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Dec. 24, 2016


12/25/97 #1  HATONN

"Early" came very early this morning in this place, with a gentle shifting of the earth beneath the house and a bit of shiver ran through any awake early enough to feel it.  Never mind, readers, what will be is going to BE!

Dharma silently pleaded to God that the rest of my predictions for possible long-weekend happenings would not come to be and refused to turn on the news boxes to find out.

Since it was almost dawn, it seemed wasted time to try to return to sleep so the furnace was turned up, the coffee stirred and a bit of warm thoughts crept in to establish the fact that memories of the children from just the night before in their scurrying about rather filled the empty places of older memories when the parents of these children were themselves the ones scurrying about on Christmas Eve.  They were at Diane's and Jack's home and rushes of nostalgia swept over as it seemed, like to all of you "mature" parents, that somehow the very watching of the child prepare the meal and celebration, was a blunt reminder of the child having grown to an uncomfortable (to the elders) age of near mid-life.  Have you noticed, beloved ones, that the heart remembers and even grows to accept the things not understood, and time softens the hurts, anger and distance between the generations?  Then, life again takes the reins and the harness is affixed and we turn back to things of the moment.

The ground rolled around for only a brief moment and then there came a comfortable feeling of, "Dad is at work to balance this underlying fault line to protect the crystal and keep us intact."


Then, looking out to the aviary, she noticed the little doors in-and-out of the bird houses were forgotten to be shuttered last evening in the goings and comings of the evening.  The houses are warm, so came the thoughts that the birds, at least, would be smart enough to roost in the warmer side of the rooms.  Or would they?  While pondering the circumstance the little wild birds have begun to gather for their panhandling expedition, and out of the blue came a hawk amongst them and got the little one that hit the window.  It was decided to wait to see if more damage had been done to the more fragile friends like the Rosy Cockatoo.  And then again came the guilt of not having attended responsibilities.

Oh, students, this old teacher feels your frustrations and the longings to be free of this KNOWING which seems to only allow for having to absorb the negative things of creation in order to see and hear the necessary things of the journey.  At a time when you begin to beat up self, it seems that everything piles in to give you a dig, even little things like not doing the gifts for the local kids in time to get them given.  Is this important?  Probably not, but she had begun to insist that they be attended and instead, the writing, already upsetting everyone, had to come first and so the moment appropriate had come and gone.  The heart proclaims that others seem to be so kind and efficient, why not me?  Why could not just these two things have been accomplished?  Well, chelas, perfection is of God and God doesn't QUIT, so why do you consider such?


Then we come to write and on top of the stack of cards was one from Lester of New Zealand, from last year yet.  It reads:



When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,

When the road you're trudging seems all uphill,

When the funds are low and the debts are high,

And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,

When care is pressing you down a bit,

Rest if you must, but don't you quit.

Success is failure inside out--

The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,

And you never can tell how close you are,

It may be near when it seems afar;

So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit,

It's when things seem worst that you mustn't quit!

Author unknown

[End quoting]

How many of YOU will quit when we are so close to bearing fruit in our young vineyard?

The next card in the stack had been tucked away and came from Bob (Illinois), rendering a painting of "The Phoenix Bird".  This came with a short note on the postcard:


Greetings to my fellow Bird Tribesmen.  Great to fly free with the wings of GOD undergirding the journey."

[End quoting]

Living seems to be picking up better aspects and, now, perhaps we can speak of things with true meaning such as the brotherhood of GOD-MAN.  Perhaps we can look again to our highest status, HIGHER UNIVERSAL MAN (HU-MAN), while again looking at the truth of the so-called Phoenix myth.  The Bird can ONLY come and rise again after the ashes have formed from the living and dying.

In some of the sortings of the week, again surfaced a letter sent by Sandy Ence's father at a time when battering was the name of the game for Ekkers and equal pressure from God and myself to disallow lies to prevail.  The letter reads that the Ekkers are so evil as to disallow him and his from further supporting or attending the work, word, or messages.  It takes a while to get over these things, readers, and yet into knowledge comes the fact that this man in point passed on in March of this year and he passed in sorrow, unhappiness, in non-realization and bitterness.  The family had torn asunder and the mother even sold the home just to get rid of it.  This comes from someone who had remained friends with these people--back in Montana.

Readers, be careful, for you know not WHO might be your teacher, your angel, your friend, your lesson, or might be the full representation of our Creator.

The lashing out came from a father of a daughter married to Rod Ence.  Rod, with her help, took much property from the Institute for which Ekkers stand responsible.  The father simply reacted typically and called the Ekkers liars and evil for he could not face the fact that his own were lying to him.

Now, do we speak of forgiveness, or what?  No, forgiveness came instantly for the statements could only come from someone who DID NOT KNOW AND WOULD NOT HEAR OR SEE.  But when the seeing and hearing PROVE that he had wrongly--the very realization takes the life from a person and most are simply too ashamed or too embarrassed to repair the broken understanding.

Who have YOU misjudged in your "goodly" intent to ONLY discern?  WHO HAVE YOU JUDGED? It is good on this Christmas morning to consider this a minute for you may well judge actions and even make wrong discernments and conclusions--BUT WHO HAVE YOU JUDGED AND PRONOUNCED EVIL BY YOUR OWN OPINIONS IN IGNORANCE?  To whom have you brought pain and hurt from YOUR expressed opinions IN ERROR?  Have you rectified it--that error expressed?  Now, a good one: HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE JUDGED ME?  And yea, HOW HAVE YE JUDGED THE CHRISTOS WHOSE VERY HOLIDAY CELEBRATION YOU CELEBRATE WITH YOUR TRAPPINGS OF SANTA CLAUS?

Oh no, dear hearts, I do not put you down, for recognition of greatness can only be reflected from the efforts to distract you FROM REALIZATION OF THE GREATNESS OF THE HU-MAN UPON WHICH THE RELIGION WAS FOUNDED.  Note I said "religion" and NOT SPIRITUAL TRUTH. The MAN WAS TRUTH but the trappings are of Man, and from HIS very crucifixion came the proof of Man's terrible need to kill.

Does GOD judge you for your beliefs and human circumstances?  No, if there be judging of the soul and being within YOU, or any being, it is by self.  GOD, HOWEVER, HAS JUDGED ACTIONS AND HAS HANDED DOWN HIS COMMANDMENTS THAT YOU KNOW THE BOUNDARIES OF BEHAVIORS WHICH ARE SUITABLE TO THE BEING OF GOD CREATOR.


You will note that the Judean traditions and myths are beginning to surpass the trappings of the Christian holiday--even into the Oval Office of your President.  If you are Muslim, what difference could it possibly make one way of another?  Get some balance, people, and look at what is happening, because what you comment upon is often not the real point you see before you.

There are only a third of the population of the globe calling themselves "Christians" and, of them the doctrines have held many lies instead of the Truth upon which GOD can ONLY be placed as foundation.  In all the RELIGIONS of the world comes the "defense" clause which allows for murder, killing, wars and destruction--under the guise of the doctrines of man SPEAKING FOR GOD.

Something might well be inserted at this point for how else will children grow to learn Truth once the parents and society only live in the lies of false teachings?  Is the message of God, from God through man, more Truthful from an edifice built to self like the Crystal Cathedral--or from the curb to the down-and-out in the gutter?  Is money raised to build a temple to the builder as IMPORTANT as money raised to feed the hungry?  How much does GOD GET from your contributions to this or that preacher or church?

Do we blame Schuller?  How can you BLAME anyone?  He does what he knows and accepts to do, no more and no less.  And further, if you envy his accomplishments and wealth, YOU ERR, for you may judge him not, nor may you covet that which he has.

If you wish to build upon TRUTH, then you must BUILD upon what is, case aside that which is not Truth within self, and keep right on keeping on without QUITTING!  THE PROOF OF OUR TRUTH SHALL BE IN THE ENDING CHAPTER, WON'T IT?

I do NOT wish you to evade expressing love in any way you can, and thought forms during the Christmas celebration, or any HOLY celebration, are noted to be a kinder-gentler polishing of the goodness within mankind.  Self flagellation is also a stupid thing.  It does not prove prowess or humility for it only further puts down the soul's esteem for self and humiliates all who watch such behaviors.  LOVE SELF OR YOU CANNOT LOVE ANOTHER.  And I'm sorry, brethren from the tribes of proving manhood--fishhooks in the skin hanging from a pole is stupid, not honor, to a child of GOD.  Can you not see and hear how RELIGIONS have degraded the very perfection of HUMAN?  Further, any person (human) who would abuse an animal in some gross attempt at driving evil from himself is degrading to the point of pulling so much evil unto himself for the act that it cannot even be measured.

By the way, you will always make some hard times to fall into your pathway to test your own believing and push God to the edge--OF YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS.  IF GOD DOES NOT FIT YOUR MOLD OF EXPECTATIONS, THEN "HE MUST BE FALSE" BECAUSE, AFTER ALL, "HOW COULD YOU BE WRONG?"  This is a dangerous conclusion, friend.

7-1/2 AND 3-1/2 YEARS, THAT IS

Dharma actually has had a bad few hours for in our writing on these recent topics, and most especially prophecies, etc., it is that realization and conclusions must be shared and some things are harder to accept than are others--so, we have to make it add-up properly.  This is a fact of the "time" involved in prophesy and actual time elapsed in your perception.  Calendars have failed over the ages and clocks weren't even invented, so to expect no errors in Man's calculations regarding "time", which does not exist in higher perceptions, is foolish indeed.

It is a FACT that even the one you claim as the Jesus Christ (but actually the Messenger) was birthed in late summer [August 8] of 8 B.C.  Now, quarrel if you must but even MSNBC made a statement yesterday in their presentation regarding Christmas and this "Jesus Christ" that he was born in about 7 B.C.  So let us compromise and place it at 7-1/2 years before what is now called, erroneously of course, the Common Era, dividing the time into before Christos and after Christos.

Now turn your attention to the prophecies of THIS TIME in events where the projections are a period of 7-1/2 years of leading up to Plan 2000 plus the 3-1/2 years of tribulation and transition into this END expected--just by your errors you add up TIME to be actually around 2008 A.D.  Thusly, continuing your arithmetic, the PLAN 2000 came to bear its terrible fruit of finalization for Satanic forces several years ago and in your perception you have to realize that your counting, as in "year 2000", does not actually leave you time for "getting ready" for it has already transpired.  When you come to year 2000 in your counting--you will be into year 2011 and that is when the explosion of photons are due to recycle upon you.  Do you see how just a little bit of disinformation can screw up the entire basis of mankind's accounting?

I am going to, at this point, repeat something very important.  I AM NOT GOING TO BE YOUR FORTUNE-TELLER FOR YOU MUST LIVE WITHIN AND BASED UPON WHAT IS AND NOT UPON WHAT IS PROJECTED FROM WOULD-BE PSYCHICS AND SEERS.  YOU ARE ON A FREE-WILL PLANET WHERE WE ARE MAKING A LAST-DITCH EFFORT TO CHANGE THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF MAN BEFORE HE GOES AND WIPES HIMSELF OUT!   Every effort WE make is toward the one hope of CHANGING those attitudes and the very fatal recognition of wipe-out.  The wipe-out will actually be a mass killing off of human residents--not some so-called Rapture to cover the conscience of false teachers who promise you God will getcha on the clouds and you will dwell forever at the Right Hand of Creator.  No, you will NOT!

Will THAT teacher return, then--ever?  Of course, for HE SAID THAT HE WOULD, but he is not going to come to whisk his wayward, disinformed and misinformed people away to some Heaven of irresponsible reward.  HE HAS TOLD YOU THAT THE WORD OF TRUTH WOULD BE SENT FORTH FOLLOWED BY HIS COMING AGAIN TO ALLOW MANKIND TO KNOW TRUTH--SHOULD HE CHOOSE TO RECOGNIZE SAME.  Man has become worse than sheep in that they do and think whatever is fed into them.  Even sheep will look up and not usually run off the cliff (or to the stores to buy that which they have no resources for having).

You do not need to have poverty for God is NOT poverty but, rather, ABUNDANCE.  You limit self and, believe me, credit cards are NOT abundance.  Those are simply methods whereby the Elite gain everything, and more, that you have.  The same works on a far larger scale in the world arena. Korea just signed away Korea.  There is NOTHING WITH WHICH TO PAY BACK LOANS, and now you will note that yesterday it was announced that the bonds of Korea are now recognized officially as "junk bonds" and of no value whatsoever.  There is no economy for it has now collapsed totally, and there are no jobs, no food, and guess what--the "getcha" of the wolf is at hand for those little chickens in that hen house.

Why do I have to point this out on Christmas Day?  Because by the time you get this information into the hands of the masses it will no longer be Christmas Day--BUT THE CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS WILL ALL BE DUE--IN ADDITION TO 12 TO 18% (MINIMUM) INTEREST PAYMENTS.

The newscasters and merchants were having a rather bad buy-sell season BECAUSE IT IS STATED THAT THE CITIZENS HAVE "MAXED OUT"--PRIOR TO WHAT SANTA CLAUS HAS BROUGHT YOU, BELOVED ONES.

Now, you would wish me to further distract you and soothe your sweating brows and tell you things of good cheer and put gold linings on the clouds dripping upon you.  No, if you want gold linings--get busy and put it there and recognize your own possibilities.

"Well, you aren't a very nice leader", I get shoved at me constantly.  My job is NOT TO BE NICE--IT IS TO BE TRUTH!  Man cannot seem to learn and must, it seems, experience loss and pain to understand, and finally SEE the LIES.

How do I "really" feel?  I feel HOPE because some will realize the lies are empty and LOOK AROUND THEMSELVES.  In "seeing and hearing and realizing" there will be a searching for better ways and in those better ways with each NEW YEAR in your perception of time passage we can move forward in new phases of understanding and activities.  When will you realize that less than 1-1/2 to 4% (at most) CONTROL your entire world?  Cannot mankind change directions into Light and abundance by simply unifying and moving aside the tiny handful of controllers and grabbers?

Many citizens will simply file bankruptcy for they cannot pay their bills but, what does that little expense do to all the rest of you consumers and the prices of goods?  Oh well....

Well, why don't we just use your buffer funds, is asked of me.  Let me explain something to you-the-people.  The funds ARE BEING USED but they just are NOT showing up in your pockets.  They are being used to attend the very foundation of the Banksters' game and to get YOUR property and you will never be informed about same.  My funds?  The nearest we can speak of "our funds" is from the agreed silence of usage without publicity--for it is demanded that the Plan not be stopped--or--there will be no helpful funds--FOR ANYONE.

By the way, don't bother to waste time praying for funds to pay your foolish bills run up in total lack of accountability for it will not please God greatly that your prayers are for such shallow and selfish purposes.  GOD IS ONE WHO LETS YOU EXPERIENCE THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR ACTIONS--GOOD OR BAD.

By the way #2:  Satan birthed a wrong concept in THE BEGINNING so that you would come to this confrontation and move helplessly right into the trap of evolved enslavement.  Satan saw to the writing of the guide-books and instruction manuals, and then he forbade you to study or read other principles of life possibilities, and you obeyed the puppet-master's orders.

THIS BATTLE OF THE AGES IS NOT OF ONE RELIGION AGAINST ANOTHER, OR AGAINST THOSE WITHOUT RELIGION--IT IS BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL CONCEPTS--GOD OR SATAN--YOUR CHOICE.  But how long will YOU expect to "be around" on this not-so-cozy-sometimes place?  Ah, 75 years?  A hundred years?  And, after a hundred years you are unable to do much of anything with your frail bodies!  How many more "saviors" will you appoint and murder to fill your ritualistic sacrificial needs?  How many messengers will you kill to get rid of the need to confront Truth and Responsibility FOR SELF?

We just witnessed on the yester-eve such in depth conversations among parents as the "schedule of the football playoffs", the "couldn't even remember" the name of the injured players, and the recognition of a paid-for Santa to come fool the children at 8 P.M., when the hostess had confused presentation.  How can the responsible parties then sit and act like there is great value in such self-appointment when the top of the list of "good things" is an earthquake--which would produce need for repairs--and after all, the pockets of construction people need the reapplication of money.

Is this type of conversation unusual?  NO INDEED, it is THE USUAL, and YOU WHO WOULD PRESENT OTHERWISE are the ones out of step, for every one on the all-knowing individuals to proclaim.  Scares you, doesn't it?  These people are presenting millions of children with the same attitudes into the world with illusions of what IS that will only destroy their systems of beliefs.  Do I object to some saintly being who gifts without need for recognition--NO, I WISH YOU WERE AL SO GIVING.  Does that man pretending to be Santa have more, or less, input to the general population than does the "Babe in a Manger"?

When are parents most pleased at Christmas?  Is it not when the child remembers to say "thank you" in response to a gift instead of throwing it in the face of Santa or pouting his way back to his room to have his tantrum so he can't disturb the other "guests"?  This is the way of it, readers, and it cannot change until parents change and values change and traditions are reconstructed.  Haven't you taken enough away from your babies?  Even the children learn to deceive for they know it is far better to "believe in Santa Claus" than to express their disbelief to parents pretending to be "whatever".  Treated like a game, it is simply a game, but treated through lies and deceit, it becomes the reality and the game becomes the tyranny of next year.

Can a parent not gift a child with a longed-for object and simply say "I love you enough to want you to have this -----"?

I can promise you something, readers, that I must face every moment of this holiday time of goof-off: That is the full knowing that the Arabs are NOT playing games, except over your distractions, and indeed, war looks better and better to them as a WHOLE and, by the way--they call it a HOLY war.  Is YOUR "Holy" more important somehow than their "Holy"?  And then there are the Chinese--who don't have patience with YOUR Christian "false" stuff, "silly puppets".  Beware when all the enemies have gained force against you, you who continue to believe half, or no, truth, and simply affix yellow ribbons to your chest and claim God will Fix It because you are so "goodly".  Well, the presenters of the ribbons for your consumption are the devoutly opposing enemy of you-the-Christians--by whatever name you use.  And, further, the SHEEP of those religions and political strategic leaders--are as IGNORANT AS ARE YOU-THE-PEOPLE of any other religious ORDER. Do you not think the developers and creators of the prophecies are bright enough to make sure IT HAPPENS?

No, I cannot rest while I see you going hither and you in deliberate attention to the ways of your enemies who are sucking you dry.  I can appreciate your need to play in the game and I urge you to enjoy all that you do--but make sure it is being ENJOYED and not simply done because somebody told you it was necessary.

I cannot sit on my own back-side and watch you move about during a time of total danger because the adversary always strikes on holidays, when people are not watching or paying attention, and he has learned that you will be preoccupied at certain structured times, and when best to make a play for the goal.  How better a time to take out the players of his opposing team?  How better a time to take the ball, and the game?

You who claim to be on God's team had best look more closely at that which you think and do, for are you possibly not actually helping God's enemy in the skirmish?  GOD will win the game--but will you be around to reap the GLORY?  All it takes is honest appraisal and observation.  I am even giving YOU directed instructions which are STILL ignored because "I", somehow, "am different".  I realize your dilemma as you try to decide just WHO that message might target.  Oh well.  If I can even make you stop briefly and THINK, I will have done something positive.  But you who will think "nothing happened" on the long-weekend--KNOW, DECIDING FACTORS OF YOUR VERY LIFE SURVIVAL ARE, AND HAVE BEEN, TAKING PLACE TO BE USED AT THE MOST PROPITIOUS TIME TO SUIT THE SLAVE-MASTERS.  You had best rid of the narrow view of experience, turn on that TV to the idiot stations and GET INFORMED.  

I don't have time nor inclination to feed you by silver spoon because a guru told you to not bombard self with disquieting garbage.  How else are you going to KNOW anything than by knowing truth and see what is being fed to you instead of that truth.  Meditation in bliss is wondrous and will also get you deaded, deader than anything else afoot because YOU WON'T BE PAYING ATTENTION AND YOU WON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WHEN THE STUFF HITS THE FAN.  Will you sacrifice the physical security of your children because YOU did not take responsibility for finding out what might be their mission and learning and participating enough in the world in which you live--to know what to do on "black" Monday or Friday?  On a very mundane level, would it not be wise to know that the bank in which you carelessly and unknowingly tossed your only money--would close tomorrow? Wouldn't it [be] better to have known last week?  The adversary ALWAYS tells you how it will be and sends forth his codes and game plan--TO HIS OWN.

The Illuminati SEAL shown a few days ago as the logo of CNN Headline News "Dollars and Sense"--has been removed from the airwaves--now, THAT is the MOST VALUABLE SIGN OF ALL. It will be appropriately inserted when necessary for the next similar messages abroad and to the inside players.

Watch the players in that game: note that Turner (Ted) gave his wife and her children, as a gift (TAX FREE OF COURSE), a FOUNDATION of multi-millions of dollars--to do her good work.  Now, THAT would be Jane, of course.  Are you actually as stupid as THEY MAKE YOU OUT TO BE? SHAME ON YOU, CHILD OF GOD.

God is LOVE; God is TRUTH; God is ABUNDANCE, and GOD IS!  Anything lesser from you of HIM is unworthy, even in concept.  Management of that abundance in a worldly manner is called Stewardship, and therefore if you would be a good steward--I suggest you pay attention so that you know HOW TO BE SUCH.  Escaping into Nirvana (Def: State of blissful oblivion) may allow you respite from consciousness--but it won't solve anything unless you move out of oblivion and bliss and into the instructions for action to get through this time of non-bliss and oblivion of these days.  For unless God shortens they days upon this place, "...all shall be destroyed and no living form will survive."  It has happened before and it can happen again--at any moment of your assumed perception of living.

By the way, WHO will miss you when you are gone--if you are gone all the time anyway?  If God is calling you in your dimension of experience and you are gone to another--you will miss the call, my friends.  You did not come to this manifestation simply to present in another to keep self shielded from that which you came to experience.  Kiss the trees to respond.  A tree has a purpose and you have a purpose, and kissing the tree is not one of your purposes.  APPRECIATION of the tree, and every life-form right to the grains of sand, is a purpose worthy of note.  Hopping around like rabbits on the bunny trail to kiss every twig will merit you painful chapped lips and people to call you "nuts".

Do you now mean that you may not express the pure joy of BEING?  No, but do you actually kiss the tree for yourself in expression of joy--or for those who might be watching your performance? There is a great and important difference!

I can only actually teach you through examples you can hold in a relationship to self.  I must use parables in order to make example of meaning, for words have become distorted and languages totally deranged and many.  There is a physical life and a spiritual life--BOTH ARE SACRED!  When you cop out or cheat on either expression, you have CHEATED SELF.

You want to celebrate Christ on Christmas?  Then get with Truth and realize, in responsibility, the CHRIST TEACHINGS and stop replacing him with Satan Claws.  However, your experience is of YOUR choosing--but so too is the choosing of God and Hosts for crew and team.  Blast me if you will; it shall make no difference whatsoever.  I AM TRUTH and therefore KNOW TRUTH--you are blinded by that which MAN has pronounced upon you in trained response.  So be it.

May your Christ-mas be a realization of the CHRIST in this equation.  Anything less is truly unworthy of the greatness you ARE.

Thank you, to each and every one of you, and appreciation is without limits to you who have shared, supported and offered love and, yea, things, unto us in our time of disappointments and lack of "plenty".  The warn sweater that wraps the body in beauty is also a blessing and warmth to the SOUL.  The chocolate, candy and cookies?  Well, it is a blessing to the body who thinks the soul needs it. The time and thought in the offering is that which touches the heart and sings with the angels while the lips and tongue can only reflect the appreciation of the sharing.  I cherish you each above and beyond any expression of words--and ye shall be protected for you are a living part of our own selves and being.  Respect, esteem, and appreciation are the ONLY humble offering we can return unto you--UNTIL, and yea it shall come to pass, we can offer more.  There will actually be "more" than love and respect--but there shall be better ways to present that love in the return of God unto you, although it may not be in the form of chocolate ambrosia; it will be HIS promise fulfilled of reaping that which is sowed.

I come in the Light of Radiance and remain in that same Light.  May I never sacrifice this Truth for a moment of popularity in a wish to please my audience for I will have, in that moment, betrayed my very being and Creation.


And indeed, may your holiday(s) be overflowing with gladness and happiness and yea, even "merry", for we ARE the fragments of God and in these positive aspects shall we be recognized. See the goodly things in all things great and small.  Perhaps with your sharing or gifting might you touch a heart which sparks greatness--but never can it be so if you only realize the negative aspects of living in either the physical OR THE SPIRITUAL.

Therefore, Salu--and please have a Merry Christmas and a most happy New Year.  We shall create that which we need to prevail in God's Light, and never doubt it.  We, who serve Creator, can create, and so we shall.  Good morning.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, December 30, 1997, Volume 19, Number 6, Pages 26-29.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.