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7/4/96 #1   HATONN


July 4th is always a day of what?  In the U.S. it seems to be a day of hot-dogs and apple pie while you PRETEND to have some kind of freedom and annual patriotism--but you don't have freedom and you are NOT patriotic.  The closest you get this year is through a release of a movie by the same name and just as much of a farce.  Sometimes I observe that you HAVE come the distance for what Grandfather told you would happen--wherein you would finally end up blaming Aliens for your destruction, and the pretenders would pronounce some kind of stupid attitude somehow that YOU WON.  No, if you actually get into a war of the worlds--you will NOT WIN--you are even losing against your enemies right on your turf.

Things, however, are not going very well for the New World Order at this time, it appears.  And why is it going badly?  Because of people like staunch and gutsy individuals such as Grandma Herman. What the "bad hats" didn't understand about a person like Vina is that when she found out the facts--got mad as hell with those truths hidden from her, looked at what she has for ammunition--the tormentors had better run for those proverbial hills.  We of the guardian-messengers have to marvel at such tenacious resolve in the face of armies of destroyers.  Something happens which is very clearly miraculous in that, after you have had attempts at murder on your person, damage in every known material and Spiritual way, and finally there are two choices left to an individual--it is either quit or go forth and win.  Grandma has chosen to stand the ground and WIN.  Militias will NOT win freedom and ongoing status of freedom--it will be the "Grandmas" of the world who are willing to take up the cross and the sword of truth--and do battle WHERE THE WAR IS RAGING and that is NEVER on a bloody battlefield.  The battle field of war is but the distraction the "bad hats" use to cover their atrocities.

Some readers proclaim that Grandma is outspoken and crude at times, hard to accept as a gentle voice of Spiritual leadership--well, people, what do you want, someone who pretends NOT and gets the job done, or pious Lady Billaries who tell you one thing and are as dark as the dungeon in reality?  And just why do you suppose "Lady Hillary" got left off in Europe?  That nice First Lady of the U.S. has the code-name in the Intelligentsia of BLACK WIDOW.  That very definitely means that she will kill and eat her mate, good people, and Little Billy is in, again, serious trouble.  Did you notice that her little trippings are totally involved with Khazarian Zionism?

The PLAN was, by those would-be-worlders, to have YOU under total control by this Independence Day, after having gotten control of everything that could economically save you.  Well, it happened--but it got "undone" and now they don't know what to do about it--bomb you all away or try for a more "civilized" way of suckering in you-the-people.

Indeed, if you make it, it will because of some willing "Grandmas and Grandpas", figuratively speaking, who care enough to give the very best.  It will NOT be the Viper Red Beres who blow up cities.  Freedom held by Force is not Freedom, it is an exchange of Forces.

Informed KNOWLEDGE and Spiritual KNOWING in truth, offers freedom.

On this day of celebration of false perceptions, I hope you give just a moment of your time to looking at that which you seem to adore and worship the most--your exchange money.

I enjoy giving Grandma a forum as the sharpness of her pain and loses dull a bit and her mind can go back to those things which she has studied and of which she knows best--these very Constitutional THINGS.


July 3rd, 1996

Dear CONTACT, and Concerned Readers,

I always get a kick out of the Commander's statements: THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE, AND MAKE YOU--MAD AS HELL!

Then, I have my own, which is: "Congress sits on its ass with its thumb up its fanny and its brain in neutral, as the nation collapses from within."  [H: So, we are crude and picturesque?  Ah, then readers, you do NOT know even the half of it!  You continue, as a people, to fiddle the same old scores while your world burns--and pronounce those who try to bring truth--liars, cheats, thieves and "crude".  So be it--your choice!]

In other words, we have an IMPLOSION, from "those who sit on their collective asses", and like all other "LEGENDS" IN THEIR OWN--MIND--do more to destruct than to RESTORE.

It would be an absolute marvel, if they had the ability to research and understand the job THEY WERE HIRED TO DO, and do some collective READING on the old INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND AGREEMENT of 1945-'46-'47; Public Law 94-564.  [H: But then, how many of YOU will rush to your Constitutional LIBRARY and study up on these topics?]  for it would plainly tell them: "WE ARE IN DEEP PUCKY", and "our treasury gold is held at $38.00 per ounce, while the "members" of the "Board of Governors" (the contracting G-7 Nations) can utilize Merril Lynch, Monex, Goldman Sachs, etc., and THE DEPOSITORY TRUST CO. to manipulate the gold and platinum commodity markets, and sell off the TREASURY GOLD OF THIS NATION (in Govt. Black Projects) FOR AMOUNTS UPWARDS OF PLUS $380.00 PER OUNCE.

One U.S. Rep., on the House floor, in 1995, stated: "We have a surplus of gold of about $460 billion dollars."  What the fool did not realize is : $460 BILLION in Gold at $38.00 per ounce--"IF" utilized properly on the Open Market IS MORE THAN ENOUGH TO PAY OFF THE NATIONAL DEBT AT $380.00 PER OUNCE!

Then there is the matter of the Supreme Court ruling on "THE GOLD CASES OF 1933-'34-'35" whereupon they HELD: "We do not so read the Constitution; Congress exceeded its areas of Jurisdiction"... (BUT, NOT ONE SINGLE WEDDING RING WAS RETURNED TO THE WOMEN OF AMERICA, nor were the BANK STOCKS held by the family members which were in CONSTITUTIONAL GOLD.(??!!)  [H: So, how could the government do this to you again, as they plan, (confiscate precious metals)?  It is easy for as the President said a term back, "If the people knew what we are doing, they would lynch us in the streets!" AND "...the citizens have no longer an attention span than four years AT BEST!"  Well, some of our attention spans go far, further back than Aton of Egypt--so watch those backsides!]

Here all these years you have been told that "it's illegal to own gold". The Supreme Court did not think "so"--!

Now, aren't you proud as punch over those brown thumbed idiots in our U.S. House of Reps?

Think about it--then--THINK ABOUT IT AGAIN!

Grandma Herrman-Herman


I don't suggest you get carried away with aliens or "E.T.'s" shooting darts at yourselves.  I do suggest that the messengers are quite REAL and certainly do and shall present to the point of being recognized.  The LAWS of your LAND demand incarceration and quarantine of ANYONE who encounters an alien E.T. so, guess what, we have to make sure you "encounter" none.  This is WHY the alien myths and tales are so stupid as to be blatant.  No MESSENGER of Godly beings would so much as endanger a hair of your heady, head heads.  There will, however, be more and more visible presentations--but you will have to consider that your own prison keepers have some magnificent flying machines to fool you almost all the time.  The point of the "PLANNERS" is to scare the daylights out of you in a sham cover to cause you to panic in fear, do what they tell you to do and accomplish the end of causing you to live in terror--right in your own homes.  This is NOT THE WAY OF GOD CREATOR!  This is one of the more despicable and villainous attributes of human mankind.



Source: CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, July 9, 1996, Volume 13, Number 9, Page 9.