatonn or the Ekkers.


There was on nasty, vile phone call from Mr. Fort's attorney threatening destruction and explosion against Ekkers and the Institute because he was contacted by the Bar Association.  The legal counsel firm representing the defendants in the Green-Gold-JOURNALS cases asked release (after thoroughly flubbing the cases) and otherwise?  Who knows?  NOTHING.  I am told the Constitutional Law Center will follow up as soon as the Sacramento office is closed.  To get further input I leave it to the Editors and Board spokesman of the Institute.  Ekkers are out of the loop for "recovery".

As to the continuing claims against Mr. Martin and Tehachapi Distributing of which you inquire, I am told that the case is now being pressed by Mr. Green in Nevada.  At any rate, Mr. Martin and the company are in bankruptcy but are still efforting to recover the $12,000 in sales, made against court orders, of the books in point.  Mr. Martin says that is in order to pay outstanding costs of operation while in business.  Mr. Martins' plans were to have a full distribution company AND publishing operation.  He spent a great deal towards that end in preparation and stock which has also had to be liquidated at give-away prices or totally free, because of this lawsuit from George Green.

We are told by ones having prior working relationships with Mr. Green, such as Lee Elders, Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens, Eduard "Billy" Meier, Bowen, Cannon, and others, that their business experiences have been the same and usually end up in litigation.  Some of this information came through strange routings of people who no longer respect Mr. Green, so who knows?

We have, actually, almost NO interest in the matter--except to reclaim that which is "other's" property.  I an Ekkers get nothing now, or even have, from this work except our heartfelt appreciation for being able to serve.  A Peace in the action is far more worthy and brings far greater riches than does a Piece of the action.  Perhaps even Mr. and Mrs. Green will learn this lesson some day.


Back to the subject of MAN'S SOURCE and who and what is Man and who and what is God--which necessarily brings us right back to LIGHT.  I have to write on this subject for it goes hand in glove with Gaiandriana, your ability to achieve physical attributes to give possibility of translation and transition, stave off disease and death from the genetic-DNA-altered "things" and "entities" thrust upon you through this New World Order and, finally come into balance with KNOWING.  YOU ARE LIGHT and no matter what we may PREFER--the facts are that you are an electrically created and motivated entity.  You are not a chemically motivated creature--you are simply chemically assembled from elements of the Universe.  You ones claim to diligently search for your SELF and for GOD.  How can you get back to that God of Creation if you know not what HE-YOU ARE?  The tinkerings of man will destroy you--the offerings of God shall see you into infinity.

I really don't know why there is such flap over books and expressions for the facts are that the actual "inventions" which will physically give you advantage are gifts from Nikola Tesla expressed in the physical-mechanical operation of the concept of LIGHT.


How many of you, today, noted the special segment on CNN regarding the fact that NOW scientists report that not only in Ultraviolet-B severely damaging to the body but so, too, is Ultraviolet-A rays which were priorly thought to be safe and toasty. What about those flooding through NOW which are even higher in damaging power and are well "beyond" the frequency of any Ultra violet light waves?


The next writing comes from Consumer Health Newsletter (Consumer Health Organization of Canada), Vol. 16, No. 3, May 1993. 250 Sheppard Avenue, E., Suite 205, Box 248, Willowdale, Ont. M2N 559.



by Charles McWilliams, M.D.

Dr. Charles McWilliams has a medical practice in Nevis, the West Indies, and has conducted research in the field of vibrational medical technology for the last 12 years.  He has developed many medical technological devices including a photonic homeopathy potency simulator, ozone generator, colour-sound-gem frequency generator, electro-acupuncture device (Acutron), and electro-acupuncture measurement and treatment device with Rife frequencies (Biotron II), etc.  He is director of the American School of Oriental and Homeopathic Medicine, president of Science Research Inc., and president of Universal Technology Ltd.


The body is a LIGHT being.  It operates on light, and also requires inordinate quantities of oxygen in today's environment where the oxygen concentration in an urban city can drop to as low as 6%.  Prior to the 1940's, the oxygen concentration of the atmosphere was over 38%.  Today, it is generally around 18 to 22%.  Already, the terrain is set for oxygen deprivation, and an oxygen-deprived environment is the ultimate breeding ground for cancer.

The second dynamic below light is heat.  Without heat, there is no known biological reaction.  Heat is an electromagnetic phenomenon.  It is several hundreds of thousands of oscillations below the frequency of light.  Below the frequency of heat, you get microwave radiation.  It is the industrial level of microwave which is bad for you, which we call biological overkill.  Your body generates microwave frequency and it generates the next level down called radio frequency.  Your body also generates low level electric waves, heart beat and brain rhythms and this is easily demonstratable on EKGs and EEGs.  From the concept of quantum physics, you are a light-driven being.  Your body receives light, demodulates light and this drives all the rest of your reactions. Your neutral circuits, your endocrine glands, your digestive glands, your metabolic oxidations, your enzyme exchange systems are all light-driven structures.

In space, there is no white light, but when radiations of the Sun strike the vapour of the Earth, they dissipate into white light, which can break into a spectrum of colours.  Your body requires all seven of the rays which can be seen through a prism.  The blood requires an inordinate amount of red light, your nerves require an inordinate amount of violet light and your digestive organs require inordinate amounts of yellow light.  Each glandular system within you body needs that light nutrition.


Your first source of light is air.  The Hindus called it Pranayma.  You not only bring in oxygen, but you also bring in light, because light wraps itself around the oxygen molecule.


Your second source of light is water.  Water is able to receive very vast quantities of photonic energy from light.  When you take water from recycled sewage, you are taking in dead water.  When you expose water to nature cycles, to evaporation, to going up to the clouds, mixing with ozone and falling as rain, you oxygenate the water tremendously.  You sterilize the water in nature cycles.  Any farmer will tell you how much faster plants grow after a rain storm than they do from ground water irrigation.  In the industrialized countries of the world, everybody is taking ground water from recycled sewage, or from lakes with low bio-oxidative potentials.  Basically you are cooking, drinking, and bathing in dead water.  These are electron-robbing substances.  They require your body to process them to eliminate them.  They are poisons and they burden the enzyme systems of your liver.  Nature's cycle exposes water to light and air.  Water was meant to give you life.  When you drink it from a stream [after properly filtering or boiling it] or as it falls down from the mountain or taken from an extremely deep well, those are waters that have healing properties that add energy to your body.


Another source of light is overlooked by most people.  You get light from plants.  Plants take photon energy from the sun, capture it and sequester carbon dioxide and water into sugar, fats, and proteins.  Plants are stored sunlight.  They are one of Nature's miracles.  When you take the plant into your body, your enzyme system causes cleavages of those atomic bonds and, just like an atom bomb, they release energy.  Energy is also released as light and as heat which further drives your biological mechanism. Sugar is stored sunlight.  Higher up on the scale are aromatic plants and spices.  These are very high energy carbon bonds with cyclic aromatic rings.  Spices deliver a lot of energy to your body.

So I have given you the four sources of primary photon energy.  Light, water, high energy food, and lastly fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.  But mankind has reversed this.  Instead of getting primary energy from sunlight at the top of the list, he is taking it from sugar, at the bottom of the list.  The more dependent your body becomes on sugar, the less you are able to assimilate higher forms of energy.  One of the hallmarks and first signs of inability to utilize light energy is obesity.  It is the greatest disease of the industrial countries of man.  Obesity is the first sign of the inability of the body to take light nutrition.


Homeopathy is a time-tested, proven method of detoxification and it works.  The old homeopathic method of trituration and succession, the grinding and pounding and shaking of a substance is nothing more than the release of photons of light.  Water has the ability to absorb inordinate amounts of light and heat.  Water has one of the highest specific heats of any substance known to man.  In the natural environment, it does have the highest specific heat.  It absorbs tremendous quantities of electrostatic energy.  When you make homeopathic remedies by pounding, trituration, succession, and electrification, it doesn't matter by which method, it tears apart the electro-zonal bonds of the original substance and creates photons that are then dispersed in water.  We use those by a resonance factor.  All the tissues of your body require certain resonance frequencies to vibrate to stay alive.  Light deprivation is death.  It is easily proven.  Without light there is no life.  So, by giving homeopathic remedies, or by giving colour, those tiny little photons resonate like little frequency oscillators and, sending them all through your system, and where they resonate, like two turning forks, wherever they find each other in a domain, they vibrate.  In a homeopathic liquid, there are billions of photons contained in just one glass of water, more than enough to start reactions in the body.

In the case of toxin, we use the homeopathic remedy to raise the energy of the toxin to cleave its electro-zonal forces off the tissue.  The toxin has bonded to your body.  By taking the homeopathic remedy, it breaks the bond and gives it a chance to be excreted.  On the other hand, we also have remedies which are very beneficial energies.  The potentized toxins are only taken for very short periods of time whereas flower remedies, cell salts, potentized minerals, potentized vitamins are used extensively in the practice.  These are used to resonate metabolic functions to a higher energy level.  If you are not utilizing a vitamin to a high efficiency, you can take potentized vitamins to get more utility out of it.  We raise the energy spectra of the body and the vitamin or mineral that is already in your system can be more easily utilized and absorbed.  So we use the remedies in two ways.  In the case of dissipation, we use the remedies to expel toxins from the body.  We use them for short periods of time and we give the body time to heal.  In the case of metabolic insufficiencies, inability to use mineral salts in the body, enzymic problems, nutritional deficits, we use them for more prolonged periods of time in an attempt to raise the body's energy potential.


Light has two forms, one that we visibly see and another one that we don't see unless you are psychic.  That is where our energy medicine and acupuncture and homeopathy operate.  It is light prior to manifestation.  It is a paraphysical energy that psychics are sensitive to, people that are intuitive.  These people are able to sense light prior to manifestation.  Invisible light is able to be made prior and able to be used in the body when the resonance is there.  Invisible light has to do with a more spiritual nature of mankind, and for these types of things, we use gem stones and flower elixirs to change the psychic structures with the body.

[Excerpted from Dr. McWilliams' presentation give at Total Health '93 on April 3, 1993.]


I believe that you can now begin to see where we are headed with the gaiandrianas, spelt, algae, etc.  The point is that you are going to have to raise the vibration frequency of your "light" body if you are to sustain the mechanical properties and the electrical flow of your mental processes.  All things mentioned are partial "helpers" but you are going to have to get right to the DNA source of your reclamation if you are to come into wholeness.




Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, June 22, 1993, Volume 1, Number 13, Pages 6-8.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.