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MAR. 1, 2017


9/25/91 #1   HATONN

As we sit to work this day, the sadness lays heavy on the heart for it seems that ALL is somehow "betrayal".  No, friends, it is NOT.  Finding TRUTH is most wondrous indeed for as you find TRUTH, you come up from that which is false into the light of seeing.  Betrayal is painful because it is usually by one(s) you thought to be loyal in friendship, duty and brotherhood.  You must understand that for long it has been that perceptions are one sided, most often as to "friendship" for the "norm" is now to gain for self at another's expense and to do so requires the pretense of loyalty and friendship.  To actually betray, you must first belong and often ones "pretend" to belong so as to be included and trusted with thine property, including your love and own friendship.

Remember that even though the one betrayed feels the treason sharply, it is the traitor who stands in worst case of woe for he becomes totally without friend in the ending.  This is because of cause and effect; that which is sent forth will always return in kind unto the sender and when the return hits, it is undoing indeed.

There is always talk of betraying one's country or love, spouse or nation, but this is not the ultimate betrayal for there must always be a moral bond first.  All a man can actually betray is his conscience and for that betrayal the cup returned is most bitter.

As we write of things which are so painful as to cause denial of possibilities, it is not easy to allow passage of new perceptions for betrayal following trust is devastating to the emotional stability.  Nothing hurts more acutely than betrayal of race, creed or nation for those things reach beyond the mere self-inflicted belief systems of the singular individual or narrow perceptions of groups.  I know that to uncover these truths, again, is painful and will be denied for some simply cannot accept that they have been sorely duped, even though you KNOW that what we have given unto you is TRUTH!

We are told to STOP or we shall be destroyed, discounted and our workers shall reap a barren harvest.  NO, we shall not stop bringing TRUTH unto you for you cannot destroy TRUTH; you can only cover it, deny it and/or bury it.  It will always come forth into the light again at some point in the passage of experience.  TRUTH is all that will last into the eons of infinity for it is of spirit and spirit is infinite.

You can refuse to read the material, hear the facts presented, deny and have great television programs to effort to prove that which we bring is false; you can even have Larry King Live on CNN on the same night Ross Perot is made a great spectacle of "surprise" at his running again, it will change nothing.  Do you see?  It will change nothing!



The world has been duped in mass and now the penalty phase of allowing it to happen is rested upon you-the-people.  The worst part that our people have is that ones wish to start some "new" something or other and account us with "followers".  No, go with GOD, do not trouble yourselves with E.T.s and who-dunnits.  GOD IS WHAT IS IN POINT HERE--YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD!

The subject continually comes up as to names and readings and great scriptures presented as if the mere presentation somehow is the miracle.  No, call God what you wish, call the "son" Christed that which you wish for it matters not what label you place upon a "thing"--it is thine heart TRUTH and intent which is heard by Spirit.  You are judged in spirit by spirit--things of flesh are but actions which may or may not present what thine spirit holds.  Every "language" of the planets and cosmos will call God by a differing chant or tone--evil will likewise take labels for confusion and deceit--it matters not.  If you call God "Devil" and your intent is Godly and summons God of Light, it will be God who will attend for God is within and can only check that which is given in intent in the secret places of intent.

This is fully known by the "Adversary" and his henchmen--this is WHY the lies instead of TRUTH.  Lies will manipulate you; TRUTH gives you freedom and freedom is of GOD.  When you learn this great lesson, you will be ready for graduation--GOD IS TRUTH--EVIL ADVERSARY IS LIE.  Even when THE TRUTH is told by the adversary, it is given in such a way that confusion can be the only accepted outcome, for it is the nature of the beast of physical presentation.

The ten commandments are mostly false presentation.  TRUTH IS THAT WHICH RESIDES WITHIN IN KNOWING GOD'S LAWS.  You can tell, by the way the Commandments were given, that they were tampered with by men who wanted power and goods of physical claim.  Your books have been twisted and the lessons "voted in or out" at the whims of the ruling and controlling masters of the "game".  Get yourself RIGHT with GOD in TRUTH of HIS LAWS and the rest will take care of itself for if you will only accept TRUTH, you will KNOW the guidelines for ALL discernment.

If you covet another man's wife and bed her--it is simply wrong.  It was wrong to covet her for that is "lust" and "lust" is of the flesh only.  LOVE requires NOTHING OF THE PHYSICAL--IT IS PURELY SPIRITUAL.  Expressions of Love or hate are all that can be physically acted out.  Further, there are actions short of physical encounter which indicate intent of emotions in deception, but it remains the actions and deceivings of secret encounters which is "judged".  What you do in the "darkness" or in an effort to be undiscovered is that which is 'intent" and measures the action.

Moreover, if thine children witness the subterfuge, you have transgressed upon them also for they must experience the "lie" and they can only be taught to act likewise or be in feelings of "betrayal".

People find other people who fill needs of spirit but those needs can be gifted in purity of action in loving friendship that only GIVES unto another greater support and LOVING friendship wherein all attachments can benefit in open sharing of relationships instead of clandestine encounters efforted at the hiding.  Ponder it carefully.  God allows, chelas, so it is always up to you.  It is not your mission to judge another, either, but ye do not sanction or aid and abet such actions for the betrayed are too pained already without assistance of others unto the betrayer.

Ones must, however, recognize that the betrayal of origin was not usually what "appeared" to be the deciding action.  The betrayal is most often long ago committed in emotional conflict--allowing for outside influences to intrude.  This usually comes in the form of sympathy, understanding and lack of responsibility to the circumstance--only the need to listen or interact in some way physically or emotionally.  The problem rests still with the original interchange persons.  This is why "affairs" are so prevalent.  Most couples in an affair could not last in marriage with responsibility six weeks for if the problems of the persons involved are not solved then they will only present in greater show and tell when bound by the same set of circumstances as originally displayed.



Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, September 29, 1992, Volume 20, Number 11, Pages 32-33.


Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.