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Jan. 30, 2017

Unmasking Of The CIA


1/17/92 #1  HATONN

Isn't it dangerous for us to be ripping more cover off the CIA?  Indeed!  However, when they have already efforted to silence forever, my work--and failed--it becomes a bit more difficult of pull off an "accidental" death.  It is the one(s) who have spoken out in the past and continue to do so that I must protect for they are the ones who will be at ever increasing risk as people begin to pay attention to the subject.  You see, it is not what was written before--even though it be truth--there was no way to get backup and so no--one paid enough attention to take action against a dragon so monstrously gigantic.  People are now ready to take that information (just as we are reprinting herein) and recognize it as Truth.  That is exactly what is happening with "JFK" the movie. Truth is out there and REASON compels the proper conclusions and curiosity to check.


Of course.  Yes, I know exactly WHERE they are and how to get in touch by your equipment within minutes.  That does not protect the persons involved nor allow for the end result I seek.  I want to produce the work that is unfinished--FOR the ones in point, not simply get them into deeper water without hope of life-ring.

Please allow me to know what I am doing--the job will be accomplished.  My problem is keeping the thing from coming together so quickly as to blow the cover.  Ones get very brave after years of struggle but fail to realize the massive job yet to be done and the need for information and services as this erupts.  Revelations bringers are going to get targeted HARD.  The entire thought to close-out the CIA is merely a trumped up idea to negate the prosecution of the involved criminals.  Bringing documents public will not be worth much of anything.  Ones who suggest the records will be intact are simply hoping the documents will be salvaged by the Elite thinking no one suspects their actions.  Ones bright enough to unfold and daring enough to project the story are not stupid enough to believe that the CIA will not tamper with anything or that the Warren Commission will simply hand over documents incriminating themselves.  It happens if handled properly and IF the counter-agents are doing a good job of duplications.  You ARE on the brink of great revelations.  It is simply time for YOU to cease being a gullible, swindled people.  You feel a thing as big as this kind of treason could not be!  I understand that perception--just hold an open mind and you will be given into the seeing and the proof.  But YOU will have to demand it not be dropped and again tucked away.


Source:  THE PHOENIX LIBERATOR, January 28, 1992, Volume 18, Number 2, Pages 1-2.