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Feb. 21, 2017


3/6/91   HATONN



I am going to leave this subject as such and turn to "THE ORDER".  You just experienced how the "ORDER" creates war and revolution.  Now it is important that you listen to me for this is important to your confirmation of fact.

President George Bush is a high-ranking member of the Skull and Bones ("The Order").  The Cheney family (Richard Cheney, Sec. Def.) is also involved, all through and about, is Danny Quale's family.  Cheney's family were active in "The Order" even before the first Bush member, Prescott.)

As the attack on Iraq happened, so did the shoe drop in the Soviet Union.  The Leninists moved one step back and glasnost and perestroika were brought to an instant halt as the troops moved on the Baltic States.  Gorbachev claimed "no knowledge", etc., but we all know it was not so.

However, perhaps you missed the fact that of the ONE BILLION dollar credits granted to the Soviet Union by your Congress and the Administration (and then supposedly held up because of the nasty behavior of the Soviet troops)--"9" "0" --90 (NINETY) PERCENT had already been drawn down!--the cargo holds were already fully loaded with your grain before the police move was made.

Now, in the madness and distraction--after the troops began to move out and now that you had all "that help" from the Soviets with Iraq--the Soviets now get an additional credit line which YOU THINK was the original $1 billion amount.  Ah, the hand is surely quicker than the eye when the eyes are wrapped in rose-colored paper and the visions--shown as with a movie scenario--exactly that which they want to show you.

You still think this was a little war?  Ask the families of the over 100,000 (70,000 of which were but children) slain Iraqis in Baghdad.  As about the additional 30,000 to 50,000 slain persons on the roads back to Iraq.  Ask the families of the over 2 million slain Iraqis who were bombed in their homes all over Iraq--civilians!  It was a total bloodbath and as your own pilots giggled and strutted and told you, regarding the roadway massacre-- " was just like shooting fish in a barrel!"


This was not the start of that touted great battle of battles at Armageddon--but the beginning of the set-up for same.  The handwriting is there on the wall, brothers--in pure and simple English--you just don't know the definitions of the words.

Where all of your seer-projectioners are off, is that they still sit twiddling while believing that "Israel" is that new place in Palestine--when God comes for HIS PEOPLE, He is coming for His "i"sraelites.  His chosen.  The big ANTI-CHRIST has moved in and occupies that little portion called Israel as self-proclaimed by some men in the United Nations in concert with the Khazar Zionists who are so-called, self-styled "Jews"--the term "Jew", remember, only appeared FOR THE FIRST TIME IN RELATIONSHIP TO THESE NON-JUDEANS, IN THE 1700's.

What will happen then?  Oh, there will be a period of euphoria and a great "go for peace"--a total pseudopeace.  The world will be whoop-de-doo and willing to submit to a new kind of world federation.  BUT THIS WILL BE EXPLODED IN THE FUTURE WHEN THE COMBINED ARAB ARMIES UNITE AGAIN--AND GO FOR ISRAEL'S THROAT.  Now, the leopard will show his spots and the Soviets will end up joined with the Arabs and THAT will be the big beginning of that wondrous battle called Armageddon.  Check carefully to see who signs treaty agreements guaranteeing Israel's security.

America is referred to as Israel West already, so guess which losing side you are going to be on, America!  After that dandy treaty is signed in Arab blood and the Bushes and accomplices get their assets into offshore gold, etc., there should be some 3 and 1/2 years to square around your choices and see if you can get this reversal off its dime--because you are then on the path to that great war.  That next "beginning of Armageddon" war will itself (if not stopped) last another approximately 3 and 1/2 years, WITH RUSSIA ALLIED WITH THE ARAB NATIONS AGAINST ISRAEL, THE WESTERN FEDERATION AND GUESS WHO--CHINA!

It will NOT be like your Bible Evangelists tell you, however, for the Zionists are the Anti-Christ and when GOD COMES TO GET HIS CHOSEN ONES--IT WILL NOT BE FOR THE ZIONIST "JEWS" OF A STATE OF ISRAEL--BUT RATHER FOR HIS "i" SRAELITES (HIS CHOSEN CHILDREN) AND THEY "AIN'T IN PALESTINE (ISRAEL)".

So what are you going to do?  It does NOT have to go according to "their' plan but it will if you do not, as a nation and world, wake up to the probabilities as laid forth.  The plan is to have your world in total Rule by the Global One World Government and operable by year 2,000.  You don't have much time, do you?  YOU CAN CHANGE IT IF YOU WANT TO!  It is totally up to you.  Ours is to bring Truth--assist in any way we can, those who ask and allow and move into the Godly path of Light.  When God comes for HIS people, I remind you--there will be no evil brought within the places of the God places.  At this point in historical evolution--YOU HAVE DELIVERED YOURSELVES INTO THE HANDS OF THE ADVERSARY OF GOD.  IT WAS A MOST REGRETTABLE CHOICE INDEED.  ON THE OTHER HAND, YOU WERE THE TARGET OF THE MOST CLEVER TRICKSTER OF THE UNIVERSE AND AS VICTIMS OF A CONTROLLED MIND-CONTROL SYSTEM OF VISION AND LIES--YOU KNOW NOT ELSE.

Some say, "Well, I don't want to know because what I don't know can't hurt me...!"  WRONG!  IT WILL ENSLAVE YOU!  FURTHER THE PRISON IS NOT GOING TO BE NIETHER GENTLE NOR COMFORTABLE.

Let us close this, please.  If there is additional room on this document--please give forth information for obtaining more detailed information regarding the Kuwait/Sabah/Bush, etc., material and any other that we have to assist our brothers.  Dear ones, you have reached the time where "perfection" and "cleaning-up" as they say in the economist's circles is probably not going to happen.  The best we can hope for is some measure of safety and ability to hold on to some of your assets while it is turned into projects which can grow and give your return--it is a tight-rope walk at best.  You are very far behind in countering the game so well planned by your adversaries.  I stand ready to help for it is all I can offer--knowledge and Truth; but it IS enough!  Salu.



Source:  PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, March 1991, Volume 9, Number 10, Pages 5-6.