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1/30/97 #2    HATONN





With these little thoughts in mind, let me do a bit of complaining comparable to what I receive from you day after difficult day.

I get PILES of correspondence with your input--pouring mostly through Dharma who has long since given up hope of finding her house under the stacks and stacks of papers, books, magazines, and generally everything that nobody else knows with what to do.  We probably have 25 manuscripts here to edit for quality or whatever people perceive the magic brain of Dharma can hold and do.  And, if ANYTHING is misplaced, the standard "out" is, "I thought I sent it to Doris."  Or, "I'm sure I gave it to you..."

The most important thing I find, however, are all the suggestions for getting my job done--if only I would supply us with funds and we can get on with what we already know how to do!  For what do YOU wait?  Impatience may well be your confirmation of your lack of faith, however, patience into infinity while you HOPE and WAIT for me to somehow shower blessings, is assurance that NOTHING will be accomplished.  Do you think God and Hosts NEVER GET IMPATIENT OR WEARY OF WATCHING WHILE ALL OF YOU WAIT--EVEN THOUGH "HOPING"?  Oh well...!  The general thing is now to watch while everyone bashes Ekkers for making decisions while everyone waits for Ekkers to make decisions--fund the projects, write the writings, pay the bills, sort the fertilizers and hold a meeting.  They now have to become lawyers and go defend selves in court and plow through the myriads of stacks of papers waiting attending while looking for lost documents now so buried as to be frightening.

Ekkers are just like all the rest of you who thought you were joining friends in accomplishing things of value.  They are caught in the aftermath and ongoing Hell of a corrupt system protecting corrupt lawyers, embezzlers, and liars.

This truly is not a bitch-and-moan session, readers, it simply is offering a reason for not hearing back from us if you are waiting for replies.  Nobody here has time to sort or file or attend anything other than the mounds of filings due in court today or tomorrow or Monday .  You see, the Abbots and Hortons of the world don't even pay their filing fees--they just keep ongoing trash circulating through the system, even when there is no standing in the case or court, to accomplish exactly this: place of response possibilities and orders through default.  Well, if we have to stop EVERYTHING else going on, we will meet THOSE deadlines.

Will we win?  Will Simpson ever be the same again?  You have a media barrage of everything from books on why Simpson is the ONLY one who could have killed the two victims and a full media ongoing conviction in play against him by the very ones who dealt the planted evidence.  How can anyone win justice in this corruption?

How many of you will actually go convict Green and cause him to repay your debts?  This was HIS BABY--Ekkers came to Tehachapi to partially retire.  Dharma didn't even start writing for me until the year after they moved.  There were then a couple of books and G. Green entered the dazzling picture.  How many of YOU will hold him responsible for his actions, desertion, and embezzlement?  He has gathered his traitors and blames others for his indiscretions while the cohorts give false testimony to back his thieving ways.

It is EXACTLY as the Protocols SUGGEST: build in as many witnesses as you need to protect the guilty until you can gain total control of the courts!  No?  Then you GO READ THOSE PROTOCOLS.  When the very oaths you take are to LIE, how can anything be different?


You are NOT just some "natural" being--you are very definitely a SUPER-natural being if you bear soul, and thus you have a limitless future.  It doesn't matter if you can't remember the past beyond this world or you don't know what you are doing here now.  You are experiencing the place of learning in a world WHICH ALLOWS AND DEMANDS CHOICES--CHOICES FOR SELF.  Your life did not begin in this temporary world and it will not end in the passing illusion of this world.  You have to realize, however, that there is a very real purpose in being in this world and also a BIG purpose in your short life experiencing it.

The choices you make during your temporary stay on this orb are extremely important and you will find that the entire purpose of your being here is: TO MAKE CHOICES.  And now what?  Well, the most important years of all in your experience as this species of mankind will be these last ones prior to the millennium change and the first few infant years to follow.

The choices become monumental decisions for SELF as you move along and consider possibilities for your future life.  These choices will be of unimaginable magnitude and will be setting your personal life upon totally new courses and directions.  The largest decision of all will come to present itself squarely in your pathway.  You will have to choose between giving your decisive faith and trust and actions to the Will of God or moving away from the Truth and Light of God.  There will even cease to be perceived "middle ground" as to "choices".  As the Master said: "Ye are either for me or ye are against me."

Does this mean, then, that you cease to work in this world as it IS?  Of course not, for if you are to live in it at all, you must then find ways to project and survive and choose within that which IS, to best advantage.  Your commitment to God is INTENT WITHIN.

By the way, if you seek perfection, absolute perfection, IN THIS WORLD, you actually are seeking and moving toward damnation. This is a transitory world, and if you mislead selves into believing that you have found or created real perfection, you will always be disappointed and thwarted, for others will impact you and they will not be able or willing to see, and you if not very, very careful, will give up the struggle and that will simply equate to sacrificing the perfection of self on the altar of another's demands.

Even "Christ" was not perfect when he experienced in your temporary world.  Remember that HE said: "...why callest thou me god?  There is none good but one, that is, God."  When you recognize that nothing is perfect and that things are not as they SHOULD be--move on and allow that "nothing is perfect", or mostly even right most of the time, and you can then do a lot more and you can have a lot more while your life can be ever so much more wonderful in every way.  You do not need to become more imperfect, either, just to exist in an imperfect world.

There are some dangerous ideas impacting your personal perceptions and perhaps if you recognize them you can grow beyond their limitations of impact upon you simply by their expression: "I need," "I wish," and "I want."  These are fine only in the context of coming to KNOW purpose and direction and then you create what you need, what you want, and you will fulfill what you wish. DO NOT sit and simply "HOPE" there will be "more" to your life than you experience in the moment.  If you hope for more--CREATE MORE.


Among the greatest choices you will find facing you are what we might call "Transitional Choices".  But most of you will feign confusion and non-recognition as you hide from these decisions which precipitate CHOICES.

You are going to have to choose between some bit of "carefree idiocy" and the turn to concern of cosmic magnitude.  This latter means that you must be concerned and involved with your REAL destiny.  In that concern, you will become involved with that which empowers you to open new dimensions into the mysteries (not the mysticism) of the universe, and even beyond and into that which is The Creation.

Idiocy in a carefree environment means that you are totally UNCONCERNED and UNINVOLVED with your REAL destiny. Therefore, you can have no real power over whatever might happen to you.

Next you are going to have to consider "hypocrisy" vs. "devotion".

Hypocrisy means that you are false to yourselves and your real destiny.  You will abandon the truth for false appearances that lead to a false life.

Devotion means that you are dedicated to principles of truth and a REAL destiny.  This endows your lives with power and spiritual importance.

Then consider integrity vs. having no principles.

Integrity means that you have life-guarding principles that are based on known goodness and you FOLLOW THEM--"religiously". These principles give life a lasting quality that will endure BEYOND THE TRANSITORY WORLD.

No principles means that your lives have no guiding beliefs at all.  Your lives are as transparent and temporary as this fleeting world with no form or real substance other than come emotional blips of not real consequence.  You will also just drift in the backwash of others' consequences.

And I remind you that you who continue to choose not to choose--HAVE ALREADY CHOSEN.

A big pitfall, readers, is the refusal to see other than what you WANT to see and that follows seeing that which is the WAY you want to see it and you will limit vision to that which you WANT and dare not move beyond.  But the choice is still made, isn't it?  A foolish person will stick even unto destruction in self-inflicted stupidity and move steadily on into ultimate disaster.  The foolish being will look up, grasp onto those who do see and hear, and drag them down as well, if at all possible, to achieve his narrow perception of somehow saving an ignorant and intentionally stupefied self.

You demand of me "literal" information, direct instructions, guidelines which require that you not so much as THINK.  And, if I define your task as to being "thinking" with what we have offered, you become angry and self-defensive as if you are demanding of Mommy to wipe your nose--or whatever needs wiping.  My job is not to wipe the noses of my own Team players and Commanders.  YOU must grow, study our presentations, and CHOOSE direction and actions.

Where do you perceive SELF to be in this program?  Are you IMPORTANT?  Then why do you take risks which could take you out of your important position?  Why do you delay consideration with others around you to facilitate actions or thought-teams to move ahead?

A friend has said: "Greater reality is not literal.  It cannot be seen, understood, or experienced in literal terms.  Those who insist on literal explanations for everything are condemning themselves to a literal hell!"

There will always be those who will demand and usurp your power, at every opportunity.  They will also ask you to give up your own "supernatural" power, whenever they think you are vulnerable.  You can relinquish some of your power from time to time--but you err if you ever consider giving up your "supernatural" power for if you give up such power, you give up your kinship to God. This conflict will come when all those around you can see no choices or hope in their own circumstance.  Give up those two realities and you have given up your supernatural connection with God.  There are ALWAYS choices and alternatives, even if they be quite hidden.

So, how do you make sure that you are not a loser but, rather, a winner?  Back to the original thought: Do not wait for better times. Do what you can do, now, with what you now have.  All the while you are doing this, you can have the seeds planted and the crops growing for intended harvest.  Decide, however, as you plant your seeds, what desired harvest you wish.  Plant the seeds, then, where they can grow.  If you plant a seed whose plant must have shade and you plant it in barren land in constant heat and sun, expect no harvest.  You must plant seeds whereat they can take root and grow if, in fact, you expect a good harvest.  Life is no different.  Neither is POWER as offered by God; you must use it to keep it.  And if you relinquish your knowing that you also have supernatural power within that great beingness, you shall lose that quality forever.  And furthermore, you must stay on top of all possible contingencies as you wait upon God lest you come to believe HIS delays are indeed HIS denials.  God denies you nothing and most especially LIGHT.  It is, therefore, that if you only perceive shadow--then perchance you stand in the way.

It is also mandatory that you are "timely" in all things lest the product go astray or into the hands of diverters or thieves and your delay at tracking leaves the larder empty.  Remember that you are "conditioned" beings and others have to be equally patient in recognition that things GO WRONG.  Or, perhaps you haven't noticed?  It is equally important, though, to realize that with experience things also GO RIGHT, and as you experience more and more critically, more and more shall go RIGHT.  We learn best from errors, so allow us to have learned and require that things go RIGHT as we create those things which serve us in serving God.

I would leave you with one last thought as I watch people gather and wonder, speculate, guess, and again hypothesize; let it go when you can easily pick up the phone or do some research and KNOW.  Is it not better to simply check on the safety of the babe in the bath than to stand in the other room and speculate on the possibilities?  Find OUT facts whenever and wherever you can--it is ever so much easier on the nerves and patience.

And Dharma, you only need carry the responsibilities and burdens of another as long as you accept them.  Just as a gift in transfer--it is not a gift until in is accepted.  We do that which we CAN do and then we release the rest and let it go, for no man can be the Island upon which another exists.  Each must take responsibility and appreciate the limitations of another and, when this is not forthcoming, then an intelligent and wise person draws his/her own lines and causes the other to do what he/she will.  Your limitations are not set by the perceptions of another--you must realize your own level of experience and value of that which you accept to carry.  If you carry a babe and then the child and then the adult, how can that person ever walk?  And moreover, if you EAT FOR that other, the other simply dies of starvation while you get fat.  And each must guard your own sanity lest insanity be your lot.  And also remember that because another calls you insane does NOT MAKE YOU INSANE.

If others want you to be gifted, special, and somehow more than greater than they, it is because they expect ME to be greater and yet all they perceive is YOU if they cannot come to their own realization and commitment.  That too, is their problem and sometimes, mine--NOT YOURS.  Those who perceive you write YOUR wishes on YOUR BAD DAYS and they fall on irritated ears--so be it for that, too, is most certainly THEIR PROBLEM and not yours.  When you demand that all people only function according to YOUR WHIMS, then it is YOUR PROBLEM and they have every responsible reason to pay no heed.  We have never given reason to believe our messages cannot be trusted for we demand nothing, ask nothing, and force nothing.  YOU CANNOT BE THE BRAINS OR MIND OF ANY OTHER.  NEITHER CAN YOU BE "THE INTENT" OF ANY OTHER.  These are powers which are totally individual and cannot be taken upon self for, or from another.

The last part of this thought is to realize that there is a tremendously major difference in SUPERPOWER AND SUPERHUMAN.  I suggest you ALL, EACH, EVERY one find the definition and live within it for what you often want is someone to be superhuman so that you can experience some superpower and it simply does NOT WORK THAT WAY.

Things truly are probably better than you may perceive them in your narrow vision field and field of self experience, this day.  This is only influenced by your view in perception of all things in your illusion vs. reality.  And just as I speak out and act in such a manner as to call you to attention, I will not let you slip off the cliff when I see you about to stumble.  If you perceive this as discipline or complaint, look around you and see what is your problem, for my commitment is to respond to YOUR CALLS and you always call when you perceive possible trouble or failure in some bits or pieces of your perception and experience.  This comes from speculation when often times you only need to "find out" and there is no longer mystery or need of speculation.  And to you who confuse over Doris and Dharma; I AM NOT GOING TO PUSH HER OFF THE CLIFF, EITHER, WHEN SHE CRIES OUT FOR INPUT, JUST TO KEEP YOU FROM WONDERING IF SHE IS HAVING A BAD DAY WHICH MIGHT IMPACT YOU IN SOME WAY TO AVOID WEARING SHOES OR ACCEPTING MESSAGES SENT TO YOU.  She is definitely with SUPERPOWER; she has no wish to be SUPERHUMAN nor is she, even if at times it appears otherwise.

She summed it up the other day by saying, "God doesn't give you more than you can bear, because if it is more than you can bear, you go nuts or dead."  She was toying with the idea of alternatives at hand--nuts or dead!  It certainly is not that there is more than can be borne; it is the total dislike of having to face it longer.  Therefore, this too becomes a CHOICE.  Yes I know, "What a deal..."  And yet sometimes so that they become the relief troops.  God only asks that you grow ever greater in WISDOM--not human limitation.

Good day, and may wisdom be the ever-moving goal in your journey through living.  Pray constantly that you never find realization of goal achievement lest you have missed the point.  Only GOD is PERFECT WISDOM.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, February 4, 1997, Volume 15, Number 13, Pages 6-7.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.