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8/8/95 #1  HATONN


The important thing to remember in "Life" is not that it be conquered but that it be LIVED.  For each will conquer only that which one finds worthy of his attention.  If it be a mountain which is climbed and "conquered" one must see WHY the mountain climb was of importance.  To "conquer" just to gain a high in ego-tripping is less than worthy in every instant--to succeed in a goal is more than worthy in EVERY instant if that goal be of God in opportunity taken.

Your life can be imitated but only YOU can live it.  May you always live in such a way that your heart sings with pleasure as it reviews the records of the journey.  Look at each thing that records of the journey.  Look at each thing that annoys you and see what about it caused negative response and turn it about.  This is a revolution against negativity--do something to cause the negative to be a responsive and positive eventuality, i.e., a loud noise awakens you an hour earlier than you would arise--get up anyway.  Don't worry and fret over the "lost" sleep--do something worthy of your extra awake time--perhaps talk with God for a while and see how wondrous it makes the day.  Today, the 8th of August is actually Esu Emmanuel's ("Jesus") Birthday.

The 25th of December is Issac Newton's Birthday along with being a Jewish holiday.  Say a Happy Birthday to our gentle memory of a man from Galilee who set EXAMPLE.  No MAN must be perfect but he must LIVE in truth and honesty of integrity or he becomes unworthy of leadership example.

Christ is a "state-of-being" and is NOT the name of any MAN.  A MAN can be as Christ in intent--but the label has no "name" qualifications OR definition in actuality.  You can act in a Christly manner and it is called GOODNESS, or you can act in an unChristly manner and it is called badness--but you cannot BE Christ--for there is only definition, not name, to be found in the term.  Christians must represent the state of being in Goodness or they are NOT CHRISTIANS!  Christian has become the act of following some MAN and MAN'S conjured doctrines--but it is a misspeak for, like "beautiful", the word "christian" is but an adjective--"that which modifies a noun".  In other words, "christian" is only a descriptive word that describes the status of a person or thing, i.e., "The flower is beautiful" or "The Man is (c)hristian".  So you see, all goodly people are "christians" by whatever religion they may practice--save Satanism, and therein is NO GOODNESS and the servants of the evil pranksters are called witches and warlocks.  The very intent of Satanism is to practice evil--hopefully without being caught by those practicing christianism.

Christianism and Satanism are "good" and "evil" and exist at opposite ends of all that falls between.  Further, you take perfectly good descriptive visual terms and make them into hate speeches.  For instance, white simply represents "light" because you have no term for the brilliant transparent force so you term it "white" for it holds all colors of the spectrum and presents as radiance which offers ability to visualize.  Black is the mere absence of all colors and represents the "void" or lack of "light".  So it can be easily a reference adjective to use the term "black" or "white" as in "That was very white of you to give me help" or "I had a very black thought this morning".  But no, you have to go forth and take really descriptive terms and turn them against another as you reference races, creeds, and colors.  Number one, for instance, no Black man is black--even in color!  At best a "Black man" is but darker than the pale color of a Caucasian.  A Caucasian is not "white"; he is but pale with shaded pinks and blues.  Do you see what you allow to happen to your words as you accept meanings which HAVE NO MEANING IN REALITY?  If you fail to get your language terminology correctly identified explicitly, you cannot accurately communicate in any way whatsoever.

When you fight over creed, color or race--YOU FIGHT ONLY WITH SELF!  Ponder it.  And by the way--what adjective will be recognized before your name? Welcome back Esu Emmanuel!  You are as out of place as a christian brother as you were two thousand years ago in this place of experience.  Man does not seem to realize that this expression is about "living" and "choices" and not about adjectives which spout terms which hold no meaning of TRUTH.  YOU are energy and light--you are only expressed in a form that serves your manifestation best.  You had better be attending the electrical energy of YOUR SPIRIT WHICH IS YOU AND ATTEND LESS THAT HUNK OF STUFF YOU WORSHIP, CALLED BODY.  So be it.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, August 15, 1995, Volume 10, Number 3, Page 42.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.